Heyo, guys and gals. Agent Slash here to talk about something that has been plaguing this wiki for quite a while: The Great Wikiqualist Conspiracy. Now, I'm not trying to be too melodramatic about this, but this conspiracy has been tearing the wiki apart.

Here at Avatar Wiki, we're all like a family. We all see each other every day and interact amongst each other. I come here every day, because this place is like my second home, but a few users have disrupted the upbeat attitude that used to exist everywhere here. I have talked to several other users here who are very upset, because of this, and I realize how the whole community is asking when this will end.

Well, why not end it right now? Omar, Matey, Lemongrab, and everyone else who was involved with this should just acknowledge and apologize for their wrong-doing, and once their blocks are over, they can rejoin the community. This endless war with the admins and rollbacks is pointless. I don't think anyone should get a free pass and be unblocked, because all of the users involved need to realize that actions have consequences.

As for the users involved and the admins and rollbacks, I believe we all need to just let this go and put the past behind us, so we can all be one big, happy community again and the fighting will cease. Creating multiple forums as an act of protest will only make things worse, not better.

This is my attempt at restoring peace to this great, wonderful wiki, and I am hoping that this will get the message to get through to those responsible.

Have a great day, everyone. This is Slash, mission complete! 21:25, August 1, 2012 (UTC) Suki SpriteIroh Sprite OWL OutfitTenzin-chao1

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