This is a rough script for the fourth film: "The Legend of Aang: The Crossroads of Destiny" (though I am also thinking of calling it: "The Legend of Aang: City of Walls and Secrets").

This is entirely made from transcripts from:

  • The Drill
  • City of Walls and Secrets
  • Lake Laogai
  • The Earth King
  • The Guru
  • The Crossroads of Destiny

This also contains scenes depicted from:

  • Appa's Lost Days
  • The Tales of Ba Sing Se

Note: The whole transcripts have been taken from the various episode transcripts as published on this wiki. Scenes have been altered to shorten time and new ones have been added to merge the episodes together, but the following is largely taken from the works of the editors of the transcript pages. Without their contribution to the wiki, this would not have been possible with this amount of detailing. So to all who edited the transcripts of this wiki. Thank you. AdamantiumBladez.

Introduction into Ba Sing Se

The episode opens where several Fire Nation tanks rumble across the terrain, a large metal mechanism following close behind. The camera zooms out to a shot of the Fire Nation drill slowly moving its way toward the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. Several sections of the drill extend forward, releasing steam as spikes are driven into the ground. The drill's command module ascends where inside are Princess Azula, her friends, Mai and Ty Lee, War Minister Qin and several operators of the drill.
Qin This drill is a feat of scientific ingenuity and raw destructive power. Once it tunnels through the wall, our troops will storm their city. The Earth Kingdom will finally fall, and you can claim Ba Sing Se in the name of your father. Nothing can stop us.
Ty Lee [Looking through the telescope.] Hmmm, what about those muscle-y guys down there?
She peers through a periscope at several Earth Kingdom troops using earthbending to create large trenches, Fire Nation forces following them in hot pursuit.
Qin [Strikes the periscope roughly alarming Ty Lee.] Please. The drill's metal shell is impervious to any earthbending attack.
Azula Oh, I'm sure it is, War Minister Qin, but just to be on the safe side... [Sharply while looking at the two girls.] Mai and Ty Lee, take the earthbenders out!
Mai [Swinging a knife around her finger; relieved.] Finally, something to do. [Rises and walks out.]
The scene changes to where Katara, Sokka and Toph are escorting Tahn and his family to the city. Aang appears, flying in on his glider with Momo behind him. He lands, Momo perched on his shoulder.
Katara [Surprised.] Aang, what are you doing here? I thought you were looking for the Earth King.
Aang I was, but something stopped me. Something big.
The scene switches to the base of the Outer Wall where Aang and Toph use earthbending to transport everyone up the wall.
Sokka Now what's so big that we have to wait?
Aang [Camera zooms out to drill.] That.
The group arrives at the top of the Outer Wall.
Ying [Despairingly.] We made it to Ba Sing Se and we're still not safe. No one is! [Huddles with family members.]
Earthbender guard What are you people doing here? Civilians aren't allowed on the wall!
Aang I'm the Avatar. Take me to whoever is in charge.
The scene changes to a portion of the Outer Wall where a roof rises overhead, supported by tall arches. An Earth Kingdom general sits behind a desk.
General Sung [Happily.] It is an honor to welcome you to the Outer Wall, young Avatar, but your help is not needed.
Aang Not needed?
General Sung [Calmly.] Not needed. I have the situation under control. I assure you the Fire Nation cannot penetrate this wall. Many have tried to break through it, but none have succeeded.
Toph What about the Dragon of the West? He got in.
General Sung [Slightly taken aback.] Well... uh, technically yes, but he was quickly expunged. [Confidently.] Nevertheless, that is why the city is named Ba Sing Se. It's the "impenetrable city". They don't call it Na Sing Se. [Laughs, but subsequently turns serious.] That means "penetrable city."
Toph Yeah, thanks for the tour, but we still got the drill problem.
General Sung Not for long. To stop it, I've sent an elite platoon of earthbenders called the Terra Team.
Sokka That's a good group name. Very catchy.
The scene cuts to where the Terra Team is launching their assault on the Fire Nation drill. They manage to overthrow one tank and get closer to the drill.
Terra Team leader Ready... attack!
The earthbenders wedge large earth spikes into the metal shell of the drill to halt it. However, the drill's segments separate, reducing the columns to crumbles. The Terra Team narrowly manages to conjure earth shields to defend themselves against an assault of flying daggers hurled by Mai. She and Ty Lee are seen sliding down the shell of the drill. The scene cuts to the side of the drill where Ty Lee lands gracefully onto the ground. She effortlessly manages to defeat the earthbenders through an acrobatic display, utilizing chi blocking.
General Sung [Upon witnessing the defeat of the Terra Team.] We're doomed! [Flails arms in panic.]
Sokka [Slaps him across the face.] Get a hold of yourself, man!
General Sung [Rubbing cheek.] You're right. I'm sorry.
Toph Maybe you'd like the Avatar's help now?
General Sung [Stands before the Avatar. Humbly.] Yes, please.
The scene changes to where Aang and the rest are overlooking the wall at the drill.
Aang The question is, how are we going to stop that thing? [All turn their heads to Sokka.]
Sokka Why are you all looking at me?
Aang You're the idea guy.
Sokka [Complaining.] So I'm the only one who can ever come up with a plan? That's a lot of pressure.
Katara And also the complaining guy.
Sokka That part I don't mind.
The scene changes to where a ticket woman is inspecting Zuko and Iroh's tickets.
Ticket woman So, Mr. Lee and Mr. ummm... Mushy, is it?
Iroh It's pronounced Mushi.
Ticket woman [Annoyed.] You telling me how to do my job?
Iroh [Approaches the ticket booth.] Uh, no, no. But may I just say you're like a flower in bloom. Your beauty is intoxicating.
Ticket woman [Flirtatiously.] You're pretty easy on the eyes yourself, handsome. Raorr! Welcome to Ba Sing Se. [Stamps their tickets.]
Zuko [Disgusted.] I'm going to forget I saw that. [Grabs ticket and walks away.]
Camera changes to view of "Jet", overlooking Zuko, now under the adopted alias, Lee.

Meanwhile, back at the Outer Wall, Katara attempts to heal a member of the Terra Team.

