The updates page for TAoTA is now on a blog rather than an actual page.

Chapter Updates

All chapters have been released and the series has been completed.


Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the fanon: either comment on the main page or send me a messenger hawk.

Here are those who have subscribed thus far:

Character Pages

Character pages for Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Jun, Hong Wu, Banhen, and Xian have been created and more will be created eventually. Links can be found on the main page.

New User Box

If anyone has or wants a user box, there is a new version available. Just find it on the main page and copy and paste the code.


Do you have any questions you want answered about TAoTA? Or maybe a theory you would like to share? Then check this out! I, Agent Slash will personally answer all of your questions there.

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