What's up, everybody?! Agent Slash a.k.a. Suki Fanboy back for the holidays! This month, I'm coming out of my isolation to host a fanon writing contest. Users must write a holiday-themed one-shot, be it humorous or serious, set in the Avatar world. You can use characters from both A:TLA or LoK. It doesn't matter which. Heck, you can cross them over if you want to! I encourage all of you fanon writers out there to have fun with this. Yes, I'm looking at you, other users who haven't been active!

Ahem, what I mean to say is that everyone who wants to participate, both old and new, is encouraged to do so.

Now, let me explain the rules...


There are no rules! No word limit, no specifications, just have fun with it! The deadline for all entries is Christmas Day, so you'll have plenty of time.


I will be grading these based on which one makes me laugh the most if it's humorous or which one moves me the most if it's serious, so there's really nothing I can say to help you except I love movie references...


Since I'm not an artist and I don't have anything else to offer you, if you win, then you'll win a super cool userbox!

Wacky Wushu This user won Agent Slash's Holiday Fanon Palooza!

That's it

Well, that's really it. Have fun!



Here are the results!

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