General Sung What's wrong with him? He doesn't look injured.
Katara His chi is blocked. [Stops healing.] Who did this to you?
Terra Team member Two girls ambushed us. One of them hit me with a bunch of quick jabs and suddenly I couldn't earthbend anymore and I could barely move. Then she cartwheeled away.
Katara [Eyes widen in realization.] Ty Lee. She doesn't look dangerous, but she knows the human body and its weak points. It's like she takes you down from the inside.
Sokka [Excitedly.] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh!
Katara Yes?
Sokka What you just said! That's how we're going to take down the drill! The same way Ty Lee took down all those big earthbenders!
Toph By hitting its pressure points!
Aang [Looking out over the wall with a determined look.] We'll take it down from the inside.
The scene cuts to the Fire Nation drill. The camera pans to where Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph are crouching together in one of the abandoned trenches of the Terra Team.
Toph [Gesturing toward the drill.] Once I whip up some cover, you're not going to be able to see. So, stay close to me.
She steps outside the trench and with a powerful stomp of her foot, sending a mass of flying debris clouding toward the drill.
Toph Run!
The group races into the dust cloud behind Toph. The scene cuts to the command module where Ty Lee is peering at the cloud through the periscope.
Ty Lee Hey, look at that dust cloud. It's so... poofy. [Looks away from the periscope.] Poof.
Qin Don't worry, Princess. I'm sure it's nothing. [Azula casts a doubtful look.]
The scene changes to outside where the group is standing in the midst of the dust beside the drill. Toph earthbends a hole into the ground.
Toph Everyone into the hole!
She and the others jump into the hole and the ground above them closes shut. The camera pans to underground where it is pitch black.
Sokka It's so dark down here, I can't see a thing!
Toph [Sarcastically.] Oh no, what a nightmare!
Sokka [Sheepishly.] Sorry.
They make their way to the surface underneath the drill, where Sokka spots an opening.
Sokka There!
Aang leaps up to the bar hanging from the opening and, dangling upside-down from his legs, hoists Sokka and Katara into the drill. He realizes Toph is not following them. Sokka sticks his head out of the drill.
Sokka Toph, come on!
Toph No way am I going in that metal monster. I can't bend in there. I'll try to slow it down out here.
Sokka Okay, good luck! [He and Aang disappear into the drill.]
Toph earthbends a wedge of rock into the drill, however, it is proving to be a difficult task as it pushes her back. The scene changes to inside the drill where Sokka is leading the others through a tunnel of valves and pipes.
Sokka I need a plan of this machine. Some schematics that show what the inside looks like. Then we can find its weak points.
Aang Where are we going to get something like that? [Sokka unexpectedly cuts off a steam valve with his machete.] What are you doing? Someone's going to hear us!
Sokka That's the point. I figure a machine this big needs engineers to run it. And when something breaks...
Katara They come to fix it!
Aang and Katara smile at each other. Moments later, an engineer wearing a mask is seen walking down the misty hallway to the site of the damage.
Katara [Appears behind him.] Hi.
She freezes the mist, covering the engineer in a thin layer of ice. Sokka runs up to the frozen engineer and takes his schematics.
Sokka This'll work. Thanks!
The trio runs off, leaving the helpless engineer who drops his spear unintentionally. The scene changes to where Sokka and the others are studying the plans.
Sokka It looks like the drill is made up of two main structures. There's the inner mechanism where we are now and the outer shell. The inner part and the outer part are connected by these braces. If we cut through them, the entire thing will collapse.
Aang and Katara nod in agreement. The scene changes to the train station where Zuko, Iroh and the three Freedom Fighters are awaiting their train. The camera focuses on Zuko and Iroh, who sit in the waiting area.
Tea seller Get your hot tea here! Finest tea in Ba Sing Se!
Iroh [Waves hand.] Ooh! Jasmine please.
The tea seller pours tea into a leaf cup for Iroh. Iroh sips the tea, but soon grimaces at its repulsive taste.
Iroh Blaugh! Ugh, coldest tea in Ba Sing Se is more like it! What a disgrace!
Zuko sighs and reluctantly rises. "Jet" looks round from a corner at Zuko and attempts to approach. He catches sight of Iroh, who is sipping his now steaming hot tea, causing his eyes to widen in shock and realization. Zuko, approaching Iroh, glances over his shoulder at "Jet", who narrows his eyes and walks away. Angrily, he knocks the tea cup out of Iroh's hand.
Iroh Hey!
Zuko [Gritting in a whisper.] What are you doing firebending your tea? For a wise, old man, that was a pretty stupid move!
Iroh I know you're not supposed to cry over spilled tea, but... [Sniffs.] it's just so sad!
The scene switches to Katara and Aang, where the two are positioned on either side of one brace. Using waterbending, they slice through the metal sharply. The shot changes to when the brace is sliced halfway through. Both Katara and Aang are bent over in exhaustion.
Sokka Wow, it looks a lot thicker in person than it does in the plans. We're going to have to work pretty hard to cut through that.
Katara What's this "we" stuff. Aang and I are doing all the work.
Sokka Look, I'm the plan guy. You two are the cut stuff up with waterbending guys. Together, we're Team Avatar! Now c'mon team. Don't quit now. We're...
Katara Grrr! [Threatens to strike him with water whip.]
Sokka I mean... you're almost there.
The two resume work slicing the brace. With every lash of the water whip, the cut through the brace enlarges and Sokka grows more and more eager. At last, a cut is made clean through the brace, however, to their disappointment, the brace budges mere inches from its position.
Katara [Panting in exhaustion.] At this rate, we won't do enough damage before the drill reaches the wall.
Aang I don't know how many more of those I have in me.
The drill suddenly creaks.
Sokka Do you hear that? We took it down! We better get out of here fast!
The trio run for the door, only to halt upon hearing an announcement being made through overhead speaking tubes.
Qin Congratulations, crew. The drill has made contact with the wall of Ba Sing Se. [Cuts to him standing in the command module.] Start the countdown to victory!
Cheers erupt from the crew. The camera cuts to Azula, a threatening look of determination on her face. Aang, Katara and Sokka look at each other in shock and dismay. The camera cuts to a scene of the drill hammering through the wall, sending loose boulders in every direction. The scene changes to one of a stream of a saturated rock and water solution traveling through tubes and making its way through the back entrance of the drill. Cuts to Sokka, who is desperately attempting to move the brace.
Sokka [Pushing against brace.] C'mon brace... budge! [Makes several more attempts to move it.]
Katara This is bad, really bad.
Sokka We're putting everything we've got into busting these braces, but it's taking too long!
Aang [Struck with realization.] Maybe we don't need to cut all the way through. Toph has been teaching me that you shouldn't give one hundred percent of your energy into any one strike. [Rises.] Sokka, take a fighting stance. You've got to be quick and accurate. Hit a series of points and break your opponent's stance. [Strikes Sokka several times.] And when he's reeling back, you deliver the final blow. [Hits him softly on the head.] His own weight becomes his downfall, literally.
As Aang is speaking, Sokka kneels over.
Katara So we just need to weaken the braces, instead of cutting all the way through.
Aang Then I'll go to the top of this thing and deliver the final blow.
Sokka [Rising.] And boom! It all comes crashing down!
Aang Everyone inside that wall. The whole world is counting on us.
Sokka The whole world minus the Fire Nation that is.
Sokka grins, while the other two simply stare at each other. The scene cuts to Toph under the drill, putting all her strength into keeping the rock column stable as she is slowly pushed back by the force of the drill.
Toph [Straining as the drill continues to push her back.] C'mon, Twinkle Toes, hurry up!
The scene changes to where Aang and Katara are making rapid progress, slicing through several braces halfway to weaken them.
Aang That's enough! We need to get to the next one!
The scene changes to outside the drill, where earthbenders are sending boulders down at the drill from the wall. The scene changes to the command module where the War Minister receives shocking news from engineers communicating through speaking tubes.
Engineer War Minister, an engineer was ambushed! His schematics were stolen!
Qin is clearly surprised while Azula narrows her eyes in suspicion.
Second Engineer War Minister, a brace on the starboard side has been cut clean through! It's sabotage, sir!
Azula [Sharply.] Let's go, ladies!
The scene changes to where the trio continues to slice through the braces.
Sokka Good work, Team Avatar! Now Aang just needs to... [Glances up in horror.] duck!
He ducks just in time to evade the blue fire blast sent his way by Azula, who runs out and stands on another brace followed by her friends.
Aang [Barely misses another fire blast.] Whoa!
Ty Lee Wow, Azula, you were right! It is the Avatar! [Smiles flirtatiously at Sokka.]... and friends.
Sokka [Smiles and waves.] Hey.
Katara approaches her brother and drags him away, clearly annoyed. Ty Lee swings herself forward toward Aang who quickly airbends her away. The trio escape the scene and race through the drill's hallways. They come to an intersection.
Aang Guys, get out of here. I know what I need to do.
Katara Wait. [Throws him her water skin.] You need this water more than I do!
Aang catches the water skin and starts running again. Azula and her team reach the intersection.
Azula Follow them! The Avatar's mine!
Mai and Ty Lee begin chasing Katara and Sokka while Azula chases after Aang. Meanwhile, the two siblings have arrived at the end of the hallway where there is a closed hatch.
Katara [As Sokka struggles to open the hatch, reads sign nearby.] Slurry pipeline? What does that mean?
Sokka [Having successfully opened hatch which leads to a canal channeling slurry.] It's rock and water mixed together. It means our way out!
The two begin descending into the pipe when Mai and Ty Lee arrive. They manage to escape into the canal just as a flurry of daggers is sent their way. The camera cuts to a shot of them floating through the slurry. Mai and Ty Lee run over and peer into the pipeline.
Mai Ugh, disgusting!
Ty Lee C'mon! You heard Azula. We have to follow them!
Mai She can shoot all the lightning she wants at me. I am not going in that wall sludge juice.
Ty Lee leaps through the pipeline into the slurry. Mai shudders and closes the hatch. The scene cuts to where Aang races past several engineers through the drill. The camera cuts to the rear of the drill where a flood of slurry is continually being released. Katara and Sokka slide through the slurry onto the ground with Ty Lee following them in hot pursuit. Katara uses waterbending to stop the flow of slurry and plug up the back entrance of the drill, thus trapping Ty Lee.
Katara [Hatefully and tauntingly.] Why don't you try blocking my chi now, circus freak?
Sokka Katara, keep that up. The pressure will build up in the drill. Then when Aang delivers the final blow, it'll be ready to pop!
The scene changes to where Aang and Momo have made their way to the top of the drill.
Aang [Halting.] This looks like a good spot, Momo. [Looks up to find boulders being hurtled down the wall, nearly crushing him. Yelling.] General Sung, tell your soldiers to stop shooting rocks down here!
General Sung [Frantically.] Soldiers, whatever you do, don't stop shooting rocks down there!
The soldiers nod and launch another round of rocks toward the drill. Aang leaps out of the way of the oncoming boulders and begins slicing at the hull of the metal using water from Katara's water skin. The scene changes to where Katara continues to hold Ty Lee captive in the slurry.
Sokka Good technique, little sister! Keep it up! Don't forget to breathe!
Katara [Irritated.] You know, I'm just about sick and tired of you telling me what to do all day! You're like a chattering hog-monkey!
Sokka Just bend the slurry, woman!
Frustrated, Katara bends a wave of slurry into her brother, knocking him down.
Toph [Approaching Katara.] You guys need some help?
Katara Toph, help me plug up this drain.
The two cooperate with each other to bend the slurry, sending Ty Lee farther into the drill and causing the pipes to begin to expand under the pressure. The scene cuts to where Aang continues to slice the metal of the drill.
Aang [Exhausted.] What I'd give to be a metalbender.
Momo suddenly shrieks and Aang deflects a blue fire blast just in time.
Aang [Assuming a fighting stance.] Momo, get out of here!
Azula appears before the Avatar and a battle ensues between the two. Azula shoots fire blasts at Aang, who manages to block them using airbending. She continues the fire attacks only to have each one of her strikes deterred by water whips. She eventually manages to vaporize the water, sending Aang back. The two narrowly dodge the several boulders that are hurtled toward them at that moment. Aang uses earthbending and airbending to send rocks at Azula, who manages to avoid them all. Azula sends another powerful firebending assault that slams Aang into the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, leaving him unconscious.

