So most of us are still rocking in the same corner we began rocking in when The Legend of Korra ended. We're sick and delusional from withdrawal from Avatar. Well, you know what would ease our internal pain? Legend of Korra products! I mean, wouldn't you just LOVE to take a LOK backpack to college? Wouldn't you love to open a bag of element gummies (water = blueberry earth = green apple fire= orange air= clear flavor)? Wouldn't you love to wear a LOK shirt the next time you take a trip to Walgreen's? Who wouldn't love a stuffed Naga or Pabu? What about an awesome $100.00 Krew + Luitenant + equalist + Amon doll set? and DON'T you tell me that you wouldn't buy the complete season 1 korra box set! See? It would be awesome if they sold these things. Whose with me?
Naga concerned about Korra

Or a poster of this adorable scene?

Mako and Korra kiss


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