This is a rewrite for the first film: "The Legend of Aang".

This is entirely made from transcripts from:

  • The Boy in the Iceberg
  • The Avatar Returns
  • The Southern Air Temple
  • The Warriors of Kyoshi
  • Imprisoned
  • Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World
  • Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku

This also contains scenes depicted from:

  • The Unaired Pilot

Note: The whole transcripts have been taken from the various episode transcripts as published on this wiki. Scenes have been altered to shorten time and new ones have been added to merge the episodes together, but the following is largely taken from the works of the editors of the transcript pages. Without their contribution to the wiki, this would not have been possible with this amount of detailing. So to all who edited the transcripts of this wiki. Thank you. AdamantiumBladez.

Southern Water Tribe

Scene opens and the bending styles are demonstrated; It is done in a similar style to what is seen done in the pilot episode with length of time, but ending roughly the same way as in the episodes with Paku, Sud, Azula and the unnamed Nomad demonstrating one-by-one in the same silhouette sort of environment as seen in the episodes. After the demonstration, the map of the world is presented showing all the known lands in geographic state and the colours of the nations light up when announced then cover the lands belonging to that nation. A hole burns through the middle of the map as the Fire Nation soldiers attack. Lines of Fire Nation soldiers unleash multiple fire strikes, and a fire shifts the scene. A silhouette of Avatar Roku appears, his eyes glow and he demonstrates his mastery of all the elements as the same time in a single action shot. Then the image slowly grows darker and he vanishes into the darkness. The map reappears with a goof chunk of the Earth Kingdom now red and flaming around the edges. It cuts to an image of several wooden boats departing out to see. The scene shows a boy (Sokka) and a girl (Katara) with the rest of the village watching them leave as the camera pans across tot he right side, then focuses in closer on Sokka and Katara, then even closer to Katara. The final shot looks over a valley before staring up at the sun.
Katara [Narrating over the top of the opening sequence] Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days; a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar could master all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless firebenders, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years have passed, and the Fire Nation is nearing victory in the war. Two years ago, my father and the men of my tribe journeyed to the Earth Kingdom to help fight against the Fire Nation, leaving me and my brother to look after our tribe. Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle is broken, but I haven't lost hope. I still believe that somehow, the Avatar will return to save the world.
The film opens to a shot of the icy sea of the South Pole panning to the left, revealing more icebergs drifting in the water. The camera moves over a large snow-covered iceberg where the untouched snow blanket is broken by two tracks of footsteps. The picture fades from these footsteps to a shot of the sea where some little chunks of ice are drifting on a line. Among all these icebergs, there is a little canoe upon which the camera zooms. The camera shows a side shot of the canoe that holds two people, a boy and a girl. The boy holds his spear to the ready while the girl stares into the water on the other side of the boat. The picture moves closer to show that a fish is swimming close to the surface right in front of the boy. The focused boy is following its every movement.
Sokka It's not getting away from me this time. [Close-up of the boy who is grinning confidently over his shoulder toward his sister.] Watch and learn, Katara. This is how you catch a fish.
Katara is not impressed by the statement of her brother. When she looks over the side of the boat again, she is surprised to see that another fish quickly swims by right underneath where she is sitting. She shoots a quick glance toward her brother before removing the glove of her left hand. She stretches her arm out in the direction of the fish while taking a deep breath. Her look is a mixture of concentration and doubt while she starts to make a wavy motion with her wrist, moving her hand up and down.

The camera widens out. Sokka is still highly focused on the fish in front of him and is completely unaware of what is happening behind his back. The water in front of Katara starts to ripple, and all of a sudden a bubble of water shoots up, holding the fish in its center.

Katara [Happily surprised.] Sokka, look!
Sokka [The camera shifts to show a close-up of Sokka who is still not noticing his sister's accomplishments. He whispers his reply.] Sshh! Katara, you're going to scare it away. [A look of bliss adorns his face. He wets his lips with his tongue and wiggles his fingers without letting the fish out of his sight.] Mmmm ... I can already smell it cookin'.
Meanwhile behind Sokka's back, Katara is making circular movements with both her arms, suspending the bubble of water that holds the fish in the air and moving it around. The camera turns position again to show a better view of how Katara is waterbending. Her face is contorted with the focus it takes to keep the water floating and moving in the air.
Katara [Struggling with the water that passes right in front of her.] But, Sokka! I caught one!
The bubble containing her fish slowly drifts over her head toward Sokka, who is still oblivious to his sister's success. The moment the bubble hovers over his head, Sokka raises his spear to strike the fish he was following. He bursts the bubble of water with the blunt end of his weapon, accidentally releasing the fish and soaking him. Katara follows the arc of the fish as it soars through the air and into the sea.
Katara [Exclaims indignantly.] Hey!
Sokka [Surprised.] Ugh! [He turns around angrily to face his sister while placing his spear parallel on the rim of the boat.] Why is it that every time you play with magic water, I get soaked? [He clenches his fists, wringing out some of the water.]
Katara [Sighs; annoyed.] Urch. It's not magic, it's waterbending! And it's ...
Sokka [Interrupting her.] Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah, blah, blah. Look, I'm just saying [He grabs his warrior's wolf knot and squeezes the water out of it.] that if I had weird powers, I'd keep my weirdness to myself.
Katara [Raises an eyebrow while holding her arms crossed.] You're calling me weird? I'm not the one who makes muscles at myself every time I see my reflection in the water!
Katara smiles mockingly at her brother as he is seen looking at his arm muscles in his reflection in the water. His happy look vanishes upon hearing his sister's remark. He turns around slowly to face her, but before they can continue their quarrel, they are shaken and with a shock, Sokka realizes that the boat has strayed into dangerous rapids.

The camera zooms back to reveal that the boat is swiftly headed for a barrier of ice that is crushing everything in its path. Sokka paddles the boat in an attempt to stay clear of any floating chunks of ice. He manages to gain just enough speed to keep the boat from being crushed by two icebergs that slam together right behind the boat.

Katara [As they hit one of the chunks of ice.] Watch out! Go left! Go left!
The camera shows an overview of the ice floes moving closer together in front of the boat, narrowing their path. The boat manages to stay clear of some of the icebergs, but it is completely crushed between two ice floes. Katara and Sokka narrowly manage to save themselves by jumping on one of the floes. Katara nearly slides off again, but comes to a halt just at the rim of the floe. The waters have calmed down again and the camera moves back to reveal that the duo is now floating astray among numerous ice floes with no chance of escaping.

Katara quickly scrambles away from the rim to the middle of the floe where her brother landed. His spear stands upright beside him in the ice.

Katara [Accusingly.] You call that left?
Sokka You don't like my steering? Well, maybe you should've [He mockingly makes some waterbending movements.] waterbended us out of the ice.
The picture moves back to reveal the two sitting on their floe surrounded by large icebergs. Katara gets on her feet again.
Katara [Indignantly.] So it's my fault?
Sokka [Annoyed.] I knew I should've left you home! [Closer shot of the siblings. Katara is staring at her brother in anger while he just calmly sits there.] Leave it to a girl to screw things up!
Close-up of Katara's face contorting with anger and annoyance.
Katara [Points at her brother while yelling at him.] You are the most sexist [She brings her hands up and swings them back down to emphasize her words. The movement creates a small wave of water behind her.], immature, nut brained ... [She repeats the movement and the water behind her follows her every gesture.] I'm embarrassed to be related to you!
She swings her hands back with such force that the iceberg behind her cracks. Sokka, annoyed with his sister's outburst, is staring at the ground, but looks up when he hears the iceberg crack. The camera shifts position and shows Katara's rampage from Sokka's point of view. Katara continues her outburst and violent movements, causing little chunks of ice to come loose from the iceberg.
Katara Ever since mom died, [Points to herself.] I've been doing all the work around camp while you've been off playing soldier!
She emphasizes those last words again by a strong swing of her hand, thus unknowingly enlarging the crack in the iceberg with her waterbending. Sokka, seeing what Katara's rage is doing to the iceberg, cowers in fear.
Sokka [He points to the iceberg behind her and addresses her with fright in his voice.] Uh ... Katara ...
Katara [Close-up of Katara as she continues her outburst and accusingly points at Sokka.] I even wash all the clothes! Have you ever smelled your dirty socks? Let me tell you, not pleasant!
As she yells out that last word, she unconsciously waterbends, causing another split in the chunk of ice.
Sokka [In a screeching voice, his eyes open wide in fear.] Katara, settle down!
Katara No that's it! I'm done helping you! From now on, you're on your own!
Her last movement causes the split behind her to crack even further, moving from the base to the top of the iceberg. Sokka gasps for air and it is only now that Katara notices the chunk of ice behind her, which causes her to gasp. She turns around to see it collapse and they are sent back several feet by the large wave caused by the falling ice.

Sokka holds a protective arm over Katara while they are both lying flat on the floe, trying to stay on it.

Sokka [He releases his sister.] Okay, you've gone from weird to freakish, Katara.
Katara [Utterly surprised.] You mean I did that?
Sokka [Sarcastically while gives Katara a nudge with his elbow.] Yep. Congratulations.
Suddenly, the water beneath them begins to glow a brilliant blue. As strange bubbles come out of the water, the two siblings cower back from the rim, scrambling back onto their feet. Without warning, an enormous iceberg bursts to the surface. Katara strays closer and stares at the iceberg while Sokka behind her stretches out his hand as if he wants to hold her back. The camera pans over the iceberg, revealing a figure seemingly encased within the ice. The figure, perched in lotus, has a glowing arrow on his head and hands. Close-up of Katara as she questioningly raises one eyebrow. The camera shifts to a close-up of the figure in the ice, revealing it to be a boy. Suddenly, the boy opens his eyes, which glow just like the arrows on his head and hands. This sudden movement startles the two siblings.
Katara [Shocked.] He's alive! We have to help! [She grabs Sokka's club out of its sheath and pulls her hood over her head as she heads off toward the strange boy sealed in the iceberg.]
Sokka [Stretches out his hand in an attempt to hold Katara back, who is already jumping over the ice toward the boy.] Katara, get back here! We don't know what that thing is!
He quickly retracts his spear out of their floe and follows his sister. The two use five handily placed floes as stepping stones to get to the large iceberg that encases the glowing boy. Katara is the first to reach it and she repeatedly strikes the iceberg on the same spot with Sokka's club. When she slams through the ice, she and her brother are thrown back by a strong just of wind that escapes from within the iceberg. The hole Katara made causes fissures to run over the whole iceberg and crack it open with an explosion. An incredible beam of light rockets toward the sky. The camera shows the iceberg from the bottom of the sea as it is emitting ripples of light. The scene switches to some tiger seals, who erect themselves to growl at the beam of light in the sky and the ripples of light the come from it.

The shot changes to a Fire Nation ship where a boy in a Fire Nation uniform is standing on the deck, looking at the light. His ponytail flutters in the wind.

Zuko Finally! [He turns around to face another person in uniform who is sitting at a small table.] Uncle, do you realize what this means?!
Iroh [The man is playing some sort of card game. He answers calmly while looking over the tile he's holding toward his nephew.] I won't get to finish my game?
Zuko [Turns around again to face the light.] It means my search is about to come to an end.
Iroh sighs uninterestedly and places his tile on the table.
Zuko [Gestures to the light while facing his uncle again.] That light came from an incredibly powerful source! [The light dies down and disappears.] It has to be him!
Iroh Or it's just the celestial lights. We've been down this road before, Prince Zuko. [He looks at the tile in his hand that depicts the symbol of airbending.] I don't want you to get too excited over nothing. [He places it on another tile that depicts the symbol of firebending. He gestures toward the open place at the other side of the table and continues in a soothing voice.] Please, sit. Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming Jasmine tea?
Zuko [Burst out in anger while facing him.] I don't need any calming tea! I need to capture the Avatar! Helmsman, head a course for the light!
Zuko points in the direction of where the light once adorned the sky. Iroh calmly continues his card game. When he places another tile with the airbending symbol on it on the previous one, a gust of wind washes over him, shaking his tiles.

Meanwhile, the mist begins to settle at the site of the iceberg. Sokka had protectively clutched Katara, but he now releases her to see what is going on. Light still encircles the remains of the once big mountain of ice. Sokka looks at his sister and they both get up. Katara holds on to her brother while he points his spear at the crater, ready to protect them. Sokka lowers his spear in shock when they behold a blue figure emerge from the crater of the iceberg.

Sokka [He holds up his spear up again in defense.] Stop!
The figure slowly erects himself, now standing atop the crater, looking down at them, causing the two siblings to marvel in wonder and fear.

The circles of light finally dies down as the boy stops glowing. The figure seems to be nothing more than a young boy who suddenly faints. Katara gasps and runs forward to catch him before he crashes onto the ground. Sokka begins to poke at the boy's head with the blunt tip of his spear.

Katara [Waves the spear away. Annoyed.] Stop it!
Katara places the boy gently against the base of the crater. Close-up of the young boy as he slowly opens his gray eyes. He gasps in awe as he beholds the young Water Tribe girl, who stares at him in relief. Her hair loopies sway in the wind.
Aang [In a weak voice.] I need to ask you something ...
Katara What?
Aang Please ... come closer.
Katara [Curiously.] What is it?
Aang [In a clear, happy, hopeful tone.] Will you go penguin sledding with me?
Katara [Awkwardly.] Uh, sure ... I-I guess.
The camera moves back again to show the threesome at the base of the iceberg. The boy elegantly rises to his feet in one swift motion, surprising the other two. Katara looks at him in awe while Sokka backs away in shock, aiming his spear at him again. Katara glances at him in disbelief.
Aang [Looking around and rubbing his head, while Katara scrambles on her feet.] What's going on here?
Sokka [Aggressively.] You tell us! [Points at the top of the crater.] How did you get in the ice? And why aren't you frozen? [He pokes the boy in his side with his spear.]
Aang [Lazily pushes the spear away.] I'm ... not sure.
A gruff noise can be heard from within the crater of the iceberg. Quickly, the boy scrambles up the ice and happily jumps on the head of a large, furry creature that has the same arrow shaped marking on his forehead as the boy.
Aang [Exclaims happily.] Appa! Are you all right? [He hangs down the side of the beast to look at its eyes, which are still closed.] Wake up, buddy.
He opens an eyelid that immediately closes again once it is released. He jumps down to the front of the bison and tries to lift its enormous head. Sokka and Katara appear around the corner when Appa finally starts to react by opening his mouth and licking Aang with his giant tongue. Sokka's mouth drops open upon seeing the beast.
Aang [Laughing cheerfully.] Ha, ha! You're okay!
Aang hugs the bison's nose. The camera moves back to reveal that the creature stands up on his six legs and stretches itself. When the picture moves closer again, Aang is petting the bison's nose.
Sokka What is that thing?
Aang This is Appa, my flying bison.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Right, and this is Katara, my flying sister. [Katara shoots him an odd look.]
Aang looks questioningly at Sokka for a moment, but his attention is diverted back toward his bison when Appa starts to inhale deeply. Appa sneezes, sending a green blast of mucus out of his nose. Aang ducks just in time, however, Sokka becomes slathered in it. He squeals in disgust and begins to frantically clean it off, rubbing his face in the snow under the amused gaze of his sister.
Aang [Cheerfully.] Don't worry, it'll wash out. [Green slime is hanging from Sokka's face to his glove, dripping down as he retracts his hand. Katara covers her mouth in disgust.] So do you guys live around here?
Sokka [Pointing his spear accusingly again at Aang who is surprised to see the thing.] Don't answer that! Did you see that crazy bolt of light?! He was probably trying to signal the Fire Navy!
Katara [Pushes Sokka's spear away again and addresses him sarcastically.] Oh yeah, I'm sure he's a spy for the Fire Navy. You can tell by that evil look in his eye. [Aang shoots the two an earnest grin.] The paranoid one is my brother, Sokka. You never told us your name.
Aang I'm A ... . a-a-a-Achoo! [The boy sneezes, creating an air blast that sends him soaring into the air. He lands on the ground, unharmed.] I'm Aang. [He sniffles a bit.]
Sokka [Total disbelief.] You just sneezed ... [Points to the sky.] and flew ten feet in the air!
Aang [He looks questioningly toward the sky.] Really? It felt higher than that.
Katara [Gasps for air in comprehension.] You're an airbender!
Aang Sure am!
Sokka Giant light beams, flying bison, airbenders ... [Walks away.] I think I got midnight sun madness. I'm going home to where stuff makes sense. [He realizes, however, that he is stranded in the middle of the ocean with no way home.]
Aang Well, if you guys are stuck, Appa and I can give you a lift. [Aang airbends himself onto Appa.]
Katara We'd love a ride! Thanks! [Katara runs to the side of the bison.]
Sokka Oh no! I'm not getting on that fluffy snot monster!
Katara [While climbing on top of Appa with the help of Aang.] Are you hoping some other kind of monster will come along and give you a ride home? You know, before you freeze to death?
Sokka opens his mouth in defiance and point at Katara, ready to retaliate, but he cannot think of anything. He sighs and bows his head in consent and defeat.

The camera switches to a shot where both siblings are sitting on Appa's saddle. Sokka has his arms crossed in front of him with a sulking expression on his face while Katara is full of excitement and anticipation.

Aang Okay, first time flyers, hold on tight! Appa, yip-yip!
Aang whips the reins and Appa growls in response. He moves his tail up and down and takes a huge jump into the air. He soars through the air for mere few seconds, before belly flopping into the water with a splash. The bison begins trudging through the water slowly.
Katara crawls to the front of the saddle, while Aang urges his bison again by whipping the reins once more.
Aang Come on, Appa. Yip-yip!
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Wow, that was truly amazing ...
Aang [Katara shoots her brother an angry glance.] Appa's just a little tired. A little rest and he'll be soaring through the sky. You'll see. [Katara smiles at Aang, who returns this gesture. When she wants to move back, she realizes that he is still smiling at her.]
Katara [Uncomfortably.] Why are you smiling at me like that?
Aang Oh, I was smiling? [Surprised, Katara smiles back.]
Sokka throws his head back and sticks his tongue out in disgust while groaning loudly. Katara glares at him while Appa continues to make his way through the icy sea, flapping his tail in the water.

The picture tilts up and fades away to reveal Zuko standing on the helm of his ship, staring into the distance. The young man is approached by his uncle.

Iroh I'm going to bed now. [Yawns and stretches.] Yep, a man needs his rest. [Disappointed his subtle approach did not work.] Prince Zuko, you need some sleep. Even if you're right, and the Avatar is alive, you won't find him. Your father, grandfather and great-grandfather all tried and failed.
Zuko Because their honor didn't hinge on the Avatar's capture. Mine does. This coward's hundred years in hiding are over.
The scene fades to Appa who is still swimming in the water. Aang now lies lazily on his back, his arms tucked under his head. Katara crawls to the front of the saddle again to have a better look at the boy. She leans on the front of the saddle and rests her head on her arm.
Katara Hey.
Aang Hey. What'cha thinkin' about?
Katara I guess I was wondering, you being an airbender and all, if you had any idea what happened to the Avatar?
Aang Oh, no. I didn't know him. I mean, I knew people that knew him, but I didn't. Sorry. [He smiles weakly at Katara.]
Katara Okay. Just curious. [She slants her eyes in disappointment for a second before smiling again at Aang.] Good night.
Aang Sleep tight.
Aang uncomfortably turns around and a look of guilt crosses his face. The camera switches to another far off picture of Appa swimming before changing to a one of Aang's dreams.

The scene is colored in all shades of gray. Aang is sleeping on Appa's saddle while there is a storm brooding ahead of him. Lightning splits the sky and the rumble of the following thunders awakens him. He shoots up and looks around. In the next shot it is raining and Aang is sitting on Appa's head again, holding the reigns and screaming at the top of his lungs in terror while they go down. Appa and Aang splash into the waters of the ocean. Appa resurfaces again, growls, but is quickly succumbed again by another wave. Both Aang and Appa drift unconscious in the water. As Aang releases the reigns and drifts off, his eyes and tattoos suddenly start to glow brightly. He slams his fists together, creating a bluish-white sphere that encases Appa and himself. The air sphere is slowly being covered by ice while there is suddenly a voice that echoes through the dream.

Katara Aang? Aang! Wake up. [Aang shoots up, throwing the covers of his body and gasping for air. Katara perches beside him and stands up as she sees that Aang is awake.] It's okay, we're in the village now! Come on, get ready. [She points to the door of the tent.] Everyone's waiting to meet you.
Aang happily gets out of bed and starts to dress himself while Katara takes a step toward the door. Before she exits, however, she glances back at Aang and stares in wonder at the blue, arrow shaped tattoos that seemingly cover his arms, legs, back and head. She gasps for air. Before Aang is able to get up, Katara pulls him along by his arm to meet the rest of the village.

Aang is being dragged out the tent toward the entire congregation of villagers. He passes Sokka who is sitting at the side of the tent, sharpening his boomerang.

Katara Aang, this is the entire village. [Points to the line of villagers in front of them.] Entire village, Aang.
Aang bows respectfully toward the villages, but they cower away in fear, bringing a surprised look to Katara and Aang's faces. Sokka just watches from a distance.
Aang [Uncomfortably.] Uh, why are they all looking at me like that? Did Appa sneeze on me?
Aang checks his clothing while an elderly woman steps forward out of the line of villagers.
Kanna Well, no one has seen an airbender in a hundred years. We thought they were extinct, until my granddaughter and grandson found you.
Aang [Shocked disbelief.] Extinct?
Katara [Gesturing.] Aang, this is my grandmother.
Kanna Call me Gran-Gran.
Sokka walks toward Aang and abruptly snatches his staff out of his hands and starts to examine it.
Sokka [Annoyed.] What is this, a weapon? You can't stab anything with this!
Aang [Aang uses a small air current to get his staff back.] It's not for stabbing! It's for airbending. [He opens his staff into a glider, making Sokka gasp in fright and cover his head with his hands.]
Village girl [Excited.] Magic trick! Do it again!
Aang Not magic, airbending. [He moves his glider around him, visually demonstrating what he is talking about.] It lets me control the air currents around my glider and fly.
Sokka [Mockingly states his disbelief.] Ya know, last time I checked, humans can't fly!
Aang [Accepting Sokka's challenge, smiling.] Check again!
Aang grabs hold of his glider and pushes himself of the ground, leaving Katara and Sokka behind to cover their faces against the sudden wind. The village stares in awe as Aang makes some loops and turns in the sky.
Village girl [In admiration.] He's flying!
Aang makes another loops and speeds up to soar past the gazing villagers.
Village girl It's amazing!
Aang's shadow passes over Katara, who is smiling broadly at him. Aang, wanting to impress the villagers some more, flies sideways and closes his eyes while grinning broadly. As a result of this, he smacks full on against the village's watchtower, causing it to crumble. Katara covers her mouth in sympathy as she watches Aang's struggles to get his head out of the icy watchtower. He succeeds in freeing himself and tumbles down. Katara immediately rushes to his side while Sokka stares in shock at the damage inflicted on his watchtower.
Sokka [Shocked.] My watchtower!
Aang lies covered in snow at the base of the partially collapsed tower. Katara and some other girls of the tribe run toward Aang, smiling.
Katara [Offering her hand to pull him out of the snow.] That was amazing!
Sokka runs toward his watchtower and starts to pat it in the hope that he can save it from collapsing any further. While Aang spins his staff around to retract its wings, Sokka is being knocked down by a large pack of snow that falls down.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Great. You're an airbender, Katara's a waterbender. Together you can just waste time all day long. [He wedges himself free from underneath the weight of the snow and stalks off.]
Aang [Surprised and with admiration.] You're a waterbender?
Katara [Nervously.] Well, sort of. Not yet.
Kanna All right, no more playing. Come on, Katara, you have chores.
Kanna leads Katara away from Aang. The surrounding villagers part to let the duo pass.
Katara [Excitedly.] I told you, he's the real thing Gran-Gran! I finally found a bender to teach me!
Kanna [Calmly.] Katara, try not to put all your hopes in this boy.
Katara But he's special! I can tell! [Clenches her fist and closes her eyes in hope.] I sense he's filled with much wisdom.
Katara opens her eyes again and glances back toward Aang, who is surrounded by a bunch of kids. He smiles while his tongue is stuck to his staff.
Aang [Muffled.] See? Now my tongue is stuck to my staff!
Much to Aang's discomfort, one of the smaller village boys starts to yank his staff, pulling Aang along with every movement. The village kids laugh and applaud Aang as his tongue remains stuck to his staff.

The scene shifts to Zuko's ship where Zuko is facing two soldiers dressed in the uniforms of a firebending Fire Nation soldier. Iroh is sitting on a small chair next to them.

Iroh [Sternly.] Again.
Zuko opens the fight by spreading his arms in the direction of the two firebenders, showering them with flames. His adversaries block Zuko's attack with ease. Zuko shifts his weight to duck under a retaliation blast of the firebender to his left. The firebender to his right jumps forward to aim a blast at Zuko's feet. The prince propels himself out of the way. He twists around in mid-air and directs another fire blast with his hand to the firebender that retaliated first, and another with his foot to the firebender that aimed for his feet. Both soldiers jump out of the way of Zuko's flames. Zuko lands and stretches his fists out toward his adversaries, ready to face another attack.
Iroh [Sighs while he gets up.] No! [Zuko lowers his arms and looks at his uncle.] Power in firebending comes from the breath [Iroh moves his both hand up in front of him to emphasize the breathing motion.], not the muscles. [He stretches his left arm out as if he was sending a fire blast.] The breath becomes energy in the body. The energy extends past your limbs and becomes: fire! [Iroh directs a fire blast at his nephew that evaporates just before it would scorch him.] Get it right this time.
Zuko [With suppressed anger, he walks toward his uncle and addresses him.] Enough! I've been drilling this sequence all day. Teach me the next set! I'm more than ready!
Iroh No, you are impatient. [He sits down again on his chair.] You have yet to master your basics. [He yells his order.] Drill again!
Zuko clenches his teeth in anger. He turns around and suddenly directs a power fire kick toward one of the soldiers. The firebender attempts to stop the fire blast, but he is unable to and is thrown on his back by its power.
Zuko [The suppressed anger is very apparent in his voice.] The sages tell us that the Avatar is the last airbender. [Close-up of Iroh, who does not look pleased with the attitude of his nephew.] He must be over a hundred years old by now. He's had a century to master the four elements! I'll need more than basic firebending to defeat him. [Starts to yell at his uncle.] You will teach me the advanced set!
Iroh [Concedes reluctantly. On a dire tone.] Very well, [His expression changes completely to one of delight as he picks something up from the ground.] but first, I must finish my roast duck. [He quickly munches down the roast duck, much to the dismay of Zuko.]
The scene shifts back to the Southern Water Tribe, where it pans down to reveal Sokka pacing to and fro, his arms behind his back.
Sokka [With a stern expression.] Now men, it's important that you show no fear when you face a firebender. [He brings out his club and holds it proudly.] In the Water Tribe, we fight to the last man standing! For without courage, how can we call ourselves men? [He clutches his fist to emphasize the word "men" as he stares down the people in front of him.]
The camera shifts positions to reveal that Sokka is talking to six uninterested little boys.
Southern Water Tribe boy [Waving his hand in the air.] I gotta pee!
Sokka [Angrily.] Listen! Until your fathers return from the War, they're counting on you to be the men of this tribe, and that means no potty breaks! [He makes some wide arm gestures to emphasize his words again.]
Southern Water Tribe boy But I really gotta go!
Sokka [Sighs.] Okay, who else has to go?
Every child immediately raises his hand. Sokka is surprised for a second, before facepalming in frustration.
Katara [Runs up to Sokka as the children leave. In a worried tone.] Have you seen Aang? Gran-Gran said he disappeared over an hour ago.
Aang appears from an outhouse igloo, pulling his pants up a bit higher.
Aang [Amused.] Wow! Everything freezes in there!
He points toward the bathroom with a smile on his face. Sokka's "soldiers" halt beside Aang and laugh with him.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Uh! [Angrily points at Aang.] Katara, get him out of here! This lesson is for warriors only!
Sokka is about to walk away when he hears the sound of playing children.
Village boy Whee!
He turns around and the picture follows his gaze to reveal the village children sliding down Appa's tail like a slide. The end of the tail is held upward, so the children are propelled into the air. They fly over Sokka's spear that now serves as a mark that they need to cross before landing in a soft pile of snow. Katara laughs as a boy lands head first in the snow, but Sokka rushes forward.
Sokka [Annoyed, he yells angrily.] Stop! Stop it right now! [The laughter of the children dies down immediately and Appa turns his head to look at Sokka who accusingly directs his anger to Aang.] What's wrong with you?! We don't have time for fun and games with the War going on!
Sokka takes back his spear and looks annoyed at the laughing children who run past him.
Aang [Slides down from Appa's head.] What war? What are you talking about?
Sokka [Raises one eyebrow in disbelief.] You're kidding, right?
Aang looks questioningly at Sokka, but the expression on his face changes to enthusiasm when he catches sight of an otter-penguin.
Aang [Exclaims enthusiastically.] PENGUIN!
The animal is startled by Aang's outburst and quickly waddles off. Aang gives chase, racing past Katara and Sokka, enhancing his speed with his airbending. He leaves a deep trail in the snow as he dashes after the penguin.
Sokka He's kidding, right?
The siblings glance at each other, not sure what they need to think of Aang's reaction.