The camera view briefly changes to where the front of the drill is seen having completely dug its way through the Outer Wall. Camera changes to Azula as she walks over to him with fire in her right hand, preparing to deal a deadly final strike, but Aang awakens and sends her skidding back using an earthbending gauntlet. A flood of slurry is released as the drill bores deeper into the wall, coating the two. Azula slides toward a helpless Aang, attempting to halt herself by windmilling only to collide with him. The force of the collision sends both sliding off opposite sides of the drill. Azula is able to stop her descent by grinding her feet into the drill's side while Momo drags Aang up to the top with the help of Aang's airbending.

Aang Thanks, Momo. I owe you one. [Runs over to the wedge he sliced in the drill.] Now all I need... [A boulder falls before him.] Actually, that is what I need for once.
He uses airbending to position the boulder over the X mark in the drill. Using earthbending, he cuts the rock several times, creating a wedge that fits inside the middle of the hole. He begins sprinting toward the wall, scales up its side by riding an air scooter and, once he arrives at his highest point, rockets at lightning speed toward the bottom. As he propels himself downward, Azula catches sight of him and fires at him. She misses by mere seconds and is sent back forcefully as Aang leaps and slams down on the wedge, creating a large ripple effect. The impact of the blow causes the sliced braces inside the drill to collapse and the pipes to burst, releasing a torrent of slurry. Slurry begins to seep from the drill. The scene cuts to Katara and Toph, who remain in their bending stances.
Sokka Woohoo!
Toph Here it comes!
She earthbends Katara, Sokka, and herself onto a rock pillar to avoid the flood of slurry. Slurry gushes from the rear of the drill, and Ty Lee slams into the wall of the rock pillar as she is forcefully pushed forward by the flood. The drill begins to release steam and its segments begin to collapse. On the other side of the wall, the drill is seen coming to a halt.

The camera zooms out on the destroyed drill. The scene cuts to Aang covered in slurry, Momo licking him as he wipes it away near his face, a huge smile spread across his face. Cut to War Minister Qin, who stares at the slurry from inside the command module, completely shocked. Cuts to General Sung atop the Outer Wall, covered in the muck. Cuts to Ty Lee as she attempts to clear away the mess. Cut to shot of Azula, skidding down the drill also covered in slurry. She lands by Ty Lee, causing the acrobat to be covered in slurry once again. A hatch opens, revealing Mai, who is completely clean.

Mai [Dryly.] We lost.
The scene changes to the train station.
Train conductor Last call for Ba Sing Se!
Scene shifts to "Jet", who is storming toward the train. Iroh and Zuko board the train, "Jet" eying them. Iroh and Zuko seat themselves next to Tahn and his family. Iroh notices Hope.
Iroh What a handsome baby. [Strokes the infant.]
Ying Thank you.
Camera closes up on Hope, who is sleeping. Scene cuts to outside where two earthbenders begin moving the train out of the station. Scene changes to Team Avatar standing at the top of the wall, overlooking the sunset.
Sokka I just want to say, good effort out there today, Team Avatar!
Katara [Unamused.] Enough with the Team Avatar stuff. No matter how many times you say it, it's not going to catch on.
Sokka How about... [Pulls out boomerang.] the Boomeraang Squad! See it's good because it's got "Aang" in it. Boomeraang.
Aang [Grins.] I kind of like that one.
Katara [Begins walking away.] Let's talk about this on our way into the city.
Sokka The Aang Gang?
Katara Sokka...
Sokka The Fearsome Foursome?
Toph [Also walking away.] You're crazy.
Sokka Why? We're fearsome!
He runs after them. Cuts to Qin and the rest of the Fire Nation engineers evacuating the drill. All of them are covered in slurry and are trying to cough it out. Qin drags himself towards a rock. A foot steps on it just as he attempteds to reach out for it. He looks up and sees Azula, with Ty Lee and Mai at her side.
Qin [Looking up awkwardly] Princess Azula, I . . .
Azula [Interupting, flicking mud from her finger nails.] A feat of scientific ingenuity, and you were so sure that a dust cloud was nothing. Do you consider the Avatar nothing, War Minister?
Qin [Nervous.] N-no, your highness.
Azula Hmm, well that doesn't sound right, does it? Because surely you would have taken him into account.
Qin But he is boy, a child.
Azula Well I saw that. And I also saw a twelve year old just smash your 'feat of scientific ingenuity', War minister. [Kneels down to him]You will return to the Fire Nation and you will hand in your resignation directly to my father. [Lifts his head up by his chin.] And I hope for your he's in a very good mood when you meet him. [Throws his head down and stands up. She points to two engineers who pick Qin up and they start moving away.]
Mai What now then?
Azula [Looks along the walls, she looks at where Aang and Toph raised the ground up to the top of the walls. She follows it down to the pit left behind and follows a path that leads to the mountain passage along the Serpent's Pass. She smiles.] Ready the Mongoose Dragons girls. Let the hunt begin.
A monorail moves along the line with Appa flying above it. Cut to inside the car where Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Momo are awaiting their arrival at Ba Sing Se. Katara looks out from the window and notices the Inner Wall of the Earth Kingdom capital drawing closer.
Katara [Excitedly.] Look, the Inner Wall! [Cut to a shot of the monorail approaching the wall. Cut back inside monorail.] I can't believe we finally made it to Ba Sing Se in one piece.
Sokka [Slightly skeptically.] Hey, don't jinx it! We can still be attacked by some giant exploding Fire Nation spoon. Or find out the city's been submerged in an ocean full of killer shrimp!
Toph [Slightly annoyed, yet still jokingly.] You been hitting the cactus juice again?
Sokka I'm just sayin', weird stuff happens to us.
A man, sucking a corn plant in his mouth, takes a seat between Toph and Sokka, startling them. The scene changes to Aang and Katara looking out the windows, the former closing his eyes sadly.

