Heyo, everyone! Agent Slash here with the latest announcements for my fanons!

Avatar: Into the Light

Chapter 5 was just recently released and chapter 6 is on the way! After several months of planning, I have mapped out all 45 chapters of the series and will write them soon.

Fate's Cold Hands

Mr. Rocks and I are currently working on chapter 6 and should have it up soon. We have plotted out chapters 6-8 as well as some other details of the story.

The Necklace Heist: The Series

After the Necklace Heist 6 was released, completing the series, I decided to make a new, more serious series with different characters. Production will most likely start after the completion of Avatar: Into the Light.

New Fanon!

That's right! a brand new fanon short story is on the way! What is it, you may ask? A sequel to Avatar: The Assassin's legend entitled Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow. It will continue the story of Hong Wu's past and will show him and Ming under the tutelage of Jun. This will most likely be the last Hong Wu prequel and will be released after either the first or second season of Into the Light.


Well, that's it for now, folks! Keep reading, or I will find you! (Stares creepily at everyone) This is Slash, mission complete! Suki SpriteIroh Sprite OWL Outfit

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