The scene fades away to show the otter-penguin habitat, where hundreds of otter-penguins are walking or sliding down icebergs. Katara approaches the penguins in search for Aang.

Katara Aang?
Aang [Chasing the penguins while laughing.] Hey, come on little guy. Wanna go sledding? [He jumps at a penguin, but the animal evades his attempt and Aang belly flops into the snow. He turns on his back and quickly erects himself with his airbending as Katara comes up beside him.] Heh heh. I have a way with animals.
Aang stretches his arms wide and imitates the sound and walk of the animals around them, making Katara laugh.
Katara [Amused.] Hehehe, Aang, I'll help you catch a penguin if you teach me waterbending.
Aang [Hangs on the tail of a penguin that is pulling him through the snow.] You got a deal! Just one little problem ... [He airbends himself into a sitting position.] I'm an airbender, not a waterbender. Isn't there someone in your tribe who can teach you?
Katara [Sadly.] No. You're looking at the only waterbender in the whole South Pole.
Aang This isn't right. A waterbender needs to master water. [He thinks for a moment.] What about the North Pole? There's another Water Tribe up there, right? Maybe they have waterbenders who could teach you.
Katara Maybe, but we haven't had contact with our sister tribe in a long time. It's not exactly turn right at the second glacier! It's on the other side of the world!
Aang But you forget, I have a flying bison. [He happily points at himself.] Appa and I can personally fly you to the North Pole. Katara, we're going to find you a master!
Katara [Unsure.] That's ... I mean, I don't know. I've never left home before.
Aang Well, you think about it, but in the meantime, can you teach me catch one of these penguins?
Katara [Mockingly imitating a teacher.] Okay, listen closely my young pupil. [She slightly bows her head toward Aang.] Catching penguins is an ancient and sacred art. [She conjures a fish out of her sleeve.] Observe!
She tosses Aang the fish. As he catches it with an uncomprehending look on his face, the penguins immediately begin crowding him. He laughs as the penguins swarm over him, pulling him down amidst their ranks.
Aang Hi hi hi! Ha, ha, ha!
The scene switches to a protruding iceberg that Aang and Katara use as a slide, each sitting atop a penguin. They soar through the air for a moment before landing on the slope and continuing their journey downward. They race down and Aang uses another iceberg as a ramp to propel him into the air and to soar over and past Katara. She in turn uses the next jump to land next to Aang again. The two laugh and shout out as they gleefully ride over snowy bumps.
Katara [Happily.] I haven't done this since I was a kid!
Aang You still are a kid!
The two ride through a tunnel of ice. Katara is in the lead and tries to hold Aang back by constantly changing her direction when he wants to pass her. Aang solves this problem by increasing his speed with airbending, enabling him to race over the ceiling past Katara. The tunnel levels out on an open plain of ice where the two get off their rides. Aang walks over to a Fire Nation shipwreck.
Aang [In awe.] Whoah! What is that?
Katara [On a slightly dark tone.] A Fire Navy ship. And a very bad memory for my people. [Aang begins to approach the wreckage.] Aang, stop! We're not allowed to go near it! The ship could be booby-trapped!
Aang If you want to be a bender, you have to let go of fear.
Katara ponders over that remark for a moment and walks toward Aang with a scared look upon her face. The two venture closer toward the ship. Aang helps Katara to climb some of the blocks of ice that lay beside the ship and they crawl through a hole in the hull of the ship. The two walk through the silent rooms of the shipwreck. Some white hamsters roam the otherwise deserted ship. Aang enters a room stocked to the rim with weapons.
Katara [Her voice echoes through the room.] This ship has haunted my tribe since Gran-Gran was a little girl. [The camera shifts through the room, revealing all the weapons more closely.] It was part of the Fire Nation's first attacks.
Aang Okay, back up. I have friends all over the world, even in the Fire Nation. [Aang picks up a Guan Dao to inspect it.] I've never seen any war.
Katara Aang, how long were you in that iceberg?
Aang [Uncertain.] I don't know. A few days, maybe?
Katara I think it was more like a hundred years!
Aang [Full disbelief and slightly accusing.] What? That's impossible! Do I look like a hundred-twelve year-old man to you?!
Katara Think about it. The War is a century old. You don't know about it because, somehow, you were in there the whole time! [Aang's expression changes to one of comprehension.] It's the only explanation!
Aang backs away and slumps to floor in shock.
Aang A hundred years? [Saddened by his new discovery.] I can't believe it.
Katara [Squats beside him.] I'm sorry, Aang. Maybe somehow there's a bright side to all this ...
Aang [Cheerfully.] I did get to meet you.
Katara [Smiling warmly at him while offering her hand.] Come on, let's get out of here.
Katara smiles and pulls him to his feet and the two begin to exit the shipwreck.
Katara Aang, let's head back, this place is creepy.
Aang ventures down yet another room with Katara on his trail. There, he trips over a thin rope, barring the entrance, trapping them.
Aang Huh?
They both run toward the bars and peek through them.
Aang What's that you said about booby traps?
The gears and engines of the shipwreck begin to power up and function. In shock, Katara and Aang follow the movements of the machines until suddenly, a flare is fired and explodes high in the sky.
Aang Uh oh ... [Aang notices a hole in the roof of the ship and takes a surprised Katara into his arms.] Hold on tight!
Katara Aaah!
Aang enhances the power of his jump with his airbending to jump several feet into the air through the hole.

The scene switches to Prince Zuko who is peering through his telescope. He follows every movement the duo makes as Aang, still holding Katara, jumps down the side of the ship.

Zuko The last airbender! [Aang and Katara reach the ground again and Aang sets Katara down. They start to walk away.] Quite agile for his old age ... [He turns and angrily yells to a soldier behind him.] Wake my uncle! Tell him I found the Avatar! [Zuko peeks through his telescope again to see that Katara and Aang are running now. Zuko follows the direction they are running in with his telescope and discovers that they must be headed for the village he spots.] As well as his hiding place ...
Close-up of Zuko's right eye as he squints it to look in the direction of the Southern Water Tribe. Blacks out.

Cut to the flare Aang falling through the air. The camera pans downward to the figures of Aang and Katara appearing over the horizon. The Southern Water Tribe villagers are standing in the snow, waiting as they approach. Cut to shot of Aang and Katara approaching the village and the gathered villagers that stand outside the village walls. The children become overjoyed upon seeing Aang.

Village kids [Joyfully.] Yay! Aang's back!
Some of them run over to him while the others remain cheerful in the crowd. The camera pans up from the children to the adults and reveal that they are less welcoming. The children reach Aang and Katara and the crowd around him gleefully. Aang happily greets them back. Switch to a shot of Sokka who breaks himself free out of the line of villagers and steps forward to face Aang.
Sokka [Angrily.] I knew it! [Accusingly points a finger at Aang as he and Katara draw closer.] You signaled the Fire Navy with that flare! You're leading them straight to us, aren't you?
Katara [Protesting.] Aang didn't do anything! It was an accident.
Aang [Sheepishly as Katara glares at Sokka.] Yeah. We were on the ship and there was this booby trap, and well ... [Awkwardly rubs his head.] we boobied right into it.
Kanna [Worriedly.] Katara, you shouldn't have gone on that ship! Now we could all be in danger!
Aang [Sorrowfully.] Don't blame Katara. I brought her there. It's my fault.
Sokka [Angrily.] Aha! The traitor confesses! Warriors, away from the enemy. [The children begin to sadly walk away.] The foreigner is banished from our village.
Katara [Irritably, clenching her fists.] Sokka, you're making a mistake.
Sokka [Stubbornly persisting in his anger.] No, I'm keeping my promise to Dad. [Pointing to Aang.] I'm protecting you, from threats like him!
Katara [Angrily.] Aang is not our enemy! [Continues in a calm, soothing voice.] Don't you see? Aang's brought us something we haven't had in a long time: fun.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Fun?! We can't fight firebenders with fun!
Aang [Optimistically.] You should try it sometime.
Sokka [Angrily.] Get out of our village! Now!
Katara [Pleading.] Grandmother, please. Don't let Sokka do this!
Kanna [Gravely.] Katara, you knew going on that ship was forbidden. Sokka is right. I think it best if the airbender leaves.
Katara [Outraged.] Fine! Then I'm banished, too! [Drags Aang away.] Come on Aang, let's go.
Sokka [Demanding.] Where do you think you're going?
Katara [Angrily.] To find a waterbender. Aang is taking me to the North Pole.
Aang [Confusedly.] I am? [Brightening.] Great!
Sokka Katara! Would you really choose him over your tribe? [Shows shot of the entire Southern Water Tribe.] Your own family?
A side-view-shot shows that Katara had stopped in her tracks, right between Appa and her tribe. Close-up of Katara who looks down sorrowfully as Aang approaches her with a sad look upon his face.
Aang [Understanding.] Katara, I don't want to come between you and your family.
Katara [Upset.] So, you're leaving the South Pole? [In a quieter tone.] This is goodbye?
Aang Thanks for penguin sledding with me.
Katara [Still in that quiet tone.] Where will you go?
Aang Guess I'll go back home and look for the airbenders. [He places one hand on Appa, but is suddenly struck with realization.] Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in a hundred years. Not looking forward to that. [He uses his airbending to hop onto Appa's head.] It was nice meeting everyone.
Sokka [Sarcastically with arms crossed.] Let's see your bison fly now, air boy.
Aang [Encouragingly.] Come on Appa, you can do it. Yip-yip!
Aang flicks the reins, but Appa merely rises and growls.
Sokka [Mockingly.] Yeah, I thought so!
Young Water Tribe girl [Runs from crowd to stand next to Katara with tears in her eyes.] Ahhh! [Close-up.] Aang, don't go! I'll miss you!
Aang [Sadly.] I'll miss you, too. [Looks at Katara who frowns back at him, her eyes saddened while her hair loopies sway in the wind.] Come on, boy.
Appa turns and plods away, disappearing over the hill. The young girl sighs and trudges back to the village while Katara remains standing in the snow. Kanna walks up to her granddaughter.
Kanna [Consoling tone.] Katara, you'll feel better after you- [Katara quickly turns around and cuts her off.]
Katara [Snaps.] You happy now? [Gestures in the direction Aang took off.] There goes my one chance at becoming a waterbender!
She marches away furiously, leaving Kanna disappointed. Meanwhile, Sokka coaches the young boys to prepare for battle just outside the village.
Sokka All right, ready our defenses! The Fire Nation could be on our shores any moment now!
Southern Water Tribe boy [Stopping and dancing around.] But I gotta ...
Sokka [Fed up; points to inside the walls, signaling that the boy should just go.] And no potty breaks!
The scene changes to a snowy landscape dotted by several ice formations. The camera pans to the right where Aang and Appa are resting in an ice formation, Appa lying lazily on his back in the lower section and Aang resting above him. Appa grunts.
Aang [Sorrowfully.] Yeah, I liked her too. [Catches sight of Fire Nation ship advancing toward the Southern Water Tribe; gasps.] The village! [He slides off the ice formation onto the ground.] Appa, wait here.
Appa responds by merely grunting lazily. The scene changes to where Sokka prepares for battle inside a Water Tribe tent. He dons gloves, boots, bindings, and applies face paint. After necessary preparations, he puts his boomerang away on his back.

The scene changes to Zuko's ship where servants are seen helping the Fire Nation prince to put on his Fire Nation outfit, complete with a red helmet ending in a sharp point. Through all this, Zuko never moves a muscle.

Cut back to Sokka kneeling inside the tent, grabbing his club. He glances at a candle that flickers as he exits.

The scene cuts to an overhead shot of the village, the camera panning upward to the low-stooping wall surrounding the town. Sokka is seen standing atop the wall, overlooking the foggy horizon. Cut back to a shot of the village where a mother is seen squatting beside her child, but she suddenly jerks up upon hearing a loud, cracking noise. Her son gasps for air and the surrounding villagers also turn around in fright to see what the source of the noise was. Kanna, sitting on a log by a camp fire, rises and gasps for air. Suddenly, the ground begins to quake and a rumbling sound is heard in the distance. Kanna gasps louder this time and her face contorts in horror. Switch to a shot of Sokka's feet where bits of the wall are cracking and breaking off. A mother carrying her child slowly backs away in fright. A watchtower on the wall is shaking under the pressure of the trembling, and completely collapses.

Sokka [Disappointed at the tower's collapse.] Oh man!
Cut to a shot of inside the village where the citizens are beginning to flee from the scene. Katara runs up and looks up at her brother still standing atop the wall and her look turns to one of horror. Cut to a shot of the wall from her perspective; an enormous shadow of the bow of Zuko's ship comes into view. Camera closes in on Sokka's face.
Sokka [Horrified.] Oh maaan ...
A side-view of the ship approaching the village, cutting through the icy sea. Switch to a shot of Kanna standing in the snow, looking up in terror at the vessel while backing up slightly. Villagers pass her in their haste to get to safety and the shadow of the large ships descends over her. Cut to a close-up of the ship's bow as it plows through the snowy shores, splintering the ground. Sokka looks up, terrified by the large ship. The ship's approach creates a large crack that quickly travels toward the village and over the wall. Cut to Katara helping her grandmother into a tent when she hears a frightened scream. She gasps in terror when she realizes that the sound came from a small boy, kneeling on the ground. The fissure is rapidly approaching him, but Katara quickly runs over and scoops up the child before the ground splinters underneath. She sets the child down again in front of a tent which he quickly enters, and Katara turns back to view her brother.
Katara [Hysterically.] Sokka, get out of the way!
Cut to a shot of Sokka standing on the wall, the bow of the ship plowing through the snow. Sokka raises his club in defense, ready to strike. Before he can make his move, however, the bow crumbles a large portion of the wall into snowy ruins. The snow slides downward, pushing Sokka several feet back before he lands to a halt. With a loud hiss of steam, the ship has come to a halt as well. Switch to an overview shot of the entire village.

Cut back to the villagers who now curiously come out of hiding and are staring in complete shock at the large vessel. The camera pans to the right toward Katara who is looking at the ship with her mouth open; she gasps. Sokka also gasps when he catches sight of the bow of the ship opening and creaking forward in a burst of steam, forming a walkway. He backs up and falls to the ground once the bow hits the ground with a loud thud. The villagers gather closer around for support and several people even cover their eyes. Katara takes a step back upon noticing the shape of three figures cloaked in the mist.

Cut to the top of the walkway where Prince Zuko emerges from the mist, two guards following close behind him. Cut to the villagers huddled together and Sokka who kneels in the snow in front of them, ready to defend his tribe. The camera cuts to shot of the top of the walkway and pans downward. Prince Zuko descends from the ship along with the two guards. Sokka lets out a battle cry and charges at the prince with his club to the ready. Switch to a side-view of the walkway, where now even more soldiers trudge down while Sokka is traveling his way upward. When he reaches Zuko, the prince merely kicks the club to his left and, without ever resting his leg on the ground, kicks Sokka over to his right, sending him into the snow where his head becomes trapped. The warrior desperately tries to free himself as Zuko continues on his way to the village, followed by six more men. Katara covers her mouth in shock upon witnessing her brother's quick defeat.

Shift to a shot of the villagers as Zuko and his men stand before them. Zuko approaches. He passes to the right when he does not seem to find what he is looking for and stops in front of Katara who is clutching Kanna.

Zuko [Angrily.] Where are you hiding him?
Zuko surveys the crowd of villagers who fall completely silent. Without warning, he extends his arm out into the crowd and grabs Kanna, holding her by the hood of her parka.
Zuko [Shaking Kanna; annoyed.] He'd be about this age, master of all elements?
He shoves Kanna forcefully back into the crowd. The elderly woman shudders in fear and embraces Katara, while Katara shoots an angry glare at Zuko. Receiving no response, Zuko swings his arm out and releases an arc of fire that passes just over the heads of the people, causing them to cover their heads and cry out in fear.
Zuko [Angrily.] I know you're hiding him!
Cut to a shot of Sokka's club lying in the snow. Sokka runs over and picks it up, most of his war paint having come off at this point. He lets out another battle cry as he charges toward the prince. Cut to a shot of Zuko, his back facing the camera. He swiftly turns around just as Sokka approaches. He ducks under Sokka's wide swing and hurls the warrior forward. Sokka lands on his rear in the snow and is quickly forced to dart from his spot when Zuko fires a blast at him. He spins to the side and tosses his boomerang at the enemy who barely manages to miss getting hit by the weapon. Zuko growls and glares at Sokka in anger at the near hit; he follows the course of the weapon until it vanishes before looking back at Sokka in anger. One of the village boys tosses Sokka a spear.
Village boy Show no fear!
Sokka handily catches the weapon and charges at Zuko once more. The camera cuts to a shot from Sokka's perspective as he faces him head-on. Zuko breaks of pieces of the spear with his forearms, pulls the remains of the weapon out of Sokka's hands and pokes him thrice in the head with the blunt end. Sokka falls to the ground as Zuko snaps the spear in two and tosses the pieces to the ground on both of his sides. Cut to shot of Sokka who rubs his head in pain before switching back to a head shot of Zuko. A sparkle of light shines briefly in the distance and Sokka's boomerang spins into view, unnoticed by Zuko. The weapon strikes Zuko on the back of his helmet with a loud cling; he is momentarily pushed forward by the unexpected blow. Zuko rearranges his helmet and growls at Sokka. The boomerang has plummeted into the ground in front of Sokka's feet. Enraged, Zuko readies two fire daggers.

Cut to shot of Aang who is seen rapidly riding on a penguin toward the battle scene. He holds his glider horizontal on the animal and he has a determined look on his face, his tongue is out of his mouth in pure concentration. Cut to shot of Zuko's backside. The camera closes in on Zuko as Aang collides into him. Zuko falls backward as Aang speeds past, soars into the air and lands several feet away on his face, his legs in the air. He spins around a few times before coming to a halt in front of his men, his helmet landing on his rear as they watch.

Cut to a shot of cheering villagers as Aang rides speedily toward them, still mounted on the penguin. Cut to shot of the children who cheer upon his arrival. They are showered in snow as Aang rides past, however, after giving each other silent, unamused looks for a few seconds, they begin cheering once again, shaking the snow off. Switch to a shot of a group of several other villagers, including Kanna, Katara, and Sokka. Aang comes to a halt before them. The penguin crawls out from under him, tossing him off. Aang falls on his rear, blinking stupidly. Aang smiles at the penguin when the animal quacks at him before waddling away.

Aang [Cheerfully, despite the present situation.] Hey, Katara. Hey, Sokka.
Sokka [Moodily.] Hi, Aang. Thanks for coming.
Aang looks back at the Fire Nation soldiers, where Zuko just got back on his feet again. Upon his signal, his men spread out, surrounding Aang while Zuko assumes a fighting stance. Shift to an overhead shot of Aang assuming a fighting stance as well, his staff held firmly in front of him as he is being surrounded by the soldiers. He sweeps the ground side-to-side with his staff, showering the men with snow. He subsequently slams the ground, sending a rush of snow at Zuko who braces for the impact. After being sprayed with snow, and heating it up so it would melt off, Zuko looks up angrily.
Aang Looking for me?
Zuko [Shocked.] You're the airbender? You're the Avatar?
Aang resumes his fighting stance. Switch to a close-up of the siblings.
Katara [Surprised.] Aang?
Sokka [Bewildered.] No way!
Overview shot of Zuko and Aang moving about in a circular pattern, both awaiting the attack of the other.
Zuko I've spent years preparing for this encounter. Training, meditating. [Angrily.] You're just a child!
Aang [Calmly, tilting his head to one side with a somewhat confused expression.] Well, you're just a teenager.
Zuko launches a series of fire blasts at Aang in anger at the remark, who defends himself by twirling his staff, dissipating the flames. Cut to overhead shot of the area, Zuko attacking Aang, the villagers watching directly behind him. Zuko fires another blast at Aang who twirls his staff once again to ward the attack off. Cut to shot of the villagers who cower as the flames are accidentally directed toward them. Aang widens his eyes in horror at the sight of the frightened villagers and immediately ceases to defend himself.
Aang If I go with you, [He holds his staff in front of him as an offer, making sure Zuko understands that he does not wish to continue fighting.] will you promise to leave everyone alone?
The camera cuts to a side-view of the area, Zuko's men still surrounding him, spears poised. After a brief moment of hesitation, Zuko erects himself and nods in agreement. Aang is apprehended by Zuko's men, who take his staff. Katara runs forward as they lead Aang away.
Katara [Sadly.] No! Aang, don't do this!
Aang [Surprisingly calm.] Don't worry, Katara. It'll be okay. [He gasps when he is shoved on the walkway. Katara's face contorts with sadness and fright.] Take care of Appa for me until I get back.
Zuko [Boarding the ship up the walkway. Determined.] Head a course for the Fire Nation. I'm going home.
Cut to a shot of the villagers looking up at the ship, Aang standing at the top of walkway. Switch to a more up-close shot of him smiling weakly, surrounded by Fire Nation soldiers. Cut to shot of Katara who looks up, tears in her eyes, before changing back to a shot of Aang who now frowns as the bow rises and closes. The screen blacks out as the bow is locked into place with a thud.

The scene changes to later in the day; an overview shot of the village reveals the wreckage the ship, now gone, has left behind. A woman sorrowfully drops a pile of firewood onto the ground next to a camp fire. Several villagers surround the collapsed wall, surveying the damage and trying to repair the collapsed watch tower by digging it out. Several others work together to help put up a fallen tent. Cut to shot of the Southern shores where Katara is standing on the edge in the distance. The camera closes in on where she is standing.

Katara [Sokka is seen in the background, carrying a pack as she speaks on a determined tone.] We have to go after that ship, Sokka. Aang saved our tribe, now we have to save him.
Sokka Katara, I -
Katara [Making arm gestures to emphasize her words while she speaks in an objective tone.] Why can't you realize that he's on our side? [Cuts to shot of her and her brother, her back to the screen.] If we don't help him, no one will. I know you don't like Aang, but we owe him and- [Sokka cuts her off.]
Sokka Katara! [Slightly annoyed.] Are you gonna talk all day, or are you comin' with me?
Sokka gestures to a canoe floating in the water. Katara immediately grins and gasps in happiness.
Katara [Running over to her brother.] Sokka! [She gives him a hug.]
Sokka [Inviting.] Get in, we're going to save your boyfriend.
Katara [Annoyed.] He's not my -
Sokka [He shrugs and acts cool.] Whatever.
Kanna [Accusingly.] What do you two think you're doing?
The two siblings turn around, look at her and try to act as innocently as possible; Sokka grins broadly.
Kanna [Smiling warmly.] You'll need these. [Kanna holds up their sleeping bags.] You have a long journey ahead of you. [The siblings glance at each other in surprise. Kanna walks over to face Katara.] It's been so long since I've had hope, but you brought it back to life, my little waterbender. [Hugs Katara and who at the end takes the sleeping back out of her hands; to Sokka.] And you, my brave warrior, be nice to your sister.
Sokka [Kanna hugs Sokka who slightly embarrassed pats her back.] Yeah, okay Gran. [He smiles broadly when she releases him.]
Kanna Aang is the Avatar. He's the world's only chance. You both found him for a reason. Now your destinies are intertwined with his.
The two siblings look at each other uneasily.
Katara [Pointing at the ready canoe.] There's no way we're going to catch a warship with a canoe.
The camera pans up to reveal Appa appearing over an icy hill on the horizon. He makes his presence known by growling.
Katara [Brightly.] Appa! [Begins running toward the bison.]
Sokka [Annoyed.] You just looove taking me out of my comfort zone, don't you?
The scene changes, showing a side-view of Zuko's ship as it makes its way through the icy waters. Aang, Zuko, Iroh and some of Zuko's men are standing on deck. Aang's hands are bound behind his back while Zuko holds Aang's staff.
Zuko This staff will make an excellent gift for my father. [Inspects the staff further.] I suppose you wouldn't know of fathers, being raised by monks. [To his soldiers.] Take the Avatar to the prison hold a [Handing the staff to Iroh.] and take this to my quarters.
Iroh takes the staff and looks at it for a moment while Zuko walks away.
Iroh [Turns to one of Zuko's men and gives him the staff; casually.] Hey, you mind taking this to his quarters for me?
The firebender accepts the staff and Iroh walks away. Aang is pushed forward by two of the soldiers and he grunts as they roughly shove him ahead. A side-view shows how Aang is being taken below while Iroh and the firebender carrying Aang's staff are walking toward a door leading to the upper decks. A close-up of Aang as his group begins descending a staircase leading to compartment beneath the deck. Cut to a shot from Aang's point of view as he descends the staircase, the outside world disappearing from view. He tries to keep an eye on his staff for as long as possible.

The scene switches for a moment to an overview shot of the ship as it makes its way through the water, flanked by large icebergs, before changing back to the cuffed Aang walking through a corridor on the lower deck. He walks down a corridor, one soldier before him, one following after him.

Aang [Slyly.] So, I guess you've never fought an airbender before. I bet I could take you both with my hands tied behind my back.
Firebender [Unamused.] Silence.
The party stops and Aang observes the soldier in front of him preparing to unlock a door. As the guard in front of him begins to unlock the cell, Aang inhales deeply and unleashes a powerful breath, stunning both of them. The firebender before him slams into the door subsequently knocked out from the impact. Aang is sent several feet back, slamming into the guard behind him. They both fly back even further, where they crash into the stairs. The soldier behind Aang is also knocked out by the impact, while Aang propels himself onto the deck and kicks open a door using airbending. He quickly runs down the hallway, panting heavily. He tosses a frightened look over his shoulder, afraid that he is being followed. Cut to a shot of the helmsman overlooking the deck. A soldier emerges from the lower deck and addresses him.
Firebender The Avatar has escaped!
The helmsman immediately turns around and runs off the screen.

The scene changes to on overview shot of the seas where Katara and Sokka sit atop Appa, who still has not gone airborne, but is instead swimming in the water. The camera moves closer and Appa growls. Katara is sitting on top of Appa's head, while Sokka rests in the saddle.

Sokka [Unamused.] Go. Fly. [Katara glances annoyed at her brother.] Soar.
Katara [Pleading as Appa growls again.] Please, Appa. We need your help. Aang needs your help.
Sokka [Blandly.] Up. Ascend. Elevate.
Katara Sokka doesn't believe you can fly, but I do, Appa. [Strokes Appa.] Come on, don't you want to save Aang? [Appa grunts.]
Sokka What was it that kid said? Yee-haw? Hup-hup? Wah-hoo? Uh ... yip-yip?
Sokka startles at the sudden movement that last command brought with it as it seemingly prompts Appa. Cut to a shot of his head bobbing in the water as he grunts and beats the water with his tail. After what appears to be a brief running start, he takes flight and soars through the air.
Katara [Thrilled.] You did it, Sokka!
Sokka [Ecstatically looking over the rim of the saddle.] He's flying! He's flying! Katara, he's -
Cuts to shot of Katara who smirks at her brother. Seeing this, Sokka tries to play it cool.
Sokka [Sheepishly.] I mean, big deal. He's flying. [Brightens quickly.]
Shows a shot of Appa rising higher into the sky.

The scene changes back to the Fire Nation ship where Aang is frantically running through the corridors. He stops in his tracks and yells when he encounters three soldiers standing with swords drawn in the middle of the corridor.

