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48px-2209134.png Jumping into February
Editorial by Anr0328

January 2011 is gone with the wind! Congratulations to Vulmen for his successful nomination in adminship! We will now have more authorities and defendants on the Avatar Wiki. This will hopefully bring less vandalism and reduce ravages.

Most users on the wiki are trying to address the issue about Avatar Fanon. A majority of people hold beliefs that there is more fanon than there is canon on the wiki. Now that we have chosen another administrator, most people are conversing about nominating a new fanon administrator. We have new users checking in, but other users are checking out. People like Energybender, Omnibender, Joeyaa, and others are moving on. These users might not leave completely, but most of us have seen a recent change in their activity and status.

Most of us will agree that we do need a new fanon administrator, because the fanon side of the wiki needs monitoring and maintenance because of its great size. We are not 100% sure that the fanon side of the wiki is larger, but considering the fact that it is a big part of the Avatar Wiki, do we need a new fanon administrator?

All of the encouraging and social activities on the wiki really help with creating new articles and pages. A great example of these are blogs by users such as Water Spout. Most of his blogs get at least two hundred comments or more! Really long blogs normally created by users like Vulmen are really emphasized and are a real pleasure to read.

I have to say, because of all the excitement going on, we are jumping into February.

Episode Review of "Appa's Lost Days"

This episode in Book 2, struck me emotionally. It almost made me cry when I first saw it. We start at the end of a previous episode, "The Library". Toph is watching from outside the library. Suddenly the building starts to sink. Sandbenders invade Appa, and he struggles to get away from them. Toph is left with a very tough choice between Appa and the rest of the Gaang. She goes for the impossible and tries to save them both. However, the library is heavy and keeps sinking. She must maintain it instead of Appa. After a very short time, Appa becomes tired and gives up. He is dragged away by the Sandbenders. Toph realizes that Appa is gone. She says to herself, "I'm sorry Appa.".

We now begin in "Appa's Lost Days". It has been approximately one month. The content of the episode was supposed to have taken place between the episodes of "The Library" and "The Tales of Ba Sing Se". Appa is bought and is taken as a circus animal. The master is very cruel to Appa, and he threatens to hurt him if he does not obey.

In one of the scenes, Appa escapes the show. The master taunted Appa with fire, and he escaped! A boy who reminded him of Aang told him to be free. Appa now tries to find shelter. He goes from place to place, trying to survive. He has dreams and visions of Aang.

Later he engages in a battle between Azula and the Kyoshi Warriors. Appa tries to help Suki, but she tells him that everything will be okay, and that he needs to leave. Appa witnessed fire again, and then he decided he wasn't staying there!

At the end of the episode, Appa finds the Guru. The wise man attaches a message to Appa's horn. The Guru explains how he knows what Appa is feeling, and how he can help him.

I loved this episode, it is probably one of my top ten favorite episodes. I would have to rate it five stars!

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WTW Column Requests

I am now taking Water Tribe Weekly column requests. You can now be a part of WTW just like BSST! So many people told me that WTW was just bias, and that no one could be a part of it. Now you can! Just email me your column on the Special:EmailUser/Anr0328 page and I will get back to you on it!

You can also discuss more on my WTW talk page!

Please help me make Water Tribe Weekly better!

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