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  • Allhailhades

    Updates and whatnot

    September 25, 2012 by Allhailhades

    Hey guys,

    Finally, the re-writing process has begun. I am currently working on character pages but soon I will start the re-writing of the chapters. I am doing all of this because I would rush to finish the chapters and then everything would feel rushed in the stories. If you have any criticisms, please leave a comment with them! I really don't want to have to go back and re-write again because Im not happy with what I've done. Expect the new Prologue sometime in October. For now Ill leave you with a list of some things that are changing in the re-write:

    • No more Maku
    • More chapters will be spent in the Prison
    • Kaine won't be this uber suave figure
    • The "quake" or "event", has caused the apocolypse now, not just the destruction of Republic City


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  • Allhailhades

    My Current Situation

    August 29, 2012 by Allhailhades

    Hello readers of Champions of Old Ba Sing Se and Avatar Wikians,

    I haven't released a new chapter in 3 weeks, I am deciding to take a break from my fanon. My last few chapters have been rushed and they havent lived up to the quality that I want. Particualarly the begining of chapter seven. School is starting soon and that will be my main priority. I am not discontinuing the series, just taking a leave of absense. I will post another blog post when I return. I plan to redo some of the parts in the chapters and then continue on.



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  • Allhailhades

    As the title says post you character ideas using the provided template. I can't promise I will be used, but why not give it a shot. You don't have to choose a sub-bending category, but it is optional. No energy bending and no chi blocking though, my dedicated readers will find out soon enough.

    1. Waterbending

    1.1 ​Bloodbending

    1.2 Plantbending

    1.3 Healing

    2. Earthbending

    2.1 Metalbending

    2.2 Sandbending

    2.3 Seismic Sense

    3. Firebending

    3.1 Lightning

    3.1.1 Redirecting Lightining
    3.1.2 Generating Lightining

    3.2 Combustion

    4. Airbending

    5. Nonbending

    5.1 Martial Arts

    5.1.1 Boxing
    5.1.2 Karate

    5.2 Swords

    5.2.1 Sword and Shield
    5.2.2 Duel-wield Swords
    5.2.3 Two handed Sword

    5.3 Knifes

    5.3.1 Throwing Knifes 5.3.2 Daggers

    5.4 Axes

    5.4.1 Axe and Shield
    5.4.2 Duel-wield Axes…

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