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    How i became a fan

    February 28, 2012 by Animeluverzzz

    Hello everyone when first of avatar the last airbender i did not know anything about i thought it was just a reguler cartoon you see every day and i thought it would be like a show you would see as random and never thought it would this awosome and great and i cannot beleve when i saw the very first episode in my mom and dads room i was hooked, I loved the plot and everything about it I wacthed episode after episode and I loved the drawings and how fun anng was and how funny sokka was and katara was my favorite character. after the first episode of the show I was just a small fan but when i wacthed more i became more obssed and browse on the internet about avatar stuff and wacthing more and more the more wacthed the episodes the more I l…

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