The scene shows the monorail entering the Inner Wall. Cut to Sokka, Katara, and Aang viewing the giant city through the windows.

Sokka [Realizing the city's gigantic size.] Oh.
The three notice that Ba Sing Se stretches almost as far as their eyes can see, and it has many roads and buildings. Their train enters the monorail station, stopping there. All of them disembark. Appa lands near the outside of the station.
Toph [Sighs.] Back in the city. Great.
Sokka [Excitedly.] What's the problem? It's amazing!
Toph [Shot shows Sokka and Toph with Momo resting on her shoulder.] It's just a bunch of walls and rules. You wait, you'll get sick of it in a couple of days.
The shot changes to the monorail departing, behind the team. Cut to the other side of the track, where there is a woman with long dark hair that billows in the wind. She approaches them with a strange smile on her face.
Joo Dee [Excited.] Hello, my name is Joo Dee! I have been given the great honor of showing the Avatar around Ba Sing Se. And you must be Sokka, Katara, and Toph! Welcome to our wonderful city. Shall we get started?
Sokka Yes. We have information about the Fire Nation army that we need to deliver to the Earth King, immediately.
Joo Dee Great! Let's begin our tour. And then I'll show you to your new home here. I think you'll like it!
Sokka [Slightly annoyed.] Ugh! [Walks up to Joo Dee.] Maybe you missed what I said. We need to talk to the king about the War, it's important.
Joo Dee [Close-up on Joo Dee's face.] You're in Ba Sing Se now. Everyone is safe here.
Team Avatar has a confused look on their faces regarding Joo Dee's strange statement. Cut to an overhead shot of the area of the city near the wall. An ostrich horse pulls a carriage through the streets. Many shops and refugees line the streets. Cut to a shot of the inside of the carriage containing Joo Dee and Team Avatar.
Aang You know we have Appa, we really didn't need to get a carriage to take us to the city.
Joo Dee No no, this is provisional for all our special guest. This is the Lower Ring.
Katara What's that wall for?
Joo Dee Oh, Ba Sing Se has many walls! There are the ones outside protecting us, and the ones inside, that help maintain order. [Shot changes to outside the carriage as the camera pans across some refugees.] This is where our newest arrivals live, as well as our craftsman and artisans, people that work with their hands. [Shot changes back to inside the carriage.] It's so quaint and lively!
Cut to a shot of two men conversing in an alley. One of them is holding a large sword that glistens in the light. Both glare at the carriage as it passes.
Joo Dee [Nervously.] You do want to watch your step, though.
Katara [Nervous look on her face.] Why do they have all these poor people blocked off in one part of the city?
Aang [Upset and somewhat bored.] This is why I never came here before. I always heard it was so different from the way the monks taught us to live. [Looks out the window.]
The scene changes to another part of the Lower Ring. Cut to Zuko walking down the street. Iroh catches up to him from behind, holding a large vase with several orange flowers placed in it. Cut to a close-up of Zuko staring coldly at the flora and Iroh.
Iroh I just want our place to look nice, in case someone brings home a lady friend! [He gives Zuko a nudge with the elbow.]
Zuko [Bleakly.] This city is a prison. I don't want to make a life here.
Cut to overhead view of the street they are walking down.
Iroh Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not. Now come on, I found us some new jobs, and we start this afternoon!
Cut to a shot from behind Zuko and Iroh as they walk away. Someone's feet step out in front. Cut to a close-up of "Jet" staring angrily at the two firebenders.
"Jet" Look at them, firebenders living right under everyone's nose. All I need is to get the evidence
Cut to a shot of the Middle Ring, where Joo Dee is continuing the tour in the carriage.
Joo Dee This is the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se, home to the financial district, shops and restaurants, and the university.
Cut to side-view of carriage. Aang and Sokka looks out of the windows, bored.
Sokka Yeah, we met a professor from the Ba Sing Se University. He took us to an ancient underground library where we discovered information about the war that is [Cut to inside carriage. Leaning toward Joo Dee, losing his patience.] absolutely crucial for the Earth King to hear!
Joo Dee [Smiling; excitedly.] Isn't history fascinating? Look, here's one of the oldest towns in the Middle Ring, Town Hall!
The carriage stops and Joo Dee exits. Sokka stares at her, annoyed.
Sokka Is that woman deaf? She only seems to hear every other word I say.
Toph It's called "being handled". Get used to it. [Crosses her arms as everyone else glares sadly at Sokka.]
The scene changes to a small tea shop in the Lower Ring, with "Jet" leaning against the shop's wall. He turns around and peeks inside the window, spotting Zuko and Iroh speaking with the shop's owner. Cut to "Jet"'s view.
Pao Well, you certainly look like official tea servers. [Cut to close-up of Pao.] How do you feel‌?
Cut to Zuko and Iroh wearing aprons. Iroh desperately attempts to tie the string behind his back, but his effort is in vain.
Zuko [Annoyed.] Ridiculous.
Iroh Uh, does this possibly come in a larger size? [Cut to a view behind Iroh with the apron strings not quite long enough to tie.]
Cut to side-view of the threesome.
Pao I have extra string in the back. Have some tea while you wait!
Pao pours some tea in two cups, hands them to his new employees, and heads to the back of the shop. Cut to frontal view of Iroh and Zuko. Iroh takes a sip from his cup, but his face contorts in disgust.
Iroh Blech! This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!
Zuko [Blankly.] Uncle, that's what all tea is.
Iroh [Angrily.] How could a member of my own family say something so horrible?! We'll have to make some major changes around here.
Iroh angrily takes the tea pot and heads over to the window "Jet" is spying through. "Jet" gasps and moves away just in time as Iroh dumps the tea out the window. "Jet" slowly stalks around the corner of the shop and leaves. The scene changes to the carriage in which Team Avatar is touring in, which is now in the Upper Ring.
Joo Dee The Upper Ring is home to our most important citizens. Your house is not too far from here!
Fade to the carriage passing by another wall with a tall gate. Behind it, the roof of an enormous building can be seen.
Katara [Close-up.] What's inside that wall?
Cut to a closer view of the tall gate. Three men are standing in the gateway, wearing dark robes and wide brimmed hats turn their eyes toward the group, looking somewhat hateful at them. Cut to inside the carriage.
Sokka And who're the mean-looking guys in robes?
Joo Dee Inside is the Royal Palace. Those men are agents of the Dai Li, the cultural authority of Ba Sing Se. They are the guardians of all our traditions!
Aang [Close-up view. Bored and annoyed.] Can we see the king now?
Joo Dee [Close-up view.] Oh no, one doesn't just pop in on the Earth King!
Overhead view of inside of carriage. Aang nods his head, sadly. Cut to a shot of sky, with Momo flying, and descending and landing on the roof of a small house. Appa flies in too and lays by the side of the house.
Joo Dee Here we are! Your new home.
Cut to behind the gang looking down at Joo Dee. A messenger comes, gives Joo Dee a scroll, and leaves.
Joo Dee [Close-up view.] More good news! Your request for an audience with the Earth King is being processed, and should be put through in about month. [Cut to behind the gang looking down at Joo Dee.] Much more quickly than usual!
Sokka [Close-up view of Team Avatar. Surprised.] A month?
Joo Dee [Close-up view. Smiling widely.] Six to eight weeks, actually.
The scene changes to a brief shot of the house before cutting to the inside.
Joo Dee [Close-up side-view.] Isn't it nice? I think you'll really enjoy it here.
Sokka [Cut to view of entire room from the back.] I think we would enjoy it more if we weren't staying for so long. Can't we see the Earth King any sooner?
Joo Dee [Close-up view over Sokka's shoulder. Smiling.] The Earth King is very busy running the finest city in the world! [Close-up on Sokka, as an annoyed expression covers his face.] But he will see you as soon as time permits. Why don't you go get some rest‌? [Smiling.] Someone will be over with dinner, later.
As the carriage drives off, Sokka, followed by the rest of the gang, notices a man in the house across from them peeking through a window at them. Close-up shot of the man's door as his head recedes back. Cut back to the gang from behind.
Sokka [He gestures to the rest of Team Avatar to follow him.] Hey, come with me.
Everyone follows Sokka across the street. Cut to a shot of Sokka knocking on the front door. The same man appears and opens the door, smiling at them.
Pong You're the Avatar! [Side-view of gang.] I heard you were in town. [Overhead view.] I'm Pong.
Aang [Side-view of gang. Smiles.] Nice to meet you, Pong.
Sokka So, Pong, what's goin' on with this city? Why does no one here talk about the war?
Pong [Frontal view. Shifts his eyes to the sides.] War? What do you mean?
Toph [Frontal view. Slightly annoyed.] I can feel you shaking.
Pong [Frontal view.] Look, I'm just a minor government official. [Looks to the sides to confirm that no one is present except them.] I've waited three years to get this house. I don't want go get into trouble.
Katara [Tight side-view of the gang and Pong.] Get in trouble with who?!
Pong [Puts his finger on his mouth, and whispers.] Shh, listen, you can't mention the War here. [Overhead view.] And whatever you do, stay away from the Dai Li.
As he closes the door, everyone looks at each other's faces in confusion. Fade to a shot of some apartments. "Jet" spies on Zuko and Iroh, from a balcony in the shadows, hiding behind a clothesline in the apartment across theirs.
Iroh Would you like a pot of tea?
Zuko [Close-up of "Jet".] We've been working in a tea shop all day! [View from the outside in to the window where Zuko lays on a bed.] I'm sick of tea!
Iroh [Pan across to Iroh through another window.] Sick of tea? That's like being sick of breathing! [He rummages through the cupboard beneath the counter, where he is standing. Close-up view of kettle.] Have you seen the spark rocks to heat up the water?
"Jet" [Side-view. Whispering to himself.] They're not there. [Opens his fist to show some emerald colored rocks. Close-up side-view.] You'll have to firebend, old man. [He sees Iroh going inside, and narrows his eyes.] Where're you going?
Iroh [View through window. Coming back to the counter.] I borrowed our neighbors'. Such kind people.
Close-up of kettle. He strikes the rocks near a pile of twigs below the teapot, and creates a flame. "Jet" ducks behind the clothesline and leaves.

