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The map of Republic City.

Hey Avatar Wiki, Annawantimes here with another blog about Republic City. You may have read the title and thought, "Wow, they've released a map of Republic City?!?" Well, hehe, this isn't anything official, just a map I've drawn based off of this officially released image. In my map, I've colored in certain areas according to significant things located there. I've simply made educated guesses for these locations, and below I'll explain each one in detail. Go ahead and pick and chose which ones you find most interesting, because I might just get into detail with each one. Enjoy!

A few things to note on the map, the yellow lines written across the map are major highways. The light blue covering a good deal of the map is water, and the white is land. The lines drawn at the end of a road indicate a dead end, simply because I can't see the road going anywhere in the initial image.


1 (Golden)

Air Temple Island
This one was quite easy to pinpoint, mostly because the color of the island on the image matched that of the image we received from Korra Nation. I carefully placed it in Yue Bay, using the main peninsula of Republic City as a reference point. I got the shape from what we see on the main Air Temple Island image.

2 (Purple/Red)

Aang's statue
This one was also fairly easy to pinpoint, on the main image, you can clearly see Aang's statue sticking up from the island. The shape is simple to draw, and it stands directly in line with the tip of Republic City's main peninsula.

3 (Dark blue)

Korra overlooks Republic City
We all know this great view – when Korra rides up on Naga and gazes upon Republic City from the left side of the huge suspension bridge. It is directly across the bay from the main business district of the city; at the foot of the bridge. On the main image, I found the bridge that matched the most impressive suspension bridge and led to the downtown, and it was easy to see where Korra was from there.

4 (Purple)

Neighborhood where Korra is arrested
So, we all remember where Korra kicked those gangsters' butts, in the neighborhood with rather questionable safety. For this one I don't have as strong of a leg to stand on. In "Welcome to Republic City", we see that this neighborhood is in the shadow of downtown, made evident by the skyscrapers that tower in the background. I looked on the main image for an area that was situated next to downtown in such a way, and this was the most promising culprit.

5 (Red)

Bending arena
Ahh, here's a good one, and it was relatively easy to place on the map. On the main image, a small island stands out as a bright gold. The Bending Arena, as we know, is located right off the coast of Republic City, in perfect view of Air Temple Island. I looked back at the main image, and placed it on the map in accordance with the city's location.

6 (Green)

Republic City Park
Perhaps the most controversial element of this analysis. I barely have any evidence. Nonetheless, I think the park is located in this spot because, in the main image there is brief lull in the cityscape, and since I couldn't find a single other spot where there looks to be a park, I thought that it just might be located here.


For the yellow bold lines, I looked back at our main image and saw where the bridges cross the bay. I drew the roads on those spots, and basically blindly guessed as to where the end/continue, hehe.

Thank you

I appreciate anyone who checked out this blog, feel free to discuss any of my points, and as always, I hope you enjoyed this! Annawantimes (Talk) 02:46, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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