As the title says post you character ideas using the provided template. I can't promise I will be used, but why not give it a shot. You don't have to choose a sub-bending category, but it is optional. No energy bending and no chi blocking though, my dedicated readers will find out soon enough.

Fighting Options

1. Waterbending

1.1 ​Bloodbending

1.2 Plantbending

1.3 Healing

2. Earthbending

2.1 Metalbending

2.2 Sandbending

2.3 Seismic Sense

3. Firebending

3.1 Lightning

3.1.1 Redirecting Lightining

3.1.2 Generating Lightining

3.2 Combustion

4. Airbending

5. Nonbending

5.1 Martial Arts

5.1.1 Boxing

5.1.2 Karate

5.2 Swords

5.2.1 Sword and Shield

5.2.2 Duel-wield Swords

5.2.3 Two handed Sword

5.3 Knifes

5.3.1 Throwing Knifes
5.3.2 Daggers

5.4 Axes

5.4.1 Axe and Shield

5.4.2 Duel-wield Axes

5.4.3 Two handed Axe

5.5 Maces

5.5.1 Mace and Shield

5.5.2 Duel-wield Maces

5.5.3 Flail

5.5.3 Two handed Mace

5.6 Spear/Trident/Polearm

5.6.1 Two handed Spear/Trident/Polearm

5.6.2 Spear/Trident/Polearm and Shield

5.7 Bow and Arrow 5.8 Crossbow

5.8.1 Duel Wield Crossbows

5.8.2 Two Handed Crossbow







Fighting Style:



Addition Details:


Name: Kaine

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Attire: Sleeveless Tunic, pants, no shoes

Nation/Home: Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se

Fighting Style: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 (Earthbending with Seismic Sense, Sandbending and Metalbending)

History/Background: (Will be revealed in story)

Motivation: Nothing to lose

Additional Details: N/A

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