Note: This is my mini-review of the wiki, it does not go against anybody. This is not an official newsletter or newspaper, it is my own little review for anyone to read.


Hey all! Welcome to my Water Tribe Weekly mini-newsletter! If you don't what the heck I'm talking about, Water Tribe Weekly, or WTW is like a mini-newspaper for the Avatar Wiki. It is where I review important articles or events happening on the wiki. By the way, this newsletter is from me, it is not an "actual" newsletter for the whole community. Please read the note at the top of the page for more information.

Okay, now let's REVIEW!

As you know, the Hawky Awards are starting again... I'm so excited! :) I nominated JBXR225 for being the most Informative. If I must say, please support her! :) I also must give a shout-out to Ianbernard for having a very creative mind, and for hosting the Hawky Awards. To nominate or vote, click here.

We have just entered December, so I must congratulate Vulmen for winning the User of the Month award. Congrats Vulmen! Wow, at the time I had no idea people could vote... but at least you won, Vulmen! Speaking of the User of the Month, let's get ready for the January User of the Month! I voted for Courage. Please vote for him, he is very nice and so helpful. :)

This entry has been removed.

Last but not least, the Avatar: Legend of Korra Contest. Joeyaa, created this awesome contest! Thanks Joeyaa! To enter the contest, write a comment on the blog saying what you would like to see in the upcoming series, Avatar: Legend of Korra. For more information, click here.

Well, that basically wraps it up for this week's wiki review. This review was kind of short. Please contact me if you want to request some outstanding articles or events that take place on the wiki. I would love to feature your articles or events! I might also need some help writting WTW. I'm Anr0328, the main writter of the Water Tribe Weekly mini-newsleter!

Please comment or ask questions, and request "reviews" in the comments!
Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays!

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