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    On Writing 3 — Notes

    August 25, 2014 by Aritiane

    After two long years, I’m back, and so— is back as well. I published this weekend, refreshed the frontpage and typography of the fanon. It’s a real deal. With a new episode ongoing, my "On Writing" blog can get renewed as well.

    Though it may seem funny, after such a long time, I don’t really remember what I wanted to write in the upcoming episodes. Of course, I’ve got the main premise of the story written down and I was able to reconstruct the basics from it. But the details—and every story’s sucess depends on the details—disappeared from my head over time. What didn’t disappear, however, is my notes.

    This is what I managed to find in the darkest corners of my hard drive:

    • a synopsis of the whole story;
    • detailed descriptions of the main charac…

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  • Aritiane

    Hello again! Do you still remember the latest episode of Phantoms? If you are new to the series, go and read the first two chapters, The Boy and The Game, to dive into the story. If you have already read them, I've got something for you — a fresh sneak-peek of the upcoming episode which is called The Investigation. Enjoy!

    “REPUBLIC CITY, Utd Rep. — After months of negotiations in which both sides were reluctant to step back and compromise, it is said that the leaders of bender and non-bender wings have finally agreed upon conditions of the new Councillor’s election. The deliberative body, claims our source, consists of all the current Council members, as well as of the representatives of the UNR Coal and Steel Community and the Sahayoga non-coo…

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    On Writing, pt. 2

    July 31, 2012 by Aritiane

    How did it happen that the title of the second episode was changed, and why Tenzin plays pai sho? And by the spirits, why there’s so many dialogues?

    Here's the second blog post, containing all the answers.

    Three days ago I published the second episode of ', called '. As Henryjh98’s already mentioned in his comment, the title I had announced before used to be The City. That’s right. But the more scenes of the episode I wrote, the more I realized that the title didn’t quite match events that took place in the chapter. In my initial plan, it focused on the political and economical mishmash of Republic City and would contain all those important conversations (Tenzin — Asami — Mohandas; Tenzin — Iroh; Asami — Zuzhou — Beiphan; and some more).


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    Hi there! I hope you're all fine today and you have a few moments of spare time. Yes, that's right! I have a sneak-peek of the second episode of my fanon, , called The City. It's an exclusive, just for you, at least four days before the release. And after that, I've prepared few backstage notes from the author. Enjoy!

    Iroh stood up and turned his back on Tenzin. Saying nothing for a moment, he started to stare at the dark walls of the chamber in which they were. Tenzin ensconced himself on his chair.

    “We had a… situation.”


    “It had all begun, when I, Miss Sato and Bolin had been imprisoned at the Equalists’ airbase. Before the takeoff, I had overheard a conversation; the engineers had had to fix a few engine flaws and look at the bl…

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