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    Will We See Koh in LoK?

    January 14, 2013 by Alaburn

    After a rewatch of Siege of the North, a particular interchange stood out to me during the scene where Aang speaks to Koh the Face-Stealer. Once Aang has received the information he came for, he tells Koh that he has to leave, to which Koh responds, "We'll meet again". However, as far as I know, Aang never met Koh again. So I began to wonder if there is some untold story where they did have another encounter, perhaps sometime in Aang's adulthood? But it seemed like too much of a significant departing sentence for the story to be left untold. Ever since I first saw this episode, Koh has struck me as extremely viable for a prospective villain. He's sinister, manipulative, powerful, and down right creepy. Not to mention that he's the only spiā€¦

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