Aang You haven't seen my staff around, have you?
The three men prepare to attack him, but before they can make a move, Aang sprints across the hallway at the speed of wind, along the floor and the walls, spiraling in circular patterns past the soldiers, through their legs, and manages to escape, leaving the soldiers looking dumbfounded.
Aang [Off camera.] Thanks anyway!
He continues racing through the hallways of the ship and encounters a single guard when he rose another deck. The soldier fires a blast at Aang who leaps forward. A slow-motion shot depicts Aang somersaulting over the soldier and using the sharp tip of his helmet to cut his bindings, thus freeing him. The soldier falls over from the impact and Aang proceeds down the hall. The young Avatar races through the interior, opening two doors leading to various compartments of the ship. Upon opening the third door, he finds Iroh sleeping blissfully, snoring. He begins closing the door, his mouth still visible through the crack.
Aang [Whispering.] Sorry!
Cut to the interior of another room, the entranceway open wide. Aang is seen running past the doorway only to slow down and trace his way back upon catching sight of his glider. Close-up of his face that brightens upon recognition of the object and he dashed through the open door.
Aang My staff!
Aang enters the room, the door closing behind him. Cut to the interior of the room where Zuko stands by the door, having clearly waited to corner Aang. Aang looks surprised upon hearing the sound of the closing door. He turns around, his face falling upon seeing the prince standing in the room.
Zuko Looks like I underestimated you.
After a slight pause, Zuko assumes a fighting stance and fires a blast at Aang who yells and narrowly avoids the attack. Zuko fires again, forcing Aang into the corner of the room. Cut to Aang who pants heavily from alarm. Zuko fires once more; Aang spins around out of the corner and against the back wall. He ducks to avoid another fire blast. Cut to Zuko standing in the middle of the room, Aang managing to roll over directly behind his opponent. Aang deftly manages to stay behind Zuko, utilizing circle-walking. Zuko spins around, desperately attempting to land a blow.

The scene cuts to a shot of the deck and cabin of the ship, the window of the room where the battle is occurring illuminating two consecutive times from the fire blasts. Cut back to inside the room where Aang uses airbending to try and deter another one of Zuko's attacks by catching his flames in a current of air. After extinguishing yet another one of his attacks, Aang uses Zuko as a stepping stone. He pushes himself off against his head and creates an air scooter in mid-air that he uses to ride around the room and over the walls and ceiling as Zuko resumes attacking.

He avoids Zuko's repeated attacks; however, the prince manages to dissipate the air scooter by shattering it with a flame arc. Aang is smacked against the wall underneath a hanging tapestry. He quickly pushes himself up under the tapestry to avoid another fire blast. When he emerges at the top, he grabs the tapestry off its hooks and wraps it around Zuko's body, tangling him momentarily. This brief intermission gives Aang enough time to grab his glider and he turns around to face his opponent, pointing the end of the staff at Zuko who destroys the tapestry with firebending. Zuko assumes a fighting stance while Aang looks on with alarm. Cut to shot of the entire room as Aang uses airbending to propel a mattress lying in a corner toward Zuko. The mattress slams into the Fire Nation prince, sending him colliding into the wall, before falling onto the mattress. Aang propels the mattress upward, sending Zuko slamming into the ceiling of the room. Aang makes a break for it before the mattress touches the ground again. Zuko and the mattress fall to the floor and Zuko remains lying face down upon it. Cut to shot of Zuko who raises his head and glances around the empty room, fuming.

Cut to the main control room of the ship. The wheel of the hatch located toward the back of the room begins spinning rapidly. The hatch opens with a small tornado of air and Aang emerges. Cut to a shot of the rest of the control room, a man at the helm. Cut to Aang who leaps from the hatch and runs across the room, leaping over a table and past the man who looks up in surprise. He exits the room and runs onto the upper deck of the ship. Cut to an overhead shot of the upper deck as Aang happily spreads his arms and welcomes the fresh air. He throws his staff over the balcony which opens into a glider and begins soaring away. He appears successful until Zuko appears on screen, leaping forward, his arms extended outward. While yelling, Zuko manages to grab hold of Aang's ankle. Cut to shot of Aang whose expression of triumph turns into one of despair as he begins losing altitude, struggling to maintain the weight of the extra, unexpected person.

The two plummet down to the lower deck of the ship and land with a crash. They bounce a few times before coming to a halt. Aang's glider closes again to a staff. Both lie on the deck for a moment. Close-up of Zuko's eyes as they narrow in anger. Zuko begins rising, a look of persistence on his face. Aang rises and assumes a fighting stance, looking very unsure of himself. Before the fight could begin, Appa's growl distracts both fighters. Aang averts his gaze and catches sight of Appa heading toward the ship.

Zuko [Shocked.] What is that?
The scene cuts to a shot of Appa, Katara and Sokka mounted on his saddle.
Aang [Ecstatic.] Appa!
He turns around to face Zuko and manages to deflect a firebending attack by spinning his glider around like a baton. However, he propels himself by accident into the air and lands on the ledge of the deck. He leans precariously over the side, unsteadily balancing himself, but manages to regain his balance only for Zuko to fire another blast at him. He twirls his glider again to deflect the attack. Two more blasts are fired his way before he loses his grip on his glider and the object spins away. The staff falls several feet away. Aang ducks, spins and leaps out of the way of blasts and lands on the very ledge, struggling to keep his balance. Zuko hurls more fire blasts his way. Aang holds up his hands in defense, but the last blast seemingly knocks him out cold and he falls backward off the ship into the water where he slowly sinks. Cuts to shot of Katara riding atop Appa.
Katara [Horrified.] Aang! No!
Cuts to shot of Aang as he sinks further underwater.
Katara [Voice-over.] Aang! Aang! Aang!
Cuts to close-up of Aang, his eyes closed, seemingly unconscious. Suddenly his eyes open, glowing a bright white, along with his arrow tattoos, and he frowns angrily. He steadies himself in the water and begins swiveling around, a waterspout forming around him. He rockets upward and erupts from the surface, riding a humongous spinning water vortex.

Cut to a shot of Zuko's ship being overshadowed by the water tornado. Switch to a bird's-eye view of the deck, Aang appearing on screen atop the vortex. Zuko looks up in horror. Cut to a shot of the upper deck as Aang lands, summoning the water behind him. Camera closes up on him, his eyes and tattoos still glowing, as he brings his hands around behind his head. The water swirls around him, forming a protective circle, before spreading outward, knocking Zuko and several soldiers off their feet. Cut to a shot of the side of the ship as Zuko falls over the edge and shouts in surprise. Switch to Sokka and Katara leaning over the side of Appa's saddle watching in shock.

Katara [Shocked.] Did you see what he just did?!
Sokka [Impressed.] Now that was some waterbending!
Cut back to Aang on the deck as he collapses onto the ground from exhaustion, his eyes and tattoos ceasing to glow. Appa growls and lands on the deck. Katara and Sokka slide down and quickly run toward the unconscious Avatar.
Katara [Worried.] Aang! Are you okay?
She kneels down, holding Aang with Sokka following close behind.
Aang [Weakly.] Hey, Katara. Hey, Sokka. Thanks for coming.
Sokka Well, I couldn't let you have all the glory.
Aang [Weakly.] I dropped my staff.
Sokka [Rising.] Got it!
Sokka runs over, grabs a hold of the glider and lifts it only to see Zuko's hand firmly gripping the other end. Sokka appears horrified as Zuko attempts to pull himself upward onto the deck. The two struggle for a bit before Sokka pokes Zuko repeatedly in the head with the end of the staff the way Zuko did earlier with him. Zuko grunts and falls backward as he lets go of the staff. He falls off the side of the ship, but manages to grasp the anchor chain.
Sokka [Triumphantly.] Ha! That's from the Water Tribe!
The scene switches over to Appa who rises from a puddle of water after Katara helped Aang to climb atop his head. Katara still stands beside the large beast while Aang lies on top of his head. Cut to three soldiers who rise after being knocked down by Aang's water attack and menacingly approach her. Katara takes a step back and slowly and precariously bends a stream of water from the puddle, causing the men to slow down and gasp in surprise. She swings her arms around in an attempt to whip them, however, only succeeds in freezing a channel of water behind her on the deck, encasing Sokka's legs in ice in the process.
Sokka [Complaining.] Katara!
The soldiers resume their approach. Katara turns around, her back facing them and draws another stream of water. She closes her eyes tightly, swings her arms behind her and turns around to see one of the soldiers completely frozen in a casing of ice, his arm extended outward to her, still twitching in effort to grab her. She backs away slowly, but turns around and quickly runs toward Appa. She begins mounting Appa while Sokka is trying to cut himself free by smashing his icy chains with his boomerang.
Katara [Urgently.] Hurry up, Sokka!
Sokka [Muttering to himself as he uses his boomerang to chip the ice.] I'm just a guy, with a boomerang. [He frees his left foot.] I didn't ask for all this flying and magic! [He manages to break free and races up Appa's tail.] Yip-yip! Yip-yip!
Sokka mounts Appa who grunts and takes flight, flying past the cabin of the ship. Iroh emerges on deck, having just woken up from a nap.
Iroh [Rubbing eyes and staring up at Appa in surprise.] Duh? Huh?
Cut to Appa who soars away from the ship, while Iroh helps Zuko, grunting angrily with effort, to heft himself back onto the deck.
Zuko [Angrily.] Shoot them down!
Cut to an overview shot of Appa gaining altitude before switching back to Zuko and Iroh standing on deck. Together, they synchronize a firebending move and fire a powerful blast at the bison. Sokka and Katara stare at the incoming attack in horror while Aang leaps onto the saddle. He opens the small tail wing of his staff and swings his glider around, using a powerful swipe of air to redirect the fireball into a nearby cliff side. The impact causes an avalanche of snow and ice to begin falling. Cut to Zuko who looks up in horror at the event, raising one arm protectively. The front of the ship becomes buried in a mass of snow and ice while Appa climbs higher and higher. Switch to a scene of the trio who laugh as they escape successfully. Aang waves goodbye as Appa disappears around the cliff.

Switch to an overview shot of the ship with its bow stuck in the ice. Close-up of Zuko, who is seen bending over in rage on the deck with Iroh erecting himself in the background.

Iroh [Calmly.] Good news for the Fire Lord. The Fire Nation's greatest threat is just a little kid.
Zuko lifts his head and rises while his uncle is speaking.
Zuko [Holding back rage.] That "kid", Uncle, just did this. [Cuts to a shot of the damaged ship, the whole front covered in ice and snow.] I won't underestimate him again. [Yells his order to the soldiers and points at the piles of snow.] Dig the ship out and follow them!
Shift to a shot of three Fire Nation soldiers using their firebending to melt the icy encasings coating the three soldiers who were Katara's victims.
Zuko [Slightly embarrassed.] As soon as you're done with that.
Camera closes up on Zuko eyes as he looks up in anger and determination.

The scene changes to an overview shot of the clouds. Cut to a side-view of Appa who soars lazily in the sky while the sun is beginning to set. Aang is perched on the rim of the saddle, while Sokka and Katara sit at the back of it.

Katara [Bewildered.] How did you do that?! With the water? It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!
Aang [Quietly, slightly downcast, sitting on the edge of the saddle.] I don't know. I just sort of ... did it.
Katara [Curious but serious.] Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?
Aang Because ... [Turns away slightly; saddened.] I never wanted to be.
Cut to a shot of the entire team sitting on Appa's saddle as a dark cloud passes overhead, shadowing their figures. Cut to a wider shot of Appa flying in the sky, shafts of sunlight streaming through the clouds. Switch back to a closer shot, showing Aang in front, looking downcast over the side with Sokka and Katara in the background.
Katara But Aang, the world's been waiting for the Avatar to return and finally put an end to this war.
Aang [Downcast.] And how am I going to do that?
Katara According to legend, you need to first master water, then earth, then fire, right?
Aang [Looking at Katara.] That's what the monks told me.
Katara [Brightening a bit.] Well, if we go to the North Pole, you can master waterbending!
Aang [Turning to face her, smiling and brightening up completely.] We can learn it together!
Katara [Faces her brother; cheerfully.] And Sokka, I'm sure you'll get to knock some firebender heads on the way.
Sokka [Content.] I'd like that. I'd reeally like that.
Katara [Optimistically.] Then we're in this together!
Aang [Cheerfully, pulling out a rolled up scroll.] All right, but before I learn waterbending, we have some serious business to attend to. [He uses airbending to situate himself onto the saddle and unrolls the scroll, revealing a map of the Avatar World.] Here, here and here.
While stating this, he points to three locations, two in the Earth Kingdom, one in Air Nomad territory.
Katara [Curiously.] What's there? [Points to one of the locations.]
Aang [Points to the location in Earth Kingdom.] Here, we'll ride the hopping llamas. [Points to the location in Air Nomad territory.] Then waaay over here, we'll surf on the backs of giant koi fish. [Katara and Sokka stare at him in wonder.] Then back over here, we'll ride the hog monkeys. [The siblings glance at each other.] They don't like people riding them, but that's what makes it fun!
Close-up of Aang as he smiles enthusiastically, his eyes widened with excitement. Cut to a wide shot of Appa flying peacefully in the sky, sunbeams breaking through the clouds behind him.

Southern Air Temple and Southern Earth Kingdom

Cuts back to the ship. The snow has now been melted, and the crew have thawed out.
Zuko [Pacing up and down] Are we done? Let's move out!
Iroh [Calmly] Calm down Prince Zuko. The crew are cold and they need to warm up. [Turns to a shivering crew member] Tea?
Iroh pours some tea and offers it to the crew member. He nods and reaches to accept it. Zuko intercepts and swats the tea from Iroh's hand.
Zuko [Angrily] We have no time for tea! We need to capture the Avatar!
Iroh [Concerningly] Prince Zuko. We won't be going anywhere in a while.
Zuko [Suspicious] Is this mutiny Uncle? After all these years without nothing, and now you are choosing to disobey!
Iroh Not in the slightest. I jus-
Zuko [Furiously] Just what?
Iroh Just thought you should know that our ship has a huge hole in its side.
Iroh directs Zuko to the edge of the ship. The camera follows Zuko to when he looks over the side. The view pulls out to show a large tear to the front of the ship. Zuko grips tightly onto the edge as it starts glowing with heat and melting in his grip.
Iroh ''Pointing to the sky'' The sun is setting and we have no idea where he is going. Our biggest concern right now is to get our ship repaired. We cannot cross into open waters with this large a hole. There is a place we can go, but you would not like to hear it.
Zuko [Eyes widen, then relax again, sighing]] If it helps me capture the Avatar then I will do what ever it takes. [Turns to the crew] Helmsmen! Set a course immediately! Take us to Captain Zhao's base!
The next scene begins with a beautiful sunrise that just peeks above some cliffs. The beams of the morning sun reflect on the water, bathing the whole scene in yellow light. The camera pans to the left where the group has made camp on the shore. Appa is seen chewing on some grass while the smoke of the nearby campfire rises to the sky. Sokka is lying in a blue sleeping bag next to the fire. The camera zooms in on Aang and Katara atop Appa. Aang sits on the bison's head and is checking the knots that tie the reins to Appa's horns. Katara is sitting on the saddle, fiddling with their luggage.
Aang [Excitedly.] Wait 'till you see it, Katara! The Air Temple is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
Katara [Cautiously.] Aang, I know you're excited, [She turns around to face him.] but it's been a hundred years since you've been home.
Aang [Smiling broadly.] That's why I'm so excited!
Katara [Cautiously.] It's just that ... a lot can change in all that time.
Aang [Happily.] I know, but I need to see it for myself.
Aang jumps off Appa, landing softly due to his airbending. A side-view shows him as he walks over to a snoring Sokka, who is lying in his sleeping bag. The shot changes to a view from next to Sokka's head, looking up at the approaching airbender.
Aang [Cheerfully.] Wake up Sokka! Air Temple, here we come! [Sokka awakens, making groggy noises.]
Sokka [Grunting sleepily.] Uggh! Sleep now. Temple later.
Sokka turns around, showing his back to Aang and falls back asleep, snoring as soon as his eyes close. Close-up of Aang whose big eyes blink in surprise. He looks discontent with Sokka's attitude, but he quickly smiles mischievously. Aang grabs a small, thin stick.
Aang [Alarmed.] Sokka! Wake up! [Aang moves the stick up and down the sleeping bag, only touching Sokka with the tip of it.] There's a prickle snake in your sleeping bag!
Sokka [He lazily opens one eye before yelling out in horror.] Ahh! [He quickly rises and hops around, still inside the sleeping bag.] Get it off! Get it off! [After two hops, Sokka slams flat to the ground.] Ahh!
Katara giggles as Sokka falls over. Close-up of Sokka's angry face.
Aang [Happily.] Great! You're awake! Let's go!
The scene slowly fades to a harbor where several Fire Nation ships are lined up next to each other. The camera pans to the left to reveal a smaller ship docked between all the others, identical mastodons. Its walkway is down and the small figures of two persons are seen leaving the ship. Cut to a closer shot of Zuko and Iroh as they reach the bottom of the walkway.
Zuko Uncle, I want the repairs made as quickly as possible. I don't want to stay too long and risk losing his trail.
Iroh [Disinterested.] You mean the Avatar?
Zuko [Turns around sharply to face Iroh as he slightly backs off.] Don't mention his name on these docks! [Makes some wide arm movements.] Once word gets out that he's alive, every firebender will be out looking for him, and I don't want anyone getting in the way!
Zhao [Iroh and Zuko turn, with shocked expressions on their face, toward the camera in the direction the sound came from.] Getting in the way of what, [Close-up of a man with big sideburns dressed in a Fire Nation uniform.] Prince Zuko?
The man walks over to the duo with his hands held behind his back. Zuko awaits him with his arms crossed with contempt, while Iroh just stares at him.
Zuko [With dislike in his voice.] Captain Zhao.
Zhao [Smirks.] It's commander now and [Bows slightly in Iroh's direction.] General Iroh. Great hero of our nation.
Iroh [Bows back.] Retired general.
Zhao The Fire Lord's brother and son are welcome guests anytime. What brings you to my harbor?
Iroh Our ship is being repaired.
As Iroh gestures toward the ship, the camera moves back to show the severely damaged ship.
Zhao That's quite a bit of damage.
Zuko Yes. [He holds up one finger, while Iroh stares disinterested in front of him.] You wouldn't believe what happened. [He glances at his uncle, and angrily commands him as he gestures at Zhao.] Uncle! Tell Commander Zhao what happened.
Iroh [Iroh's eyes open wide in surprise as he is addressed by Zuko.] Yes. I will do that. [He happily holds his hand up and relates enthusiastically.] It was incredible! [To Zuko from the corner of his mouth in a confused tone.] What? Did we crash or something?
Zuko [Looks at his uncle uncomfortably.] Yes! Right into ... an Earth Kingdom ship!
Zhao [In disbelief.] Really? You must regale me with all of the thrilling details. [Smirks while he gets into Zuko's face.] Join me for a drink?
Zuko [He averts his gaze and begins to walk away.] Sorry, but we have to go.
Zhao smiles evilly at him as he starts to walk away, but after a few steps, Iroh place his hand on his shoulder to hold him back.
Iroh Prince Zuko, show Commander Zhao your respect. [Removes his hand from Zuko's shoulder as he faces Zhao while Zuko just slants his eyes.] We would be honored to join you. Do you have any ginseng tea? It's my favorite.
Iroh and Zhao walk off screen. Zuko grunts in anger upon hearing Iroh's tea comment. He growls angrily and firebends a small arc out of annoyance as he turns to walk after them.

The scene cuts to Appa who is flying above the clouds in the Patola Mountain range. A closer shot reveals Aang and Katara sitting atop Appa's head and Sokka is back in the saddle. Switch to a close-up of him clutching his stomach at it growls. Close-up of his face with a look of dismay all over it.

Sokka [Annoyed.] Hey, stomach? Be quiet, all right? I'm trying to find us some food.
Sokka starts to go through the luggage and gets out a bag. He looks at it for a moment while it sways in the wind. With his tongue out of his mouth full anticipation, he sticks his hand in the bag and starts to go through it. He looks surprised for a moment, but quickly and with anticipation turns the bag upside down to pour the contents into his hand. Close-up of his gloved hand as only a few crumbs of blubbered seal jerky fall into it.
Sokka [Accusingly to the two in front of him.] Hey! Who ate all of my blubbered seal jerky?!
Aang [Surprised.] Oh. That was food? [Happily.] I used it to start the campfire last night. [The hint of a smile can be heard.] Sorry.
Sokka [Shocked.] You what?! [Looks up before slanting his eyes and groans. Longing.] No wonder the flames smelled so good.
Cut to a wider shot as Appa races past and ascends up to some mountains.
Aang [Excitedly.] The Patola Mountain range! We're almost there!
Katara [Uneasily.] Aang, before we get to the temple, I want to talk to you about the airbenders.
Aang [Cheerfully.] What about 'em?
Katara [Close-up of Katara.] Well, I just want you to be prepared for what you might see. The Fire Nation is ruthless. [Sadly.] They killed my mother, and they could have done the same to your people.
Aang [Ponders over her words for a bit. Hopefully.] Just because no one has seen an airbender, doesn't mean the Fire Nation killed them all. They probably escaped!
Katara [Places one hand on Aang's shoulder.] I know it's hard to accept.
Aang [Cheerfully as Katara moves her hand back to her side.] You don't understand, Katara. The only way to get to an airbender temple is on a flying bison, and I doubt the Fire Nation has any flying bison! [Caresses Appa's head.] Right Appa?
Appa grunts. The camera moves back to show that Appa flies past to begin a last ascent up the side of a mountain.
Aang Yip yip!
An overview shot follows Appa's flight up the mountain and through the clouds. Appa turns out of sight behind the flank of a mountain. The camera view shifts and Appa is seen emerging from behind that flank and turns further upwards. Close-up of his passengers. Aang holds onto the reins tightly as Appa rapidly ascends while Katara, whose eyes are closed, and Sokka hold on tight to Appa's fur and saddle respectively. Aang looks back for a moment to his passengers. The camera switches to a further off view of Appa as he flies over the rocks and into the sky again. He flies over a last ridge that is covered with trees. The camera pans up to reveal a large temple as Appa floats toward it.
Aang [Voice-over.] There it is. The Southern Air Temple.
Katara Aang, it's amazing!
Aang is visibly excited as a close-up shows how his eyes widen upon the sight of the temple.
Aang [To Appa.] We're home, buddy! We're home. [His eyes squint a bit in happiness.]
The scene switches back to the Earth Kingdom docks where several Fire Navy ships are lined up. Something that looks like a railroad stretches out along the shipyard. The camera moves to the right to reveal a number of tents lined up in front of the ships. One of the bigger tents is being guarded by two Fire Nation soldiers. Switch to a shot of Zhao inside the tent, standing in front of a large map of the Avatar World that is hung up on the wall. He holds his hands behind his back. The camera slowly starts to move back.
Zhao ... and by the year's end, the Earth Kingdom capital will be under our rule. [Shift to a bird view of the tent, revealing Zuko, sitting at a table, and Iroh, standing in the corner, looking at some weapons that are placed against the wall. Zhao turns around.] The Fire Lord will finally claim victory in this war.
Zuko [Close-up. Angrily.] If my father thinks the rest of the world will follow him willingly, then he is a fool!
Zhao [Pulls up alongside Zuko and smirks.] Two years at sea have done little to temper your tongue. So, how is your search for the Avatar going?
Iroh knocks over a weapon display behind them. The weapons come crashing down with a lot of noise. The general cowers at the noise and the damage he wrecked. Zhao turns around looking annoyed.
Iroh Eh.. My fault, entirely.
Iroh places his hands in his sleeves and walk away backward out of the screen with a faint smile on his face.
Zuko [Aggressively.] We haven't found him yet.
Zhao Did you really expect to? The Avatar died a hundred years ago. [Close-up of Zuko as he slants his eyes.] Along with the rest of the airbenders. [Close-up of Zhao whose face contorts in an evil expression.] Unless you have found some evidence that the Avatar is alive?
Zuko [Faces Zhao and responds very clearly.] No. [Stares back in front of him.] Nothing.
Zhao [With an expression of disbelief on his face as he rises from his chair.] Prince Zuko, the Avatar is the only one who can stop the Fire Nation from winning this war. [Leans in and faces Zuko.] If you have an ounce of loyalty left, you'll tell me what you found.
Zuko I haven't found [Looks up at Zhao and his tone becomes slightly more aggressive.] anything. [Close-up as he continues on a softer tone, slightly mockingly.] It's like you said. The Avatar probably died a long time ago. [Gets up.] Come on, Uncle, we're going.
As Zuko approaches the door, the guards stop him from leaving by crossing their spears while a third soldier enters the room. The camera switches to Zhao's point of view. Zuko and the two soldiers blocking his path can be seen in the background. The camera pans to the right to reveal the soldier that entered walking up to Zhao.
Soldier Commander Zhao, we interrogated the crew as you instructed. They confirmed Prince Zuko had the Avatar in custody, [Close-up of Zuko's head from behind.] but let him escape.
Zhao [Smiling evilly.] Now remind me, [Close-up of Zuko's face as Zhao walks up to him and leans over to talk into Zuko's ear. Zuko slants his eyes.] how, exactly, was your ship damaged?
The scene fades to a shot of the Southern Air Temple as the camera slowly moves closer toward it. Cut to Appa, who has landed at the base of snow covered stairs. The camera quickly pans up to reveal three small figures making their way up the mountain trail. The lead figure is running. Close-up of Aang as he runs at the front, excitedly looking back at the two siblings. As the two emerge from behind a corner, Aang runs off the screen.
Sokka So where do I get something to eat?
Closer shot of the two siblings. Sokka clutches his stomach with both hands. The bags under his eyes are darkened and he has a very annoyed look on his face.
Katara [Irritated.] You're lucky enough to be one of the first outsiders to ever visit an airbender temple, and all you can think about is food?
The camera switches to a broader view as the two siblings draw level with Aang, who is waiting for them at the next corner.
Sokka I'm just a simple guy, with simple needs.
Switch to a front view of Aang who points at something in front of him as Katara and Sokka approach.
Aang [Excited.] So that's where my friends and I would play airball, [The camera shifts to a shot of a stadium consisting of many tall poles.] and over there [The camera pans to the right to reveal the trio again.] is where the bison would sleep, and ... [Aang sighs.]
Switch to a front view of Aang with Katara and Sokka in the background. Aang looks sad at the deserted remains of his home.
Katara What's wrong?
Aang [A bit saddened.] This place used to be full of monks and lemurs and bison. Now there's just a bunch of weeds. [His eyes squint with sadness. The shot changes to a back view of Aang as he stands on the ledge; his clothes flutter in the wind, a dead tree at each side of him. In a sad tone.] I can't believe how much things have changed.
The camera moves back to shows that Katara and Sokka give each other a look of sympathy. They quickly approach Aang. The camera switches back to a front view of Aang who still looks sad as Katara and Sokka pull up beside him.
Sokka [Cheerfully trying to distract Aang from his sadness.] So uh, this airball game. How do you play?
Katara smiles at her brother and Aang's face clears up. He smiles too as he looks at Sokka from the corners of his eyes. Cut to a shot of Sokka looking concentrated while standing on a pole and guarding the goal of the airball court. The camera quickly moves back to the other side of the court, where Aang also stands on one of the tall poles, suspending a hollow ball in the air with airbending. He lets the ball roll over his shoulders, tosses it from side to side and lazily tosses it up in the air. He looks and smiles innocently at Sokka with his hands behind his back. Switch to Sokka who looks surprised at the upward movement of the ball before cutting back to Aang who opens one eye as the ball comes down again. The airbender jumps up and kicks the ball away with a powerful air swipe. It rapidly shoots across the poles, changing direction as it crashes into several poles, but steadily moving closer toward Sokka's goal. Switch to Sokka's point of view as the ball races quickly toward him. Change to a side-view of Sokka who opens his mouth in shock. He grunts as the ball hits him right in the stomach. The force of impact sends Sokka and the ball flying backward, right through the rotating door of the goal behind him. The camera moves further back to reveal Sokka crashing into the snow behind the goal. Aang laughs as he jumps up in joy. Close-up of Aang as he holds a hand above his eyes to make out where Sokka landed.
Aang [Smiling broadly, he stretches out his arms above his head.] Aang, seven! [He forms a Zero with his hands and makes a circular movement with his whole body.] Sokka, zero!
Cut to a shot of Sokka lying in the dirt. A twig is lying on his head while he looks a bit miserable. Katara stands in the background looking at her brother.
Sokka [Painfully.] Making him feel better is putting me in a world of hurt. [He erects himself, but before he gets up completely, his eyes widen when he sees something in front of him and he crawls to the front. The camera shifts to reveal and old Fire Nation helmet lying in the snow. It has been battered by the elements and shows signs of cracks and burns. He looks up at his sister.] Katara, check this out.
Katara Fire Nation.
Sokka We should tell him.
Katara [Yelling.] Aang! There's something you need to see.
Aang [Aang runs to them from the airball court, still playing with the hollow ball. Cheerfully.] Okay!
Close-up of Katara as her determined look to tell Aang the truth shifts to one of insecurity. She glances at the helmet and back at the approaching Aang. Suddenly she shifts her weight and brings her arms up. With one swift movement she swings her arms back, manipulating the overhanging snow to fall down, obscuring the helmet and Sokka from sight.
Aang [Happily runs up.] What is it?
Sokka brushes the snow off his head in the background and looks at his sister.
Katara [Innocently holds her hands behind her back.] Uh ... just a new waterbending move I learned.
Aang Nice one! But enough practicing, [Excited as he turns around and start walking away.] we have a whole temple to see!
Sokka [Brushes the last of the snow from his head and shoulders.] You know, you can't protect him forever.
Katara sadly slants her eyes and walks after Aang. The scene switches to a full view of one of the temple's many towers and quickly pans down to reveal that the trio has made it to a courtyard with a fountain in the middle. The water is frozen. Sokka and Katara are standing at the entrance of the courtyard while Aang runs up ahead excitedly.
Sokka [Arms crossed; stern.] Katara, firebenders were here. You can't pretend they weren't.
Katara walks passed her brother. Camera view switches to a side-view. Sokka pulls up beside Katara as she is talking.
Katara I can for Aang's sake. If he finds out that the Fire Nation invaded his home, he'll be devastated.
Aang [Happily.] Hey guys! [The two look up and see Aang standing in front of a statue of a monk, turning around and pointing toward it.] I want you to meet somebody!
Point of view switches to a shot from over the shoulder of the statue.
Sokka Who's that?
Aang [Facing the statue again.] Monk Gyatso! The greatest airbender in the world. [Scene switches to a frontal view of the statue as Aang turns around again toward the siblings while gesturing at the statue.] He taught me everything I know.
Aang bows to the statue of an elderly man with a mustache and a distinct round necklace sitting in lotus with his fists bumped to each other in front of him, while the camera zooms in on it. When the shot has zoomed in to a close-up of the statue's face, the scene changes to a flashback of Aang's past, the statue's face is replaced by the face of the real Gyatso. The scenery also become much brighter as it is a flashback of a sunny day at the Southern Air Temple.
Gyatso But the true secret, is in the gooey center.
The camera moves back a bit to reveal that Monk Gyatso is standing in front of an oven. With the use of a long wooden paddle, he retracts an orange, fruit pie out of the oven. With the use of his airbending, he creates a miniature tornado to spin out the fruity center of the pie.

