We all like hearing our names be mentioned (in a good way) in the newspaper, on a website, or in some other public way. I would like to give some shoutouts to people who have helped me around the wiki when I first started out and others who are just nice, funny, and/or helpful.


This guy is awesome. He was the first person I "met". He helped me around the wiki. His name is Vulmen. Thank you Vulmen.


Now this dude has a lot of priorities here. He contributes no matter what, even in the hospital. His name is Ian. Thanks for sticking by me Ian, get well! Thanks for supporting me with WTW! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The Crystal Bender

This 14 year old male is so cool. He is very funny. He is the Crystal Bender. He supports my ideas and asks for my opinions! Thanks Crys!


Ah yes, Aqua. This "aquatic figure" is a great talker. Always on the IRC, and loves to talk to me. Thanks Aqua!

If your name didn't get mentioned, it doesn't mean I don't like you or you weren't "good enough". I randomly chose people. I will be making more shoutouts. Please comment!

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