About a month ago I wrote a review for legends of the arena on my review site Game Tec, I have decided to transfer the review over to my blog on the wiki.

AVATAR: legends of the arena

Release Date: September 15th 2008 Genre: MMO 3rd Person Shooter

legends of the arena is a game released by nickelodian based on the kids tv series AVATAR. In legends of the arena you train your bender and enter the tournament with other players. There are 2 game modes, practice and online. In practice you play 4 different minigames to train your bender. They are:

Tiger Strike - You have to shoot icons of the bending arts in a determined time, depending the specific element that is given to you in each training of this type. The icons are located in different parts of the arena. Serpent Strike - You have to shoot as many icons as you can before the time ends. The number of icons defeated indicates the experience points you earn for the training. Eagle Eyes - You have to defeat dummies of some major bender characters (Aang, Katara, Toph and Zuko) in a determined time. The number of dummies you attack indicates the experience points you earn for the training. Lotus Mind - You have to shoot icons according a sequence that is given to you in a determined time. The number of parts of the sequence is defined by the level you are. If you die in training you don't gain any exp.

In online play you vs other benders for money. You can also gain small amounts of exp. Depending on what nation you are from, you can access a certain market. each market has specific items to that nation. It it possible however for a firebender to have an airbender glider if he started off as an airbender because when u change your element you keep all items and money. throughout the game you can unlock characters from the series. I don't want to give away to many spoilers but I will tell you how to unlock the characters.

1.CLick the secret code button (circle with a star in it)

2. Enter the correct code AVATAR Aang: _______ Chakra (the one that aang must let go of katara to unlock)

Prince Zuko: _____ of Fire

Katara: Book 3 Episode 3 (the name of the episode)

Toph: a form of earthbending that only toph can do you can also use codes for money.

Overral a great game, however it lacks a storyline I much as I wanna give it an 8.5 it gets √64 rubber chickens. :P(if you don't know maths thats 8 ):P

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