The camera moves back to reveal Aang sitting on the ledge of the balcony, resting his left hand on his knee while staring into nothing. A bison is grazing in the trees on the background.

Aang [Distant.] Hmm ...
Gyatso walk over to the ledge as well and places his newly baked cake next to three others that were already standing there.
Gyatso [With a calm, soothing and understanding voice.] My ancient cake making technique isn't the only thing on your mind, is it Aang?
Aang [Downcast.] This whole Avatar thing, m-maybe the monks made a mistake.
Gyatso The only mistake they made was telling you before you turned sixteen, but we can't concern ourselves with what was. We must act on what is.
Gyatso extends his arm and while he does so, the camera moves back to reveal the beauty of the Southern Air Temple. The sky is filled with several sky bison with their cubs who are feasting from the nearby trees. Sun beams bathe the scene in bright light.
Aang [Voice-over.] But Gyatso? How do I know if I'm ready for this?
Gyatso [Cut back to a close shot of Gyatso with Aang sitting on the ledge in the background.] Your questions will be answered when you're old enough to enter the air temple sanctuary. Inside, you will meet someone who will guide you on your journey.
The camera moves slowly toward Aang whose face clears up. He uses his airbending to shift positions on the ledge, now facing his guardian and teacher.
Aang [Excited and curious.] Who is it?
Gyatso [Cut back to the close shot of Gyatso with Aang in the background.] When you are ready, he will reveal himself to you. [In the background, Aang, annoyed by this vague answer, grunts softly and looks up to the sky before cupping his face in his hands again. Monk Gyatso continues on a bright, happy tone.] Now, are you going to help me with these cakes, [Close-up of Aang as he smiles lovingly at Gyatso.] or not?
Aang [Happily stands up.] All right.
The scene cuts to a close-up of a purple fruit pie with Aang and Gyatso in the background. They take on an airbending stance, bringing their hand back.
Gyatso One. [The camera switches to a side-view as the duo conjures a small air ball.] Two. Three!
They shift their weight to the front, launching their air balls. The balls send the four fruit pies flying high in the air, disappearing in the clouds. The scene of the flying cakes switches to a shot of four monks in lotus, meditating quietly between some trees. Suddenly the cakes drop out of the sky and each of the monks is hit on the head by one of these colorful desserts. The monk at the far left of the line topples over upon impact. The moment the pies hit their heads, several flying lemurs appear and start to stuff their faces. One of the lemurs jumps up and down on the stomach of the toppled over monk while another grabs some cake right of the head of the monk on the far right. One of the lemurs jumps on the head on one of the monks. Cut back to Aang and Gyatso who are laughing loudly at the scene. Aang is clutching his stomach while Monk Gyatso is leaning on the railing of the balcony. They both move back from the railing when they are done laughing. The two monks bow at each other
Gyatso [Full admiration and love.] Your aim has improved greatly, [Caressing Aang's head.] my young pupil.
The flashback fades back to reveal Aang in the present, bowing the same way before the statue as he had done for the real Gyatso. The camera switches to a frontal view of Aang as he erects himself with a sad look upon his face.
Katara [Understandingly places a hand on his shoulder.] You must miss him.
Aang [Downcast.] Yeah. [He walks away.]
Katara [Curious.] Where are you going?
Aang [Switch to a shot from Katara's point of view. Aang is walking up some stairs that lead to a corridor behind the statue. He looks back while answering.] The air temple sanctuary. There's someone I'm ready to meet.
Aang enters the hallway. Cut back to Katara; she looks questioningly at Sokka, who just shrugs. They both start walking after Aang. Switch to an overview shot of inside the corridor. The round symbol of intertwined air currents, the national symbol of the Air Nomads is largely embedded in the floor, surrounded by two square shapes that form some sort of sun together. The camera pans up to reveal that the trio has reached the entrance of the air temple sanctuary. The door supports a combination of metal colored pipes and three, blue, rolled up, pipes that are similar looking and arranges like the symbol for airbending. The large wooden door is framed by the branches of an old tree standing on the left of it and the hallway is illuminated by sunlight that falls through little, round windows.
Katara But Aang, no one could have survived in there for a hundred years.
Aang [Camera changes to show the trio looking up at the door. Hopeful.] It's not impossible. [Opening his arms.] I survived in the iceberg for that long.
Katara [Touching her chin with a finger.] Good point.
Aang [Close shot of Aang with Katara visible over his shoulder. He glances hopeful at her over his shoulder. Excited.] Katara, whoever's in there might help figure out this Avatar thing!
Sokka [Appears in screen from behind Aang's back. Katara and Aang look surprised at him. Eagerly.] And whoever's in there might have [Katara's look changes to one of annoyance. Close-up of Sokka's determined, anticipating face.] a medley of delicious [He rubs his hands together and practically starts to drool over the thought.] cured meats!
Full anticipation and longing, Sokka charges the door, but it will not budge and he just smacks into it, head first. He quickly turns around and puts his back to it, trying to push the giant door open. When the door does not move, he sighs, slides down disappointed and rests up against the door.
Sokka I don't suppose you have a key?
Aang [Shot from over Sokka's shoulder.] The key, Sokka, is airbending.
Close-up of Aang as he takes a deep breath. He spreads his arms and thrusts them forward, sending an air current into both of the tubes on the door. The camera follows the path of the right air current as it travels through the pipe. The wind makes one of the blue curled tube turn around. When it does, the tube changes colors to purple and the wind blows out like a horn. The process is repeated for the other two blue tubes as well. When the three blue tubes have turned and become purple, the camera moves back to show that Aang has unlocked the door and it slowly starts to open. Switch to a shot from inside the sanctuary as the door cracks open and light penetrates the dark room. The doors sway open and Aang is seen standing there with Katara and Sokka in the background. The scene switches to a shot from behind Katara and Sokka as the door cracks open entirely.
Aang [Cut to a front view of Aang as he brings his hand besides his mouth.] Hello? [Switch back to a shot from behind Sokka and Katara as Aang enters the sanctuary.] Anyone home?
Overview shot as Sokka and Katara walks behind Aang. Cut to a shot from close to the ground as they enter further into the sanctuary and disappear in the darkness.

The scene fades to Zuko who is sitting in a chair in Zhao's tent, flanked by two Fire Nation soldiers while Zhao is pacing back and forth.

Zhao So a twelve year old boy bested you and your firebenders. [Wider shot of the tent as Zhao stops pacing. Iroh can be seen sitting in a corner.] You're more pathetic than I thought.
Zuko [Angrily.] I underestimated him once, but it will not happen again!
Zhao [Frontal view with Zuko in the background. Aggressively.] No it will not. Because you won't have a second chance.
Zuko [Alarmed.] Commander Zhao, [Closer shot of Zuko.] I've been hunting the Avatar for two years and I -
Zhao [Cut to a shot from over Zuko's shoulder as Zhao angrily turns around, spreading flames in an arc.] And you failed! [He walks intimidatingly up to Zuko.] Capturing the Avatar is too important to leave in a teenager's hands. He's mine now.
Close-up of Zuko's face as it contorts with anger and he jumps at Zhao. Cut to a side-view. Before Zuko can reach the commander, however, he is held back by the two guards.
Zhao Keep them here.
Zhao walks away, leaving an angrily panting Zuko. Enraged, he kicks the table in front of Iroh, breaking it clean in two, sending the objects that were on it flying through the room.
Iroh [Calmly with a hint of amusement in his voice.] More tea, please.
Cut back to the sanctuary. The camera pans to the right to show a frontal view of Aang, Katara, and Sokka who are venturing further down into the sanctuary. The only light comes from the open door behind them and illuminates the scene with bluish light. They stop and Sokka holds a hand to his brow to look up ahead. Switch to an overview shot of the trio as they stand in the light that comes in through the door. Their shadows are cast over the floor. The camera moves back and pans more to the right to reveal a large amount of statues of people, lined up in a circular pattern. Switch to a side-view from among the statues as the trio walks through them, curiously looking around. Sokka halts before one of them.
Sokka [Disappointed.] Statues? That's it? Where's the meat?
Cut to a side-view of Aang and Katara who also have stopped and are looking up at a statue.
Katara Who are all these people?
Aang [Pensive.] I'm not sure. [Frontal view of Aang.] But it feels like I know them somehow. Look! [Camera shifts to a point behind Aang and Katara. Aang points at the statue of a man with airbending mastery tattoos in front of him.] That one's an airbender.
Katara [Camera pans to the right. Katara points at the statue of a male dressed in Water Tribe clothes next to the airbender.] And this one's a waterbender. [Looks to the right and back to the left.] They're lined up in a pattern: [Points at the respective statues.] air, water, earth and fire.
Aang That's the Avatar cycle.
Katara [Understanding.] Of course. They're Avatars. All these people are your past lives, Aang.
Aang Wow! There are so many!
Aang starts to walk down the circular pattern. Switch to Katara, who is now standing next to Sokka who has his arms crossed.
Sokka [Skeptically.] Past lives? [Aang stops before a statue while Sokka and Katara are still visible in the background.] Katara, you really believe in that stuff?
Katara It's true. [The picture pans up the reveal Aang staring at the statue of an elderly man with a beard. In the background hundreds of statues can be seen spiraling up.] When the Avatar dies, he's reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle.
Cut to a back view of Aang who is looking at the elderly man while the camera moves in closer. Quick change to a frontal view of Aang who stares with wide open eyes at the statue. The camera moves in closer to his face. Switch to the face of the statue. Its eyes gleam for a second. Cut back to a close-up of Aang who is still mesmerized by the statue. Katara appears behind him, grabs his shoulders and shakes him a bit.
Katara Aang! Snap out of it!
Cut to a wider view from over the shoulder of the statue. Aang is smiling at it while Katara looks worried at Aang.
Aang [Dazed.] Huh?
Katara [She curiously follows his gaze and looks at the statue as well.] Who is that?
Aang That's Avatar Roku. The Avatar before me.
Cut to a back view of the duo as Sokka walks up.
Sokka You were a firebender? No wonder I didn't trust you when we first met.
Katara [Looks at the base of the statue.] There's no writing. How do you know his name?
Aang I'm not sure. I just know it somehow.
Sokka [Growls irritably while crossing his arms.] You just couldn't get any weirder.
The trio startles and stares with big eyes in front of them when they hear something. They turn around. Switch to a scene of the blue light on the floor that comes in through the door. A long-eared shadow of another being that is approaching moves over it. The camera pans to the right toward the statues, but the trio cannot be seen. Overview shot from among the statues where Katara and Aang are hiding behind a statue on the left and Sokka, who is holding his club ready, hides behind a statue to the right. The shadow is creeping closer. Cut to a closer shot of the threesome. Katara has her teeth clutched in fright while Aang looks in front of him. Sokka holds his hand to his mouth as he addresses them.
Sokka [Whispering.] Firebender. Nobody make a sound.
Katara [Irritably.] You're making a sound!
Aang and Sokka [Putting their finger before their mouths.] Shhhh!
Katara looks scared in front of her again. Overview shot of the huddled trio as the shadow creeps closer. Close-up of Sokka who raises his club.
Sokka [Whispering.] That firebender won't know what hit him.
Cut to a broader view as Sokka stands up. The shadow has reached the bases of the statues and the camera pans up to reveal a small figure standing in the doorway; it chitters. The camera changes to a view from behind the figure. Sokka appears from behind the statue, his club to the ready, but lowers it as soon as he sees the animal. Aang and Katara peek form behind their statue as well. Frontal view of the erect flying lemur as it sits down and lowers his ears, blinking at the appeared threesome. Close-up of Aang.
Aang [Excitedly.] Lemur!
Sokka [Quickly pans to a drooling Sokka.] Dinner!
Cut to a close-up of the lemur as the animal pricks his ears and slightly tilts his head. Cut back to a close-up of a friendly looking Aang.
Aang [Reassuring.] Don't listen to him. You're going to be my new pet.
Sokka [Aang glares angrily at Sokka before the scene switches to a close-up of his drooling face. Challenging.] Not if I get him first!
Sokka stretches his hand while he excitedly lunges himself at the animal from behind the statue. Aang runs up at the lemur as well. Point of view switches to that of the boys. The lemur arcs his back in fright, his ears, hair and tail standing upright as the snatching hands of the boys draw closer. Switch to a back view of the lemur. It startles, quickly turns around and makes a break for it. Sokka barely misses the animal and falls down. Aang nimbly avoids tripping as well by using Sokka's head as a stepping stone. Switch to an overview shot as Sokka quickly gets up and runs behind Aang and the lemur as they exit the sanctuary.


Wait! Come back!
Cut to a shot from low in the hallway. The lemur bounces off the wall and chases out of the screen.
Sokka I want to eat you!
Aang and Sokka come sliding around the corner and give chase. Sokka passes Aang and shoves him back. Cut to a side-view of Sokka running in the lead. Aang pulls up next to him again, so Sokka takes out his club and takes a swing at Aang's legs. Aang nimbly avoids the club and uses his airbending to run on the side of the wall, laughing loudly with amusement. Cut to a shot from Sokka's point of view as Aang runs up ahead. The airbender runs on the floor again. He quickly turns around and directs on airball at Sokka, which knocks his legs from underneath him. Sokka flips in the air before smacking face first on the ground, his hood falling over his head while he lands. Switch to a frontal view from a balcony as the lemur exits the corridor and sits on the ledge of the balcony, looking back at the approaching Aang. He pricks his ears again and takes flight with a scared look on his face. Cut to a shot from over Aang's shoulder as he is running down the hall. He briefly glances over to see if Sokka is still following. He too exits the hallway and without slowing down, he jumps over the ledge of the balcony, behind the lemur. Cut to a shot from underneath Aang. The airbender turns in the air and uses some of the rocks to break his freefall, jumping from one rock to the other. Cut back to Sokka who too has reached the balcony, but stops there while looking over the rim.
Sokka Hey! No fair!
Cut back to a close-up of Aang who's freefalling again. His mouth is wide open in a smile and his eyes are slightly squinted and watering by the speed of his fall.

Cut to the Fire Nation tent at the occupied Earth Kingdom harbor. Zhao is walking toward it. The scene changes from inside the tent, where two guards hold their spears in front of the exit. Zhao pushes the cloths aside that serve as tent doors and enters.

Zhao My search party is ready. Once I'm out to sea, [Cut to a shot from over Zhao's head to reveal Iroh and Zuko sitting in two chairs in front of him in the middle of the tent.] my guards will escort you back to your ship and [Close-up of Zuko, who angrily looks down.] you'll be free to go.
Zuko [Angrily.] Why? Are you worried I'm going to try and stop you?
Cut to Zhao who starts to laugh out loud.
Zhao [Amused.] You? Stop me? Impossible.
Zuko [Angrily gets up. Enraged.] Don't underestimate me Zhao! I will capture the Avatar before you!
Iroh [Gets up as well; sternly.] Prince Zuko, that's enough.
Zhao [Confidently.] You can't compete with me. I have hundreds of war ships under my command and you? You're just a banished prince. No home, no allies. Your own father doesn't even want you.
Zuko [Angrily.] You're wrong! Once I deliver the Avatar to my father he will welcome me home with honor, and restore my rightful place on the throne!
Zhao [Close-up of Zhao as the camera pans to the right to slowly reveal his whole face.] If your father really wanted you home, he would have let you return by now, Avatar or no Avatar. But in his eyes you are a failure and a disgrace to the Fire Nation.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] That's not true.
Zhao You have the scar to prove it.
With a cry of frustration, Zuko jolts up out of his chair and into Zhao's face. Side-view as the two stare at each other in anger.
Zuko [Furiously.] Maybe you'd like one to match!
Zhao [Slightly mockingly.] Is that a challenge?
Zuko An Agni Kai. At sunset.
Zhao Very well. [Zhao erects himself.] It's a shame your father won't be here to watch me humiliate you. [Turns around.] I guess your uncle will do.
Zhao walks away. Front view of Zuko with Iroh in the background.
Iroh [Camera pans slowly to the right to a full close-up of Zuko. Worried.] Prince Zuko, have you forgotten what happened last time you dueled a master?
Zuko [Darkly.] I will never forget.
Cut to a scenery shot of the Southern Air Temple. Switch to somewhere inside the temple where the lemur lands on the ground. The animal erects his ears as Aang touches down on the ground behind him as well and launches forward. The lemur jumps out of the way. The camera pans to the right to follow the animal's escape as he runs through some ripped drapes, which once formed a tent.
Aang [Follows the lemur.] Hey! Come back! [Cut to a shot from inside the tent as Aang pushes the decaying curtain of drapes out of the way. Happily looks around.] Come on out little lemur! That hungry guy won't bother you anymore.
Aang walks up to another curtain of drapes. Cut to a frontal view from the other side of the curtain as Aang parts them. He looks in the room, but suddenly takes a sharp breath in shock. Switch to several skeletons dressed in Fire Nation uniforms lying scattered over the floor. The camera slowly pans up to a skeleton lying in the snow, surrounded by many more skeletons of Fire Nation soldiers.
Aang [Shocked.] Firebenders? They were here?
Aang enters the room and looks around with a sad expression on his face. The scene switches to a closer shot of the skeleton in the snow and slowly zooms in on it. The skeletons is adorned with a round necklace that supports the symbol of airbending. Close-up of Aang as he stares at the skeletons. Cut back to a close-up of the skeleton dressed in yellow monk robes. The camera focuses on the round, wooden necklace. Cut back to Aang, whose eyes are trembling with sadness and hold back tears.
Aang [Devastated.] Gyatso.
The view changes to one from beside the skeleton; its fingers are clearly visible in the front as Aang drops to his knees in the background and lets out a mourning sigh. Cut to Sokka who pulls the drapes aside and looks around.
Sokka [Happily.] Hey Aang! You find my dinner yet? [Cut to a side-view of Aang sitting on his knees, his head cupped in his hands. Sokka walks toward him. Reassuring.] Aang, I wasn't really going to eat the lemur, okay? [He approaches Aang with a smile on his face, but shakes his head and does a double take.] Oh man! [Switch to a shot of the skeleton of the monk witch slowly moves back to reveal that Sokka places a hand on Aang's shoulder.] Come on Aang. Everything will be all right. Let's get out of here.
Suddenly, Aang's arrow tattoos begin to glow a bluish white. Cut to a frontal view of Aang as he lifts his head, his eyes glowing in the same color. The camera pans up; Sokka retracts his hands and gasps for air in fright. Switch to an overview shot of inside the sanctuary where Katara is walking down the circular pattern of statues. She stops before and looks at the statue of Avatar Roku. Cut to a close-up of the statue's face. The camera's point of view switches to behind Roku's shoulder. Katara suddenly looks surprised as a bluish, white light illuminates her face; it seems to come from the statue. Cut back to a close-up of the statue. Its eyes are gleaming bright. The bright light spreads to the other statues and one by one, their eyes start to gleam. The camera pans up to reveal how the light travels from statue to statue and makes its way up to the top of the sanctuary. The camera's point of view switches again to behind Roku's shoulder to show Katara who is still staring at Roku in shock.
Katara [Worried.] Aang!
Katara turns around and sprints away.

Switch to another temple somewhere hidden in the mountains. Inside the temple there is man, dressed in the typical green of the Earth Kingdom, sitting in front of a painting of past earth Avatars. Their eyes also begin to gleam brightly. Cut to a frontal view of the man's frightened expression. The light is so strong that it casts long shadows on his face. Switch to somewhere on one of the poles where two Water Tribe civilians are looking at the water temple's roof that glows bright with bluish, white light. Cut to a far off view of the Fire Temple; its roof glows with a reddish light. Cut to a view from inside the temple where a Fire Sage is leaning out a room where the light is emanating from.

Fire Sage Send word to the Fire Lord immediately! The Avatar has returned!
The expression on the recipient Fire Sage's face turns to one of fright. Cut back to the decaying building Aang is in at the Southern Air Temple. Switch to a close shot of Aang's feet where a whirlwind begins to form. The wind kicks away a bone. The camera slowly pans up. The wind kicks up and forms a sphere around Aang; his eyes and tattoos still glowing brightly. Aang's clothes flutter heavily in the wind.
Sokka [Alarmed.] Aang! Come on! Snap out of it!
Sokka holds up his arm to protect himself against the raging winds. Suddenly, the air sphere around Aang expands and sends Sokka flying backward.
Sokka Aaaaahh!
Cut to an overview of the dilapidated building. The roof explodes by the force of the hurricane and debris is catapulted high into the air. Switch back to inside the rubble of the building where Sokka spins through the air and smacks against the wall. The air sphere has expanded to a raging tornado with Aang in its center. Sokka peeks at Aang from behind a rock. Switch to an overview shot as Katara walks up to Sokka, holding her arm protectively before her face.
Katara [Shouting above the raging winds. Close-up of the two siblings. Katara looks worried at her brother.] What happened?
Sokka [Shouting.] He found out firebenders killed Gyatso!
Katara Oh no! It's his Avatar spirit! [Raises her hand to protect herself against the winds and the flying debris.] He must have triggered it! I'm going to try and calm him down! [Closes an eye against the wind and starts to make her way toward Aang.]
Sokka [Holds on to the rock in an attempt not the get blown away. Alarmed.] Well, do it! Before he blows us off the mountain!
Cut to a side-view as Katara fights the storm to get to Aang. Cut to a shot from over her shoulder. The sphere of wind that engulfs slowly starts to rise in the air. Katara is pushed back by the strong wind currents that fill the remains of the building as the sphere ascends higher and higher.

Cut to an overview shot of a Fire Nation arena at the occupied Earth Kingdom harbor at sunset. Switch to a view of the inside. The camera pans to the left to reveal some two figure standing at the right and 5 figures standing at the left of the arena. Close-up of Zhao as he is squatting down; He is bare-chested and wears some sort of scarf over his shoulders. Zuko and Iroh can be seen in the background. Switch to a close-up of Zuko, squatting the same way and dressed in the same attire.

Iroh Remember your firebending basics, [Close-up of Iroh's upper body.] Prince Zuko. They are your greatest weapons.
Zuko [Close-up of Zuko's determined face.] I refuse to let him win.
Zuko stands up and turns around. The scarf drops from his shoulder. Switch to Zhao on the other side of the arena who also rises and turns around; his scarf swivels down as well.
Zhao [Confident whisper.] This will be over quickly.

Cut to a Fire Nation soldier standing on higher grounds. He sees that the duo has readied themselves for battle, so he rings a large gong. Cut back to a side-view of Zuko and Zhao standing in the middle of the arena, both taking on a firebending stance. Close-up of Zuko who has his hands stretched out in front of him, glaring at Zhao. Switch to Zhao who stands the same as Zuko. The screen splits; the upper pane is a close-up of Zhao's eyes and slowly slides to the left, the lower is a close-up of Zuko's eyes and slowly slides to the right.

Cut to a view from behind Zuko as he starts to lower his arms, leaving a trail of fire behind. Camera moves to a frontal view of Zuko as he directs a strong fire blast at Zhao. Zhao moves to the left, out of the way of the blast before moving back to the right to avoid another blast. Switch to a shot of Zhao's left foot with Zuko in the background; the camera pans to the right. The prince shoots two more strong blast at Zhao. Frontal view of Zhao as he crosses his arms in front of him and takes the blasts head on. He moves one arm up and the other down, dissipating the flames. He smirks at Zuko who is seen panting heavily with his arm still stretched out from his last attack. He angrily grinds his teeth and performs a roundhouse kick, spraying flames toward the camera. The shot switches to a side-view of Zhao who creates his own flames to push away Zuko's blazing attack. He performs his trick again. Close-up of Zuko who squints his eyes and directs another powerful flame kick in Zhao's direction. Close-up of a smirking Zhao who holds his own fire ready. He launches forward. Shot of his feet, showing his strong stance as he swings his arms over the ground, severing Zuko's next attack. The camera switches from Zhao, who seems unfazed by Zuko's attacks to Zuko, who is panting heavily with fatigue. Cut to Iroh, who is holding his fist up while rooting for his nephew.

Iroh Basics Zuko! [Close-up of Zuko's determined face.] Break his root!
Side-view of Zhao who ferociously attacks Zuko with a strong fire blast. Zuko is thrown back a bit by the force of the attack while he diverts the flames to both of his sides. Zhao takes a step forward. Closer shot as he directs another powerful blast at the prince, using his both arms this time. Zuko is thrown back again but still diverts the fire away from him. Zhao takes another step forward and fires again with the same result on Zuko's side. Shot of Zhao who firmly plants his foot down; cut to a shot where he holds his both wrists together and fires another strong blast. Zuko is thrown back upon impact and slides back several meters over the ground. He lifts his head while grunting in pain. His expression turns to one of shock as he looks up and sees that Zhao has jumped up and soaring through the skies toward him. With a loud scream, he lands at Zuko's feet, erects himself and thrusts his fist forward to deliver the final blow.