Fade the next morning, and the scene changes to a blue jay chirping, before the camera pans down to Team Avatar's house. Cut to Katara coming out from the door, yawning and stretching. She takes a roll of papers on a mail slot attached to the wall, and reads it briefly, gasping with excitement, before running back inside. The others are all lounging around the upper part of the living room, and she runs to inform them about the information in the roll.

Katara I got it! I know how we're going to see the Earth King!
Toph [Frontal view.] How are we supposed to do that? [Mimicking Joo Dee.] "One doesn't just pop in on the Earth King!"
Katara [Side-view of her and Aang. Reading from the papers.] The king is having a party tonight for his pet bear.
Aang You mean, platypus bear?
Katara No, it just says 'bear'.
Sokka [Close-up view. He is lying upside down.] Certainly you mean his pet skunk bear.
Toph [Frontal view.] Or his armadillo bear.
Aang [Frontal view.] Gopher bear?
Katara [Side-view of room.] Just... bear.
Toph This place... is weird.
Katara [Growing excited again.] The palace will be packed. We can sneak in with the crowd!
Toph [Lies down.] Won't work.
Katara [Frontal view. Slightly confused.] Why not?
Toph [Over Katara's shoulder view.] Well, no offense to you simple country folk, but a real society crowd will spot you a mile away. You've got no manners! [Takes a pastry from a bowl and eats it.]
Katara [Frontal view.] Excuse me? I've got no manners?! You're not exactly "lady fancy fingers!"
Toph [Burps. Over Katara's shoulder view.] I learned proper society behavior and chose to leave it. [Throws the half eaten pastry to the side.] You never learned anything. And frankly, it's a little too late. [She picks her nose and flicks the snot off her finger.]
Sokka [Side-view of room. Excitedly.] Aha, but you learned it! You could teach us!
Aang Yeah, I'm mastering every element. How hard could manners be‌?
Aang grabs a nearby curtain and puts it around himself like a noble's robe, and talks in a very sophisticated manner.
Aang Good evening, Mr. Sokka Water Tribe, Ms. Katara Water Tribe, Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty. Your Momo-ness. [Frontal view of Momo as he peeks at Aang from under the carpet and slightly bows.]
Sokka [Stands up also wearing a curtain like a robe. Mimicking a typical high class person.] Avatar Aang, how do you do? Go on.
Aang bows to Sokka, and Sokka, trying to outdo Aang's bow, bows back. Aang tries to further out do Sokka's bow with a deeper bow and Sokka returns this bow with an even deeper bow. Both of them try to bow at the same time, but they knock each other's foreheads' together and fall down.

Toph walks toward Katara with the legs of Aang and Sokka seen on the floor.

Toph Katara might be able to pull it off, but you two would be lucky to pass as busboys!
Cut to Sokka and Aang, who are still on the ground with curtains still on top of them.
Sokka But I feel so fancy! [Toph's snot falls on Sokka's forehead.]
The scene changes to a shot of house, at dusk, and changes to inside the house, where Sokka and Aang are playing a game. Close-up of their hands.
Aang [Closing his hands into a fist.] Earth!
Sokka [Wriggling his hands.] Fire!
Sokka grumbles at losing the game, while Aang raises his hands, triumphantly, and flicks Sokka's forehead while grinning. Katara and Toph enter the room from a door, wearing makeup, exquisite Earth Kingdom dresses, and holding a fan each. Toph and Katara stare at the boys calmly before giving in to a fit of giggles. Aang blushes and stares dreamily at the sight of Katara.
Aang [Stunned.] Wow, you look beautiful.
Sokka flicks Aang's forehead. Katara opens her mouth to reply to Aang's compliment, but is stopped by Toph placing her fans in front of her mouth.
Toph Don't talk to the commoners, Katara. First rule of society.
Cut to a view of the room as Aang and Sokka watch the two girls leave.
Katara [To Sokka and Aang.] We'll get in the party, and then find a way to let you in through the side gate.
The sound of a gong is heard as Momo walks past them, wearing one of the curtains as a cape. Aang looks at Sokka, who merely shrugs.

Cut to outside the tea shop where Iroh and Zuko are working. A man walks in through the door. "Jet" is shown to be spying on the shop from an alley. Cut to close-up of "Jet"'s face with an expression of suspicion. Cut to outside of tea shop, before switching to its interior, where Iroh is pouring tea to a customer.

