Ok, I'm pretty upset. If your hearing all the hot gossip like me, then you might know about a few rumors on Avatar wikia. I've heard outrageous, yet simple/logicall rumors about the same subject: comments. Some rumors been said, some spread, some not even heard, but most of them are on that topic...there's just one that really stood out. It said how comments may be deleted perminetly from the wiki since it's getting too social and people's comments are out of control/childish.

People saying all this have said or claimed to have discussed this with users, Admins, and/or the Founder of the wiki. I have no clue if this is real, since it's just a rumor and all, but that was just...woah. I'm a pretty big fan of the comment section and it just got me disapointed.

Ok, so I have to admit, some comments are ignorant, harsh, or immature, but we have the freedom of speach to do so. To share our opinions, and get our ideas out there. Things in the comment section, I know, have been getting out of control, but the comment section is now part of this wiki, part of it's family, I guess you could say. It's just I think this is unbelievable getting rid of the social expanse.

If you think a wikia is suposed to be perfect, well I think you need to stop obsessing over Azula. I mean, what is the definition of perfect? Flawless? Because nothing on this earth is flawless. And nothing is suposed to be..

The comment section helps us makes friends. Express ourselves. Have fun. We shouldn't have a nasty person, or a few rottten people ruin it for us. I'm sorry if this causing drama or tension, but I just couldn't keep this topic ti myself. I was upset even when I found out the comments have been deleted from pages to a certain date, and hearing they might possibly be gone perminetly was just crazy.

I know, I know. The comments are all being held in one place to keep things organized for a specific period, but I just don't think comments should all be bunched up together, on different topics in the same place. So if you ask me, I think keeping them on each page kept things more tidy.

I have a lot more to say about this, but I don't want to bore you anymore. So basically, don't take our comments away.

Thanks to everyone who's read and listened :).


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