Cut to Zuko's eyes who open wide in fright as the fire reflects in them. At the last possible second, Zuko rolls out of the way and swirls his feet around. While getting up, he swipes Zhao's legs from underneath him. Cut to a shot of Zuko's feet as he firmly plants them on the ground. Close-up as he smiles confident. Switch to a shot from over the ground as Zuko's steps forward, sliding fire at Zhao's feet, who steps back. Zhao is caught off balance and wobbles backward. Zuko keeps repeating his move, directing his attacks at Zhao's feet in an attempt to throw him off balance. Switch to Zhao, who falls back in distress and subsequently to Iroh, who smiles approvingly. Cut to Zuko who directs a powerful kick at his adversary. Zhao barely pushes it out of the way while staggering back ever further. Zuko kicks again and this time he succeeds in knocking the commander over. Zhao falls down and rolls over the ground, where he ends up on his back. Zuko runs up at him and threatens him with an outstretched arm, ready to deliver the final blow. Zhao brings his head up and looks at Zuko. Close-up of Zuko's eyes and back to a shot of Zhao's face.

Zhao [Challenging.] Do it!
Zuko grunts and thrusts his fist forward, emitting another fire blast. Smoke appears on screen and Zuko erects himself. Cut to a blackened spot on the ground, next to Zhao's face. The camera moves back to a broader view.
Zhao That's it? Your father raised a coward.
Zuko [Anger clearly audible in his voice.] Next time you get in my way, I promise, I won't hold back.
Zuko turns his back to Zhao and starts to walk away. Close-up of Zuko's face as he walks; Zhao can be seen erecting himself in the background, his back facing Zuko. He suddenly turns around and aims a powerful kick at Zuko, spreading his flames. Before Zuko notices anything, however, Iroh intervenes and grabs Zhao's foot, dissipating the fire. Iroh tosses Zhao back who slides away on his back. Zuko wants to charge Zhao in anger, but Iroh stops him.
Iroh No, Prince Zuko. Do not taint your victory. [Turns to face Zhao. Condescending.] So this is how the great Commander Zhao acts in defeat? [Close-up of Zhao lying on the floor.] Disgraceful. [Cut back to a closer shot of Zuko and Iroh.] Even in exile, my nephew is more honorable than you. [Zuko looks at Iroh upon hearing those last words. Switch to a shot from over Zhao's shoulders.] Thanks again for the tea. It was delicious.
Iroh and Zuko turn and walk toward the gate of the arena. Zhao partially erects himself and grunts as he watches them go. Overview shot of Iroh and Zuko exiting the arena.
Zuko [Softly.] Did you really mean that, Uncle?
Iroh [Slyly while glancing at his nephew.] Of course. I told you ginseng tea is my favorite.
Overview shot of the harbor as the duo walks toward their ship.

Cut to Aang, who is still suspended in the air in his sphere. Strong winds are rampaging through the rubble of the destroyed building. Katara and Sokka are holding on for dear life on some stones, trying not to get blown away.

Katara [In the background, Sokka is hunched over his rock, clenching his teeth together. Katara shouts calmly with a sad expression on her face. The camera slowly moves in on her.] Aang! I know you're upset and I know how hard it is to lose the people you love. I went through the same thing when I lost my mom. [Diverts her eyes. Shot switches to a frontal view of Aang, his tattoos glowing and wind swirling around him; his clothes flutter in the storm. Sokka runs over to his sister in the background.] Monk Gyatso and the other airbenders may be gone, [Close-up of her as she looks up at him.] but you still have a family. Sokka and I! [Sokka opens his eyes and glances at his sister.] We're your family now!
Close-up of Aang's emotionless face as he begins to descend. The angle changes to a view from behind Sokka and Katara as they watch him lower himself back to the ground; the winds start to die down and the air sphere that surrounded Aang disappears. Close-up of his feet as he touches the ground. Frontal view of the young Avatar, his eyes and tattoos are still glowing bluish white. Katara and Sokka pull up next to him, one on each side.
Sokka [Gently.] Katara and I aren't going to let anything happen to you. Promise.
Close-up of Katara taking Aang's hand. The moment she does, the glowing fades away. Cut to a close-up of his face as his arrow and eyes also stop glowing. He slants his eyes with a saddened expression, before he collapses from exhaustion in Katara's arms.
Aang [Sad and tired.] I'm sorry.
Katara It's okay. It wasn't your fault.
Aang [Sadly.] But you were right. And if the firebenders found this temple, that means they found the other ones, too. [Close-up of his sad face as he closes his eyes.] I really am the last airbender.
Katara hugs Aang tightly. The camera moves back and Sokka places a hand on Aang's shoulder. Switch to a shot of the statues inside the sanctuary. The camera pans down to reveal Aang standing in front of Roku's statue again. Shot from over Roku's shoulder as Katara pulls up next to Aang.
Katara Everything's packed. You ready to go?
Aang [Closer shot of Aang and Katara's faces. Softly.] How is Roku supposed to help me if I can't talk to him?
Katara Maybe you'll find a way.
They glance at each other when they hear something behind them. They turn around and see the flying lemur standing on its back legs in the middle of the doorway. Cut to a back view of the animal as it jumps to the right, toward where Sokka is standing. The animal reaches his feet and drops the load he was carrying: a variety of fruits. The lemur quickly dashes away as Sokka sits down and starts to stuff his face with the fruit, taking large bites of two different pieces of fruit. Cut to a shot of Aang and Katara who smile at Sokka.
Aang Looks like you made a new friend Sokka!
Sokka [Pushing the food in his mouth with his two hands. Looks up with an exhilarated look upon his face. With a full mouth.] Can't talk! Must eat! [Takes another big bite.]
The flying lemur climbs onto Aang and hides behind his head, his tail curled around Aang's neck
Aang [Looking at the lemur from the corners of his eye.] Hey, little guy!
Cut to a panoramic view of the Southern Air Temple from a distance. The camera pans down to reveal Aang standing next to Appa with Momo perched on his arm.
Aang [To the winged-lemur.] You, me and Appa; [Frontal view as the camera closes in on them.] we're all that's left of this place. [Looks at the lemur.] We have to stick together. Katara, Sokka, [Switches to a shot of the duo fiddling with their luggage. They turn back to look at Aang as he calls them. Sokka is still eating a peach.] say hello to the newest member of our family.
Katara [Aang approaches the duo.] What are you going to name him?
Sokka is about to take another bite of the peach he is eating. Cut to a shot of Aang who looks surprised when the lemur suddenly leaps off his arm and returns, holding the peach. The animal starts to nibble from it.
Aang Momo.
Cut to a wider shot. Sokka still stands there, mouth open and hand in front of his mouth, ready to take a bite, however, he has no peach anymore. The others start to laugh upon seeing Sokka's expression. Cut to a panoramic view of the Southern Air Temple at dusk; the camera slowly pans to the right. Cut to Aang, who is sadly staring back at it, leaning on the luggage that is tied at the back on Appa's saddle. Momo chitters quietly as they fly further away from the temple. Dark clouds slowly move in front of the temple, obscuring their view.
The scene changes, depicting a clear, starry night sky, the camera panning downwards to the open sea where Zuko's ship sails through the water. Cut to shot of inside Zuko's bedroom, the camera panning to the right to portray the entirety of the room. Zuko is seen meditating in his cabin, his back to the camera. The glow of the four candles situated on a table steadily increases and decreases in time with the prince's relaxed inhalations and exhalations. Cut to frontal shot of Zuko sitting peacefully with his eyes closed, the four candles in view, continually brightening and dimming. Cut to side-view shot of Zuko's head, the door to his cabin in view. Iroh cracks open the door and peeks through while Zuko opens his eyes.
Zuko [Calmly.] The only reason you should be interrupting me, is if you have news about the Avatar.
Iroh [Pushes open the door completely and enters the room, holding a rolled up scroll in his hands.] Well, there is news, Prince Zuko, but you might not like it. Don't get too upset.
Zuko [Cut to shot of the prince sitting motionless, still assuming his meditative stance, his back to the camera. Calmly.] Uncle, you taught me that keeping a level head is a sign of a great leader. Now, whatever you have to say, I'm sure I can take it.
Iroh [Frontal view of Zuko, Iroh tugging his small beard in the background.] Okay then. [Hesitatingly.] We have no idea where he is.
The flames of the candles suddenly erupt in a fiery mass, brushing the ceiling and obscuring Zuko from sight.
Zuko [Enraged.] What!?
Cut to a wider shot of the room as Zuko rises to his feet, enraged. Iroh shields his face from the flames, and merely withdraws a fan from his robe and begins waving it to cool himself down.
Iroh You really should open a window in here.
Zuko [He snatches the scroll from Iroh's hand.] Give me the map! [He unrolls it, scanning over the parchment.]
Iroh Well, there have been multiple sightings of the Avatar, but he is impossible to track down.
Zuko [Desperately.] How am I going to find him, Uncle? [Cut to a shot of the map in Zuko's hand, several locations marked down with zigzagged lines connecting each point; Voice-over.] He is clearly a master of evasive maneuvering.
The shot of his map fades to a shot of the team's own map, minus the zigzagged lines, Sokka holding it in his hands. Cut to shot of him pouring over the map and questioning Aang's navigational skills.
Sokka [To Aang.] You have no idea where you're going, do you?
Cut to shot of the entire group mounted on Appa. The siblings are riding in his saddle while Aang sits atop his head, looking back. Appa's fur seems dirty and disordered.
Aang Well ... [Happily.] I know it's near water.
Scene cut to overhead view of Appa flying over a vast body of water.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] I guess we're getting close then.
Cut to shot of Katara, who is preoccupied with sewing a hole in Sokka's pants, Aang glancing over at her from atop Appa's head, Momo perched on his shoulder. He concocts an idea to impress her.
Aang Momo, marbles please. [Close-up of Momo who dives into his shirt and emerges, handing Aang two small, gray marbles.] Hey Katara, check out this airbending trick!
Using airbending, Aang manages to spin the two marbles quickly along an equatorial plane as he grins happily. Cut to side-view of Aang and Katara, Katara taking no notice and continues to sew.
Katara [Nonchalantly, still focusing on her task at hand.] That's great, Aang.
Aang [Disappointed, stops performing the trick.] You didn't even look.
Katara [Looks over Aang and attempts to show enthusiasm.] That's great!
Aang [Dismayed.] But I'm not doing it now.
Sokka [Cut to shot of Katara and Sokka seated on Appa's saddle. Sokka waves his arm breezily at Aang as if he is trying to shoo him away.] Stop bugging her, airhead. You need to give girls space when they do their sewing.
Katara [Close side-view shot of Katara as she casts her brother an annoyed glare; irritably.] What does me being a girl have to do with sewing?
Sokka [Cut to a shot of Sokka lazily resting with his arms behind his head.] Simple. Girls are better at fixing pants than guys and guys are better at hunting and fighting and stuff like that. [Cut back to an annoyed Katara.] It's just the natural order of things.
Katara [Suddenly smiles. Sarcastically.] All done with your pants! [Shows that the pants are still ripped.] And look what a great job I did!
Katara angrily tosses the pants in his direction. Cut to shot of Sokka as the pair of pants hit him in the face, covering it. He quickly scrambles to free himself.
Sokka [Protesting and pleading.] Wait! I was just kidding. [Sticks one arm through the large hole in his pants.] I can't wear these! Katara, please!
Aang [Cut to a frontal view of Aang with the duo in the background. Enthusiastically.] Relax, Sokka. Where we're going, you won't need any pants.
Aang yanks Appa's reins to the left, his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Appa picks up speed as he flies right passed the camera. Cut to an overview shot of an island covered with mountains. Switch to a far off shot of a beach, where Appa has landed and Team Avatar has dismounted.
Sokka We just made a pit stop yesterday. Shouldn't we get a little more flying done before we camp out?
Katara [Cut to close frontal view of Aang who is looking at something, his hand held against his brow. The siblings stand in the background.] He's right. At this rate, we won't get to the North Pole until spring.
Aang [Camera moves back to reveal Appa as well. Innocently.] But Appa's tired, aren't you boy?
Appa does not react at all apart from a mild grunt, which comes across less than convincing.
Aang [Nudges Appa against his front leg with his elbow.] I said, aren't you boy?
Appa puts slightly more enthusiasm behind his response the second time by grunting louder and opening up his mouth wide as if he was yawning.
Sokka [Aang smiles over his shoulder at the duo. Sarcastically.] Yeah, that was real convincing.[Somewhat fearfully.] Still, hard to argue with a ten-ton magical monster.
Aang [Runs toward the shore, takes a sharp breath and points. Excitedly.] Look!
Cut to an overview shot of the bay. Aang is standing on the beach, pointing and looking at the water where an elephant koi jumps out the water and back in, creating a giant splash. Switch to a shot of the two siblings staring in awe at the giant fish. Cut to a view from behind Sokka and Katara with Aang visible between the back of their heads.
Aang [Excited.] That's why we're here. [Starts to disrobe while more koi fish jump out of the water in the background.] Elephant koi, and I'm gonna ride it. Katara, you've got to watch me!
Cut to a side-view of the coastline as Aang runs up and dives in. As soon as he submerges, he jumps out again.
Aang Cold!
Switch to Katara and Sokka, still standing on shore, they exchange glances while Appa walks away, clearly taking interest in something else. Sokka makes a circular motion with his left hand around near his left temple, signaling to his sister that he thinks Aang is crazy. Cut back to Aang who is swimming toward the deep waters of the bay where the koi fish are. He dives under and immediately appears again, now holding on to the back fin of one of these giant animals as it jumps out of the water before diving again. Cut back to the siblings. Katara smiles broadly and impressed at the sight of Aang riding the koi fish while Sokka stares at the scene with an uninterested look upon his face and his arms crossed. Cut to a broader view, Sokka and Katara are with their back toward the camera. Momo is jumping excitedly up and down as Aang's koi fish reappears again.
Aang [Switch to a close-up of Aang atop the fish's back, waving at his friends.] Hahaha, hahaha!
Katara [Cut to Katara who enthusiastically waves back.] Whooh!
Switch to a frontal view of Aang riding the koi. Two other koi jump out of the water behind him to the left and right. Aang is still laughing loud with excitement as they race through the water. Cut to an overview shot of the bay as the three koi playfully jump out the water before diving. Switch to an underwater shot of Aang and the fish. Cut to a shot of Katara and Sokka on the beach. Momo is still excitedly jumping up and down while Katara addresses her brother who still has his arms crossed.
Katara [Smiling.] He looks pretty good out there.
Sokka [Unimpressed.] Are you kidding? [Lazily gestures at Aang in the water.] The fish is doing all the work.
Katara [Notices something behind Sokka and runs off screen.] No, Appa. Don't eat that! [Appa grunts.]
Switch back to a widely smiling Aang atop the fish, presumably in an attempt to impress Katara. Switches to off the shore from his perspective as Katara runs off inland. Close-up of Aang's disappointed face.
Aang [Disappointed, the smile having faded off his face.] Oh man ...
Cuts to overhead shot of the water, the backs of the three koi fish in view. Two koi fish suddenly change direction, including Aang's, swerving to the bottom-right of the screen, leaving behind one koi fish that continues to race forward. The camera pans up, the dark shadow of a large body appears beneath the water's surface directly behind the koi fish. Switch to a close shot of Sokka.
Sokka [Alarmed.] There's something in the water!
Cut to shot of one koi fish as it attempts to leap out of the water only to be pulled back under the surface by something unknown. Cut to a frontal shot of Aang still surfing on the koi fish's back, smiling widely, unaware of the danger. Katara reappears next to her brother again while Momo is screeching in alarm.
Katara [Worried.] What's wrong?
Sokka Aang's in trouble. Aang!
Katara Get out of there!
Cut to Aang who grips the dorsal fin of the fish, his smile having now faded. He looks surprised at the commotion on the shore. Cut to shot of the shore from his perspective, Katara and Sokka motioning for him to exit the water by flailing their arms and calling to him from far away.
Sokka Get back here, Aang!
Switch back to a shot of Aang, who, believing them to be cheering him on, waves only to suddenly be hurled off the koi fish, into the water when the koi fish is being pulled under.
Aang [Flailing his arms and legs.] Whaaaahh! Aaaah!
Cut to wide-open shot of the lake, Aang plunging into the water as the koi fish he was mounted atop disappears under the water. Cut to Aang who resurfaces and gasps for breath as the massive dorsal fin of the unknown creature emerges from the surface directly behind him. Cut a wider shot of entire dorsal fin and a shot of Aang who turns around, suddenly alarmed by the sight.
Aang [Frightened.] Whaaaahh!
Cut to wide-view shot of the lake, the dorsal fin of the creature swerving off to the side as Aang uses airbending to run across the surface of the lake at lightning speed. Cut to a frontal shot of a heavily panting Aang fleeing the scene, his feet treading water, the creature following him in hot pursuit. Cut to overhead shot of the lake, Aang a mere speck in the water, a trail of white foam behind him, the creature gaining on him. Cut to shot of Sokka and Katara standing on the shore. Sokka suddenly grows alarmed as Aang collides straight into him, having reached the shore safely. Cut to shot of the entire lake and shore as the dorsal fin of the creature disappears beneath the surface. Katara runs to where her brother and Aang have come to a halt. Cut to shot of Sokka leaning against a tree trunk, a trail marking where his body slid across the ground. Aang is seen dressing himself as Katara and Momo approach the two.
Katara What was that thing?
Aang I don't know.
Sokka [Stands up and wipes his hands together.] Well, let's not stick around to find out. Time to hit the road.
The camera pans upward to where several female warriors clad in green kimonos descend from the treetops ambushing the trio. The women quickly encircle the group and take them out. Cut so Sokka who is being pulled back and knocked over. Switch to a shot of Katara with Aang in the background. Katara is pulled by her arm. As she leans in to maintain her balance, someone pulls her parka over her head and pulls her down. Aang is distracted by Katara's struggles, giving the opportunity to another female warrior to grab him by his collar. Momo flies up screeching from his shoulder, only to be quickly caught in a bag, only his head still protruding. Cut to a shot of the ground when a bound and blindfolded Momo, Aang, Katara, and Sokka are thrown on the ground in a line, each grunting when they hit the ground. They are surrounded by the female warriors.
Sokka Or, we could stay a while.
The camera switches to a shot of the beginning of a snowy path. The camera pans up, revealing that the path leads to a village in the distance. Cut to a shot of the back of a man while the scene pans to the left. The man addresses Aang, Sokka, and Katara who are still blindfolded and tied to a large wooden pole. The bagged Momo stands on the ground in front of Aang.
Oyaji [Voice-over.] You three have some explaining to do.
The camera moves even further to the left, revealing the back of one of the woman dressed in green that ambushed the group earlier.
Suki [Voice-over.] And if you don't answer all our questions, we're throwing you back in the water with the unagi.
Sokka [Close-up of the blindfolded Sokka. Challenging.] Show yourselves, cowards!
A gloved hand, the forearm dressed in a leather band with a gold insignia on top of it, removes the blindfold. The scene switches to Sokka's point of view. Five girls in green kimonos and wearing white and red face paint are standing in front of him. Cut to a side-view shot, panning to the right.
Sokka [Aggressively.] Who are you? Where are the men who ambushed us?
Suki [Stepping forward, gesturing heavily with her clenched fist. Indignantly.] There were no men. We ambushed you. Now tell us, who are you and what are you doing here?
Sokka [Closer side-view shot of Sokka who stares at them in disbelief.] Wait a second, [He amusingly glance to his right to where Aang stands as if he is looking for confirmation. Mockingly.] there's no way that a bunch of girls took us down.
Suki [Grabs Sokka by his collar. Angrily.] A bunch of girls, huh? The unagi is gonna eat well tonight.
Katara [Leans forward in her bonds. Pleading and apologetically.] No, don't hurt him! He didn't mean it. My brother is just an idiot sometimes. [Suki released Sokka, but still stares at him in dismay.]
Aang It's my fault. [The three teenagers looks surprised at Aang's words. The camera pans the left to reveal a sorrowfully looking Aang.] I'm sorry we came here. I wanted to ride the elephant koi.
Oyaji [Cut to a frontal view of Oyaji. Angrily.] How do we know you're not [Points at the bound three.] Fire Nation spies? Kyoshi stayed out of the war so far. And we intend to keep it that way!
Aang [Cut back to Aang, a brightened expression on his face.] This island is named for Kyoshi? I know Kyoshi!
Oyaji [Humorless.] Ha! How could you possibly know her?
Switch to Oyaji's point of view as the camera pans up. At the top of the wooden pole stands a statue of a tall woman holding two stretched open fans. She is dressed in a similar outfit as the female warriors that ambushed the group.
Oyaji Avatar Kyoshi was born here four hundred years ago. [Close-up of the face of the statue. The colors have faded away a bit, but it is still clear that Kyoshi wears the same white face paint, with the red accentuated eyes as the modern Kyoshi Warriors wear.] She's been dead for centuries.
Aang [Cut to Aang who looks pensive at the statue before looking at the ground in front of him. He speaks in a soft, calm voice while the camera slowly zooms in on him.] I know her because I'm the Avatar.
Cut to a shot of Suki and Oyaji with the other Kyoshi Warriors standing in the background. Oyaji looks shocked at Aang's revelation.
Suki [Not convinced by Aang's statement. Shaking her fist to emphasize her words.] That's impossible! The last Avatar was an airbender who disappeared a hundred years ago.
Aang [Cut to Aang and his friend from a point of view between Suki and Oyaji. Aang smiles sheepishly.] That's me!
Oyaji [Cut to frontal view of Suki and Oyaji who angrily points at Aang while looking at Suki.] Throw the impostor to the unagi!
Suki and the rest of her warriors immediately retract their metal fans from out of their belts and slid them open. Ready to counter any sudden attack, they threateningly start to move forward and surround the bound friends. Cut to a close shot of Katara as she leans forward in the ropes, glancing to her right where Aang is bound to the pole.
Katara [Nervously.] Aang ... do some airbending ...
The camera pans to the left, passing Sokka who is looking at the female warriors, his mouth open in shock and stopping at Aang who looks questioningly at Katara for a moment. Cut to an overview shot of the scene as Aang bends over before pushing himself off the ground. He leaves a large dust cloud as he shoots in the air, stretching out his ropes, using one of the outstretched fans of the statue to snap them in half. Now completely free of his bonds, he tumbles elegantly over the statue.
Spectators [Talking all at once.] Wow! Did you see that? Airbender!
Aang lands gently on the ground in front of the surprised crowd, his robes still fluttering in the air. Oyaji and the Kyoshi Warriors stare at him in shock. A lot more people have gather around to see what is going on. Unlike the female warriors, Oyaji and the other civilians are dressed in blue.
Oyaji [In awe.] It's true ... you are the Avatar!
Aang [Cut to a frontal view of Aang with a serious look on his face, a relieved Sokka and Katara still tied up in the background to his left.] Now ... [He pulls his marbles out from underneath his robes.] check this out!
He performs his trick again, letting the marbles spins around really fast between his hands. Grinning and blinking like a fool, he looks at the crowd, hoping to impress them. Cut to the cheering crowd. A young man in the front starts to emit a high pitched squeal while widely tossing his hands up in the air in admiration. He gets so overexcited that he starts to foam, fall toward the camera, and faints; the rest of the villagers just keep on cheering.

The shot switches to a close-up of Kyoshi's statue's wooden face as it is being repainted. The right side of her face is already done and the previous cracks are not visible anymore. The painter carefully reapplies her left eyebrow with black paint. A back view shot of the statue shows the main street of Kyoshi village with houses at both sides and one bigger house at the end of the street. Another villager is cleaning the back of the statue with a broom. The camera pans to the right until the big house becomes the center of the shot before cutting to a shot of Appa who lazily lies on his side, eating hay while two villagers are grooming him. He growls and chews while the camera pans the the left and up to focus on three open windows of the main house on the first floor. Cut to a side-view of inside the house where Aang, Katara, and Momo are sitting at a long table. A villager places another dish on the already richly filled table. Aang and Momo are very excited to see the display of decadent desserts in front of it, but Katara supports an uneasy look.

Aang [Throws his arms in the air while Momo digs in and chitters. Ecstatic.] All right! Dessert for breakfast!
Katara pokes one of the squishy looking, orange puffs with a flat top in front of her. Cut to a frontal view of the two as a doubtful Katara picks up and closely investigates the dessert she just pokes. Aang on the other hand does not share her reluctance and starts stuffing his face, two desserts at once.
Aang These people sure know [The rest is kind of muffled out because he is cramming his desserts in his mouth.] how to treat an Avatar!
Katara still is not convinced about the deliciousness of the dessert she is holding. Glances at Aang.
Aang [Impressed.] Mmm ... [Offers one of the desserts he is holding to Katara.] Katara you've got to try these!
Katara [Puts down the orange dessert, accepts the dessert Aang offers her and takes a bit.] Well, maybe just a bite ...
Momo sneaks up to Aang and snatches the dessert out of his other hand and quickly dashes away, who smiles at his pet. He does not let the theft bother him and quickly gabs another dessert in front of him while Katara munches down the piece of cake and reaches across the table for the same dessert Aang just took.
Aang [Glances to his left, over the hunched Katara to Sokka. Momo appears between Aang and Katara and quickly snatches another cupcake from the table before vanishing underneath it.] Sokka, what's your problem? Eat!
Cut to Sokka who is sitting in a corner, walking with his arms crossed while staring in front of him.
Sokka Not hungry.
Aang [Aang leans backward to be able to look past Katara to Sokka; his eyes wide open in surprise.] But you're always hungry!
Cut to a wide shot of the room, Aang in front, Sokka in the back. It is shown that the amount of desserts has dwindled severely.
Katara [Glancing amusingly at Aang. Slightly mocking.] He's just upset because a bunch of girls kicked his butt yesterday.
Sokka [Protesting.] They snuck up on me!
Katara [Mockingly looks at her brother.] Right. And then they kicked your butt.
Cut to a wider shot of the table. Momo is lying underneath the table with his front paws around a bunch a pastries he collected. He is chewing while Sokka angrily stands up in the background.
Sokka [Indignant.] Sneak attacks don't count! [Walks out of the scene with big strides. Mumbling to himself.] Tie me up with ropes! I'll show them a thing or two. [Comes back to the table to face Katara and Aang. Momo grabs some more pastries that lie around him.] I'm not scared of any girls. [Snatches some of the desert of the table.] Who do they think they are anyway? [He shoves one of the deserts in his mouth and stalks off again.] Mmm ... this is tasty.
Front view of Aang and Katara. In the back villagers are still working on beautifying the statue of Kyoshi. Aang is still holding one of the sweets as the looks at Katara.
Aang What's he so angry about? [Excited.] It's great here. They're giving us the royal treatment!
Katara Hey, don't get too comfortable. It's risky for us to stay in one place for very long.
Momo's arm comes into view from underneath the table. He scans the table for new pastries to snatch.
Aang [Lowers his arm with the pastry and offers it to Momo's grasping paw.] I'm sure we'll be fine. [The lemur feels the desert and quickly snatches it out of Aang's hand.] Besides, did you see how happy I'm making this town? [Aang moves closer to Katara and turns around to look out of the window at the statue.] They're even cleaning up that statue in my honor!
Katara Well, it's nice to see you excited about being the Avatar. [Slightly concerned.] I just hope it doesn't all go to your head.
Aang [Reassuring.] Come on, you know me better than that. I'm just a simple monk.
Aang gets up and leans on the window sill so he can look better outside. As soon as he emerges, the villagers scream with delight and admiration for him. Aang looks down in surprise to see where the sound came from. The camera switches to his point of view and reveals a bunch a little girls cheering for him; Koko is among them in the front row. The camera cuts back to Aang who flashes a broad smile at the girls while blushing. Katara is standing behind him with her arms crossed in disapproval. She rolls her eyes and makes a raspberry.

Switch to a shot of Aang and Koko standing serene with a waterfall in the background. A painter is measuring their proportions with his brush. Aang and Koko are obscured from sight as the artist raises his canvas and starts painting the outlines of Koko.

