The results are in! For those of you who participated in my Holiday Fanon Palooza, this is where you find out if you won!

Now I just want to say first off that everyone who submitted entries did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed reading these and am happy you all submitted them to me. Now onto the results.

And the winner of Agent Slash's Holiday Fanon Palooza is... (drumroll)



Your entry was really awesome and well written. The sweetness of Sokka telling Toph about the joy of Christmas and telling her that story was really heart-warming. And I'm not even a Tokkaneer! The fact that you're someone who created a whole series of holiday-themed one-shots did score you a brownie point or two as well. Congratulations to you, madame! Let me know when you see this so I can post the sandbox on your userpage. To Kuir and Kyoshidude, your entries were nice as well. I loved the vivid description and the fact that you could feel the emotion when reading The Avatar and the Crane and I loved the uniqueness and romance of A Painted River. Both excellent stories. I hope there are no hard feelings.

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