I'm a relative newcomer to this fandom, and already I'm tired of all the shipping wars, particularly between Kataang and Zutara. It seems like every other day I go on deviantART and find some Kataang shipper posting a pic that openly mocks Zutarians or pokes holes in a relationship that we know isn't canon, only to leave an artist's comment about how they "really don't mean to be offensive" while clearly using defensive language. And then I go on YouTube or to someone's journal, and find a Zutara shipper ranting about the injustices or posting all the reasons that Zutara is "superior" (although Zutara Evidence for the Intellectual Dummies videos actually manage to offer polite arguments, shockingly). It's as if the only fans of this show are the six year olds it's marketed towards!

I understand that some rivalry is unavoidable, but this is the only fandom I've been a part of where it gets nasty. Usually, the most we get is "Well, I really like this character better," or "Wow, there are a lot of (insert pairing) fics in this comm! Haha, I'm going to make a reqest for a (other pairing) fic!", not "I'm going to post a comment on this video that SAYS IN THE TITLE what pairing it is for, just so I can say that I like the other pairing better, without acknowledging the fact that it's well made or that I am disrupting the maker's life to tell them this".

Please, are there any sane shippers out there? Or at least more than I think?

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