About Appa Talk

Ok pretty much what Appa Talk is ,is a page where you can talk about the topic that i have for the week or just talk randomly!(yes i now it sounds really stupid but i was bored!!!) you can answer polls i might put up if i ever figure out how,and if i do you can give me suggestions for what they could be! you can ask me questions,blab on and on about whatever you want,chill out,be random,what ever you want!!! this is your place to do what you want!!!

The week's topic is....

in the comments section bellow just tell me what you think about Appa! I think you already know my answer.....APPA ROCKS!!!! Now let me hear what you have to say...


ok i know it's been a long time but next on Appa Talk I want to know whaat everyone thinks of LOK!!!!! I think it's pretty good but there are a few weird things... like I'm still a bit iffy on the pro bending thing and just the style of the Equalists. The BEST part of it would have to be the airbenders Korra and Naga (dont know the spelling) so yep! wbu guys?

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