LoK Book 2 Storyboard Animatics

Okay, personally, I don't think LoK is popular enough yet to become a movie, but some people don't think so... take the majority of this wiki for an example. I think we can all agree that The Last Airbender was a somewhat suckyish movie. I mean, be original, especially with the names... Aw-ng? So-ka? Really? Wow. I realllllly hated that the Firebenders could only bend if they actually "had" fire. You know, not being able to produce it from their own body heat/sun power or whatever? Yeah that. So unless there are some drastic changes with the movie staff, (especially if it's the same people making it) I don't think LoK: The Movie will be totally spectacularly awesomely greatly awesome.—A lot of lys haha.— But you get my jig.

What about the next season coming up? They've already started on the animation process and I'm thinking this is becoming more of a series and less of a sub-series. I think eventually it will become an original series just like A:TLA.

Think about this...

Will LoK become a movie?

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