Hello everybody! >V< And a late Happy New Year to you all! ^0^

Firstly: I want to apologize for not uploading on the 29th like I planned as my Christmas was in France which my parents surprised me with and my big sister. ^_^ And then I had my Birthday, so I was lazy in my double celebrations of the new coming year and my extra digit to my age - but now it’s 2015, and it’s time to continue with these reviews, as it’s part of my resolutions for 2015; finish season 1 and 2 before the years up. So, I’ll properly be pumping around 3 of these per week (if I can). Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

“The Waterbending Bending Scroll” aka "Katara is such a Bitch!"


Like I in most of these reviews, I like premising with some statements before starting the review. This statement has me saying; “wow, Katara’s a bitch!” I’ll explain more when we get to it, but seriously, Katara's a bit of bitch in this episode! ¬_¬

Katara spots a waterbending scroll

Seriously, you better not steal that, aah, you did it anyway...? ¬_¬

So, after the title ‘s backstory, which still really well done, we then get another of the many beautiful backdrops, with Appa flying above some hovering clouds and the mountains spiking through, ah animation! I love it! ^_^ -- Aang comes into scene as he paces on Appa in response to the news and added pressure of what Roku told him - good job Avatar Dumbo! Sokka but ease to Aang, since it’s really got nothing to do with, as, well, you're not Avatar Sokka…! Aang brings up some good points on why any normal person would actually freak out on this; they're nowhere near the South Pole, Aang needs to learn the elements by Summer, you know little stuff Sokka, just the little stuff - Katara intervenes and actually helps ease some of Aang worries by stating she’ll help teach Aang some stuff, and not at all get angry at Aangs natural ability at Waterbending, ugh, I know but Katara did kinda annoy me in this episode, she quickly became a slight hypocrite -- anyways, I’ll go into that later. The Gang find a “puddle to splash in”, a pretty big one actually, with a waterfall and everything - good find! >V< After the dorky smiles of Katara and Aang, which matched my own, the two benders begin “playing around in the water”, poor Sokka has the lovely job of cleaning mud and bugs out from between Appa’s toes...ew! +_+

We then cut to who, Zuko and Friends, doing some firebending on their boat, er I mean, ship. Which changes course, almost throw Zuko and sparring buddy overboard! We and Zuko find the new heading was plotted by Uncle Iroh, in a very urgent matter. Uncle has lost...his Pai-sho piece, a Lotus tile. Now, I like this little section as it properly would’ve went right over me if I hadn’t already seen LoK, I properly would’ve seen it as Uncle being silly, but since I know the Lotus tile could be a reference to the White Lotus, which it nice hint - but maybe I'm thinking too much! (No Spoilers please!) I especially loved when Zuko, overly annoyed by this change of direction and irritated by Uncles persistence to go and find a new tile. Zuko literally smokes with rage! Which fades to the next scene - Sokka.

As I mentioned, we fade to Sokka, cleaning between Appa’s toes - some nice quirky humour there, with Sokka telling Appa he expects him to do the same! ^_^ After that, we go to Katara and Aang, practicing the basic push and pull of waterbending. I would say, I really liked how they began to show how waterbending works within the world of Avatar, plus it shows how talented Aang is as he quickly grasps the idea of this technique, which would make sense since he’s the Avatar and all! Moving on, they try another technique, which Katara calls, ‘Streaming the Water”, cool name, and again Aang, faster than before, gets the technique, to Katara’s dismay - seriously what’s your problem Katara, you’re teaching the god-damn Avatar! Anyways, they then move on to the ‘Big Wave’ technique (I think I can do that, oh wait, water…?) which Katara fails, but succeeds in the Wave, which ends in Sokka being soaked and the washing of their supplies down the river.

