Hey guys, as of today I'm a new Avatar Wikian. I am proud to announce the production of my first fanon, Love Will Find A Way. Here's the plot:

In around 50 BG, Earth King Maroph reigned over his glorious nation. He had two sons, his heir, Prince Long, and Prince Moku. During an annual feast celebrating the strong alliance with the Water Tribes, Moku becomes infatuated with Cheif Rakara's daughter, Kyla. After discovering the Kyla feels the same way about him, Moku quickly follows Water Tribe custom and carves a betrothal necklace, a symbol of their love. Moku and Kyla are ecstatic about their newly found bond, while King Maroph and Cheif Rakara celebrate a possible new tie between their nations. Everything was perfect...until the unthinkable happened. This is the tale of how one man will give up all of his glory, his whole life, to find the woman he is destined to be with. This is the tale of Moku and Kyla. Basically, a strong Earthbender named Moku travels across the world to find Kyla, a beautiful young Waterbender.

Does it sound like something you'd read? Why or why not?

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