Every avatard out there knows who Azula is. Zuko's sister, princess of the fire nation who went crazy when she was betrayed by her friends and was later thrown in the local insane asylum. 70 years has passed since Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and restored balance to the world. But what truely happened to Azula in that insane asylum during those 70 years?

From this.....

Abandoned. Betrayed. Left to rot. Azula spent the rest of her life in a cold cell. She spent her days crying, talking to herself, and carving things into the wall of her cell. This was not the confident Princess Azula that she used to be. She felt like a peasant as she ate her rice and Komodo sausages along with the other mentaly unstable patients. It's all the avatar's fault, thought Princess Azula. He's the one who turned my brother against me. Someday he will pay.

File:Azulas breakdown.png

On the day Azula died, her spirit found itself floating above her body. How can this be? she wondered. How can I see my full body without the use of a mirror? It took her awhile to realize she was no longer living. She looked at her hands to see if she if there was a blue glow to make sure she was a spirit, but screamed in horror when she saw what they had become. They were not human hands anymore. They were skinny, twiglike claws. She floated as fast as she could away from her cell, and to the royal palace to find a mirror. Before she could find a mirror, however, she found her brother, the former Fire Lord Zuko, her granddaughter (Fire Lord Honora?), Sokka, Katara, Toph, Suki, Mai, and Ty Lee talking.

" Hey, remember when you used to try to capture The Avatar?" asked Mai.

" Yeah, little did I know that I'd be that kid's firebending teacher!" exclaimed Zuko

" Don't you mean jerkbending teacher?" joked Sokka.

" Not funny," answered Zuko.

"Well, sorry, Sifu Hotman!" laughed Sokka.

Those horrible, filthy enemies and traitors. Mai and Ty Lee will pay first. Azula tried to scratch at Mai, but her hand went right through. After several minutes of attempting various methods of assasination, she gave up and continued looking for a mirror. When she finally did find it, however, she nearly passed out, but didn't, since she wasn't alive. A horrid abomination stood in the mirror. She knew it was herself because it glowed blue, and because it's claws matched hers. At first she was horrified by her newly found form, but then a sinister thought reached her mind. Look at me. Sure I look ugly now, but think of the things I could do! Think of all the people that will suffer!

         Azula drifted back to where everyone was talking. Zuko had just recieved a scroll notifying him of his sister's death. He cried as he told his friends.

" Azula died a few hours ago," sobbed Zuko. "First Aang, now my own sister. So many deaths."

Zuko's friends comforted him. For once, Azula felt a little touched that as much as her brother disliked her he was still sad that she had died. Those feelings went away, however, when Azula realized Aang was dead. The Avatar is dead? Great. Now his reincarnation will pay for what he did to me.

Azula spent the next 17 years recruiting other evil spirits, plotting, and watching little Avatar Korra grow up. After all, she needed to know how big Korra was at the moment to know when would be the right moment to strike......

Enough storytime. The story above was written by me, Amonymous Korrntributor. It's based on the speculation that Azula may be Darkie. I personally believe this theory is quite possible for a number of reasons. As my story explained, Darkie may simply be a spirit version of Azula who wants revenge against the avatar. After all, it was the avatar that turned her brother against her. Sure, she could've broken out of the asylum when she was a human, but let's face it. It's too much of a risk to try to defeat the avatar. Heck, just look at Ozai. But now, our possible "Azula" is an invinsible creature; Korra's fire cannot hurt it, and most probably water, earth, and air can't, either. Now, these are much more suitable conditions for defeating the avatar since he/she can't hurt you.

Let's look at character design. Azula was a pretty as, well, a princess in her lifetime. But inside, she was a hideous monster. This may explain Darkie's looks. It be what Azula thinks of herself. Azula was shown in the series to think of herself as a monster. And Darkie is, well, a monster.

Darkie's henchmen may be explained by the Azula theory as well. Azula, as everybody knows, was a princess. Darkie fit's the princess profile perfectly. It's a powerful being that has tons of henchment to do various things. Darkie was many spirit beings that do it's evil doing.

Overall, I thinkv it's a wonderful idea that Darkie may be Azula's spirit, but we as fans can't predict what will happen. I'm fine if Darkie is Azula or not, either way I'm sure he/she will be an amazing villain that will become competition on the villain meter for Amon.

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