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  • I live in my own little world of Rainbows and Sunshine...yeah, that was kinda weird!
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is being a Professional Procrastinator (Full Time)
  • I am a crazed, purple-haired "Otaku", who's totally not denying her age or anything!
  • AnimeLem0n

    Lem0n Reviews: "Jet"

    February 8, 2015 by AnimeLem0n

    Hello everybody, and I’ve returned…¬_¬ I know longtime no see blog on the Wiki! +_+

    This is going to my first in a new schedule of new reviews which I’ll be doing over the month -- Tuesday is the next upload to the Avatar Wiki.

    Through watching this series, it’s began to hit me that the Books title of Water, has more meaning than just a simple name. I think maybe referring to the flow of water, moving around different obstacles which lie in front our main characters. It may also be a reference to how water can wash things away, both in a soft and gentle manner, but also in a vicious and violent manner also. And I think this episode really started to do that here.

    So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, without further adieu...let’s break int…

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  • AnimeLem0n

    The Return of the Lemon

    February 7, 2015 by AnimeLem0n

    Hey everybody! ^0^

    I be back, with a new PC. My New Year's resolution of getting these reveiws done for the Avatar Wiki, seems like 'pffft', whatevaa'...! But I'm hoping with this new computer and after officially finishing season 2 of first time watching, I really want to rally through the season 1 reviews - the first of review should be up sometime tomorrow. 

    [[File:Foaming_mouth_guy.png|thumb|333px|AAARGH! OWH MA' GERD!!! >V

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  • AnimeLem0n

    Hello everybody! >V< And a late Happy New Year to you all! ^0^

    Firstly: I want to apologize for not uploading on the 29th like I planned as my Christmas was in France which my parents surprised me with and my big sister. ^_^ And then I had my Birthday, so I was lazy in my double celebrations of the new coming year and my extra digit to my age - but now it’s 2015, and it’s time to continue with these reviews, as it’s part of my resolutions for 2015; finish season 1 and 2 before the years up. So, I’ll properly be pumping around 3 of these per week (if I can). Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

    Like I in most of these reviews, I like premising with some statements before starting the review. This statement has me saying; “wow, Katara’s a bi…

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  • AnimeLem0n

    Hello everybody!!! >V<

    Before I move forward onto this review, I want to say that, this review will be the last until the 29th (December), as I’ll be celebrating Christmas with the family, and I trust you all will to -- make sense to leave these by the side for a bit.

    So, yeah, I went to the; ‘splitting this review from one long review to two’, which makes more sense, and means people can read it, without feeling they’ve just finished an entire book! So here’s part two of…

    Continuing from the last episode, we find ourself still at the village from last episode. With Aang struggling in getting Appa to come with, as he explains, Katara and Sokka aren’t coming with -- oh yes they are!!! Sokka and Katara tell Aang that their coming too, and there’…

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  • AnimeLem0n

    Hello everybody!!! >V<

    Am going to premise this review by saying am still in tears after The Legend of Korra finale on Friday ;_; -- and that I watched the Winter Solstice episodes (part 1 and 2) in one sitting. I may split these into two reviews, or maybe one, but I suppose that’ll be decided once I’ve uploaded this. Anyways, let’s not worry about that now, let’s get to reviewing some more Avatar: The Last Airbender before the Christmas holidays! ^_^

    On our continuation of the Avatar series, which is weird in a way, now that’s all done when am writing this review, with another lovingly, painted background. Before being introduced to a flying red bird and the Appa. And with that, we get the question we’ve all asked once in our live; “are cloud…

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