Painter [Muttering to himself.] Hmmm ... Painting the Avatar ... that's easy enough ... [He lowers the canvas and notices that another girl has pulled up next to Aang. Surprised.] Oh, there's another one ... [He obscures his models again from sight by raising his canvas and painting the outlines of the other girl.] Well, I'll make an adjustment here, and ... [He lowers the canvas to see that three more girls have joined Aang.] There's more ... [He obscures the Avatar and his fangirls from sight again with his canvas while he quickly paints Aang.] well that ...
The painter lowers his canvas again and discovers that Aang is now surrounded by sixteen little girls. The camera switches to the annoyed face of the painter. As he stares at his models, his brush drips on his painting. Close shot of Aang and the fangirls as they all push and pull to be as close to Aang as they can possibly get. They are all smiling widely and giggling while Aang looks somewhat horrified by all the girls around him. A side-view of the scene shows that some girls are completely leaning on others in order to have a spot on the painting. The painter gets up and walks away without saying a word, while the tower of people crashes under its own weight.

Switch to a shot of Aang and his fangirls back in the village. A frontal shot of the monk shows that he is doing push-ups while Momo is sitting on his back and his fangirls have lined up in a semi-circle behind him. After three push-ups, Aang starts to do one handed push-ups and soon switches to no handed push-ups, but pushing himself up with his airbending. The girls stare at him in admiration. Cut to a wider view as Katara walks past carrying a basket. A look of disapproval dons her face as she keeps on walking without even glancing at the Avatar.

Cut to a shot of a small house surrounded by trees. Sokka walks up to it.

Sokka [Angrily grunting to himself.] I can't believe I got beat up by a bunch of girls.
Inside the house, six Kyoshi Warriors are training. They are performing a routing with a fan in perfect unison. Sokka peeks his head around the door to look at them. He smiles smugly and enters.
Sokka [Condescending.] Sorry ladies, [Suki and the other warriors stop their exercise and close their fans. They stare at Sokka with a serious look on their faces.] didn't mean to interrupt your dance lesson. [The camera moves back, revealing that Sokka was stretching.] I was just looking for somewhere to get a little workout?
Suki [Looks at how Sokka continues his warm up.] Well, you're in the right place. [Cut to a side-view while Sokka is loosening up his hips.] Sorry about yesterday. I didn't know that you were friends with the Avatar.
Sokka [Stretching his arms.] It's all right. [Mockingly suppressing a laugh while speaking.] I mean, normally I'd hold a grudge, but seeing as you guys are a bunch of girls, I'll make an exception.
Suki [Sarcastically.] I should hope so. A big strong man like you? We wouldn't stand a chance.
Sokka [Smugly.] True. But don't feel bad. After all, I'm the best warrior in my village.
Suki [Keeps using sarcasm without Sokka catching on to it. Leans slightly toward Sokka.] Wow! Best warrior, huh? [Glances back to the other Kyoshi Warriors.] In your whole village? [Looks back to Sokka.] Maybe you'd be kind enough to give us a little demonstration.
Sokka [Frontal view of Sokka as his eyes widen upon hearing the unexpected request.] Oh ... well ... I mean ... I ...
Suki [Turns to the other warriors.] Come on, girls! Wouldn't you like him to show us some moves?
The camera switches position and shows the other female warrior giggling and smiling in agreement. Switch back to a side-view of Sokka and Suki.
Sokka Well, if that's what you want, I'd be happy to. [He places his hands on Suki's shoulder in order to push her back a little, but she does not move a bit.] All right, you stand over there. Now, this may be a little tough, but try to block me.
While he is talking, Sokka takes on a fighting stance while Suki has not moved a muscle from the position Sokka has put her in. Sokka bends through his knees and attacks the female warrior by trying to punch her. Suki does not move, but easily defends herself by bringing up her left arm and thrusting her closed fan against Sokka's shoulder. His cries out in pain and staggers backward.
Sokka [Rubbing his hurt right shoulder. Impressed.] Aw! Heh heh ... good. Of course, I was going easy on you.
Suki [Close-up of Suki's confident face.] Of course.
Cut to a side-view. Sokka is clearly annoyed and angered by Suki's arrogant facial expression.
Sokka [He starts with a mumble, raising his tone of voice with each word.] Let's see if you can [Shouting while he attempts to hit Suki with a roundhouse kick.] handle this!
Suki quickly dodges under Sokka's outstretched leg and pushes him off balance. When the Water Tribe warrior lands flat on his back with a loud thud, Suki lazily opens her fans to wave herself some air. Sokka, a little shocked by his second failure, loses his temper at the sight of Suki's defiant posture.
Sokka [His voice cracking in anger.] That does it!
He gets up and madly charges her again. Suki quickly closes her fan and moves out of Sokka's way. She grabs him by the arm with her right hand, while she pushes against his shoulder with her left hand, quickly spinning him around. After two turns, she switches position and spins Sokka in the other direction. Close-up of Sokka's distressed face as he is powerlessly being tossed around. Switch to a wider shot as Suki suddenly halts Sokka so he topples forward. Before falling down, Suki loosens Sokka's belt and ties his left hand to his right foot behind his back in one swift movement. Sokka tries so maintain his balance for a while by jumping on one leg, but it is not long before he loses footage and smacks down flat on his face.
Suki [Mockingly.] Anything else you want to teach us?
Sokka blushes in humiliation as the Kyoshi Warriors laugh at him.

Switch to an overview of Kyoshi Village where Aang and his fangirls are standing before Kyoshi's statue. The camera slowly moves toward the group before changing to a bird view of Aang and the girls that are looking up at the statue. One girl to the right of Aang is carrying a passed out Momo.

Aang There she is, girls. Me in a past life.
Scene switches to a frog view of the statue.
Fangirls Ooohhh ...
Koko [Admiringly.] You were pretty!
Aang turns to look at her with a wondering look upon his face. He looks at the rest of his fangirls like he is searching for someone.
Aang [Holding up a finger to draw their attention.] Excuse me for a second, ladies.
The girls do not say anything, but there cheerful expression changes to one of disappointment.

The scene switches to a frontal view of Katara who filling a pot with groceries. Aang comes up behind her, smiling, and gives her a gentle poke to get her attention.

Katara [Turns around in surprise, but is happy to see that the poke came from Aang.] Oh, good! Can you help me carry this back to the room? [She moves the pot toward Aang.] It's a little heavy.
Aang [Holding up his hands to fob off with the offered pot.] Actually, I can't right now.
Katara [Slightly irritated.] What do you mean, "you can't?"
Aang I promised the girls I'd give them a ride on Appa. Why don't you come with us? It'll be fun!
Katara [Resumed filling the pot with more vegetables.] Watching you show off for a bunch of girls does not sound like fun.
Aang [Disappointed.] Well, neither does carrying your basket.
Katara [Annoyed.] It's not my basket. These supplies are for our trip. I told you, we have to leave Kyoshi soon.
Aang [Central focus on Aang.] I don't want to leave Kyoshi yet. I can't put my finger on it, [He puts his hand to his chin in a thinking posture; the camera pans to the right, showing Aang's fangirls better in the background.] but there's something I really like about this place.
The fangirls giggle. Shot switches to a closer shot of the girls.
Koko [Stomping her foot in annoyance and puts her hands on her hips, while another girl happily waves at Aang; irritated.] What's taking you so long, Aangy?
Cut back to Aang and Katara; the former enthusiastically waves back at his awaiting fangirls, while the latter raises an eyebrow at the scene.
Katara [Slightly mocking.] Aangy ...
Aang [Enthusiastically.] Just a second, Koko!
Katara [Sarcastic.] "Simple monk", huh? [Annoyed.] I thought you promised me that this Avatar stuff wouldn't go to your head.
Aang It didn't. You know what I think? You just don't want to come because you're jealous.
Katara [Close-up; angrily.] Jealous? [More high pitched voice.] Of what?
Cut to a broader shot. Aang moves back slightly, when an irritated Katara resumes to ferociously stuff the basket with more fruits.
Aang Jealous that we're having so much fun without you.
Katara [Irritated.] That's ridiculous.
Aang It is a little ridiculous, but I understand.
Katara turns to Aang, towering over him with her hands trust in her sides, like she is about to come down on him, but reconsiders.
Katara [Turning away; irritated.] Urch!
She grabs the heavy basket and staggers away, while Aang's fangirls run on screen and crowd around him, pulling him backward out of the screen.

Scene switches to Sokka who is standing outside of the Kyoshi Warriors' training hut. He kicks away a rock before turning toward the dojo. Cut to a shot from inside the dojo where Suki shows a movement that is copied by the eight other warriors behind here. Sokka walks in and the Kyoshi Warriors interrupt their training to face him.

Sokka [Timidly.] Uh ... hey, Suki.
Suki [Hostile.] Hoping for another dance lesson?
Sokka [Cut to a shot of Sokka who does not know how to act.] No ... I ... well, let me explain.
Suki [Close-up of Suki; hostile.] Spit it out! What do you want?
Sokka [Sokka looks hurt at Suki's hostility. He humbly drops to his knees in front of her.] I would be honored if you would teach me.
Suki [Frog view of Suki; hostile.] Even if I'm a girl?
Sokka [Averting his eyes.] I'm sorry if I insulted you earlier. I was ... wrong.
Suki [Cut to a side-view of the two; Suki has her arms crossed while looking down upon Sokka.] We normally don't teach outsiders, let alone boys.
Sokka [Raises his head to face her; pleading.] Please make an exception. [Bowing again.] I won't let you down.
Suki [Frog view; on a friendlier tone.] All right. But you have to follow all of our traditions.
Sokka [Close-up; eagerly.] Of course!
Suki [Smiling.] And I mean all of them.
The episode jumps to a few moments later when Sokka is standing in the dojo donned in the typical green dress of the Kyoshi Warriors and sporting the white face paint.
Sokka [Embarrassed looking down at his wardrobe.] Do I really have to wear this? It feels a little ... [Lower his arms in defeat.] girly.
Suki It's a warrior's uniform, you should be proud. [Closeup of Sokka, the camera pans down to reveal the entire uniform close by.] The silk threads symbolize the brave blood that flows through our veins. The gold insignia represents the honor of the warrior's heart.
Cut back to a broader shot, Sokka looking more comfortable wearing "a dress." Aang passes by the front door looking in with interest while Sokka proudly erects himself.
Sokka [Proudly.] Bravery and honor.
Aang [Popping in; smiling broadly.] Hey Sokka! [Sokka winces upon hearing his name and slants his eyes and shoulders in embarrassment.] Nice dress!
Suki turns to Aang, who speeds away, and looks back to the embarrassed Sokka with a content smile on her face.

Cut to an outside-view of Aang walking through town. Switch to a close-up of a small cup filled with water. Katara is sitting beside it and moving her left hand over the cup, bending the water inside it. The camera follows the rising of the water and the scene changes to a broader view of the room. Katara is looking concentrated at the water when Aang walks in. She moves the plume of water up and down, right and left.

Aang [Confidently.] Katara, remember how the unagi almost got me yesterday?
Katara [Slants up her eyes in annoyance, which Aang can't see while continuing to practice her bending.] Yeah.
Aang [Bragging.] Well, I'm gonna go ride it now. It's gonna be real dangerous.
Katara [Still not looking at Aang; disinterested.] Good for you.
Aang [Surprised.] You're not going to stop me?
Katara [Still disinterested.] Nope. Have fun.
Aang [Crossing his arms; defiant.] I will.
Katara [Growing irritated again.] Great.
Aang [Annoyed at Katara's lack of interest.] I know it's great.
Katara [Irritated.] I'm glad you know.
Aang [Annoyed.] I'm glad you're glad.
Katara [Angry.] Good! [She loses control over the water and it splashed back into the bowl. Katara balls her fists in annoyance.]
Aang [Emphasizing his reacting by swinging his hands.] Fine!
Aang angrily turns around to walk out of the door. Before he leaves, however, he already glances back to Katara with a sorrowful expression on his face. Right after he leaves the room, Katara crosses her arms in protection and glances at the door, looking sad as well. She turns her head and raises her eyes in a combination of annoyance and regret.

Cut to a bird view shot of inside the Kyoshi Warriors' training dojo where Sokka is performing some exercises with a fan under the watchful eyes of Suki.

Suki You're not going to master it in one day. Even I'm not that good.
Sokka I think I'm starting to get it.
Close-up of Sokka as he performs a series of well executed moves with his fan.
Sokka Tah!
As a last move, he closes the fan on throws it out of the dojo. The object flies straight into a tree, knocking down some of snow that had gathered on its branches.
Suki [Peeks her head around the door to look at the hit tree before turning back to Sokka. Friendly.] It's not about strength. Our technique is about using your opponents' force against them. Loosen up. [Retracts her own fan from her belt and points it at Sokka, who takes on a battle position.] Think of the fan as an extension of your arm. [Close-up of Sokka.] Wait for an opening and then ...
Suki charges Sokka, but he manages to evade her attack and uses the momentum of her speed against her, knocking her on her behind, much to her surprise.
Sokka [Looks surprised, quickly crosses his arms and looks smug.] Hmm ...
Suki [Quickly gets up; irritated.] I fell on purpose to make you feel better!
Sokka [Points at Suki, exclaims ecstaticly.] I got you! Admit I got you!
Suki grabs Sokka's pointing finger and twists it, making Sokka twitch and grunt in pain.
Suki Okay, it was a lucky shot. [Releases the finger while smiling broadly. On a more serious tone.] Let's see if you can do it again.
Camera moves to an overview shot as the two warriors prepare to battle again. Suki opens her fan threateningly and starts to circle around Sokka.

Aang returns to the room. Katara is seen sitting against the wall holding to her necklace.

Aang I'm not really going to ride the Unagi. [Waits for a reply.] I know I let this all go to my head, but it feels nice to see people so looking forward to seeing you. Impressed at everything you do. I let it go to my head. [Still waiting for a reply.] I'm sorry ok.
Katara [Aang sits beside her, she sets her fingertips on her necklace.] See this necklace? My mother gave it to me.
Aang It's beautiful.
Katara I lost my mother in a Fire Nation raid. [Hangs her head, turning away.] This necklace is all I have left of her.
Aang I'm sorry. It's not though enough, is it?
Katara No. [Hangs her head and turns away.]
Aang Katara?
Katara You look tired. I'll go down to the bay for some water. You try to rest. [Gets up and walks out the door.
Aang [Puts his head down and falls asleep.] Alright Unagi, round two.

Cut to the bay, Katara refills her pouch. Then she looks out and spots something across the water, far from the bay.

Katara [Carefully peeking over the rock.] Fire Nation!
Katara crawls up some rocks to have a better view of the ship. Switch to a scene of Aang sleeping. Katara runs straight in.
Katara [Worriedly.] Wake up, Aang!
She looks around for a while before starting to move her left hand over his chest, while supporting his head with her right. She moves her hand from his chest to his mouth, and bends out the water he had swallowed.
Aang [Waking up.] Katara . . . don't ride the unagi. Not fun.
Katara We have bigger problems Aang. Come on!
Cut to an outside shot of the Kyoshi Warriors' dojo. Inside Suki and Sokka are still training. Momo is hanging by his tail on one of the support beams of the roof. He has a collection of sweets with him which he is eating while watching the duo below him train. The camera moves closer to the duo on the ground, where Suki thrusts her hand, holding the fan forward, only to have it blocked by Sokka.
Suki [Smiling while impressed.] Not bad.
Sokka smiles back at her with confidence, when suddenly Oyaji appears in the door.
Oyaji [Sokka and Suki worriedly turn to him.] Another ship is passing our shores! [Suki immediately runs to him while he turns to head back to the town.] Girls, come quickly!
Sokka [Protesting.] Hey, I'm not a ... [Momo jumps on his shoulder and pushes himself off toward the door. Conceding.] oh, whatever!
Sokka runs out of the room. The Whole village gathers aground the shoreline.
Aang [Pointing out to the sea.] Hey! Over there!
Sokka I guess training's over.
Oyaji This isn't unexpected. For years the earthbender rebels have tried to resist Fire Nation control. But they are all eventually caught and taken to the ship. On the mainland in Fire nation occupied territory, it is forbidden to earthbend.
Sokka But why don't they try to escape? Metal comes from earth.
Oyaji They can't. That ship is made of pure metal and raised several feet above the nearest rocky shore. Not even the greatest of earthbenders can bend metal.
Aang [Sorrowful.] Look what I brought to this place.
Katara It's not your fault.
Aang [Close-up. Upset.] Yes, it is. Those people got captured because I wasn't here.
Camera turns to Katara. Five little girls can be seen behind her in the house. Koko stands in the doorway holding Momo, whole the girl next to her peeks around the door frame with a worried look upon her face.
Katara We have to follow it. All those people need our help.
Aang I'll call Appa.
Suki [To Sokka.] There's no time to say goodbye.
Sokka What about, "I'm sorry?"
Suki [Surprised.] For what?
Sokka [Close-up. Regretful.] I treated you like a girl when I should've treated you like a warrior.
Suki [Side-view.] I am a warrior. [She leans over and kisses Sokka on the cheek, before continuing again. A surprised Sokka touches his cheek where Suki just kissed him.] But I'm a girl, too. [Cut to shot of Sokka who blushes.]
Sokka runs to Appa who was lying ready a few meters further. Both Momo and Sokka run up Appa's tale.
Aang [Pulling the reins.] Appa, yip yip!
Appa groans and takes off. Cut to shot of the group flying away on Appa. Katara and Sokka are in the saddle.
Cut to shot of Oyaji viewing the spectacle from a building, his back to the camera. Switch to a frontal shot.
Oyaji [Gratefully smiling.] Spirits be with you, Avatar.
Sokka [Night falls and the ship disappears from view.] It's too late to track them, they're long gone.
Katara [Clenches fists.] We don't need to track them. The Fire Nation is going to take me right to the ship.
Aang [Confused.] And ... why would they do that?
Katara [Determined.] Because they're going to arrest me for earthbending. [Aang and Sokka share a horrified look.]
Scene changes to Sokka and Katara working together to push a boulder overtop an air vent on a rocky road.
Sokka I thought you were crazy at first, Katara, but this might work. There are ventilation shafts throughout these mines. All Aang has to do is send an air current from that vent to this one right here. The boulder levitates and ta-da! Fake earthbending.
Katara [Props hands off hips, turns to Aang.] Aang? Did you get all that?
Aang [Snapping small puffs of air at a sooty copper fritillary butterfly; dismissively.] Sure, sure. I got it.
Sokka Do you remember your cue?
Aang [Continues snapping puffs of air; still dismissive.] Yeah, yeah. Just relax. You're taking all the fun out of this.
Sokka [Aggravated.] By this, do you mean intentionally being captured by a group of ruthless firebenders?
Aang [Humored.] Exactly! That's fun stuff!
Sokka [Group of firebenders with spears approach.] Here they come! Get in your places!
Aang stops playing with the butterfly and Momo tries catching it as it flies away. As the group of spear-wielding guards approach, Katara and Sokka make a show of walking into one another by their stomachs before emphatically shouting.
Sokka [While angrily pointing at Katara.] Get out of my way, pipsqueak! [The soldiers watch in confusion. One of them even raises an eyebrow.]
Katara [Angrily hunched over.] How dare you call me pipsqueak, you giant-eared cretin!
Sokka [Just as angrily hunched over.] What did you call me?
Katara [Far too dramatically as her hair loopies move with her motion.] A giant-eared cretin! Look at those things! Do herds of animals use them for shade?! [Imitates an elephant's ears.]
Sokka [Towers over his sister.] You better back off! [Slips his hand by his mouth and mutters.] Seriously, back off.
Katara [More determined, heightens above her now-cowering brother.] I will not back off! I bet elephants get together and make fun of how large your ears are!
Sokka That's it! You're going down!
Katara I'll show you who's boss! [Angrily points at Sokka.] Earthbending style! [Over-dramatically leaps toward the boulder, clenching her fist upward to which there is no reaction. Angrily.] I said, earthbending style!
At Katara's shout, Aang gasps quietly as he realizes his mistake by missing his cue. The young airbender ceases playing with the butterfly, leaps up, and blasts a strong jet of air into the ventilation duct, suddenly sending the boulder levitating into the air. This reveals Momo behind the boulder, who has his arms raised, licking himself.
Guard [Points a finger to the lemur; surprised.] That lemur! He's earthbending!
Sokka [Katara and Momo each remain in their positions. Katara eyes the man in surprise. Sokka, angrily, waves his arms toward her.] No, you idiot, it's the girl!
Guard Oh. [Blushes shamefully.] Of course.
Sokka steps beside Katara, laying his hands on her shoulders as the boulder falls to the ground. Katara stands patiently.
Sokka I'll hold her. [Close-up. Whispers to Katara.] You've got twelve hours. We'll be right behind you.
The guards escort Katara away, leaving Aang, Sokka, and Momo to watch as she takes a final glance back. Sokka unhappily tugs at his ears, testing their sizes.
Sokka [Eyeballs Momo perched off of Aang's shoulder. Points accusingly.] Momo, you have some big ears! [Momo folds his ears back, hunches down, and coos in protest.]
Katara is in the back of a Fire Nation transport with other earthbender prisoners. She wears a brown, tattered prison garb over her blue Water Tribe outfit and stares glumly downward. Sokka and Aang each have conical yellow hats in a crowd, attempting to stealthily observe her travel. Katara looks longingly over shoulder as the cart bobs along a pier, heading toward a waiting barge on the ocean.

Aang and Sokka chase the barge, riding Appa through the clouds. The immense, smoking, off-shore Fire Nation prison rig is seen just ahead. Close-up of the rig.

Sokka [Aang stares nervously at the barge carrying Katara to the prison.] She'll be fine, Aang. Katara knows what she's doing.
After the barge arrives, six prisoners, including Katara, line up on the deck of the prison. Spear-wielding guards stand at either side. A prison warden approaches.
Warden [Smugly.] Earthbenders. It is my pleasure to welcome you aboard my modest shipyard. I am your warden. I prefer to think of you not as prisoners, [Quips smartly.] but as honored guests. And I hope you come to think of me as your humble and caring host. [Paces nonchalantly.] You will succeed here, if you simply abide-
The warden pauses, suddenly interrupted by a prisoner in line coughing. With no forewarning, the warden leaps into the air and aims a blast of fire at the prisoner's legs in anger. The prisoner cowers away for safety as the warden stands defiantly toward the man.
Warden [Very angrily.] What kind of guest dishonors his host by interrupting him?! Take him below! [Swings his arms. Some guards escort the man away. Mutters.] One week in solitary will improve his manners. [Continues smug gait.] Simply treat me with the courtesy that I give you-
Approaches Katara, kneeling to stare into her obstinate expression. She crosses her eyebrows, scowling coarsely at the man.
Warden And we'll get along famously.
The prisoners are taken on a tour of the facility. Below, fellow prisoners are seen laboring.
Warden You will notice, earthbenders, that this rig is made entirely of metal. You are miles away from any rock or earth. [Katara pauses, glancing over the expansive ocean to the land far away.] So, if you have any illusions about employing that brutish savagery that passes for bending among you people ... [Lowly.] Forget them. It is impossible. Good day.
A guard escorts the prisoners into the prison courtyard. Katara enters last and the metal gates close behind her. Among many earthbender prisoners, Haru takes notice of Katara. Above the courtyard, a watchman and the warden monitor the scene.
Haru [Surprised.] You're from the Water Tribe?
Katara Yes, I'm Katara.
Haru I am Haru. [Confused.] What are you doing here?
Katara [Whispering.] I came to rescue you.
Haru [Shocked.] So, you got yourself arrested?
Katara It was the only way to get onboard.
Haru You've got guts, Katara. I'll give you that. [Places hand on her shoulder.] Come on. There's someone I want you to meet.
The two approach an old, gray-bearded man eating dinner among other prisoners.
Haru Katara. This is my father, Tyro. [The older man looks up.] Dad. This is Katara.
Katara [Slightly bows.] It's an honor to meet you.
Tyro [Hands Katara a bowl.] Have some dinner, Katara. [Katara accepts the bowl, but grimaces.] It's not as bad as it looks. [Katara tries a spoonful, but becomes further disgusted. He finds humor in this with a small chuckle.] It's still pretty bad though.
Prisoner [Walks up and lays a hand on Tyro's shoulder.] Tyro. The prisoners are complaining there aren't enough blankets to go around.
Tyro I'll talk to the guards. In the meantime, make sure the elderly are taken care of. The rest of us will simply have to hope for warmer weather.
Katara If you don't mind me asking, what's your escape plan?
Tyro Excuse me?
Katara You know, the plan to get everyone off the rig? What is it? Mutiny, sabotage?
Tyro The plan? The plan is to survive. Wait out this war. Hope that one day some of us can get back home and forget this ever happened.
Katara [Shocked.] How can you say that? You sound like you've already given up!
Tyro Katara, I admire your courage. And I envy your youth. But people's lives are at stake here. The warden is a ruthless man, and he won't stand for any rebellion. I'm sorry, but we're powerless.
Katara [Obstinately.] We'll see about that.
Katara stands up and carries a trash can lid and a ladle, climbing on top of a wooden table. From there, she bangs the ladle against the lid to draw attention.
Katara Earthbenders! You don't know me, but I know of you. Every child in my Water Tribe village was rocked to sleep with stories of the brave Earth Kingdom, and the courageous earthbenders who guard its borders. [The watchman walks up to talk the warden, but the warden stops him and listens.] Some of you may think that the Fire Nation has made you powerless. Yes, they have taken away your ability to bend. But they can't take away your courage. And it is your courage they should truly fear! Because it runs deeper than any mine you've been forced to dig, any ocean that keeps you far from home! It is the strength of your hearts that make you who you are. Hearts that will remain unbroken when all rock and stone has eroded away. The time to fight back is now! I can tell you the Avatar has returned! So remember your courage earthbenders, [Shouts clearly.] let us fight for our freedom!
Katara's speech is met with utter silence and a small cough in the background, leaving her to fall into sorrow as she realizes the muted answer she receives. The warden walks away from the courtyard. Later that night while she is sleeping, Aang sneaks into the prison and taps his hand to her shoulder, waking her. Urging her to be quiet, he leads her to the perimeter where Sokka and Appa are waiting to make their escape.
Sokka Your twelve hours are up; We've gotta get outta here!
Katara I can't.
Sokka [Hurriedly.] We don't have much time. There are guards everywhere. Get on!
Aang [Concerned.] Katara, what's wrong?
Katara I'm not leaving. [Aang and Sokka share a questionable look.] I'm not giving up on these people.
Sokka What do you mean you're not leaving?
Katara We can't abandon these people! There has to be a way to help them.
Aang Maybe she's right. What do you say, Sokka?
Sokka I say you're both crazy! [The trio ducks a searching spotlight.] Last chance! We need to leave, now!
Katara [Sternly.] No!
Sokka [Shakes his head dismally.] I hate when you get like this. Come on, we better hide.
Aang [Katara and Sokka flee. Aang whispers to Appa before joining them.] Go hide.
Guard #1 [Appa soars overhead to fly away and hide.] Look!
The two guards who witnessed Appa take to the skies approach the warden on a catwalk.
Warden Tell me exactly what you saw.
Guard #1 Well, sir, it looked like a flying bison.
Warden [Surprised.] What?
Guard #2 It was a giant flying buffalo, sir. With an empty saddle.
Warden Which was it? A buffalo or a bison?
Guard #1 Uh, I'm not sure what the difference is, but that's not really the point, is it, sir?
Warden [Furiously.] I'll decide what the point is, fool!
The warden throws the first guard overboard. The man screams in horror before finally being silenced by a splash below.
Warden [To the second guard as he straightens up.] You! Wake up the captain. Search the entire rig! [Turns to walk away.]
Guard #2 Uh, sir.
Warden [Annoyed.] What?
Guard #2 [Somewhat timidly.] That was, the captain you just threw overboard, so ...
Warden [Still quite annoyed.] Then wake up someone I haven't thrown overboard and search the rig! There's something going on here and I don't like it.
Cut back to Kyoshi Island. Close-up of Zuko's fast approaching ship. A side-view shows that the ship reaches shore at the same moment the unagi's large dorsal fin submerges completely underneath the water. Closer shot when the ship's walkway is lowered; a frontal shot of three riders mounted on komodo rhino's, with Zuko in the lead.
Zuko I want the Avatar alive.
The camera pans up to show the deserted main street of the village. Zuko and three other soldiers mounted on komodo rhinos are standing at the base of the Kyoshi statue.
Zuko [Frog view close-up.] Come out, Avatar! [Camera pans from left to right, revealing how several villagers are hiding in the nearby houses.] You can't hide from me forever! [Camera focuses on the four riders while moving away from them over the main street, showing that there is not any movement in the village. Side-view of Zuko.] Find him.
As Zuko gives the command, the camera follows how the other three rhinos move into town. Cut to a shot of a fan being opened on a nearby roof. Cut to a side shot of two rhinos with their riders as one of the Kyoshi Warriors quickly passes them by behind some houses. Cut to a frontal view of the three rhinos, before switching to a shot of the running feet of a Kyoshi Warrior atop a snowy roof. When she pushes herself off, the scene switches to a frog view of the three rhinos and there riders as three Kyoshi Warriors come jumping toward them from atop nearby roofs, knocking off some of the riders. A Kyoshi Warriors lands in front of the lead rhino and opens her fans. The rider stabs at her with his spear. She moves to the right, disarms the rider, and jumps up to knock him off his steed with a spinning kick. Suki can be seen running past in the background.