We then ‘swoosh’ to the next scene where the Gang are buy some more food and stuff, and a whistle, which, doesn’t, work! Good job Avatar Dumbo! ¬_¬ They move one with Katara taking responsibility with money - makes sense. Meanwhile, the Gang run into some, long-haired dude with a mustache and massive looped earrings? ...He promises some excotices, erm, yeah, 2004 was such a different time, ha haha... +_+ With that awkwardness, Aang, Katara and Sokka are dragged into the ship with these excotic item, such as a Ruby eyed, and necklaced Monkey. The Captain, who lies in the shadows, erm, is it just me or is this getting waay to weird, or am I seeing too much into thing? --The captain asks if Momo’s on sale, which he’s not...and then Katara comes over a water scroll, teaching some waterbending techniques - then Sherlock Sokka, yeah doesn’t really work, it’s Zuko’s gimmick, but yeah their pirates! As Katara tries to buy the, which she can’t so they leave, in a rush! The pirates go after the Gang, but why, have they discovered who Aang is? As they try to run, the pirates chase, resulting in another “MY CABBAGES” moment, hehehe! Aang uses some airbending, they glide off on Aangs glider with Sokka on one wing and Katara on the other.

As we cut to the next scene, Aang expresses his thoughts of that experience with pirates, as Katara reveals that she stole the waterbending scroll, which was why the pirates were chasing them...wait, WHAT!? -- Why is she smug about stealing this scroll, “high-risk trading”, whatever, I’m with Sokka on this one, after all what’s happened with the Gang, she does this stunt, for a scroll no less. I know Aang need to know waterbending, but is this really the way to do it, stealing stuff from people who now wanna kill you!? Really, with the whole Fire Nation out there wanting Aang, and them being, oh what was PIRATES! Seriously Mummy Katara, think! -_- Anyways…

...We then cut to, ‘Zuko and Friends’ yeeeeey! ^0^ Who have come into port to replace that lost Lotus tile for Iroh. who’s checked for everywhere, but no Lotus tiles anywhere, which does seem like a waste of time, which Zuko make clear. But Iroh has brought tons of bargains, and a Tsungi horn, mmm interesting choice good sir. 0_o But then *DUN DUN DAARR*, Zuko over hears “waterbending girl” and “bald monk”, putting two and two to make, AVATAR!

Cutting back to Katara’s selfishness, who wants to learn a move, the Water Whip, before Aang, wasn’t this for him, whatever, Katara whip herself in the face, good job missy, which Sokka understandably laugh at, as she really did deserve that, and yeah, Sokka sees right through Katara, (duh, brother and sister) wanting the scroll for herself - thought so! Aang shows Katara how the move works, in a nice and kind manner, but Katara rages and tells him to, “SHUT-UP YOUR AIR HOLE!” ...Did i mention she was kinda a bitch in this episode, but even so, she does see the error of her yelling, and apologizes -- well good, bad Katara, bad! -_- But she still continues in her bitchiness as she refuses to apologize to Sokka, seriously, treat your brother a bit nicer Katara - this is just the start of Katara McBitchy! ¬_¬

Anyways, let’s have some happy, none bitchy (sorry, but the word’s needed), because we cut to; Zuko and Friends, YEY ^0^ They join up with the pirates, to search for the Gang - again, good job Katara, good job... ¬_¬ Zuko Holmes does what he does best, stating to the pirate captain, they “don’t need to stop”, as the Gang stole a waterbending scroll, so they’ll be on the water!

After that, we cut back to ‘Katara McBitchy’, waking up in the middle of the night, and taking the scroll for herself to learn some more waterbending moves, i.e. the Water Whip. Momo gives his opinion, which I agree with! >V< And Katara goes to the river, only to then get found by Zuko and Pirates - “I’ll save you from the Pirates”. Now understand the Zutara fanfics, wishful thinking? =_= I would say, I do get what they’re try to accomplish here, showing Katara’s passion to learn waterbending, but really, do you need to take this character into annoyingly incompetent levels here? But eventho, it may lead to some character development for later…? Or smack me in the face! As Zuko questions Katara, he pulls out Katara’s necklace, which she lost from the Imprisoned episode - nice tie in. The Captain of the pirates intervenes in Zuko's flirty interrogation, but Zuko is having none of that crap, he threatens to burn the scroll if they don’t help him find the Avatar, which the unwillingly agreed to.

