Soo I've just joined and I think you guys may know my sister r_girl [RandomGirlYouDon'tKnow]. Like you all I'm of course a huge huge avatar AND legend of korra! Ok I need to know if I sound like a crazy fan or not. Ok I have every single episode recorded on my DVR and I sleep with my stuffed appa every night. You tell me a couple of things about an episode and I can probably guess which one your describe XD.

Creeped a kid out!

So I was at school and I found one of the lost scroll avatar books and I went to check it out and some kid in front of me saw my book and he said "s-so you like avatar?" and I said "yeah" and he said "I've seen every episode"

  • takes a deep breath* and I said " I've seen every episode too and more then twice". Afhter that he went silent and turned around and didn't speak XD!!

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