Cut to a frontal view of a concentrated Suki while she runs toward Zuko. Switch to a back view of Suki, who moves to the left to avoid a fire blast of the prince. She jumps over another blast and tries to attack Zuko from the air, but he turns his rhino. The beast slams Suki away with a might sweep of his tail, knocking her down. Zuko shoots a fire blast at the downed warrior, but right before it would have burned her, a Kyoshi Warrior jumps before her and decimates the flames with a sweep of his fan. Suki prepares to fight Zuko, but before she can do anything, another Kyoshi Warrior jumps of a nearby roof and knocks a surprised Zuko of his rhino; the beast dashes away.

Close-up of Zuko angrily opening his eyes. The camera moves back to reveal how Suki, and the other Kyoshi Warrior all take on a fighting stance. Zuko pushes himself up and rapidly spins around on his hand while shooting fire out of his feet, knocking the Kyoshi Warrior back into the house and slamming Suki against a wooden pole, where she collapses in pain. Zuko proceeds with a low fire kick in Suki's direction. The Warrior jumps over the fire, but as soon as she lands again, Zuko sweeps his feet from underneath her. Suki falls in his back, and Zuko jumps over her to the middle of the street. He angrily looks around. Camera moves back to reveal the completely aflame and deserted street.

Zuko Nice try, Avatar! But these little girls can't save you.
Cut to a Kyoshi Warrior who deflects a fire blast with her fan, and retaliates by throwing her other closed fan to the firebender. With a load clung, the object makes contact with the bender's helmet, knocking him on his behind. The camera moves backward through an ally. Two retreating Warriors can be soon, deflecting fire balls left and right.

A frog view shows Appa flies over the burning buildings.

Zuko [Notices Appa flying across the sky.] Back to the ship! Don't lose sight of them!
Zuko and his men turn and run toward the coast where their ship is docked. He looks back to see the burning statue of Avatar Kyoshi.

Cut scene; Momo peeps over a wooden crate where the trio is safely hiding behind numerous boxes. Scene opens up to show the three huddled together seated on the metal ground in the darkness.

Sokka We don't have much time. What are we gonna do?
Aang I wish I knew how to make a hurricane!
Both Sokka and Katara provide Aang with assuredly un-entertained facial expressions.
Aang The warden would run away and we'd steal his keys!
Sokka Wouldn't he just take his keys with him?
Aang I'm just tossing ideas around.
Katara I tried talking the earthbenders into fighting back but, it didn't work! If there was just a way to help them help themselves.
Sokka For that they'd need some kind of earth, or some rock. Something they can bend.
Katara [Lays her palm to the surface.] But this entire place is made of metal!
Aang No, it's not. [Points to smokestacks.] Look at the smoke! I bet they're burning coal. In other words, earth.
Morning arrives, the scene gaining light. Sokka and Katara are alone by an air duct. Sokka is peering down into it, while Katara kneels beside it with her hands on its rim.
Katara It's almost dawn. We're running out of time! You sure this is gonna work?
Sokka It should. These vents reminded me of our little trick back at the village. We're gonna do the same thing, but on a much bigger scale. [The camera zooms through a visual walkthrough of Sokka's explanation.] There's a huge deposit of coal at the base of the silo. And the whole system is ventilated. Aang closed off all the vents except one. When he does his airbending the coal only has one place to go, right back here.
Guard There's the intruder!
The two siblings are suddenly surrounded by a number of spear-wielding Fire Nation guards. The prisoners have gathered a safe distance away from this spectacle, observing what is happening.
Sokka Stay back! I'm warning you! [Pulls out his boomerang, turning back-to-back with his sister.]
Tyro [Roughly.] Katara, stop! You can't win this fight!
Warden Listen to him well, child. You're one mistake away from dying where you stand.
A sudden rush of air fills their ears as the facility shakes. The ventilation shaft bursts off its hinges as an immense blast of coal soars into the air, crashing down into a gathered pile. Everyone present is silent, staring in stark surprise at this turn of events. Lastly, Aang leaps out from the barren ventilation shaft, landing atop the coal pile and coughing, covered in soot and dirt. Momo follows him and Katara runs up to the coal, turning to face the earthbenders.
Katara [Lifting up a piece of coal.] Here's your chance, earthbenders! Take it! Your fate is in your own hands!
Haru bolts ahead without hesitation, prepared to bend the waiting coal as a weapon. Tyro throws his hand up, bracing his son's chest to halt his advance.
Warden [Bursts out into highly amused laughter.] Foolish girl. You thought a few inspirational words and some coal would change these people? Look at these blank, hopeless faces. Their spirits were broken a long time ago. [Katara's expression dims as she does as instructed, staring at the forlorn prisoners.] Oh, but you still believe in them. How sweet. They're a waste of your energy little girl. You failed.
The warden finishes his speech by turning to take leave of the facility. As he does so, a single piece of coal sails through the air and pelts the back of his head. Outraged, the warden spins back to see who dared to attack him. Haru stands defiantly levitating three pieces of coal above his hand. The warden sends a blast of fire toward Haru, but the fire is blocked, as Tyro raises a wall of coal in his defense.
Warden [Guards line up and prepare for battle.] Show no mercy! [The guards send a blast of fire as one toward the rebelling prisoners.]
Tyro [The earthbenders work together to haul a sizable mass of coal to block the fire.] For the Earth Kingdom, attack!
Slamming the coal to the ground; chunks of rock assault the guards. The battle immediately flares, prisoners ducking blasts of fire and countering with fists of coal. Katara and Aang chase after Sokka as he snaps soldiers spears in two with his boomerang, tossing the broken shafts to Momo overhead. Momo continues to collect other pieces of broken spears that are thrown up to him.

Tyro and Haru work in unison to compress gathered coal into one lump, slinging this through the doors to make way for their escape. The guards on top fall down.

Tyro Get to the ships! We'll hold them off!
Warden Do not let them escape!
Aang [Generates an air funnel and holds it between his hands; to Katara and Sokka.] Guys! Throw me some coal!
Katara and Sokka drop heaps of coal into his funnel, firing the material rapidly at the warden and his fellow benders, knocking them to the ground. Following this, Tyro and two other earthbenders work together to lift coal beneath these adversaries, moving them away from the rig and over the ocean.
Warden [Pleading.] No, please! I can't swim!
Tyro Don't worry. I hear cowards float. [Drops their enemies into the ocean.]
On the barge headed to their homes, Haru and Tyro approach Katara on its deck.
Haru I want to thank you for saving me. For saving us.
Katara [Turning to face Haru. Denying.] All it took was a little coal.
Haru It wasn't the coal, Katara. It was you. [Katara blushes.]
Tyro Thank you for helping me find my courage, Katara of the Water Tribe. My family and everyone here owes you much.
Katara So, I guess you're going home now.
Tyro Yes. To take back my village. [Raises his voice to the crowd on the lower deck.] To take back all of our villages! The Fire Nation will regret the day they set foot on our land! [Crowd cheers at Tyro's bravado.]
Haru [To Katara.] Come with us.
Katara I can't. Your mission is to take back your home. Ours is to get Aang to the North Pole. [Gazes over the rail to see Momo join Aang atop Appa's head, floating in the ocean.]
Haru That's him, isn't it? The Avatar. [Aang airbends an encased piece of coal. Momo jumps into his lap.] Katara, thank you for saving us all. I never thought we'd be free again. I only wish there was some way ...
Katara I know. [Reaches for her necklace wistfully, but realizes it is not around her neck and panics.] My mother's necklace! It's gone!
Back on the prison rig, Zuko stands alone facing the sunset amid coal lying sparsely on the deck. He seizes Katara's necklace in his fingers, lifting it to stare at it grimly.

Eastern Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation

The scene opens to a cloudy sky, looking toward the ground. The point of view switches to one above the clouds as they pass by. A messenger hawk floats into view, emitting a cry. When Appa overshadows the bear and roars, it shrieks again and stoops down, swiveling out of view. The camera shifts to a side-view of Appa soaring along with Aang, Katara and Sokka in his saddle.
Katara [Voice-over; somewhat dreamily.] Those clouds look so soft, [Cut to Aang sitting lazily atop Appa's head, a twig in his mouth; the view pans to the left, showing Sokka carving something with an uninterested look on his face, Katara lying on her stomach, popped up on her elbows, staring dreamingly over the rim of Appa's saddle, and Momo sleeping on the luggage.] don't they? Like you just jump down and land on a big, soft cottony heap?
Sokka [Turns to Katara; mockingly with a smile.] Maybe you should give it a try.
Katara [Looks at Sokka with annoyance; sarcastically as she looks away from him.] You're hilarious.
Aang [Frontal shot; excitedly.] I'll try it! [Carrying his staff, he jumps off Appa with a big smile on his face. As he begins to fall, he turns once around his axis, winking at the camera as he passes. He falls down spreadeagled, laughing joyously.] Yeah!
Cut to a side-view of Appa's saddle as Katara and Sokka pop their heads over the rim, looking down in the direction Aang went. Cut to an upward looking shot following Aang falling down, still smiling broadly. As he passes the camera, it tilts down, following him as he vanishes in a cloud. Cut back to the siblings; Katara looks somewhat worried, while Sokka gazes wide-eyed at the point where Aang vanished. When he leans over to search the sky, Aang comes back up from behind them on his glider. The siblings turn around as they hear the snapping noise of Aang's glider being closed, and they watch how the airbender plops down on the saddle, his legs spread apart and a big smile on his face. Cut to a side-view of an unimpressed looking Sokka, before switching back to a frontal shot of Aang who is dripping wet.
Aang [Looking at himself.] Turns out, clouds are made of water.
He breaths in deeply and slams his balled, right fist against his stretched left hand, creating an expanding air ball around him in the process, drying himself off. As Aang leans back to rest on both his hands, he contently looks at Momo, whose fur got all fluffed by Aang's airbending. Cut to a side-view of Sokka, who is still looking at Aang unimpressed. Katara glances at her brother, but her attention is drawn to something over his shoulder.
Katara Hey, what is that?
Sokka looks over his right shoulder in the direction Katara is looking as well. Katara gets up and walks to the front of Appa's saddle. Cut to a shot of the landscape in front of them, a large, dark patch of burned land standing out among the lush green of the forest. Cut to a frontal view of the trio now all looking over the front rim of Appa's saddle, surprised looks on their faces.
Sokka [Camera zooms in.] It's like a scar ...
The scene fades to a ground view of the scorched forest. The camera pans to the right, showing many burned trees, and Team Avatar standing in the middle of a gray, barren patch.
Sokka [Voice-over.] Listen. [Cut to a frontal shot of a sad-looking Aang, his friends behind him.] It's so quiet. There's no life anywhere.
Katara Aang? Are you okay?
Sokka [Noticing footprints; angrily.] Fire Nation! Those evil savages make me sick! They have no respect for -
Katara Shhh!
Sokka [Whispering angrily.] What? I'm not allowed to be angry?
Katara points to Aang with a somewhat concerned look on her face as he slumps over, downcast at the sight.
Aang [Kneels down and sighs. He picks up some ash as it slowly seeps through his hand and drops to the ground; sadly.] Why would anyone do this? How could I let this happen?
Katara Aang, you didn't let this happen. It has nothing to do with you.
Aang [Sadly.] Yes, it does. It's the Avatar's job to protect nature. But I don't know how to do my job.
Katara That's why we're going to the North Pole. [Smiling softly.] To find you a teacher.
Aang Yeah. A waterbending teacher. But there's no one who can teach me how to be the Avatar. Monk Gyatso said that Avatar Roku would help me.
Sokka The Avatar before you? He died over one hundred years ago; how are you supposed to talk to him?
Aang I don't know. [Momo comes up to Aang and settles in his lap.]
In another area, Zuko comes looking for Iroh.
Zuko Uncle! It's time to leave! Where are you? Uncle Iroh!
Iroh [Relaxing in a hot spring.] Over here!
Zuko Uncle? We need to move on. We're closing in on the Avatar's trail and I don't want to lose him.
Iroh You look tired, Prince Zuko. Why don't you join me in these hot springs and soak away your troubles?
Zuko My troubles cannot be soaked away. It's time to go!
Iroh You should take your teacher's advice and relax a little. The temperature's just right. I heated it myself. [He breathes steam through his nose.]
Zuko Enough! We need to leave now. Get out of the water!
Iroh Very well! [He gets up, exposing himself.]
Zuko [Shielding his eyes.] On second thought, why don't you take another few minutes? But be back at the ship in a half-hour or I'm leaving without you!
Iroh sighs as he slumps back into the water.

The scene returns to the forest.

Katara [Approaches Aang.] Hey, Aang! You ready to be cheered up?
Aang [Sadly.] No. [An acorn is thrown at him.] Ow! Hey, how is that cheering me up?
Sokka [Chuckles.] Cheered me up. [An acorn gets thrown at him.] Ow. Yeah, I probably deserved that.
Katara These acorns are everywhere, Aang. That means the forest will grow back! Every one of these will be a tall oak tree someday, and all the birds and animals that lived here will come back. [She places the acorn in his hand and closes it.]
Aang Thanks, Katara.
Katara smiles at him, gasps at the sight of an old man approaching.
Sokka Hey, who are you?
Old wanderer When I saw the flying bison, I thought it was impossible! [Approaches Aang.] But, those markings ... are you the Avatar, child? [Aang look to Katara, who nods. He nods himself.] My village desperately needs your help!
The scene cuts to them at Senlin Village at sunset. The village has been partially destroyed. The wanderer leads them into the center building.
Old wanderer This young person is the Avatar!
Senlin Village leader So, the rumors of your return are true! It is the greatest honor of a lifetime to be in your presence.
Aang Nice to meet you too! So ... is there something I can help you with?
Senlin Village leader I'm not sure ...
Old wanderer Our village is in crisis, he's our only hope! [To Aang.] For the last few days at sunset, a spirit monster comes and attacks our village. He is Hei Bai, the black and the white spirit.
Sokka Why is it attacking you?
Senlin Village leader We do not know, but each of the last three nights, he has abducted one of our own. We are especially fearful because the winter solstice draws near.
Katara What happens then?
Old wanderer As the solstice approaches, the natural world and the Spirit World grow closer and closer until the line between them is blurred completely.
Senlin Village leader Hei Bai is already causing devastation and destruction. Once the solstice is here, there's no telling what will happen.
Aang So, what do you want me to do, exactly?
Old wanderer Who better to resolve a crisis between our world and the Spirit World than the Avatar himself? You are the great bridge between man and spirits.
Aang Right ... that's me.
Katara Hey great bridge guy, could I talk to you over here for a second? [She leads him toward a window.] Aang, you seem a little unsure about all of this.
Aang Yeah, that might be because I don't know anything at all about the Spirit World. It's not like there's someone to teach me this stuff!
Katara So ... can you help these people?
Aang I have to try, don't I? Maybe whatever I have to do will just ... come to me. [Momo lands on his shoulder.]
Katara [With a kind and reassuring smile.] I think you can do it, Aang.
Sokka [With a similar expression.] Yeah. [Brief pause.] We're all going to get eaten by a spirit monster.
Cut back to the hot spring. A sleeping Iroh is awoken by nearby stirring in the trees.
Iroh Who's there? [He sees a rat-like animal.] A meadow vole! I should have known. [He takes the creature into the palm of his hand.] You startled me, little one. [Sighs.] It seems I dozed off and missed my nephew's deadline, but it was a very sweet nap.
The meadow vole leaps up and down. This is followed by shaking and the ground moving toward Iroh. Suddenly, the rock at the bottom of the spring jumps up, capturing him. Three Earth Kingdom soldiers surround him.
Soldier [Picks up Iroh's clothes.] He's a Fire Nation soldier.
Earthbender captain He's no ordinary soldier. This is the Fire Lord's brother, the Dragon of the West. The once-great General Iroh, but now, he's our prisoner.
Iroh gives the captain a stern look.

Cut back to Senlin, near sunset. Aang steps outside the center building and awaits the Hei Bai.

Aang [Walking toward the village entrance.] Hello, Spirit? Can you hear me? This is the Avatar speaking. I'm here to try to help stuff.
Cut to the building interior. Sokka and Katara watch.
Sokka This isn't right. We can't sit here and cower while Aang waits for some monster to show up.
Old wanderer If anyone can save us, he can.
Sokka He still shouldn't have to face this alone.
The sun sets and night falls. Cut back to Aang.
Aang The sun has set. Where are you, Hei Bai? Well ... spirit ... uhhh ... I hereby ask you to please leave this village in peace. [He spins his staff and sticks it down, in apparent authority.] Okay ... well ... I guess that's settled, then.
He walks away. Behind him, however, the Hei Bai fades into the real world. He walks right behind Aang, who turns to see him.
Aang You must be the Hei Bai spirit. My name is–
The spirit releases a burst of energy at him. It moves past him.
Aang My name's Aang! I'm the Avatar and I would like to help. Hey, wait up! [Hei Bai wreaks havoc, smashing buildings and destroying a tower with energy.] Uhhh.
Senlin Village leader The Avatar's methods are ... unusual.
Sokka It doesn't seem to interested in what he's saying. Maybe we should go help him.
Old wanderer No. Only the Avatar stands a chance against the Hei Bai.
Katara Aang will figure out the right thing to do, Sokka.
Hei Bai smashes another building.
Aang Please, would you stop destroying things and listen? I'm trying to do my job as spirit bridge! Excuse me, would please turn around? I command you to turn around now!
The spirit hits Aang and sends him flying to the roof of another building.
Sokka That's it. He needs help. [Exits the building.]
Katara Sokka, wait! [Starts to follow him.]
Senlin Village leader [Stops her.] It's not safe!
Sokka Hei Bai, over here! [He throws his boomerang at him, but it barely affects the monster. He runs toward it.]
Aang Sokka, go back!
Sokka We'll fight him together, Aang.
Aang I don't want to fight him unless I– [Sokka is taken by the Hei Bai, and the spirit flees. Aang chases it.]
Katara [Running to the village entrance.] Sokka! [The villagers go the entrance as well. Katara is left standing fearful.]
Back near the hot spring. Two soldiers and Zuko look for Iroh.
Zuko Uncle! Uncle, where are you?
Fire Nation Soldier Sir, maybe he thought you left without him.
Zuko Something's not right here. That pile of rocks.
Fire Nation Soldier It looks like there's been a landslide, sir.
Zuko Land doesn't slide uphill. Those rocks didn't move naturally. [Stands up straight.] My Uncle's been captured by earthbenders!
Back to the forest. Aang continues to pursue the Hei Bai, looking for Sokka.
Sokka Aang! Over here! Help!
Aang Hang on, Sokka!
Aang pulls out his hand, trying to free Sokka. However, before he can grab him, the spirit fades away, taking Sokka with it. Aang falls in front of a bear-like statue, knocked out.

A couple of hours later, Aang awakens.

Aang Sokka! [He realizes Sokka is nowhere to be seen.] I failed.
The next scene cuts back to the soldiers who captured Iroh. They are riding ostrich horses. One soldier carries a torch with him for light.
Iroh Where are you taking me?
Earthbender captain We're taking you to face justice.
Iroh Right, but where, specifically?
Earthbender captain A place you're quite familiar with, actually. You once laid siege to it for 600 days, but it would not yield to you.
Iroh Ah, the great city of Ba Sing Se.
Earthbender captain It was greater than you were, apparently.
Iroh I acknowledge my defeat at Ba Sing Se. After 600 days away from home, my men were tired, and I was tired. [Yawns.] And I'm still tired. [He falls off one of the horses. He is quickly picked back up. However, he leaves one of his sandals behind and smiles cleverly.]
Cut back to Senlin Village. Katara awaits at the village entrance for Sokka and Aang. The Old wanderer approaches her.
Old wanderer I'm sure they'll be back.
Katara I know.
Old wanderer [Places a blanket around her.] You should get some rest.
Katara Everything's going to be okay ...
Old wanderer Your brother is in good hands. I would be shocked if the Avatar returned without him. [As he is speaking, Aang approaches.]
Aang Katara? Katara, I lost him.
The sun rises.
Old wanderer The sun is rising. Perhaps he will return soon.
Aang [His appearance is blue.] What? No, I'm right here! [He waves his hand in the Wanderer's face, only to notice his own appearance.] I'm in the Spirit World!
Cut back to the forest. Zuko comes up on Iroh's sandal.
Zuko [Sniffs and gets a disgusted look.] Yeah, that's Uncle Iroh. [He re-mounts his rhino.]
Back at the Village.
Aang I'll figure this out, Katara. I promise. Like they said, I'm the bridge between the worlds, right? All I have to do is ... figure out what I have to do. But once I do that, no problem. [Appa approaches.] Appa! Hey buddy, I'm right here! [He breathes on Katara.] But, I guess you can't see me either.
Katara It's okay, Appa, don't worry. I'm sure they're on their way back. I bet they even found you a bunch of moon peaches for a treat. [The two return the village.]
Aang What am I supposed to do? Avatar Roku, how can I talk to you? [He hears something.] Sokka? [He notices a dragon coming toward him.] That's definitely not Sokka. [He tries to fly away but cannot. He notices his airbending is not working at all.] What? I can't airbend in the Spirit World. [The dragon lands just before him.] You don't know where Sokka is, do you? [The dragon touches him. He sees a vision of Roku flying on this dragon.] You're Avatar Roku's animal guide! Like Appa is to me! I need to save my friend and I don't know how! Is there some way for me to talk to Roku? [The dragon curls around him, and he gets on him.] I'll be back, Katara. [It gets up.] Take me to Roku! [The dragon flies away.]
Cut to a mountain the earthbenders are leading Iroh through. Iroh looks at the skies and notices the dragon and Aang. He gasps in wonder.
Earthbender captain What's the problem?
Iroh Nothing. [Pauses.] Actually, there is a bit of a problem. My old joints are sore and aching, and these shackles are too loose.
Earthbender captain Too loose?
Iroh That's right. The cuffs move and jangle around and bump my wrists. It would help me if you tighten them so they wouldn't shake around so much.
Earthbender captain Very well. Corporal, tighten the prisoner's handcuffs.
They all stop. The corporal dismounts and moves to Iroh. As he touches his handcuffs, Iroh breathes deeply and heats them up. He pushes the corporal's hand to the cuffs, causing him to scream in pain. Iroh jumps free and blasts fire at the soldiers. He rolls down the hill as the soldiers try to get control of their ostrich horses.

Cut back to Aang and Fang. Fang takes him to a temple on an unknown island. He flies into the temple and toward the roof.

Aang Hey, what are you doing? [He screams, but they fly right through the roof and into a mysterious room. Within is a celestial calendar and a statue of Roku.] I don't understand, this is just a statue of Roku. [Fang presses one of his feelers to Aang's forehead. A vision of a comet appears to him.] Is that what Roku wants to talk to me about? A comet? When can I talk to him? [Fang moves his head, allowing a light beam to appear. This is just to the right of Roku's statue. With another feeler press, he sees a vision of the sun setting and rising repeatedly, and the light closing in on Roku.] It's a calendar, and the light will reach Roku on the solstice! So, that's when I'll be able to speak to Roku? [The dragon breathes an apparent yes.] But I can't wait that long! I need to save Sokka now! [The dragon takes Aang from the temple.]
Cut back to Iroh rolling down the hill. One of the soldiers hits him with a rockslide. All of the soldiers chase after him, reaching him at the bottom of the hill.
Soldier He's too dangerous, Captain! We just can't just carry him to the Capital! We have to do something now!
Earthbender captain I agree. He must be dealt with immediately and severely.
Iroh spits a rock out.

Meanwhile, Katara is flying on Appa over the forest.

Katara It's no use, Appa. I don't seem them anywhere. Our best hope is to go back to the village and wait. [She re-directs Appa to the village's direction.]
While following the ostrich horse footprints, Zuko notices Appa.
Zuko The Avatar! [He turns slightly, but looks back at the footprints.]
Fang takes Aang back to the statue at fast speed. Aang notices his body is there and also prepares for impact. Suddenly, Fang disappears into the statue and Aang is returned to his body. He looks around at the statue, opens his glider, and flies back to the village.

Cut to the village, sunset. Katara stands outside the center building and notices Aang's return. Aang lands and Katara runs to him.

Katara You're back! [She embraces Aang.] Where's Sokka?
Aang I'm not sure ...
The evening gives way to night.

Back to Iroh, who is surrounded by the soldiers.

Earthbender captain These dangerous hands must be crushed. [He brings up and prepares to drop it. However, Zuko jumps in and kicks the rock away before breaking Iroh's chain with his boot.]
Iroh Excellent form, Prince Zuko.
Zuko You taught me well.
Earthbender captain Surrender yourselves. It's five against two. You're clearly outnumbered.
Iroh Yeah, that's true, but you are clearly outmatched.
The solders fire rocks, but Iroh destroys them with the chains. Zuko takes out two soldiers with fire. A rock is fired at him, but Iroh catches it and throws it back at the soldiers, knocking them down. The Captain fires three rocks at Zuko, which he dodges. Zuko counters with fire blasts that are dodged. The captain brings up a large mass of rock, however, Iroh throws his chains around his ankles, knocking him and causing the rocks to fall on top of him. The soldiers are heard groaning underneath the rocks.
Zuko Now would you please put on some clothes?
Cut back to Senlin. Aang awaits at the entrance for the Hei Bai. After some time, he gives up and returns to the center building. Just as he exits, however, the spirit appears to his left. He throws up an air shield to stop its attack.
Katara Aang, what are you doing?! Run!
The spirit prepares to resume its attack when Aang jumps in front of it. He feels its forehead and notices that a panda lurks below it.
Aang You're the spirit of this forest! Now I understand. You're upset and angry because your home was burned down. When I saw the forest had burned, I was sad and upset, but my friend gave me hope that the forest would grow back. [He shows it the acorn and leaves it at his feet. The spirit picks it up and reverts to the panda form. It walks away peacefully. As it exits, a series of branches grow, and three villagers and Sokka emerge from it.]
Katara Sokka! [She runs to him and embraces him, while other villagers embrace their loved ones.]
Sokka What happened?
Katara You were trapped in the Spirit World for 24 hours! How are you feeling?
Sokka Like I seriously need to use the bathroom.
Senlin Village leader Thank you, Avatar. If only there were a way to repay you for what you've done.
Sokka You could give us some supplies, and some money.
Katara Sokka!
Sokka What? We need stuff.
Senlin Village leader It would be an honor to help you prepare for your journey.
Katara I'm so proud of you, Aang. You figured out what to do, all on your own.
Aang Actually, I did have a little help and there's something else.
Sokka What is it?
Aang I need to talk to Roku and I think I found a way to contact his spirit.
Katara That's great!
Sokka Creepy, but great.
Aang There's a temple on a crescent-shaped island and if I go there on the solstice, I'll be able to speak with him.
Katara But the solstice is tomorrow!
Aang Yeah, and there's one more problem. The island is in the Fire Nation.
The siblings grow fearful. The shot slowly moves up to the moon.

Cut to Zuko's ship where he and Iroh are waiting for their dinner. A crew memeber walks while they are talking, bringing in a fish. He places it on the table and whispers into Zuko's ear. Cut to a frontal view of Zuko as he quickly stands up.

