• Ajames123

    You may well aware of the Draw my Life trend on youtube. A person, mostly a youtuber or a fictional character, explains their life journey along with some hand drawn pictures which represent notable events on their personal life.

    Here is a fanmade Draw my Life video for Avatar Korra by youtube channel Flyingfireferrets. This draw my Life video explains avatar Korra's life journey in an emotional way.

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  • Ajames123

    This is a Fictional-theory by me,

    Lets, go through a short Recap of the story of Jin Wei and Wei Jin again...

    Team Avatar, comes to the Great Divide, and finds a conflict between two tribes, Zang and Gang ji. Their earth bending guide lost his arm during their journey, Team avatar helps both tribes by helping them to cross the great divide.

    They come across the story of Jin Wei and Wei Jin..

    Jin Wei given an important job, carrying a Crystall orb from the Eastern Gate post of their tribe to the Western Gate to symbolize the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. The goal of the journey had been to purify the tribe's connection to the spirits. this is called redemption ritual.

    Now let me come to the theory...Why should some one, carry a…

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