Hey everybody!!! >V< and I’m back, after a hectic couple of days of Exams at college, soo sorry about that, but am now ready for some reviewing, so here we GO!!!

“The King of Omashu”


Bumi&#039;s first challenge

The first Challenge - Lunch! >V<

As both me and my joining sister sit down to watch this episode (and others), we start with our heroes; Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa and Momo, reaching the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu - which is just epic in it’s design, from both at a distance and close-up! In stunned amazement of the city, Katara and Sokka remind the audience of their South Pole heritage. “Come on Slow-pokes, the ‘real’ fun is inside the city”, and with that, Katara says, to us and Aang, that staying hidden maybe the best option right now, especially after what happened on Kyoshi Island -- valid point. Aang grows a mustache, with help from Appa’s fur, and the Aang Gang set off to the wall of Omashu.

After some “wide angle shots” from below, and above, the Gang finally reach wall, but Aangs; “you’re going to love Omashu, the people here friendliest in the World”, is instantly countered by, “rotten Cabbages, what kind of slum you think this is!”, with an additional Earthbending, rock lift, flinging the Cabbage cart into the air and off the path way to Omashu. “OH MY CABBAGES!” This, according to my sister, is the famed Cabbage Man, who’s, somewhat a legend within the Avatar franchise. But unlike her, I really didn’t find this funny, actually I found it to be, kinda upsetting - the harsh reality that, not everything is as you remembered! As one of the guards Earthbends a rock up over Aang, Aang gets right into character with an awesomely funny moment, threatening the man with a “smacked bottom”! >V< This bit of craziness seems to work, as they get into Omashu with little problem.

With the stone walls closing after them, we finally get the interior of the city walls, an awesome Mountain like city with slides everywhere, which delivers produce from one place to the other. I must say, who ever came-up with this design, or the team, need an award! This city seems so alive and believable, especially if Element Bending existed, and when Aang goes into more detail on how they work, that just adds to this city in it’s realism. Those slide, I would totally slide down those things, seriously I would...with that said, Aang tells the tale of his good friend Boomy, who used the slides as that, slides. After the nice little flashback, we get Aang and the Gang, taking a slide down the slide! The slide ride turns dangerous as some spears run-along side them, which quickly shuts Aang up, who in retaliation of the spears almost stabbing Sokka, throughs the cart of the slide and down onto the green roofs below! And in another quirky scene, we get a captain, giving a “expect the unexpected” speech, only to have, unexpectedly, have Aang and the Gang (I have a feeling I’m stealing that from somewhere? *SHRUGS* Whatever!) -- SMASHES into the scene before carting off! This full cart sliding scene was great fun, but man, crazy dangerous, and I wonder if kids would ride these slides after all? Anyways, once the cart reaches its end, the Gang land on top of the Cabbage man Cabbage...cart… Wait, how, where, er…? How did he get from there with his Cabbages, after they were flung from the path, into the air…?! ¬_¬ ...Anyways, the Gang are caught and taken to the king!

Er, I’m going to premise this part of the review by saying, this was really, really weird...and not the funny kind either! I mean it’s not the “throw them a feast” bit that’s odd, its the meal section itself. It’s just weird, in the sense of just wanting to be weird, in the close-ups, it’s not needed, I think we get that the King is a bit loony, oh and not at all Boomy, Aangs old friend...spoilers! >V< Also those jokes, they were actually not bad: Kangaroo Island being hopping -- but in a fit of sanity, the King throws a bit of chicken leg at Aang who uses his airbending to stop the dangerous meat from hitting him! And there, we have the beginning of our main plot.

As the next bad joke passes through the scene, which also wasn’t actually that bad, I mean let-us-leave, lettuce-leaf -- hahaha! *cough* Anyways, the King then states the Avatar, who’s just been discovered, needs to go through three tasks of his choosing, but for what reason...hmmm…? The Gang are sent to the “recently refurbished chamber, which was once bad”, and what to find out these challenges are! The next day we get treated the Kings new outfit and the first challenge, as well as being introduced to ‘Creeping Crystal’.

The first challenge, grab the lunchbox key, from a waterfall, now, I really liked this scene. It showed that Aang can learn from his mistakes, a very important character point to put across to the audience, especially the hero. Also the ingenuity of Aang using a stalegtite(?), in order to give the King his key back was, pretty damn awesome!

The second challenge; retrieving the Kings pet Flopsie. And again, this was another great scene of liked this scene, it teaches both Aang, and me, to not believe everything you see, or what the show,, shows me - like the scene with Zuko’s fireblast to Zhao in that Agni-kai, it really did have me fooled for a second. Anyways, with that realization, Aang hesitantly say, “Flopsie?!”, after a interesting encounter with a giant Rabbit-Bulldog thingy - great designs again, crazy imaginative! We then get reminded (I know I’ve used like 3 times already, but it’s my new word) Sokka’s and Katara current situation of the creeping crystals creeping.

After the Kings manic laugh and face, we go to the third challenge; a battle, of Aangs choosing, which ends up having Aang choosing the King - bad idea, as it turns out he’s this crazy Earthbending Master, who completely ripped, I mean man, what’s his secret!? We then get a really great demonstration of Earthbending, which we haven’t seen until this point, and it AWESOME!!! Fantastic animation, fluid and very imaginative it each and every movement, show the limitless airbending power of Aang and strength of the Kings earthbending!

The battle ends with, ending the third challenge, but there’s one challenge, what is the Kings name? And if you guessed Philip then, you haven’t been watching this episode! Of course it’s Boomy, Aangs old friend from way-back-when, and with that we get Boomy’s speech of why he did what he did, and we get some explanation of what Aang needs to do in order to defeat the Fire Nation, by defeating the big shot, Fire Lord Ozai. With that chaos we end on Aang and King Boomy sliding down the massive slides and crashing into the Cabbages, for what, like 3rd time!? “MY CABBAGES”!!! >V<


Overall, I like this episode, it flowed nicely in it’s story telling, but it was a bit too weird, it seemed like it was focusing waay too hard on being funny, and it just across as being, well, silly -- I know it’s a kids show, but, I’m just telling you what I thought. But with all that said I did like idea to not trust on everything as how you see, which is a very important lesson for kids, and adults, even if its kinda cynical!

A pretty great episode which I’ll give a 3.5 Stars out of 5, strong storytelling, with a strong message, and is definitely an episode I could see myself watching a multitude of times later.

Thanks for reading >V<, I hope you enjoyed my this review! =_= If you have any feedback, please leave the in the comments below, and tell me about your first time watching this episode. Thanks again!

AnimeLem0n (wallcontribs) 21:11, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

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