Hello, Avatar Wikians. Some of you may know me as the user who has been creating a wiki that also covers Avatar and The Legend of Korra. Since May, I've made over 6,000 edits there, and put countless hours into the wiki. Well, I've lost interest in the project, and I believe it would be much more constructive for me to help out Avatar Wiki, rather than try to challenge it.

One thing that has worried about joining this wiki is the bad comments that may be directed towards me. I hope I can be accepted as any other ordinary user on Avatar Wiki.

I am extremely busy on Arthur Wiki at the moment, so I may not find time to come here daily. However, I look forward to being a part of this great wiki.

In conclusion, I'd like to forewarn everyone that this is a sincere message. I understand that many of you may not trust me right away, but gradually I hope to be trusted more and more, I will never, ever try to harm this wiki. The concept of meaning joing my former opposition is much like Zuko's joining of Team Avatar. You may have caught the reference to "The Western Air Temple" in the title of this blog.

In all seriousness and sincerity, Annawantimes.

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