Hey everybody >V<, hope you’re having a good day, and here we go with some more “Lem0n Reviews’ with Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, like I type in most of these review introductions, “let’s get to it”! >V<

“The Warriors of Kyoshi”


Suki and Sokka train

AAAWWWW! Soo cuty-cute! >V<

Once the intros done its thing, we get a nice night shot of a Fire Nation ship, belonging to ‘Zuko and Friends’. With Zuko, meditating in his quarters, in front of 4 candles (no, not fork-handles, but four candles), where the flames raise and fall with each breath that he takes - nice little touch there. This nice calmed Zuko is then enraged suddenly when Uncle announces that they have no idea where the Avatar is, who Sokka also questions after fading from Zuko’s map to Sokka’s - haha, again nice touch of humor there, but at least Aang knows it’s near water, *WAH-WAAAH*.

We then cut to Katara, stitching-up Sokka’s Pants (or Trousers as we Brits say)? Pretty strange, but, makes sense after last few crazy days with Aang, who, attempts to show-off to Katara with his neat marble-spinning-trick...which doesn’t impress her much. Wow, talk about fussy! And then Sokka turn into a pure, 100% douche-nozzle, as his sexism goes off, right in his face as the GIRL aka SISTER, refuses to continue sewing-up his Pants, and I would’ve too, but luckily, Sokka “won’t need pants where they're going”...damn!

Finally we reach our destination, an island, where Aang hopes to do, wait, why are they there? And then FFFIIIISSSH! A Elephant Koi, which is a pretty cool name for an fish jumps out of the water, giving us our answer, and yeah, I would totally ride them as well! I really loved Sokka’s, unimpressed look on his face which did make laugh. But as quickly as my laugh started, it’s stopped by a giant Ele, thingy which jumps Aangs by surprise, but luckily for him and his goofy face, during this mini chase scene, he runs to shore. No seriously, he like sprints at a 100 MPH to shore, smacking right-dang into Sokka. Only to be jumped, yet again by these ‘Golden Fan Girls’ who either really want Aangs autograph, or they’re simply, kidnapping them for questioning...which is exactly what happens.

Foaming mouth guy

HAHAHA! That was hilarious! >V<

After the kidnapping, the kidnappers demand to know who they’re and what they’re doing here. which is kinda funny as we find more about them than they find out about Aang and the Gang. Firstly we discover, by Sokka’s dismay, the men that ambushed them were, actually women, yeah I know that stint of Sexism was place a little to, place-y!? ¬_¬ Anyways, secondary we discover we’re on Kyoshi Island, who Aang knows. Since he’s the Avatar, *DUH*! Once Aang escapes they quickly accept him as the Avatar, who further shows he’s the Avatar by redoing his trick from a couple scene previously...and then, er, something weird, wacky and completely ridiculously funny happens, some random dude, goes nut, flinging-up his hands in a crazy fit of foam, craziness!!! Hahaha, mean what the holy donut!!?? >V<

We then get a mini sequence of Chinese whispers which finds its way to Zuko. Who it like; “the Avatar is on Kyoshi Island”, lets get him! forgetting he was getting served some pretty delicious looking fish which uncle tries to steal, which, yeah I would’ve as well! --It’s at this point I realized that this episode was going to, a pretty goofy one, which I gladly welcomed after crazy and hectic day at college. But I was hoping they would know when to turn it off, and luckily they did.

After that, when then cut back to Kyoshi’s statue on Kyoshi Island, who’s getting a nice new coat of paint, in celebration of the Avatar coming to their village - you know, I do wonder, what’s happened to Kyoshi Island through-out LoK, did it become part of Kuvira’s Earth Empire? Just a thought…? Anyway’s. once that’s done we got to Aang and Katara, stuffing their faces with some sweet, sugary treats. But with, no surprise, Sokka still ego torn on getting his butt-kicked by girls, refuses to eat, for about 5 seconds, before grabbing some cakes and runs of in fit of rage and angrily saying; “this is delicious”, haha soo funny! And...the line that made *sigh* (at the time) as I thought, ok, here we go with another, going crazy with fame episode in an animation, which Katara kindly demonstrates what thought, *RASPBERRY*! With that said, we did get some pretty hilarious scenes of Aang getting chased over a bridge by massive group of fan girls, only to then be trapped. Oh, and the painter guy whos trying to paint or draw Aang, but more and more girls keep filling-up the frame, haha just some pretty funny and quirky sequences. Cutting to the still, angry Sokka who goes to, ‘show the girls his moves’, but gets his ass handed to him.

