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    It felt like yesterday we all were waiting for Saturday, but what date are we counting down to now? Although we've been hoping for an answer whether The Legend of Korra was going to have a second season or not, we finally have an official answer, confirmed today by co-creator, Bryan Konietzko.

    • Season Two is definetly happening.
    • 14 episodes long.
    • Production on Season Two is already underway.
    • Premere date unknown (though under two years).

    So I guess "two" is the big number now.

    The full quote:

    "Book two is happening, and is 14 episodes long. No, I do not know when it comes out. Really, I don't. But it won't be another two years from now, as we are already in production on it (That's a brutal thing about TV, the schedule overlap.) So all I can say, …

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  • Adventure dude

    Ok, I'm pretty upset. If your hearing all the hot gossip like me, then you might know about a few rumors on Avatar wikia. I've heard outrageous, yet simple/logicall rumors about the same subject: comments. Some rumors been said, some spread, some not even heard, but most of them are on that topic...there's just one that really stood out. It said how comments may be deleted perminetly from the wiki since it's getting too social and people's comments are out of control/childish.

    People saying all this have said or claimed to have discussed this with users, Admins, and/or the Founder of the wiki. I have no clue if this is real, since it's just a rumor and all, but that was just...woah. I'm a pretty big fan of the comment section and it just got…

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