Customer This is the best tea in the city!
Iroh [Frontal view.] The secret ingredient is love. [He waves a hand through the steam coming from the teapot and walks toward the back of the shop where the owner is, while Zuko gives him a disgusted look.]
Pao [Side-view. Turning to Iroh.] I think you're due for a raise.
Cut to the door as it is suddenly slammed open by "Jet"; he enters.
"Jet" I'm tired of waiting! [Pointing an accusing finger at Iroh and Zuko.] These two men are firebenders!
"Jet" unsheathes his hook swords and prepares to fight. View from behind "Jet". Iroh and Zuko quickly exchange a look, not knowing what to do. Cut to view of Iroh at the back of the tea shop with "Jet" at the entrance.
"Jet" I know they're firebenders, I saw the old man heating his tea!
Customer [Frontal view. Bleakly.] He works in a tea shop.
"Jet" [Frontal view.] He's a firebender! I'm telling you!
Customer [Frontal view. Stands up, along with another man.] Drop your swords, boy. Nice and easy.
"Jet" [Frontal view. To Zuko.] You'll have to defend yourself. Then everyone will know. Go ahead, show them what you can do.
"Jet" slowly walks toward Zuko and Iroh with his swords. Just as one of the customers is about to draw his swords, Zuko steps in front and grabs them instead.
Zuko You want a show? I'll give you a show!
Zuko takes the customer's broadswords and enters a fighting stance. He pulls a table in front of him with his foot and kicks it at "Jet", who slices the table with his swords and jumps over it. As he lands, he swings both hook swords at the Fire Nation prince, who deflects the attack and jumps backward on to another table, which is sliced in half by "Jet", swinging one sword through the middle of the table. Zuko steps onto one half of the table and balances on one foot. "Jet" continues his attack by cutting the legs on the half of the table Zuko is standing on. Zuko quickly jumps up, and as he lands, he swings both broadswords at "Jet"'s feet, and "Jet" somersaults away and lands in a crouching position before charging forward at Zuko again. Zuko swings both of his swords at "Jet". Just as both weapons clash together, the scene freezes and cuts to the Ba Sing Se Palace. Several high class citizens are lined up and being admitted inside by a guard, who is checking the invitation of one group before letting them pass. Toph and Katara are next in line and approach him.
Guard Invitation please.
Toph [Formally.] I think this will do.
Toph shows the official seal of the Beifong family to the guard. The camera cuts to a closer, detailed shot of the seal, before cutting to the guard.
Guard No entry without an invitation. Step out of line, please.
Toph [Irritated.] Look, the Pangs and the Yum Soon Hans are waiting in there for us! I'm going to have to tell them who didn't let me in.
Guard [Unyielding.] Step out of line please.
As the guard points his finger to the side, Katara and Toph move out disappointedly, when Katara notices a carriage, from which Long Feng comes out, and two Dai Li agents bow to him. Katara has an idea, and she, along with Toph, go to the leader of the Dai Li.
Katara [Side-view.] Sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but my cousin lost our invitations. [Whispering.] She's blind. [Again, normally.] Do you think you could help us? Our family's inside and I'm sure they're very worried.
Long Feng [Close-up view as he smiles and bows his head.] I am honored, please come with me.
Long Feng walks toward the guard at the entrance with Toph and Katara following him. The guard bows to him and the three of them go into the palace. As they are walking in, Toph and Katara stick their tongues out at the guard while his back is turned. The scene changes to an overhead shot inside the palace. At one end of the table is Bosco the bear eating a steak, his drool dripping of his chin. Seated to either side of him are two guests.
Older guest He's taking all the good stuff!
Younger guest Quiet! You don't know what I had to do to get seats this near the bear!
Bosco slightly hits the younger guest before pouncing onto the table and eating a large plate of meat in front of him. Cut to a close shot of the bear gorging. As he moves his head, Toph, Katara, and Long Feng walk into the hall.
Long Feng It's beautiful, isn't it? [Close-up shot. Turning to the girls.] By the way, I'm Long Feng. I'm a cultural minister to the king.
Katara [View of her and Toph.] I'm Kwa Mai, and this is... Dum. [Toph frowns and pulls a string hanging from Katara's headdress, causing her pain.] Ow!
Long Feng [Close-up shot.] Now where is your family? I'd love to meet them.
Katara [Side-view. Feigning looking around.] Uh... I don't see them right now, but I'm sure we'll find them soon. [Smiles.] Thanks for all your help.
As they walk away, Long Feng appears in front of them.
Long Feng Don't worry, as your escort it would be dishonorable to abandon you ladies without finding your family first. We'll keep looking. [He turns around and leads the two girls, while Katara glances at Toph, nervously.]
Cut to outside the palace. Aang peeks around the pedestal of a statue of a lion. Cut to a shot of Aang and Sokka peeking around both sides of the pedestal.
Aang [Worried and nervous.] Where are they?
Aang and Sokka duck behind the pedestal.
Sokka Look, I came up with a back-up plan. [He picks Momo up.] We dress Momo like a ghost, okay? [Moves Momo in a circle.] He flies by the guards, creating a distraction. Then, we blast a hole in the wall-
Aang stands up and looks over the pedestal, and points to some busboys, as Sokka stands up. Cut to some busboys unloading supplies from a carriage and taking them inside.
Aang Or we could go in as these guys. Toph said we might pass as busboys!
Cut to a shot of Aang and Sokka.
Sokka Okay... [Rolls his eyes.] But remember that Momo ghost plan. I think it's a winner. [Smiling, he and Aang sink behind the pedestal.]
The scene changes to outside the tea shop, as Zuko bursts out through the door and tumbles onto the street. "Jet" runs after him and strikes at Zuko with both swords. Zuko defends the strike and both combatants lock swords.
"Jet" [Close-up shot with a sinister grin.] You must be getting tired of using those swords. [Close-up shot of Zuko with a look of annoyance.] Why don't you go ahead and firebend at me?
View behind the fighters as they move off screen to reveal Zuko at the door to the tea shop.
Iroh Please, son, you're confused! You don't know what you're doing!
Cut back to "Jet" and Zuko, fighting. Zuko swings at "Jet", but "Jet" stops Zuko's broadsword with the ends of his hook swords, spins around and deflects it to the side. Zuko spins with his swords and tries to counterattack, but "Jet" hooks the ends of his swords together and begins to swing them at Zuko in large circular motions. Zuko retreats back a few steps to defend himself.
"Jet" Bet you wish he'd help you out with a little fire blast right now.
As "Jet" swings at Zuko's feet, Zuko stabs one of his broadswords through the hilt, pinning it to the ground. "Jet" looks at it with annoyance before focusing back on Zuko.
Zuko You're the one who needs help.
Both the combatants lose a sword, and continue fighting with only one. He turns in a circle and tries to swipe at Zuko, but Zuko quickly advances and swings his sword at "Jet". "Jet" pulls his attack just in time to bend backward and avoid Zuko's blade, cutting the straw sticking out of "Jet"'s mouth in half. The scene replays, but the second time, zooms in on the straw. "Jet" regains balance, and jumps backward onto the edge of a well.
"Jet" You see that‌?! [Aerial view.] The Fire Nation is trying to silence me. [View behind Zuko looking at "Jet".] It'll never happen.
"Jet" begins to attack again, hooking his sword to the top of the well and sending a flying kick toward Zuko.

Cut to Appa asleep by their house. His eyes widen when he hears a high-pitched whistle. He ascends into the sky and flys over the city. Shot changes to three pygmy pumas standing on a roof top as Appa descends. Cut to Aang's bison whistle. A further shot shows Aang holding his bison whistle as he changes into a busboy uniform with Sokka.

Cut to a Dai Li agent blowing on his own high-pitched whistle. He steps out of the shadows. Appa growls at him and takes a step back, leaving a single footprint in the mud. The Dai Li agent earthbends the slab of rock beneath him, causing it to swirl around and capture Appa underground. Shot of Appa's footprint in the mud fades to a further shot of the dust around the slab of rock dissipating.

The scene cuts back inside to the palace, where Aang and Sokka are seen, standing back to back, fully dressed as busboys, serving refreshments to the guests of the party. Aang begins pouring a drink while Sokka is serving food to people who pass by.

