Hey everybody!!! >V< It’s the start (for me) of the festive season, so, I think a another A:TLA review from someone who’s never watched this before, is a great way to celebrate! >V< So, let’s get Christmas-sy with a awesome animation of, Avatar: The Last Airbender



Katara speeches

*Arnold Schwarzenegger impression*: Get your Coal, do it! Do it NOW!!! >v<

Since after the ‘crazy’ of last episode, we get met by lovely, water color forest, where Aang’s chilling as Katara folds up a sleeping bag. A returning Sokka, returns with some nuts, or some rock shaped nut, which could be rocks! After an explosion, the Gang go to investigate, what they find is a Earthbender, throwing rocks around - and in a point stupidity, Katara says ‘Hello’, only to have the guy run the other direction, wow talk about rejected! Aang realizes after this stranger ran off, to most likely a village, where there’s REAL food, by the dismay of Sokka. But really, those nuts sucked! I’ve got to admit, this was a great way to show how, what, where and even who, all in one nice, flowing sequence. ^_^

We then cut to the town, where the stranger more likely ran to, with the Earth Kingdom continued Green roof design, which is very Chinese. As Aang, Katara and Sokka walk down, through the town, Katara spots the stranger, Earthbender, entering a house shop. And in another stint of stupid, walks in and goes ‘hi’, again. I know this wasn’t really stupid, it does show Katara’s personality, which I would say is slightly more forceful than she was in previous episode, which is fresh. It also give the character a little more depth after giving so time to Sokka - I have a feeling they’ll explore some more backstory on Aang along with this! >V< Anyways, back in the shop, we get overreaction of the mother the stranger, earthbender, Haru, after she discovers that her son was earthbending, but for good reason. The Fire Nation have taken control of the town, and have arrested all of the earthbenders in the area, never seeing them again. before suddenly, *KNOCK KNOCK*, who’s there? Fire Nation -- Act natural...and btw, ow for Aang.

After the exposition, we cut to another water color landscape, which again, is just beautiful! Haru shows the Gang to the sleeping quarters for the night, with Aang promising to not let Appa eat all of their Hay, yep, not going to happen! >V< After that nice injection of Appa humour, we get some further explanation of Haru’s situation, in a very romantic scene, some great warm colours, especially in that Sunset. I would say, I wasn’t exactly sure about this, we already got that backstory of Haru’s father being taken by the Fire Nation, but why has Haru opened up this much, I suppose it’s to show his trust, which works. But I would’ve liked this openness to have come later - *BOOM* the mines collapsed! Saving this old man from being crushed by the rocks, with his earthbending.

[Just a little note; I wrote this review in two parts, separated by a few days. So please forgive the lacking detail]

Once everyone goes to sleep we cut to scene where the old man has told the Fire Nation of this earthbender, Haru, who get’s taken in the night. Wow, atleast his principles are in order! ¬_¬ And with that we fade into the next scene; Katara finding out of what happened to Haru from his tearful mother, dropping a the water jug in a dramatic scene. Rushing to Sokka and Aang, Katara informs the rest - in a moment of having massive ‘balls’, Katara states that she’ll go, get herself arrested as an Earthbender and get sent, to wherever Haru was sent to, and will rescue him from the big-bad Fire Nation! Wow, just wow!!! O_O

We then cut to a scene of sheer brilliance on the account of both the characters and the writers, in what I would say is an incredibly, well thought and clever plan. Sokka and Katara, have a fake argument, in her pretend anger, Katara will lift a massive boulder into the air, with help from Aangs late, airbending blast. Which all happens right in front of some soldiers of the Fire Nation (how convenient >V<). Honestly, this was such a creative, and clever idea, which was all Sokka’s idea too. I’m beginning to believe that he is more of the leader than Katara, or to a less extent Aang, realize him to be.So once that all goes down, Katara gets arrested, and is sent to the prison for Earthbenders, made out of metal - it took me second to realize that Metalbending isn’t a thing yet. Otherwise this would have been a very, bad idea! We then get the awesomeness that is George Takei, in the Warden of the Metal Prison. Who give a nice warm welcome to the new comers to the prison. What a swell guy, hahaha ^_^ this filled-up my face with huge smile, hearing the beautifully awesome voice of another idol of mine, talking in a great animation like this! = EXTREME AWESOMENESS, yeah I know, I say ‘awesome’ waay too much! Anyway,Katara finally finds Haru, and meets his father - who comes off as a very respectable man, even though it’s revealed that he hasn’t a plan for escaping this Prison. In response to this, Katara gives a heartfelt speech, which goes no-where, as the prisoners do nothing.

Later, Aang, Sokka and Appa, come to save the day, only to be dragged into the honorable Katara wanting to save everyone here, and needs their help. So, like the kind gentlemen they are, help Katara to bust out the Prisoners. Now, I was expecting another clever plan on the part of Sokka, but everyone (this time) has a part to play in the making the plan, and I must say, what a plan it is, *SPOILER*.


AAAAAAAAAAH - George Takei!!! 0_0

Ah well, Appa flies away, but get’s spotted by a guard doing his rounds. Informing the warden, and for their troubles, is thrown overboard - this act of doing this, eventho its not funny, the aftermath was, Sulu, er, I mean, the Warden, is told the man he just threw overboard was the captain, which he ordered to be waken, I thought of Sulu vs. Kirk there and how George Takei has said, he hated working with William Shatner! Maybe that’s why Takei took the job!? To immagine what it would look like to throw Shatner overboard? >V<

We then cut to the Gang’s plan of action (back to the Spoiler) they're going to do the same thing they did before, but “on a larger scale”, closing all the vents to the coal storage/furnace, with the expectance to one, forcing the coal-up that vent to the prisoners on the deck, through Aangs Airbending. Pretty neat plan must say! Unfortunately for Sokka’s explanation, as it’s cut off by the Warden and his guards, who gets cut off by Aang who sends the coal up in a *TA-DA* moment - oh, things are going to get interesting? Katara gives another heartfelt speech which is met by inaction, and laughter by the Warden, who explains, they have no hope. This was a massively sad scene, showing you how devastating and unmerciful the Fire Nation can be, especially to destroy someone want for freedom? Walking away in his confident swagger, he gets ponked on the head by a lump of coal by Haru. And with that, a fight ensues! Earthbender, vs Firebenders, ready FIGHT!!! This was really awesome (here I go again) seeing Haru and his Father fight side-by-side, especially after Haru explained that earthbending was the only way he could get close to his father.

Once Sulu has been thrown to the ocean in a very badass, and funny scene - “I can’t swim!? Don’t worry, I hear cowards float!” >V< The Gang and the prisoners steal some ships, Haru’s dad says thanks to Katara, Haru puts 1 + 1 to = 2, with Aang being the Avatar. And that’s how we end…


I must admit, I did rush this review, I think it might come off that I didn’t this episode, but seriously, I did! I especially enjoyed the prison section and the fight scene, I love me a good fight scene, and I enjoyed the furthering of Katara’s personality. Sokka’s planning becomes more developed and Aangs, is Aang still, but I have feeling we’ll go into depth with that soon!

Overall I give this another 3.5 Stars out of 5, I really enjoyed this episode, and I definitely fan-girled after hearing George Takei’s voice - he needs more voice work! And this mother like character of Katara, is something I welcome to this series.

Thanks for reading >V<, I hope you enjoyed my/this review! =_= If you have any feedback, please leave your comments below, and tell me about your first time watching this episode. Thanks again!

AnimeLem0n (wallcontribs) 15:37, December 11, 2014 (UTC)

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