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  • AldenHeathcliffe

    The promising (gettit?) new comic series, the Search, started off rather well and then ended with perhaps the worst surprise the Avatar universe has dumped on me. 

    The thought that Ozai might not be Zuko's father is awful. Frankly, I despise this 'twist'. 

    It makes it seem like evil or otherwise, immoral behaviou, is inherent. Sozin to Azulon, Azulon to Ozai and Ozai to poor Azula. Zuko was supposed to change that. He's supposed to be the physical spawn, the genetic child of a man who could be classically defined as 'evil' but who managed to defy his family's legacy and change the world for the better. By making him Ikem's biological son it ruins that. It just makes Sozin's line look that much worse. It defies the everything we believe when …

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