My family and I are Christians and my mom believes (she probably doesn't remember what it is now) that Avatar was teaching that we ourselves can bend and have "mental" power or something like that and she forbid me to watch the awesome show. I secretly watched it until 2007 and I loved it all the way through.

I started watching Avatar when I was 8 years old.
There I was, in the heat of the moment, gradually developing a fervent love for Avatar. Then, mom walks in. I explain the show after watching it about 10 times now... and she sees the opening theme with Katara explaining the whole concept of bending and all... and of course... she just has to butt in with the whole "Only God can do that, we shouldn't watch that." crap. Don't get me wrong... I love God and believe in Him but I know for a fact that Avatar itself is not real. Anyway, I explained to her that I knew it wasn't real but I loved it and remember that I would jump off furniture pretending to bend the carpet and such. It was awesome!

I loved Avatar so much; I watched it whenever I could. Mom eventually figured out that I loved the show and I guess she knew that I was going to watch it and that she just had to move on. An attribute that probably contributed to her acceptance was that my behavior did not change or experience emotional flares by watching the show. I in general do not get angry or sad when I watch something, unlike my ADHD brother. I guess my mom knew then that it wouldn't change. (that's good [for her])

I would soon realize that Avatar was very important to me and that someday, soon, I would find a nice little "Oh, would you look at that!" wiki with all of my "Bendtastic" needs. Yes. The Avatar Wiki.  :D


My question to you is, do your parents let you watch Avatar? Did they? It doesn't necessarily have to be the same story as mine, but it can be! Or, are you lucky? As in your parents don't give a flip if you watch the show? (and/or they don't know about it?) I know I would love that privilege!!!!  :D
Here are some more questions I have for you:

  • When did you first hear about Avatar?
  • Do your siblings watch it?
  • How long have you been watching it?
  • Are you inspired by Avatar?
  • Do you enjoy editing here on the wiki?

Tell me! Please! I want to know, share your "testimony" in the comments!  :D

Thanks for reading, have a nice day! (or night)  : )

Anr0328 9/03/12 03:59 (UTC)

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