We then cut back to the waterfall, as Sokka and Aang wake-up. And before Sokka complete his sentence about Katara getting them into trouble, he gets bonded and shoved away by one of the pirates. Yip, well done Katara! Anyways, Aang gets caught as Sokka tries to fend off the other pirates, and then, after some complaining of not getting kidnapped, get’s kidnapped. Before long Zuko and the pirates make their trade, and Katara finally understands it’s her fault, which Iroh agrees with! >V< Sokka, then, like a boss, mentions who Aang is, in another fit of genius. He turns the pirates again Zuko, before long, *CHUCKER CHUCKER, CHUCKER CHUCKER* makes a return as a fight breaks out between Zuko and Friends and the Pirates -- sound like a daytime kids show, haha! >V< Honestly, this is why Sokka need better treatment by the other two, he’s actually more of a commodity to the group than Aang is at times!? Also, this fight scene was great, some brilliant actions and some fantastic comedy with Aang clearing the smoke, only
Iroh&#039;s lotus tile

Haha >V<, that's something I would do!

bring it back again after the crowd of Fire Nation troops and Pirates stop fighting, lol! ^_^ The Gang then try to get the boat, the pirate boat, again stealing from pirates! -- And can’t until they use combined efforts of Aang and Katara with their waterbending - really did they have the time. Iroh then splits the fight with a ship proverb, “it’s no proverb”, oh well sorry Uncle Iroh. *COUGH* Anyway, they see the pirates ship setting sail, which Zuko laughs at - wow… Which stops in Zuko’s boat being stolen to -- the chase continues between Momo and Bird-Lizard!? Once that thingy is wrapped up in the pirate flag, we see the Gang fighting with some waterbending before, Katar finally hits the Water Whip, awesome, great job, but Sokka kinda need some help -- Aang helps with his airbending and blowing the whistle…? Before long, they win the ship, but *DUN DUN DAAR*, waterfall! Aang and Katara pull the water to save the day, until Zuko’s boat rams them, edging them closer to the waterfalls fall, and in desperation, the Gang jump -- onto Appa’s back. Well that whistle was actually a good buy…! =_= The boat falls down the waterfall and Zuko shouts, “my boat”! And Iroh reveals the Lotus tile he lost was in his sleeve the whole time, to Zuko’s dismay, he throws it off the cliff.

Katara apologises again about the competitiveness of her wanting to waterbend in the next scene. Sokka then shows the scroll which he asks Katara, “what did you learn”, “that stealing is wrong, unless it’s from pirates”... Well that was the problem! I mean really, it wasn’t your competitiveness that got everyone into trouble it was stealing that scroll to dumb, dummy! Seriously AARUGH!!!


In general, this was a good episode, but Katara’s ignorance and just plain selfishness was so damn annoying, and mean! And it lead to me giving this episode a 3 Stars out of 5, it’s above average for A:TLA, this whole stealing concept with Katara, really took away some of what they established in the ‘Imprisoned’ episode, of her backstory. This was either an episode to remind you Katara’s passion for Waterbending (which fails) or, the fact of Katara still being a child? Whatever the reason was, it became this episode main issue, but taking that out of the equation it was still a pretty good episode, not as strong as the past one, but still, it had some good and fun action, some funny scenes (especially with Uncle Iroh) and PIRATES!!! Again, Katara really pulled it back for me though. 0_o  

I hope you enjoyed the review, and please, leave me a comment of you experience when YOU first watched this episode! >V<

Thanks again ^_^

AnimeLem0n (wallcontribs) 17:26, January 2, 2015 (UTC)

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