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  • Annawantimes

    Temporary inactivity

    December 12, 2012 by Annawantimes

    Hello, everyone. Unfortunately, due to several recent events in real life, I will be inactive on the wiki for a while to focus on other things. I also need additional time to focus on classes and related activities. I've already spoken with KMP and resigned as BSST Deputy Editor for the time being.

    I will be returning, most likely in three or 4 months; April 2013 at the very latest. This was by no means an easy to decision to make, but regarding the recent turn of events, I feel that I need some time away to focus on real life. I will still come around IRC when I can, most likely on weekends only.

    Best wishes to everyone. 03:45, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Annawantimes

    Hello, Avatar Wiki. For those of you who haven't checked this out just yet, have a look at a new game released by Nickelodeon on, located here. There are a few new things coming at us from this new feature; maps, information on the characters, and information about Republic City, my favorite is of course, the map. Not all locations can be unlocked at the moment, it's only possible to get to City Hall. Have a look, there's some pretty interesting stuff there, written in great detail. Also note, I'll be updating my map blog, so be on the lookout for that.

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  • Annawantimes

    Hey Avatar Wiki, Annawantimes here with another blog about Republic City. You may have read the title and thought, "Wow, they've released a map of Republic City?!?" Well, hehe, this isn't anything official, just a map I've drawn based off of . In my map, I've colored in certain areas according to significant things located there. I've simply made educated guesses for these locations, and below I'll explain each one in detail. Go ahead and pick and chose which ones you find most interesting, because I might just get into detail with each one. Enjoy!

    A few things to note on the map, the yellow lines written across the map are major highways. The light blue covering a good deal of the map is water, and the white is land. The lines drawn at the…

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  • Annawantimes

    Hi Avatar Wikians, after seeing a new review posted by , I decided I should continue my fanon, , which has been inactive for over a month.

    OR gave me some good advice for writing chapters, including make each installment a bit longer, and perhaps introducing a new asset in the story. I'm grateful for the advice, and I'll definitely take it to heart when writing.

    So, I will resume my Fanon writing career, starting with publishing chapter ten of my story. Perhaps this blog can attract some new readers... it's not too late to catch up with the reading. Thanks for reading this blog post. :) 23:47, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

    P.S.: For those of you who have enjoyed CotW, please support the Fanonbending nomination.

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  • Annawantimes
    Hi, Annawantimes here with a detailed analysis of Republic City based on what we've seen in the trailer released this summer at SDCC. Watching the trailer while reading is recommended, I've attached the exact video I'll be using for reference (from YouTube). Some of the details I'll point out may not be so relevant, as it's pretty obvious, but hopefully you'll enjoy reading my thoughts on some of the features of Republic City.

    If you read the whole thing, it will be worth it. Bear with me.

    0:13–0:22: What we see here is unmistakably a statue of Avatar Aang, he stands perhaps fifty feet tall in the bay outside of Republic City. He is holding a staff, which does not look to be his glider. His left foot is perched upon what is rumored to be a wh…

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