Zuko [Yells on a demanding tone.] The Avatar's in Senlin Village? [Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh as Zuko addresses him while leaving the room. Iroh looks at Zuko as he walks away.] Uncle, ready the rhinos. He's not getting away from me this time.
Iroh [Casually points at the smoking fish in front of him.] Are you going to finish that?
Zuko [Turns around and snatches the plate off the table. Aggressively] I was going to save it for later!
Zuko leaves the room under the watchful eye of Iroh. As soon as Zuko is out of the screen, Iroh crosses his arms, turns around, and sulks.
The scene opens to a full moon in the sky. The camera pans down and shows Senlin Village during early morning hours. Cut to a view from among the houses, slowly zooming in on Aang who tries to get Appa to move, yanking on the reins, though the bison continually refuses and sits down.
Aang [Strained voice.] Let's go, Appa! Come on, boy! [Appa roars in protest and sits down. Cut to a close side-view; Aang sadly addresses his pet.] Look I'm sorry, but Katara and Sokka aren't coming to the Fire Nation with us. [Frontal shot; looks down and away, sadly.] If they got hurt, I'd never forgive myself. [Cut back to the side-shot; sternly, emphasizing his command by straightening himself.] So get your big butt off the ground and let's go!
He jerks at the reins, stretching them out, but is flung to the ground when the ropes pull him back as Appa did not move a muscle. Cut to a forlorn looking Aang, sitting spread-legged on the ground.
Sokka [Voice-over; Aang gasps in surprise and looks over his right shoulder and over his left, turning around in search for the origins of the voice.] I think his big butt is trying to tell ya something.
Cut to a frontal shot of Appa as the camera swiftly pans to the right to reveal a collection of Senlin villagers, with Katara and Sokka standing in the front.
Katara [Desperately.] Please don't go Aang. The world can't afford to lose you to the Fire Nation. [Closer shot of Katara's pleading face.] Neither can I.
Aang [Looks away sadly and recalls an image of Sozin's Comet.] But I have to talk to Avatar Roku to find out what my vision means! [Side-shot as he approaches his friends.] I need to get to the Fire Temple before the sun sets on the solstice. That's today!
Aang airbends himself atop Appa's head. Close shot of him looking back with a sad expression on his face as he prepares to leave. As Appa stands up, the shot changes to a frontal view, and Katara and Sokka run to stand before the bison, preventing him from moving any further.
Katara We're not letting you go into the Fire Nation, Aang.
Sokka [Aang stares curiously.] At least, not without your friends. We got your back. [Momo soars up and perches atop Aang's shoulder, and Appa licks Sokka, who angrily looks at the bison.] Ew!
Senlin Village leader It's a long journey to the Crescent Island. [Hands Aang a small bundle.] You'll have to fly fast to have any chance of making it before sundown. Good luck.
Aang Thank you for your-
Senlin Village leader [Interrupts sharply, yelling. Points toward the ocean.] Go!
Appa takes off with Aang, Momo, Katara, and Sokka. Later that morning, the Senlin Village leader exits a building, but he stops in his track upon finding Zuko standing in his path. In the background, Iroh is sitting on a komodo rhino.
Zuko [The Senlin Village leader gasps.] Having trouble sleeping? [Pushes the man back through the door, knocking him down. Frontal shot as he approaches him.] Seen the Avatar lately?
Day has come. Appa soars over the ocean. Aang, Katara, and Sokka all watch the ocean fearfully.
Aang Come on boy, we've got a long way to go. Faster!
Iroh [Close-up.] Sailing into Fire Nation waters ... of all the foolish things you've done in your sixteen years, Prince Zuko, this is the most foolish!
Zuko I have no choice, Uncle.
Iroh [Angrily.] Have you completely forgotten that the Fire Lord banished you? [Fearfully.] What if you're caught?
Zuko [Breaks away from telescope to talk to his uncle.] I'm chasing the Avatar! My father will understand why I am returning home!
Iroh You give him too much credit. My brother is not the understanding type!
Zuko [Looks back into his telescope. Dark scope view reveals Appa mid-flight.] There they are. Helmsman! Full steam ahead!
Katara [Looking back to Zuko's ship.] Aang. We've got trouble!
Sokka [Panicked.] Yeah! And it's gaining, fast!
A Fire Nation catapult is raised to the deck of Zuko's ship. It is loaded with a steaming projectile.
Iroh [Waving a fan at his face.] Uh, really Prince Zuko, couldn't you shoot them down with something more fragrant?
Zuko [Lights the stinking ball with a fire punch.] On my mark! Fire!
A guard beside him slices the rope holding back the catapult. The flaming projectile races toward Appa.
Katara [Yelling.] Fireball!
Aang I'm on it!
Katara [Aang, Katara, and Sokka all make faces and grasp their noses.] We have to get out of Zuko's range, before he shoots another hot stinker at us!
Sokka Can't you make Appa go any faster?
Aang Yeah. But there's just one little problem.
Zuko [Close-up.] A blockade.
Birds-eye view of a two-row line of Fire Nation ships stretching across the ocean as far as the eye can see. Brief glimpse of numerous Fire Nation catapults prepared to fire.
Iroh Technically you are still in Earth Kingdom waters. Turn back now and they cannot arrest you!
Aang If we fly north, we can go around the Fire Nation ships and avoid the blockade! It's the only way.
Katara There's no time!
Aang This is exactly why I didn't want you to come! It's too dangerous!
Katara And that's exactly why we're here.
Sokka [Boldly.] Let's run this blockade! [Both Katara and Sokka grin confidently.]
Aang Appa, yip-yip! [Appa roars readily, sailing forward even quicker.]
Zuko He's not turning around!
Iroh Please Prince Zuko! If the Fire Nation captures you, there's nothing I can do! Do not follow the Avatar.
Zuko [Sorrowfully.] I'm sorry, Uncle. [Thrusts his hand forward commandingly. Orders.] Run the blockade!
Zhao [Gazing through telescope.] The Avatar. [Lowers telescope lens to spot Zuko's ship.] And the banished prince. [Lowers telescope.] This must be my lucky day.
Captain Commander Zhao. What are your orders?
Zhao Shoot the bison down, captain.
Captain [Surprised.] But there's a Fire Navy ship out there, sir! One of our own! What if it's hit?
Zhao So be it. [Captain backs up in shock. Zhao continues coolly.] It belongs to a traitor. [Command.] Ignite. Launch!
The sky becomes littered with flaming fireballs fired from the blockade. View from Zuko's ship as the fireballs fill the sky. Close-up of a screaming Aang, Sokka, and Katara. Zoom out as Appa evades numerous fireballs, some exploding mid-air. Camera switch to forward view, close-up, as they fly through a blanket of fireballs. The team flies directly through one that exploded before them, Appa's fur darkened from the explosion. Katara, Sokka, and Momo all slap out embers on Appa's fur.
Aang Appa, are you okay? [Appa roars a reply. They soar higher into the clouds.]
On the ocean surface, Zuko's ship is narrowly missing many falling fireballs. Sheets of ocean water crash over the ship, and crew members run for safety. A single fireball explodes on the aft side of the vessel.
Engineer Prince Zuko! The engines are damaged! We need to stop and make repairs!
Zuko [Spins away from the man, facing the blockade.] Do not stop this ship.
Zhao Launch!
Close-up of Aang's view. Just over a cloud; fireballs burst through everywhere and smoke fills the screen. Aang, Katara, and Sokka scream and duck away, while Katara and Sokka grip Appa's saddle. Appa dodges many fireballs before two collide and explode in front of him. Sokka is thrown from the saddle and begins to plunge for the ocean, screaming anew.
Aang [Cries out desperately.] Sokka! [Whips the reins down and begins a speedy descent in chase of Sokka.]
Appa reaches Sokka just in time. Katara grabs his hand, pulling him back into saddle. Appa skims the ocean surface. A fish appears out of nowhere and slaps Sokka square in the face, knocking him into the saddle. Momo leaps up and grabs the fish as Appa continues his swift flight mere feet above the ocean. Fireballs crash into the water all around them.
Zhao Ready ... [Holds hand up, issuing his command.]
Close-up of Appa's view, approaching the ships. Camera switch once to Zhao, moving to prepare the signal. Back to Aang, a look of obstinate determination overcomes him.
Zhao Fire!
A single catapult launches a fire blast directly toward Appa. Close-up of Aang's eye as it snaps open, unafraid. Aang airbends forward off of Appa's head. He uses a powerful airbending kick, and the flaming boulder explodes in a large smoky blast. Aang falls back to Appa's head, Katara and Sokka grabbing him. Appa soars safely over the blockade, passing them.
Aang [Ecstatic.] We made it!
Sokka [Katara and Sokka each grimacing in terror.] We got into the Fire Nation. [Meekly.] Great.
Captain Where do you think the Avatar is headed, sir?
Zhao I'm not sure. [Turns aside, gazes at Zuko's smoking ship.] But I bet a certain banished prince will know.
Scene switch to just overhead Zuko's ship. His small vessel approaches two ships in the blockade. These two ships sail opposite directions, in a moment they will close off Zuko's ship's path.
Iroh We're on a collision course!
Zuko [Confidently.] We can make it!
Captain [Captain stands ahead of a squad of nine firebenders.] The boarding party is ready to apprehend Prince Zuko, sir.
Zhao [Swiftly.] Wait! Cut the engines, and let them pass.
Captain Sir?
Each ship in the blockade halts, allowing Zuko's ship to glide by beneath their deck, untouched. Zhao stands high, sharing an interlocked gaze with the banished prince below. Zuko and Iroh look behind them in silence as they sail safely through. Iroh strokes his gray beard curiously.
The scene cuts back to Appa, flying among blue skies. Sokka and Katara sit up in the saddle, while Aang sits on Appa's head.

The scene changes to Sokka slumped in the back of the saddle. Katara is leaning her arms over the front of the saddle, and Aang is lounging against Appa's neck.

The sky has changed to a darker, sunset-filled evening. Appa is visibly tired. Aang is sprawled over Appa's head with Momo equally sprawled over Aang's head. Katara and Sokka have each collapsed into the saddle.

Aang [Close-up. Momo is shown bouncing about in eager surprise.] There it is! [Sokka and Katara pop up in the saddle.] The island where Roku's dragon took me. [Full view of Crescent Island and its smoking volcano as Appa descends.]
Appa is lying at the base of a stone bridge leading up to the island's mountain. The bridge ends at an elegant, multi-story Fire Temple. Lava is flowing beneath the bridge. The air is thick with steam. Aang stands by Appa's head, and Katara stands to Appa's side. Sokka is stretching further away.
Aang [Rubs against Appa's head.] You did it buddy. Nice flying. [Appa bellows in satisfaction, rolling to his side to wave his three legs into the air lazily. Appa's tongue lolls out.]
Katara [Smiles sweetly and approaches Appa. Rubs his belly.] Aww, you must be tired.
Sokka [Joyous. Katara's expresses dumbfounded interest.] No! I'm good. Refreshed and ready to fight some firebenders! [Continues to work out and flex his body.]
Katara [Props hand off hip. Responds dryly.] I was talking to Appa.
Sokka [Instantly halts exercise.] Well ... I was talking to Momo. [Points to the lemur clinging to a dead tree's branch.]
Scene cut to Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Momo walking along the stone bridge to approach a multi-story Fire Temple.
Sokka [Close-up, top-to-bottom view of the Fire Temple.] I don't see any guards.
Katara [Camera drops to show the group taking cover behind a lower wall below steps.] The Fire Nation must have abandoned the temple when Avatar Roku died.
Aang It's almost sundown. We better hurry! [The group leaps over the wall and charges for the front door.]
Sokka [The group tip-toes through an enormous chamber with fire-decor columns.] Wait. I think I heard something.
Great Fire Sage [Turning around, they see five men standing in the hallway dressed in red with tall hats.] We are the Fire Sages. Guardians of the temple of the Avatar.
Aang Great! I am the Avatar!
Great Fire Sage We know. [Inhales briskly before punching a blast of fire their direction.]
Aang [Deflects three balls of fire with his airbending. Close-up. Shouts over his shoulder.] I'll hold them off. Run!
Aang leaps forward and spins his leg across the ground, sending a low air blade that sweeps the Fire Sages' legs out from beneath them, and they all fall to the ground. Aang flees after his friends.
Great Fire Sage If the Avatar contacts Roku, there's no telling how powerful the boy will become! Split up and find him.
Aang [Hallway view; Aang skids in front of Katara and Sokka and continues running.] Follow me!
Sokka Do you know where you're going? [The two follow Aang.]
Aang [Rounds a corner and disappears from sight.] Nope! [A moment passes, Katara and Sokka stop when Aang skids into view again. Fearfully.] Wrong way! [Runs past them.]
Shyu [Rounds the corner, frightening Sokka and Katara to chase after Aang.] Come back!
The trio turns another corner and charges down the hallway. However, they reach a dead-end as Aang skids to an immediate halt. Turning around, they face Shyu, who raises a hand in peace.
Shyu I don't want to fight you! I am a friend.
Sokka Firebenders aren't our friends! [Aang steps ahead of his friends, assuming an airbending posture.]
Shyu [Steps toward the Avatar, before dropping to his knees and pressing his palms to the floor in submission. This startles Aang, Katara, and Sokka.] I know why you're here, Avatar.
Aang [Surprised.] You do?
Shyu Yes. [Rises from the floor to stand again.] You wish to speak to Avatar Roku. I can take you to him.
Aang [Skeptically.] How?
Shyu [Slides back a lamplight on the wall. Places palm on wall, focuses firebending into this location to open a secret passage.] This way.
Great Fire Sage [Echoes in the distance.] Find him.
Shyu [Briefly glances down the hall.] Time is running out! Quickly!
Aang and Katara exchange a look with one another, asserting each other's belief to trust this firebender. The group enters the passage and descends the steps into the cave. Shyu enters behind them and closes the passageway.
Zuko [Close-up. Tightens knuckles on ship's railing. Smoke billows behind his ship.] What's he up to, Uncle? Why didn't Commander Zhao arrest me?
Iroh Because he wants to follow you. He knows you'll lead him to the prize you're both after: the Avatar.
Zuko [Close-up.] If Zhao wants to follow a trail of smoke, then that's exactly what I'll let him do.
Shyu [Brief scene cut to show the sun nearly setting. Far overhead view of Shyu leading the group through caverns.] Avatar Roku once called this temple his home. He formed these secret passages out of the magma.
Aang Did you know Avatar Roku?
Shyu No. But my grandfather knew him. Many generations of Fire Sages guarded this Fire Temple long before me. We all have a strong spiritual connection to this place.
Aang Is that how you knew I was coming?
Shyu A few weeks ago, an amazing thing occurred. The statue of Avatar Roku; its eyes began to glow!
Katara That's when we were at the Air Temple. Avatar Roku's eyes were glowing there, too!
Shyu At that moment, we knew you had returned to the world.
Aang If this is the Avatar's temple, why did the sages attack me?
Shyu Things have changed. In the past, the sages were loyal only to the Avatar. When Roku died, the sages eagerly awaited for the next Avatar to return. But he never came.
Aang [Looking down, guiltily.] They were waiting for me.
Sokka [Humorously mocking.] Hey don't feel bad. You're only a hundred years late! [Aang scowls heavily at Sokka.]
Shyu They lost hope the Avatar would ever return. When Fire Lord Sozin began the War, my grandfather and the other sages were forced to follow him. [Shakes head sadly.] I never wanted to serve the Fire Lord. When I learned you were coming, I knew I would have to betray the other sages.
Aang Thank you for helping me. [Close-up as Shyu smiles to Aang.]
Shyu [Continues leading the group up a spiraling flight of stairs.] We'll follow these stairs to the sanctuary. [Time skip, Shyu continues talking as they near the top of the stairs.] Once you're inside, wait for the light to hit Avatar Roku's statue. Only then will you be able to speak with him.
Slides back a secret tile and climbs into the outer sanctuary. Massive columns with dragon statues atop them line the room. An immense door is before them with a device holding five open-mouthed dragons.
Shyu [Gasps.] No!
Aang [Approaches door.] Shyu, what's wrong?
Shyu The sanctuary doors, they're closed!
Katara [Aang tugs at the door uselessly.] Can't you just open them with firebending? Like you opened that other door?
Shyu No. Only a fully realized Avatar is powerful enough to open this door alone. Otherwise, the sages must open this door together, [Sokka shown in deep thought.] with five simultaneous fire blasts.
Sokka [Ponderously states.] Five fire blasts, huh? [Zoom out to show a lamplight above him.] I think I can help you out.
The scene switches to Zuko's smoke-billowing ship. Close-up to show a small vessel holding Zuko being slid into the waters.
Zuko Uncle, keep heading north. Zhao will follow the smoke trail, while I use it as a cover.
Iroh grunts in doubt, stroking his beard in deep thought. Zuko's boat settles on the ocean's surface and disappears in the smoke. Switch to a telescope view of nothing but smoke. Zhao lowers telescope, staring with determination.

Switch to view of sanctuary door.

Sokka [Kneeling. Pours oil into a bag.] This is a little trick I picked up from my father. I seal the lamp oil inside an animal skin casing, Shyu lights the oil soaked twine and, [Picks up bag, holds it proudly before him.] ta-da! Fake firebending!
Katara [Impressed.] You've really outdone yourself this time, Sokka.
Shyu This might actually work.
Shyu [Time skip. Sokka places his last bag into the dragon's mouth.] The sages will hear the explosion, so as soon as they go off, you rush in!
Katara [Hides behind a column with her brother. Holds Momo. Glances to the next column where Aang hides.] It's almost sunset. Are you ready?
Aang Definitely.
Shyu thrusts his finger forward, sending a small flare racing across the door to light all five bags at once. Shyu hurries to take cover. There is an intense explosion, producing a lot of smoke. Aang bursts forward and runs for the door. Aang strains to open the door, which has not budged.
Aang [Surprised.] They're still locked!
Shyu [Sadly sighs. Sokka rises from hiding behind his sister.] It didn't work. [Aang falls to his knees.]
Aang [Time skip. Everyone stands in front of the door. Aang beats upon it furiously with consecutive airbending slices.] Why, won't, it, open?!
Katara [Presses forward. Seizes Aang's arm.] Aang! Stop! [Relaxes, releasing his arm.] There's nothing else we can do ...
Aang [Glumly.] I'm sorry I put you through all of this for nothing.
Sokka [Examining the explosion. Runs his finger across the black soot.] I don't get it. That firebending looked as strong as any firebending I've seen.
Katara [A moment passes. Sudden excitement.] Sokka, you're a genius!
Aang [Confused.] Wait. How is Sokka a genius? His plan didn't even work.
Sokka [Pleasantly.] Come on Aang. Let her dream.
Katara You're right. Sokka's plan didn't work. But it looks like it did.
Aang [Dubiously.] Did the definition of genius change over the last hundred years? [Katara grasps her chin, slyly grinning toward Aang.]
Shyu [Time skip. Fire Sages run toward Shyu in front of the door.] Come quickly! The Avatar has entered the sanctuary!
Great Fire Sage How did he get in?
Shyu I don't know. But look at the scorch marks! And down there! [Points to a shadow visible at the bottom of the door.]
Great Fire Sage He's inside! Open the doors, immediately! Before he contacts Avatar Roku!
Aang slides into position behind a nearby column as the five sages firebend the doors locks open. As the door opens, a sooty Momo is revealed sitting on the floor. Momo sneezes, blowing the soot off himself.
Great Fire Sage It's the Avatar's lemur. He must have crawled through the pipes! We've been tricked!
Momo springs into action, leaping atop the Great Fire Sage's head and clinging to his hat. Katara charged forward, pulling a nearby sage's tunic over his head to blind him. Sokka grabs the lower skirt of a sage's outfit, lifting it completely over his body to cover his face.
Shyu [Grabs the last free sage and hauls him into his grip, pinning him.] Now, Aang!
Katara [A moment of silence.] Aang! Now's your chance!
Zuko [Steps out from behind column. Grips Aang from behind, pinning Aang's arms behind him.] The Avatar's coming with me! [The captured sages use their captor's surprise to reclaim the upper hand, pinning their captors down. Momo flies off with the Great Fire Sage's hat.] Close the doors! Quickly!
Walking down steps, Aang glances over his shoulders to see Sokka and Katara being chained to a column. He breaks free, spinning behind Zuko to send him down the stairs with an airbending blast. Aang runs for Katara and Sokka.
Katara [Chained. Sees him coming toward her. Turns head toward the closing door.] Go!
Aang listens without hesitation, turning to charge for the door guarded by two sages. He leaps into the air to avoid the Great Fire Sage's fire punch. Aang bounces off his hands from each of the two sage's heads before sailing through the door just as it closes.
Katara [Pleased.] He made it!
Everyone looks away as the door seals with a blinding flash of white light. Inside, Aang is kneeling and looks up to a tall statue of Avatar Roku. A beam of red sunlight enters the room and strikes a glistening red jewel held by the statue.
Aang [Stands. Confused.] The light hits the statue and I talk to Roku. So why isn't anything happening?
Zuko [He and four sages launch fire blasts into the door's locks. Nothing happens. Frustrated.] Why isn't it working, it's sealed shut?
Great Fire Sage It must have been the light. Avatar Roku doesn't want us inside.
Aang [Exasperated. Standing in the middle of the room, facing the statue.] Why isn't anything happening? I don't know what I'm doing! All I know is airbending! Please Avatar Roku, talk to me!
Roku's statue turns red as sunlight engulfs it. Its eyes glow white. View of Aang as smoke fills the room. When the white smoke dissipates Avatar Roku is standing before him, they are on a mountaintop and only clouds are visible below.
Roku It's good to see you Aang. What took you so long? [Aang respectfully places a fist into his palm, bowing his head to the Avatar before him.]
Zuko [Firmly to Shyu, who is kneeling before him with his hands behind his back.] Why did you help the Avatar?
Shyu [Sadly and proudly.] Because it was once the sages' duty. It is still our duty.
Zhao [Claps. Interrupts interrogation. Approaches with six firebender guards.] What a moving and heartfelt performance. I'm certain the Fire Lord will understand, when you explain why you betrayed him.
Great Fire Sage [Places palms together. Bows head forward.] Commander Zhao.
Zhao And Prince Zuko. It was a noble effort, but your little smokescreen didn't work. [Zuko scowls sharply. Firebenders step behind him, seizing his arms.] Two traitors in one day, the Fire Lord will be pleased.
Zuko [Strains against his captor, snaps at Zhao.] You're too late, Zhao! The Avatar's inside and the doors are sealed.
Zhao No matter. [Grins confidently.] Sooner or later, he has to come out. [Katara and Sokka share a worried glance.]
Roku I have something very important to tell you, Aang. That is why, when you were in the Spirit World, I sent my dragon to find you.
Aang [Interested, curious.] Is it about that vision? The one of the comet?
Roku Yes.
Aang What does it mean?
Roku One hundred years ago, [Viewers see a visual of a comet in the dark sky.] Fire Lord Sozin used that comet to begin the War. He and his firebending army harnessed its incredible power, and dealt a deadly first strike against the other nations.
Aang [Close-up.] So the comet made them stronger?
Roku [Close-up.] Yes. Stronger than you could even imagine.
Aang [Close-up.] But that happened a hundred years ago. What does the comet have to do with the War now?
Roku Listen carefully. [Viewers see silhouette of Fire Lord Ozai standing amid flames, fists taut.] Sozin's Comet will return by the end of the summer, and Fire Lord Ozai will use its power to finish the War, once and for all. [Visual and audio of Ozai's silhouette roaring upward, fire streaming from his mouth.] If he succeeds, even the Avatar won't be able to restore balance to the world. Aang. You must defeat the Fire Lord, before the comet arrives.
Aang [Counters anxiously.] But I haven't even started learning waterbending! Not to mention earth and fire!
Roku Mastering the elements takes years of discipline and practice. But if the world is to survive, you must do it by summer's end. [Close-up of a shocked Aang.]
Firebenders, including Zhao and his crew, circle around the door's perimeter, assuming a firebending form. A monk chant begins for the audience only. They wait patiently for the door to open.
Zhao When those doors open, [Shouts.] unleash all your firepower!
Katara [Worried.] How's Aang gonna make it out of this?
Sokka [Troubled, questioning.] How are we gonna make it out of this?
Aang [Terrified.] What if I can't master all the elements in time? What if I fail?
Roku I know you can do it Aang. [Close-up of half his face.] For you have done it before. [Close-up of half of Aang's now-smiling face.] The solstice is ending. We must go our separate ways, for now.
Aang But I won't be able to come back to the temple. What if I have questions? How will I talk to you?
Roku I am a part of you. When you need to talk to me again, you will find a way. [Closes his eyes, providing Aang a vision of Fire Navy ships surrounding the island. Speaks to his mind without words.] A great danger awaits you at the temple. [Provides a vision of the awaiting firebenders on the other side of the door.] I can help you face the threat. But only if you are ready.
Aang [Eyes and arrows glow.] I'm ready.
Scene switches to the guard surrounding the door. The door glows bright white once again. Smoke streams come through into the room. The door unlocks itself, beginning to open. As it opens, a blinding white light forces all present to look away.
Zhao Ready ... [Light fades, revealing a pair of glowing white eyes in the darkness.]
Katara [Sokka struggles against his chains. Katara is terrified.] No! Aang!
Zhao Fire! [He and his guards cooperate in blasting fire onto the unseen target.]
The wall of fire amasses, circling its new host as Avatar Roku, eyes aglow, is revealed behind the flames, untouched. Close-up of a shocked and horror-stricken Zhao.
Shyu [In awe.] Avatar Roku ...
Avatar Roku draws the circling fire together in one motion. He sends it forward in one powerful wave that sears the room, blasting the offenders off their feet and melting the chains binding Katara, Sokka, Shyu, and Zuko with precision. View of outside the temple as the blast destroys the outer wall. Close-up of ghostly Avatar Roku, turning his glowing glare upon the offending sages. The sages panic, all turning to run from his wrath.
Shyu [Implores.] Avatar Roku is going to destroy the temple! We have to get out of here!
Katara Not without Aang!
Roku kneels into a forward strike, melting the floor with a molten firebending trail. He steadily lifts his hand, causing the stream of lava below to erupt into maddened explosions. The lava soars through the temple, tearing it apart. Zhao and his firebenders are shown fleeing for the temple's exit.

Katara and Sokka huddle together, arm-in-arm, behind a column. Sokka kneels over his sister, protecting her in a brotherly fashion. The destruction ceases momentarily as Roku lowers his hands, exhaling soundly. The solstice' beam of sunlight is shown leaving his statue; its eyes no longer glow. As this happens all smoke in the room draws in upon Avatar Roku, his form disappearing to leave behind a weary Aang.

Sokka [Aang sighs weakly and drops to his knees. Sokka and Katara approach Aang's sides, supportively lifting him back to his feet.] We got your back.
Aang [Weakly.] Thanks. Where's Shyu?
Katara [ Walking away with Sokka, helping Aang.] I don't know.
Visual of the temple as it begins to lean, due to the destruction caused. Aang, Katara and Sokka stare in horror upon seeing the stairwell leading to the exit filled with lava. They quickly turn to the only exit; the hole in the wall Roku had created. There is no escaping, as they are on the top level of the temple.

All three gasp in surprise as they notice Appa and Momo swiftly closing in. They run out of the temple, leaping into Appa's saddle. Scene of them flying away on Appa, gazing back at the destruction. Momo pops up wearing the Great Fire Sage's hat. Scene of Zhao watching the bison fly away.

Zhao [Turns angrily, snapping.] No Prince, no Avatar! Apparently, the only thing I do have is five traitors!
Great Fire Sage [Interjects.] But Commander! Only Shyu helped the Avatar.
Zhao [Close-up.] Save your stories for the Fire Lord. As far as I'm concerned, you are all guilty! [Orders.] Take them to the prison hold!
Night time falls. Appa flies through the clouds. Scene from behind, a mourning Aang with his head hung. Katara and Sokka stand and approach their friend, kneeling behind him to support him. Katara puts her hand around Aang's shoulders.
Katara [Narrating.] My brother and I are quickly learning that life with Aang is one adventure after another. [Side-view of Appa's head. Aang and Momo sleep on his head.] But who knows, one of those adventures might even save the world.
Aang [Aang falls off Appa. Side-view of Appa as he falls.] Aaah! [Screen fades to black] I meant to do that!
The scene changes to show Zuko spying with his telescope toward Appa flying away. He lowers the telescope and sails off in his vessel.

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