This was without a doubt the worst movie i've ever seen in my entire life. I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with the names. WHY did they call Aang Ong?! And it wasn't just Aang, there was Sokka (Sokuh), and Iroh (Eroh). Honestly, if M. Night did that JUST to make the names sound more asian, then... just wow! Make them sound like they're supposed to! Next, i'll talk about the bending. The bending looked COMPLETELY fake. Not only that, but the firebenders couldn't create fire! the just took it from objects that were on fire. In the end, Ozai said that Sozin's Comet will allow them to create fire themselves. Well that was honestly just unbelievable! I'll move on to the casting. The only character they casted right in that movie was Yue. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and everyone else didn't even look ANYTHING like they were supposed to. You couldn't even see Zuko's scar! Speaking of Zuko, he was one of the palest characters on the show... and they made him the tannest character in the movie. Heck, they even screwed Appa up! And he was a GCI! M. Night obviously didn't spend ANY time trying to find someone that looked just the slightest bit like Zhao or Ozai because they looked absolutely nothing loike they should have. On top of that, Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors were TAKEN OUT of the movie. If M. Night thought he needed to do that because it was too long then that's sad. That movie was VERY short. It only had a few episodes from book 1 in it. The ending was lame. Instead of fusing with the ocean spirit, Aang just created a giant wave to scare them. Come On! You'd have to try REALLY hard to get lamer than that! Another thing is that Sokka never made ONE single joke the entire movie! Aang was depressed and serious the whole time too. Aang and Katara NEVER once showed a love interest in each other! And where was Jet? He should have been included because they can't leave him out of the next movie because he played a big part in uncovering the conspiricy. The last thing i'll cover is the acting. The acting SUCKED! No one in that movie could act at all. It was just awful! Well, that's all i've got to say. I feel like I had to give my critique of this movie as negative as it may be. Please post your comments below. :)

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