Hello everybody >V<, and welcome to my first ever review of, well of anything really, plus this is my first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Because I’ve never written a review, please make sure to comment on the review, and on how I should improve it! With that being said, let’s GO!!!

The Boy in the Iceberg


Aang in the iceberg

Iconic =_=

After pressing the play button on my remote, I was then met by a girls voice, narrating the exposition of the 100 year war, the world and the Avatar, along with their responsibilities and abilities. This intro was actually amazingly well, especially with that ton of exposition to dump.

We are then linked to the face of the disjointed voice, young Katara (I’m going to properly call her that from time-to-time), with her brother Sokka. Who in boat, hunting, for fish…? Anyway, out from no-where their boat caught by a sudden current, which lead them stranded and their boat crushed by two Icebergs. The two begin to argue, just like normal brothers and sisters, except this sister has some bending powers. In her understandable rage against the sexist Sokka (haha, you thought I was gonna say ‘machine’...I think I just shown my age…?), who almost kills them both with her Waterbending anger! But, there’s a plus side to this as they discover a giant glowing Iceberg, which floats to the surface. And btw that scene was, soo, AWESOME!!! >V<

Inside this mysterious Iceberg, is perhaps one of the greatest designed animated characters ever, Aang. I mean that glowing arrow and eyes are just an iconic stable for Avatar, whoever design him, fantastic work. Once Aang is finally free from his 100 year beauty sleep, his first words are; “will you come Penguin sledding with me”, now I don’t know why, but this line just cracked me up in laughter for like 5 minutes!? ¬_¬ We’re then greeted by, my sister favourite character, and the one who I’ve heard about a lot from many a person, Zuko. And, he has a pretty cool design as well, who order his ship to investigate the source the light, with his Uncle, voice by the late and great Mako Iwamatsu, who kinda say’s, ‘it’s properly nothing’.

We then return to heros after riding the swimming, flying Bison, Appa back to Katara and Sokka’s village. Who all meet Aang, and it’s at this point we learn of that no-one’s seen an Airbender for ages. I also notice the high contrast levels, which became slightly off putting. I thought it was my TV, but, I actually think it’s the show? After some chit-chat and Aang, we cut back to Zuko and friends, actually is was during Aangs escape from the Iceberg, shooshed, I’m consistent!!! Anyways Zuko demands the master Uncle to teach him the next set. But, after the roast duck. >V<

Ok, so, Aang runs after a 6-finned Penguin...and shows he has no knowledge of the war. And then, awesome happens! PENGUIN SLEDDING!!! I knew why I wanted to be a Waterbender >V< With nice happy scene we then get a foreboding one, with Fire Nation ship, which again, awesome design with some great angles too, well done cinematography. >V< Whilst being in the ship, Aang finally, and quickly comes to terms with how much time has past - kinda, I don’t really know if it was the delivery, I didn’t actually believe he fully understood what Katara just told him? Either that or the director needs shot! o_o

In making their exit, Aang stumbles over a booby-trap, which strangely still works… Those Fire Nation now how to build a ship! The crazy workings of the machinery lead to a firework being shot from the ship, signally the already spying Zuko to inform us on his discoveries; he’s found the Avatar, and thinks he’s an old man, and where the Avatar’s hiding in a sinister ending, with a even more sinister, “to be continued”.


Overall, I enjoyed, it showed the characters, not just their appearance but their personality, making them much more real with this very fruitful world. The story isn’t fully there, which makes you slightly intrigued to see the next episode, seeing where it goes through it’s journey and with it’s already, quite well constructed characters. My only criticism as a first ever episode goes, I don’t the 10 year old me you have watched the next episode…? O.o But typing that, I properly would have been interested after that massive TO BE CONTINUED screen.

I give this a strong 3 Star out of 5 - Great characters, but not really hook to drag me back except from the ‘to be continued’ screen.

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my first review! =_= If you have any feedback, please leave the in the comments, and tell me about your first time watch this episode.

AnimeLem0n (wallcontribs) 20:28, November 13, 2014 (UTC)

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