• Akaza

    Favorite Mother?

    May 29, 2011 by Akaza

    That's right! A contest of mothers! Who is the favorite mother between the fans of Avatar:The Last Airbender?

    • Ursa - Zuko and Azula's mother
    • Kya - Sokka and Katara's mother
    • Ying - Hope's mother
    • Poppy Bei Fong - Toph's mother
    • Kanna - Hakoda's mother
    • Ilah - Ozai and Iroh's mother

    • 1st place: Ursa - 24
    • 2nd place: Kya - 18
    • 3rd place Kanna - 3
    • 4th place Ying - 2
    • 5th place Ilah - 1
    • Last place Poppy Bei Fong - 0
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  • Akaza

    How to Resize Images

    February 20, 2011 by Akaza

    I had this idea yesterday and here it is, How to Rezize Images.

    I use 2 proprams to resize images: Photofiltre and Picasa (click at the names to download the programs.)

    There 2 types of resizing

    • A image with no black lines
    • A image with black lines

    Let's start with the easier

    Let's use this image as an example

    • Open photofiltre

    Let's use this image as an example

    • Open photofiltre and picasa…

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  • Akaza

    I have commented this before at Water Spout's blog post about a new information kept at the library (Wan Shi Tong's Library) and here it is the image:

    I have to admit, i don't have any idea what it supposed to be XD So, any thoughts?

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  • Akaza

    Zuko's Wardrobe

    January 30, 2011 by Akaza

    Hey anons and avatar wikians! Look what i just found:

    These are all the clothes that Zuko used during the series, my personal favorite is "Book3".

    So, tell me which one you like most

    And, before someone asks "Where's the source?" i found it here

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  • Akaza

    :O Tokka Really Happened

    January 21, 2011 by Akaza

    Click here

    • Note : The creators of the show wrote that.

    So...tell me what you think about it

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