The Last AirBender:Legend Of Korra ORRRRR Avatar Legend Of Korra????

Ok so many of you may have herd that the name for the new series Avatar: Legend Of Korra has been changed to The Last Airbender: Legend Of Korra.... Ok well I think the new name kinda sucks.... I dont think it makes any sense do you? I mean... Korra is going to be a waterbender, not an airbender. And clearly she is not the last airbender. But yet its kinda part of the Last Airbender series. Idk its really hard.. I think its stupid how the movie avatar took that name and it cant be used for this upcoming show in 2012. ITS SOOO STUPID. Why did James Cameron have to TradeMark it. Its just weird :/ Ok so yea comment below and tell me some of your thoughts on the new name. Do you think its fair? Do you like the new name? Do you not like the new name?

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