The things on Avatar WikiA that annoy me:

--how people are grossed-out by Pema and Tenzin's age difference (seriously, people? It's the love that matters, not the ages!)

--people saying that Pema stole Tenzin from Lin (Tenzin just said that Pema didn't steal him! Or didn't you watch "And the Winner Is. . ."? Unless you think that Tenzin was defending Pema only because he was blindly in love or something. . .)

--people saying that Pema is Amon (I never thought that Amon could be pregnant xD)

--people who hate Asami just because she gets in the way of Mako/Korra (their hate isn't logical at all)

--people who think Asami will turn evil just because she gets in the way of Mako/Korra

--people saying that Korra is a weak bender (she's not! Come on, people, she's a bending prodigy! She could already bend earth, water, and fire at the age of four! So how is that not powerful?)

--people saying that Pema gave bad love advice to Korra (she did not. She actually gave pretty good advice. Korra was the one who messed it up. The situation and the timing are the reasons why Korra's confessing her feelings to Mako didn't work out.)


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