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This is going to my first in a new schedule of new reviews which I’ll be doing over the month -- Tuesday is the next upload to the Avatar Wiki.

Through watching this series, it’s began to hit me that the Books title of Water, has more meaning than just a simple name. I think maybe referring to the flow of water, moving around different obstacles which lie in front our main characters. It may also be a reference to how water can wash things away, both in a soft and gentle manner, but also in a vicious and violent manner also. And I think this episode really started to do that here.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, without further adieu...let’s break into this review! ^_^

“Jet” or "The What If Story...!"


Jet shows his true colors

The truth hurts!

In another great establishing shot of the fire-red forest, where Momo is attempting to catch a nice little snack, but is attracted by a pile of fruit, getting trapped in, well, a trap, and is set-up high in the trees.

We then cut to the Gang, as the animals calls for “HELP”, ecco in the background. Aang notice Momo’s not with them and they investigate where these cries for help came from - finding Momo and other Monkeys! ^_^ Aang does some Airbending parkour and leaps up to save Momo by lowering him to the ground where Katara and Sokka free him. Sokka spots out the metalwork of the traps after freeing the Monkeys with his Boomerang. *_* So, they decide to leave...on foot, as the adorable Appa it to big and noticeable, and cudd’wey n’ soft... But yeah, he’s massive and white, and has an arrow on his head -- jealous! Which Aang nicely calls him out on. So, “Sokka’s Instincts” decide that walking is safer. Even though Sokka does get made fun of in this scene, I kinda see where he’s coming from, but Appa’s maneuverable and I think having a multi-ton Flying Bison back you up, is still, properly safer…?

Anyways, I would say in this whole scene, I smelled set-up, and lone-behold, they stumbled over it by walking into a Fire Nation camp -- now I see where Katara was coming from. ¬_¬ The Gang gets cut off from their exit, and as it seems to be almost over with Sokka’s desperation of “bluffing”. And as quickly as the Fire Nation soldier falls to flat on his face from a dart, another gang come-in to save the day! =_= Shooting arrow from the tree, dropping from the trees, and KICKING ASS!!! Especially Jet himself, taking out two guys in this fantastic slow-mo animation section, looked great -- even from 2005! My only problem was, these soldiers are the Fire Nation, the big bad, but how is that kids, you to older children take them out, not just a few, but the whole damn camp! Seriously!?

After the last ‘soldier’ (how incompetent) is taken out, this gangs leader, Jet says “hey” to Katara - I sense romantic interest -- what’s with my senses today…? Then we get the names of the other members; Snears, Long-Shot (wow, are we in a Robin Hood play?), Smeller-B, The Duke and Pipsqueak...the merry band of misfits! I would say, this group of kids are well designed and have some pretty identifiable personalities; the gentle giant, the gruff small one, the tenacious one, the one who never speaks, and the revenge hungry leader -- I’ll explain later why that’s a problem...

After Aang gets floored by Pipsqueak after stating, “that’s a funny name”, it’s a happy scene by-the-way, the other gang -- that’s gonna get confusing, maybe Team Jet? Yeah that’ll work -- so, Team Jet begin to take things from the Camp, I assume; Food, we do get to see some fire wood being taken by Smeller-B. Katara thanks Jet for his bravery and stuff, Jet then says cheers back for distracting the soldiers for them! Then, Katara pisses me off, again, saying to and behind Sokka’s back, “we were relying on instinct”! I have a brother who is 3 years older than me, and he has saved me from bullies on many occasions, and I always showed my gratitude to him for many weeks after the fact, so when Katara says this, it really grinds my gears as it has been this instinct which has saved the Gangs ass on two other occasions, so remind me, great ol’ Katara, what have you done, let me see; get an Earthbender imprisoned, get the Gang in trouble with pirates and later Zuko, and Sokka’s the one in the wrong -- FAAAACK YOU BITCH CAAAKES!!!

Now, back to our regular scheduled review Blog: The Duke finds some ‘blasting jelly’ in a/many barrels. The gentle giant Pipsqueak finds a box of jelly candy, mmm sounds delicious, they take the stuff back to the hide-out, which I must say, looks Amazing! Hanging in the trees like a massive tree fort, aw… Oh and the romantic scene with Katara and Jet happens, after poor Sokka is thrown up by some noose. Jet explains what they’ve been doing there, pretty much being the Robin Hood of the world -- I would say, even though they do explain some points of Jet’s backstory - his parents being killed by the Fire Nation - the writers were still able to keep it obscure enough to let Jet’s heel-turn feel less out of the blue, and seem more natural, to his personality and motivation, which does work -- *SPOILERS* !!! ^_^

We cut to Team Jet and the Gang sitting down, enjoying some berries while Jet give a speech, everyone cheers and, uh… I like this section showing their connections and everything (Team Jet I mean), but it felt disjointed and strangely 1 dimensional to me, which becomes Jet’s main problem, we don’t necessarily feel for Jet as a person as his characteristics are very 1 dimensional, he’s the vengeance seeking leader -- maybe that’s what they’re getting to with showing how Jet has become this, but that’s explain later, not right at the beginning. It may also be due to it being a 23 minute episode which also takes away some aspects to Jet. Anyways, Jet get to business after Katara spills the beans on Aang being the Avatar, so Jet suggests that maybe they could help in his little mission -- Sokka interrupts with the whole we need to go, talk, but Jet with knowing what strings to pulls tells Sokka he had an important mission for him. This stops Sokka in his tracks and we fade into the next scene.