Once Sokka gets his full of getting beaten-up, we then cut to some exposition, as Aang explains that in a past life, he was the woman on the pillar, Kyoshi. He excuses himself from the girl-squad, to find Katara pick out some food for her and the group, who Aang quite rudely asks Katara to fly with him and the girl-squad on Appa, which doesn’t sound fun! I actually like this little confrontation between Aang and Katara, she sees Aang as a normal kid, but Aang want to be noticed by Katara. It’s actually quite a sweet way to planting the seeds for a relationship.

Back to Sokka, kicking stones around where the Kyoshi Warriors train, he finally swallows his pride and asks to be trained by them. Which was a really fulfilling scene for me and Sokka, it’s this which actually makes me forgive his Sexist remarks to his sister, and makes me like him much more, he’s not just brave but stupid, who spouts off some funny lines here and there, he’s actually very likable and strong character who maybe funny, but is actually pretty grown-up. Especially when am still wait for my brother to apologize breaking my Barbie Doll when I was 4, and am 20 now, and he’s 26 - am still waiting!!! ¬_¬ -- Cut to a few minutes later, we see Sokka kitted out with the Kyoshi Warrior dress, who begins to be proud of once he is told on what it all symbolises, from the golden patches and the clothe, I actually thought this scene was awesomely hilarious on it’s own, but Aangs little “nice dress Sokka” was a nice dig to his form sexist remarks.

We then cut to a very smug Aang, who is definitely not letting the fame get to his head, as he announces he’s got to ride the Unagi, with Katara how’s like cool, have fun, haha.Anyways after that nice little awkward scene with Katara and Aang, we then go to Sokka, learn the basics forgot her name? -- Who Sokka catches, tripping her to the ground, you know these two are pretty cute together. And I really like how we cut to and from in a way to tell their experience throughout the episode - great writing.

Now, back to Aang and he “dangerous Unagi ride”, which the girl squad get bored of, just like a really celebrity I guess! Katara shows up with and apologies, and so does Aang and they live happily ever after, or wait, they don't -- ELE!!! I mean, UNAGI!!! From out of nowhere the Unagi pops outs a throws Aang around for abit before dumping him to the Sea. With Aangs tongue out like a sleepy dog, Katara saves the day, only to find Zuko and friends have arrived, with Rhino, looking, thingy’s…?

Back at the hut, Sokka and … -- are still training only for the old guy, the mayor dude...yeah am not doing well with this name thing am I? -- Informs them of the Fire Nation, who have reached their shores, which lead into a wild west movie as the Zuko and friends enter the village on Rhino back. It’s here where I hear the music, and I actually watched the episode again to hear more of the music, and it’s simply beautiful traditional Chinese music, which used really well, and to the face I just noticed it at this point is testament to that, absolutely fantastic music, love it! The Rhino enter the village, only for the Ninja Kyoshi warriors to start bringing them down in coordinated attack, taking Zuko’s soldiers off their Rhinos. honestly this section was just an awesome little salute to Samurai Cinema, just with music and the action sequence - just soo Akira Kurosawa! But even tho the Kyoshi Warriors maybe skilled fighters, they’re no match for bad-ass Zuko, throwing them all down with his awesomeness!!! >V< Then finally, Aang steps in to save the day, as the two have a short battle, as Aang gets the best Zuko with his Golden fans - yip, the fans saved the day! =_= (am soo proud of myself hehe). In a pretty strong scene, we see (with Aang) the destruction of what has just happened, and it’s at this point Aang realizes that simply being the Avatar, he places people in danger, not matter where or who they are!

As the crew get ready leave, Sokka gets a good kiss goodbye (oooh la la laaa). They leave on Appa, before Aang jumps to the Ocean, to ride the Unagi, getting it to spray the village and putting out the fire, having the Fire Nation soldiers wet and soaked. And even tho it was dangerous, it’s was earned Aang good hug from Katara - now take note boys, hehe!!! >V< -- You know what, I loved this episode!!!


Now, this was a goofy but strong episode, that really dug deep into taking a story and telling it, and boy, don’t it tell a great story. This in my mind, is an episode that knows that it’s placed enough character development, and now knows to focus on showing a good story, as well as showing off the writing element of it. The main story may be cliched, but it’s still very much unique. And that’s why loved this episode, I expected one thing, and it gave me another and so much more!

Again, another great episode, and that’s why I give it a 4 Stars out of 5, this was an awesome episode, it was fun, and yet still had a good message in there, that I really wanted to expand upon once Aang said, ‘he never wanted to be the Avatar’. And though some of the editing was quick to cut to other scenes, it was just simply a great episode!!! >V<

Thanks for reading >V<, I hope you enjoyed my this review! =_= If you have any feedback, please leave the in the comments below, and tell me about your first time watching this episode. Thanks again!

AnimeLem0n (wallcontribs) 16:52, November 25, 2014 (UTC)

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