I have seen every episode of ATLA and LOK at least twice...excluding this season of Korra. I started watching the series seriously after I badly cut my toes biking barefoot and couldn't do anything outside one summer. Since then Avatar has been my favorite show, although I like ATLA better than Korra by far (but the Beginnings episodes were amazing). If I could be from any nation I would definitely be an Air Nomad, I like the emphasis on freedom and pacifism. I also would like to throw some fruit pies on some monks' heads if I got the chance. My favorite avatar would have to be Aang, then Wan, then Kyoshi, then Yangchen, Roku, Korra, and finally Kuruk. I wish we knew about more avatars! 

Until next time, friends
Air Nomads emblem

Air Nomads!

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