Daytime now, and Team Jet and Sokka are on the prowl for people who are on the path. Sokka, with his trick sticking a knife into a tree to, “heighten vibrations”. “Neat trick” Jet says, and I nodded in agreement -- which I was thankful that no one was in my living room at the time! =_= And then the first tick in the box for Jet; is he a crazed maniac how is prepared to kill anyone who is Fire Nation! Bullying the old man that comes by, now I had no problem but, as it starts the ball rolling on our perception of Jet. Which is works out quite nicely in the end. After the rough-up the old man, Sokka steps in and Team Jet leave the scene.

We cut to a laughing, cheerful Aang, swinging and sliding down some ropes, showing off some gunpowder bomb, things, which Momo hates and like most animals would, jumps on Aang and steals some his gunpowder thingies and through at his feet...yip, my dog did that too with fireworks...¬_¬ *Sarcasm came, Sarcasm left* Katara asks about her new found love (Jet) current location, which Sokka replies, “WE’RE LEAVING”, but, but, Katara made him a...hat!? Sokka explains, in simple way, Jet’s messed-up, and I can see where this is going, both Aang and Katara side with Jet and Sokka tells them the truth but they don’t believe them until around the end when they find out the truth. But Katara, lover, want to hear Jet’s side -- with a very elaborate lie, Jet explains that this knife was on his person, and it had a hidden compartment for poison, but if you remember before they took stuff from that Fire Nation camp! Sokka brings back his instincts, which this time, they are bang on the money! But they don’t believe him and that’s that… To tell you truth when this came in I knew what was going to happen, even if I was unsure how exactly, I was still aware how everything was gonna go DOWN!

So, after this little disagreement with sister and brother, the Gang go to sleep, only for Sokka to be woken by Team Jet rappelling-down from the tree fort. But what for? Hmmm, ¬_¬ I truly wonder…? Sokka starts to sneak after them following them to a cart of barrels -- well, that doesn’t sound like a ‘barrel’ of laughs...yeah I’ll stand over here, in the corner… Sokka kindly overhears their plan to destroy the dam and let the water wash the town below away. Sokka tries to plead with Jet, as they’ll kill the people below, mothers, fathers, brother and sisters, but Jet doesn’t seem to care that much, he want to drive the Fire Nation away by any means necessary, and he thought of all people Sokka would favour this. This scene was actually the best and strongest in my opinion. it shows the contrast and similarities between Sokka and Jet, how people tackle and live with the same even - Jet is slightly worse as it was both his parents and not just one, and that he also didn’t have a sister who shared his pain. Which shows you how thin of a line Sokka walks from being in Jet’s mind set - at least for me anyways.

Fading to the next over-top scene of dried river bed, we see Jet, Sokka and Katara walking up one side. Katara is finally showing some sisterly feeling toward her brother as she is worried about his whereabouts -- haha, that’s hilarious, that never happened, but never mind that, we have some bending needing to be done! Aang and Katara both flow the water out of the hole which now runs into the dried-up river bed. My only problem I don’t know if I caught Jet say why they were doing it, and they (Aang and Katara) never seemed to ask…? We cut to much later and Aang and Katara have loosened another 4 water holes - they decide to meet up with Jet at the reservoir.

Meanwhile, Sokka is being dragged by Smeller-B and Pipsqueak, and when he notices the traps set out before, he decides to run getting both Smeller-B and Pipsqueak caught with their Lychee Nuts. Which just goes to show, Sokka is actually pretty smart and is a good strategist. ^_^

Aang bends air currents

Simply...AAAWESSSOOME!!! ^0^ \m/

Back to Aang and Katara, who are at the reservoir, and finally they put two and two together to four; “Jet’s going to blow up the dam”, DUN DUN DAAAAARRGH!!! O_O Then *BANG*, Jet confronts them, stopping Aang from saving the town -- then he explain like he tried to with Sokka, and again fails, as finally Katara acts and blast Jet with some water! Then in an awesome action sequence, Aang and Jet fight in the warm coloured forest, reminded me of the fight scene from Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger. But when it looks like to be all over for Aang, Katara saves the day...yeah that’s right! >V< Even frozen, Jet still is able to get the message out to blow-up the dam, and then *BOOM!* Water flood the town and everyone is -- “I warned the town of you plan”, YEY! Sokka explain he got everyone out in time, with the old man vouching for him as they and Fire Nation troops believed him to be spy -- I loved this little scene where a little girl is reunited with “Mrs Pretty”. The moral of the story sometime Sokka’s instincts are right and sometime, their wrong


I’d got to admit, I seriously enjoyed this episode, they weren’t many loose ends, and every plot element came back and meet each other; great writing, a limited colour palette of beautiful reds, oranges and browns throughout the whole episode was very refreshing and nice for the eyes. I also liked the furthering of Sokka’s character, especially in the elements of what if!? ^_^ Therefore I going to give this episode a 4 out of 5 Stars.

I hope you enjoyed the review, and please, leave me a comment of you experience when YOU first watched this episode! >V<

Thanks again! ^_^

AnimeLem0n (wallcontribs) 17:20, February 8, 2015 (UTC)

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