Hi there! I hope you're all fine today and you have a few moments of spare time. Yes, that's right! I have a sneak-peek of the second episode of my fanon, Phantoms, called The City. It's an exclusive, just for you, at least four days before the release. And after that, I've prepared few backstage notes from the author. Enjoy!

Iroh stood up and turned his back on Tenzin. Saying nothing for a moment, he started to stare at the dark walls of the chamber in which they were. Tenzin ensconced himself on his chair.

“We had a… situation.”


“It had all begun, when I, Miss Sato and Bolin had been imprisoned at the Equalists’ airbase. Before the takeoff, I had overheard a conversation; the engineers had had to fix a few engine flaws and look at the blueprint of the plane. I must admit I’d had better things to do, figuring out a way to free us, for instance, but I remember them talking about it. But when we later examined the base, there were no sign of any blueprints. Moreover, we didn’t find any engineer who hadn’t been defeated by Miss Sato and Bolin in the fight. They just… disappeared.”

“And you fear—”

“—that the Equalists have hidden somewhere and might still be a danger. Yes. They went underground — into the shadows; that’s their style.”


However, Iroh didn’t like the situation. Tenzin was a politician, looking for his own benefits, he knew it. After Amon’s revolution he and his soldiers had billeted in the headquarters of the police, but it hadn’t been due to the airbender’s hospitality. The rest of the Council had been afraid about the possibility of further riots, and also the Avatar and her friends — especially Bolin and Miss Sato, who had fought alongside Iroh in the battle of Republic City — had made it possible for the United Forces to stay in the headquarters. Beifong had been resistant, but had eventually agreed. Iroh quickly got to know that she didn’t like to give away control. But she was a lot like him: tough, uncompromising and straightforward. And Tenzin — Tenzin was different. Iroh never knew what he was thinking and what he was plotting. Although he was trying to guess; he didn’t want to be a puppet in his hands. He was a member of the royal family of the Fire Nation, wasn’t he?

The previous episode, The Boy, had a warm reception, which makes me very happy and proud. But now that's history; I'm working on the next chapter and I’m glad it's going really fast (I can write at most a few pages a day, but with Phantoms my working routine is generally one part of the episode per day). Introducing new POVs — you've seen Iroh's part above — has turned out to be really fun; it was something I've wanted to do for a long, long time. I used to keep my stories rather strict, with only one character being a major POV, which allowed me to highlight key themes of the plot, but with Phantoms the thing is totally different. My goal, while writing the fanon, is to provide something what could really be the second season of The Legend of Korra, but also it’s an expansion of what should have happened in the Book One:

  • Uno — we had a revolution, but it was Amon’s revolution, not people’s. Actually, it was a coup d'état; a military overthrow of the Council by a terrorist-like organization. I’m not saying that’s wrong; it’s okay, really, but there have to be consequences. And there will.
  • Due — the happy ending in the finale. Once again, I’m not saying happy endings are bad. But it shouldn’t happen, not like this. Korra should struggle to get her bending back. Fight for it. That’s like her; that’s what she usually does. But instead, she just cried and Aang helped her. And she didn’t really make any progress in mastering the spiritual side of being the Avatar. She was just depressed (and it lasted for two minutes of the episode, so yeah, that’s not really convincing).
  • Trethis. It’s not totally true, but even the creators of the show feel that there wasn’t enough character development up to now, because it’s been announced that there will be a lot of it in the Book Two. And in Phantoms as well.

So, that’s the deal. Multiple POVs should allow me to show you various aspects of the story. And boy, there will be a lot of ‘em. Don’t worry; you’ll see.

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