Aang [A little worried.] Where are Toph and Katara?
Sokka Forget them! Just keep an eye out for the king. [He grows slightly annoyed as Momo's tail, which has been sticking out of Aang's hat, begins to wag in his face.]
Aang [Slightly nervous.] I don't know what he looks like.
Sokka You know, royal, flowing robe, fancy jewelry. [He grabs Momo's tail, still wagging in his face, and vigorously stuffs it back into Aang's hat.]
The camera pans around the room to show the party guests, all fitting Sokka's description. They are all adorned in fancy, flowing robes and headpieces, chatting and eating food.
Aang That could be anyone!
Cut back to Aang and Sokka as the camera pans right to show Toph, walking up to the duo.
Toph [Trying to speak in a fancy voice.] Another crab puff, please. [Sokka leans in, eyes closed, with his tray to hand her a puff, unaware it's her.]
Aang [Surprised and happy.] You found us!
Toph [Back to her normal voice.] I'd know your little footsteps anywhere, Twinkle Toes.
Katara catches up to the group, and Aang blushes when he sees her.
Sokka [Opening his eyes, realizing who they are. Sarcastically.] Thanks for letting us in!
Katara [Close-up of her face.] Sorry, but the guy who escorted us in won't let us out of his sight!
The camera pans out to show all of the party guests, none of which seem to be following them.
Sokka [Slightly confused, not seeing anyone following them.] What guy?
Cut to an overhead shot of the group. As they look around for Long Feng, Joo Dee approaches the group, and is anxious to see them.
Joo Dee What are you doing here? You have to leave immediately, or we will be in terrible trouble!
Joo Dee tries to push Sokka, but he blocks her with his tray.
Sokka Not until we see the king.
Joo Dee [Close-up of her face.] You don't understand. You must go.
Joo Dee shoves Sokka on Aang, causing him to spill the water inside the pitcher he was carrying on a guest.
Guest Aarrrh! Oh!
Aang Sorry. No, don't shout.
Aang uses his hands and foot to airbend a gust at the guest. His hat is blown off, along with Momo. It dries the water on her, but also turns her hair, clothes, and makeup into a mess, leading Aang to smile sheepishly. The guest is briefly shocked, but smiles in amazement.
Guest [Amazed.] The Avatar! I didn't know the Avatar would be here.
All the guests' attention is now focused on Aang. Joo Dee's large, happy smile quickly turns sour and is replaced by a frown and a look of dread. Aang looks around at the guests as Momo hides back under the hat on the floor and slinks away. Aang blushes and waves at the crowd, laughing nervously, as Sokka leans in toward Aang.
Sokka [Whispers.] You keep their attention while I look for the king.
Aang [View of Aang from above.] Watch this, everybody!
Wide-view of the room. Aang jumps out of his busboy clothes and lands on the long dining table as Sokka walks off into the crowd. Aang swings his arms over the guests' drinks, waterbending the liquid out of the cups. He jumps onto a pitcher and balances on top of it, while continuing to waterbend. Aang brings the liquid above his head and creates a swirling multicolored ball. The crowd cheers and claps as he spins around. Bosco growls with delight at Aang's antics.'

Scene changes to outside the tea shop, where Zuko and "Jet" are fighting. Zuko growls as he swings his sword at "Jet", who dodges the attack. He moves on to Zuko's side, and they end up back-to-back. Zuko and "Jet" attempt to strike the opponent behind them, but neither can get past the other's defense. Cut to a shot of two Dai Li agents walking toward the fight.

Dai Li agent Drop your weapons.
Aerial view. Zuko and "Jet" step away and face each other. Zuko lowers his sword, as "Jet" points at Zuko and Iroh.
"Jet" Arrest them, [Frontal view.] they're firebenders!
Iroh [Panning view from behind "Jet" facing Iroh and Zuko.] This poor boy is confused, we're just simple refugees.
Pao [Pointing to "Jet".] This young man wrecked my tea shop, and assaulted my employees!
Customer It's true sir, we saw the whole thing. This crazy kid attacked the finest tea maker in the city.
Iroh [Frontal view. Blushing.] Oh, ho, ho. That's very sweet.
The two Dai Li agents walk up to "Jet", who looks at them angrily.
Dai Li agent Come with us, son.
"Jet" swings his hook sword at the agent, who catches the sword with his rock gloves. The guard disarms "Jet", and both guards pull the boy's arms behind his back, binding his wrists together using their rock gloves' stones. Cut to "Jet" as the guards drag "Jet" away toward a wagon designed for holding captured criminals.
Jet You don't understand! They're Fire Nation! You have to believe me!
The crowd begins to disperse. Cut to "Jet" in the wagon, on his knees, as he looks up as the doors are shut. The people left in the street watch the wagon go away.

Cut to the palace, where two lines of guards walk into the hall. Eight of them are carrying a curtained palanquin, The Earth King is sitting on the platform. Cut to a shot of the crowd as they marvel in the Earth King's presence. Sokka sneaks through the crowd and attempts to get a better view of the king. Cut to the line of guards as they place the palanquin down and face the guests. Cut to Sokka as he looks over at Aang and points at the king.

Sokka Aang! The Earth King!
Cut to a shot of Aang, who is entertaining Bosco with waterbending bubbles. Aang notices him and bends an air scooter, whisking down the table.
Aang Greetings, Your Majesty.
Side-view of three guests pulling their food and drinks off the table before Aang can run over them with his air scooter. Cut back to overhead view of the procession of guards and the Earth King. The platform is carried off while a line of guards walk up to the long dining table. Sokka exits the crowd and tries to follow the king, but two Dai Li agents grab him and begin leading him away, pulling his arms behind his back.
Sokka Hey, let me go!
Cut to a shot of a Dai Li agent stepping out from a pillar in the hall throws his hands out, causing his rock gloves to fly forward. Cut to Katara and Toph. While Katara is looking away, the gloves of the agent grab Toph and pull her backward, covering her mouth to keep her silent. A second later, another pair of gloves grabs Katara and pulls her back the same way as Toph. Cut to a Dai Li guard standing watch. The camera shifts down to show Momo still hiding under the busboy hat and trying to sneak past, his ear and tail sticking out from under. The agent reaches down and pulls the hat off, with Momo looking up, surprised. Shot cuts back to Aang who has reached the other end of the dining table on his air scooter, knocking over several dishes. He dismounts the scooter and holds his arms up in triumph. Long Feng walks up to Aang from behind the line of guards.
Long Feng Avatar, it is a great honor to meet you. [He bows.] I am Long Feng, Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se and head of the Dai Li. I'd like to talk to you. Your friends will be waiting for us in the library.
Long Feng gestures Aang to follow him, as he goes into the library. Aang hesitates for a moment before hopping off the table and following.

Cut to a shot of the library's large double doors shutting. The camera zooms out to show Aang and his friends facing Long Feng, who is sitting in front of a hearth that illuminates the area with a green flame.

