This Blog Is Just Plain And Simple.... What Do You Wanna See In The New Upcoming Mini Series.... The Last AirBender Legend Of Korra????

So yea, I dont know about you but I really hope there are ALOT of flashbacks in the new show. Just because I LOVED the old characters that were in the first show Avatar The Last Airbender. I also hope Korra has a really cool creature, like what Appa and Momo, the creatures Aang had. And yea obviously Korra isn't gonna have the same creatures but yea, I just hope she has cute and AWESOME new creatures to travel with. I also hope in the beginning of the show Korra's parents, Aang and Katara are still alive. Because if not that would kinda suck. And if they are dead, Tenzin may be kinda old. Which im afraid of unless Aang and Katara were killed. I want Korra and Tenzin to be around the same age you know what I mean? But yea. Those are just some of the things I hope to see in the new upcoming mini series, The Last AirBender Legend Of Korra. Now its your turn to tell me. Comment below and tell me what you wish to see in the new upcoming mini series, The Last AirBender Legend Of Korra. Also tell me what kind of creatures you think Korra might be traveling with!! I just hope the creature is big and fluffy like Appa!! 19:38, March 11, 2011 (UTC)Air.Water.Earth.Fire (talkcontribs)

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