I Am Such a Newb - Please Help! 

What 'up everybody!

I'm AnimeLem0n (ME), an AWESOME green haired, anime/manga loving Otaku, who forgets she's a 20 year old country pumpkin!? Pretending that she's still a kid, well at heart! 0_< I'm not really in, too much denial, just several years worth! ^_^ Somtimes I draw, and sometimes I don't, but what can I say, am a lazy. +_+ Also, I'm new around these parts, and I might need a little help in some stuff, if you awesome people can give a Newbee a help-in-hand?

Anyways, that's ego giving for now, let's get talking Avatar! It only been a recent thing since I've started watching, since hearing from my friend Jess, who told me that Legend of Korra was AWESOME!!!. And boy, was she right! I would admit I haven't actually watched the original, Avatar: The Last Airbender, but I did buy the 3 season boxset, which am planning to watch as much as possible, as soon as possible. ^_^ And I'me plainning on doing a review Blog of the show, which I think it might be fun to write up (episode by episode?), especially when I have almost no knowledge of the original series of Avatar: The Last Airbender, except from that terrible film, and I did mean to watch the animation after I saw the movie, but I never got around to doing. ¬_¬ But nowI have it and spent over 20 bucks (£19.99) for on Amazon, I think now it the time to watch, and experience it as a whole. 

Here's some 3 things on what I'll include into these Blogs, if anyone's interested O.o ;

  1. I'll talk in detail on Techniqucal elements of the animation, story telling and character design of each episode
  2. My opinions of the good and the bad, and what might happen next
  3. Before then finally a 5-star rating

I hope you'll enjoy these reviews, it's been something I've been thinking about doing for a while, so I hope you'll enjoy them, as well in reading this, oh and should I watch two episode at a time one ever week? Please leave your answers in da' comments! 

Thanks again, and you to see you in my future reviews, well not see you, but hear of you...but this is the internet, er, well hope to see you comments below (much better)! >V<

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