Heyo, everyone! Agent Slash a.k.a. Suki Fanboy here with some fanon news updates!

Suki's Story

Book one has been completed and Book 2 is in development.

The Necklace Heist

I know what you're thinking: "I thought this fanon was finished months ago. Why is it on here?" I have decided to renew The Necklace Heist for a few more chapters! This time, however, the story is set in Korra's generation and will star Bolin and Tenzin this time around. The Necklace Heist 5 has just been released and chapter 6 and a possible chapter 7 will be released as well.

New Murder Mystery One-shot

This one-shot will feature Korra, her friends, and her allies in a murder mystery! Hiroshi Sato, the businessman-turned-Equalist, hosts a party at the Sato Mansion to make ammends for his evil behavior, but the guests start disappearing one by one. Can Korra and the others stop and identify the killer before everyone is dead? Read this to find out.

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