Book of Avatar Wiki Records, 2012

Unofficial Avatar Wiki Recordbook

About the Book

Hello, Avatar Wikians! I am extremely new here, however, I have been told that I have assimilated with the wiki's policies quite well. I have thought of quite an idea, which will become an interesting read for Avatar Wikians.

As 2012 approaches, I thought of an idea to begin a book that documents outstanding achievements of Avatar Wikians. By the end of 2012, which is quite a long way down the road, I will hope to have completed a virtual book here on Avatar Wiki with categories that state outstanding facts about Avatar Wikians, not opinions such as, "Nicest user".

Categories would consist of factual information, such as, "Oldest active user", or, "Most Fanon namespace edits". The book will have the same layout as this blog, with boxes that will serve as pages. The current section at the top is the cover I devised, feel free to suggest any changes.

Of course, I cannot do this alone. I plan to create user group when this project gets started. It will most likely be called, "Avatar Wiki Recordbook Committee", or something of that nature. Any ideas for interesting categories? Remember, they cannot be opinions, as that is more along the lines of a User Awards ceremony.

I am certainly open to ideas, so fire away. I hope everyone likes the idea.

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