Sokka Why won't you let us talk to the king? We have information that could defeat the Fire Nation!
Long Feng The Earth King has no time to get involved with political squabbles and the day to day minutia of military activities.
Aang This could be the most important thing he's ever heard.
The camera shifts behind Aang's party and pans slowly to the right. Long Feng is visibly seated in front of them as the camera passes by each member.
Long Feng What's most important to his royal majesty is maintaining the cultural heritage of Ba Sing Se. All his duties relate to issuing decrees on such matters. It's my job to oversee the rest of the city's resources, including the military.
Katara [Frontal view.] So the king is just a figurehead.
Toph [Angry.] He's your puppet!
Long Feng [Frontal view.] Oh, no, no. His Majesty is an icon, a god to his people. He can't sully his hands with the hourly change of an endless war.
Sokka [Side-view of room.] But we found out about a solar eclipse that will leave the Fire Nation defenseless. You could lead an invasion...
Long Feng [Stands up, annoyed. Shot changes briefly to a confused Sokka.] Enough, I don't want to hear your ridiculous plan. [Cut back to Long Feng.] It is the strict policy of Ba Sing Se that the War not be mentioned within the walls. [Scene changes as he talks to the two Dai Li agents dragging "Jet" into a dark room, making him sit on a stone chair.] Constant news of an escalating war will throw the citizens of Ba Sing Se into a state of panic.
"Jet" You have to believe me, they're firebenders! They won't stop until they win the War.
Several square stones from their rock gloves circle "Jet"'s head and clamp down on his skull, holding it in place.
Dai Li agent [Frontal view.] Calm down, you're safe now.
The agent stands in front of "Jet", surrounded by a metal track. From behind him appears a small orange lantern attached to the track. It travels around the track and passes the camera, causing a white flash that cuts back to Long Feng.
Long Feng Our economy would be ruined. Our peaceful way of life, our traditions would disappear.
There is another similar white flash and the scene shifts back to the lamp circling the Dai Li agent.
Dai Li agent There's no war in Ba Sing Se.
"Jet" What're you talking about? [Camera changes to an aerial view zooming out.] Where do you think all the refugees come from? You can't hide it!
Close-up view of "Jet" as he watches the lamp continues passing by his face. The screen flashes white and cuts back to Long Feng.
Long Feng In silencing talk of conflict, Ba Sing Se remains a peaceful, orderly utopia. The last one on Earth.
Aang and his friends stare at Long Feng with a mix of shock and horror at this revelation. The screen flashes white again. Cut to a close-up of "Jet". A circle of stones covers his mouth, muffling his protests. The lamp passes by his eyes again. Cut to a shot of the Dai Li agent standing within the circular track as the lamp continues revolving.
Dai Li agent There is no war within the walls. Here we are safe. Here, we are free.
"Jet"'s eyes widen and his protests become silent, and the brainwashing begins to affect him. The screen flashes, and cut to Team Avatar.
Katara You can't keep the truth from all these people. They have to know.
Aang [Stepping forward, pointing a finger at Long Feng.] I'll tell them! I'll make sure everyone knows!
Long Feng [Side-view of room.] Until now, you've been treated as our honored guest. [Cut to side-view of Long Feng and Aang. Long Feng steps forward and bends down to look Aang in the eye. Aang stares back at Long Feng, angrily.] But from now on, you will be watched every moment by Dai Li agents. If you mention the War to anyone, you will be expelled from the city. [He turns around and walks over to the hearth with the green fire.] I understand you own the last of the sky bison. [View of Long Feng turning slightly to look at Aang.] It would be quite a shame if you were not able to . . . recover it when you do meet the Earth King.
Aang [Frightened, but his expression soon changes to that of anger.] Appa? Where is he? What did you do to him?
Lon Feng [Cut to an overhead shot of the room. Long Feng sits down, as Joo Dee opens the doors and walks toward the group.] Now, Joo Dee will show you to your home.
Cut to a shot from behind Joo Dee as she faces Aang's party. The group looks at her with surprise.
Joo Dee replacement Come with me, please.
Katara [Surprised.] What happened to Joo Dee?
Cut to a shot of Joo Dee's face.
Joo Dee replacement I'm Joo Dee. [Bows her head.] I'll be your host as long as you're in our wonderful city.
Joo Dee smiles cheerfully at the group in the same artificial way.

Scene changes to an exterior shot of the Pao Family Tea House. Cut to a shot of the inside where Zuko walks down the shop with a tray of cups, and looks behind at a girl. He walks up behind his uncle who is on a ladder, stacking things on a shelf behind the counter.

Zuko Uncle, we have a problem. [Iroh descends from the ladder.] One of the customers is on to us. Don't look now but there is a girl over there at the corner table. [Cut to a shot of a girl sitting in the corner of the shop, drinking tea.] She knows we're Fire Nation. [Iroh looks at the girl, but is quickly pulled back by Zuko.] Didn't I say don't look?!
Iroh [Cut to a shot of the girl.] You're right, Zuko. I've seen that girl in here quite a lot today. Seems to me she has quite a little crush on you.
Zuko [Bewildered.] What?
Jin [She hands Zuko some coins, which he puts on a table.] Thank you for the tea. What's your name? [Iroh slightly smiles at the question.]
Zuko [Turning back.] My name's Lee. My uncle and I just moved here.
Jin Hi Lee, my name's Jin. Thank you and... well, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime. [Zuko is stunned.]
Iroh [Before the stunned Zuko can respond.] He'd love to!
Jin Great. I'll meet you in front of the shop tomorrow at sundown.
Jin walks away, as Iroh throws his arms on a bewildered Zuko's shoulders, with a large smile as he glares at him.

The Conspiracy of Lake Laogai

The scene opens to Team Avatar's place of stay in Ba Sing Se the next morning, where Sokka is drawing inaccurate pictures of Appa for missing posters. Katara and Aang enter.
Katara We found a printer to make our posters! [Reveals the poster and Aang smiles and points at it.]
Sokka Hey, I thought designing the lost Appa poster was my job. I've been working all day on my Appa! [Shows his crudely drawn picture of Appa with a proud smile, while Katara tries to hold back laughter.]
Aang Sokka, the arrow is on Appa's head.
Sokka [Dismayed.] This is his head. [Points to the sketch.]
Katara [Takes the picture from Sokka, looks confused.] Why are feet coming out of it?
Sokka [Snatches back the picture indignantly.] Those are his horns. [Hangs his head.] I haven't seen him in a while, okay?
Toph [Mockingly.] It looks just like him to me!
Sokka Thank you, I worked really - [Suddenly remembering that she is blind.] Why do you feel the need to do that?
Katara Let's just stick with the professional version.
Sokka [Angrily rips up his drawing.] Why are we even doing this. It's obvious that mean in green is holding him.
Aang [Stern.] I know, but we can't risk getting caught before we have a chance to see the Earth King. And if no one will speak to us, maybe these posters might help. Come on, let's get busy! [Holds up some pamphlets.]
Cut to Aang and Momo dropping dozens of posters all over Ba Sing Se. One poster falls in front of the camera, and the scene changes to tea shop where Zuko and Iroh are working. Iroh serves tea to two customers, who enjoy it. They approach him.
Quon So, you're the genius behind this incredible brew. The whole city is buzzing about you! I hope Pao pays you well.
Iroh Good tea is its own reward.
Quon But it doesn't have to be the only reward. How would you like to have your own tea shop?
Iroh [Frontal view. Pao looks around, concerned.] My own tea shop? This is a dream come true!
Pao [Quickly moving to stand between the group.] What's going on here? Are you trying to poach my tea-maker?
Quon Sorry Pao, but that's business for you, am I right?
Pao Mushi, if you stay, I'll make you assistant manager. Wait, senior assistant manager!
Quon I'll provide you with a new apartment in the Upper Ring. [Cut to Zuko, who was busy putting empty tea cups on a tray, but now looks up and glances over his shoulder to follow Quon's offer more closely; voice-over.] The tea shop is yours to do whatever you want, [Cut back to frontal shot of Quon.] complete creative freedom.
Iroh I even get to name the shop?
Quon Of course!
Pao Uh, senior executive assistant manager?
Iroh hands him the pot of tea and bows to the customer, agreeing to the terms. Zuko walks by, as Pao walks away sadly.
Iroh Did you hear, nephew? This man wants to give us our own tea shop in the Upper Ring of the city!
Quon That's right, young man, your life is about to change for the better!
Zuko [Sarcastically.] I'll try to contain my joy. [Walks outside, slams door shut.]
As he walks outside, he grabs a falling Appa poster. He climbs to the top of a house and notices several of them falling. He searches the skies for any sign of the Avatar.

Back at the house. Sokka and Katara are playing a game. Toph is just relaxing as Aang re-enters.

Aang I just finished dropping all the leaflets. Has anyone come in with news about Appa?
Katara It's only been a day. Just be patient. [Aang sits.]
A knock at the door and Aang jumps up and runs to the door.
Aang Wow, you're right! Patience really pays off! [Opens the door.] Joo Dee?
Joo Dee Hello, Aang, and Katara, and Sokka, and Toph.
Sokka [They approach as Joo Dee enters.] What happened to you? Did the Dai Li throw you in jail?
Joo Dee What? Jail? Of course not. The Dai Li are the protectors of our cultural heritage.
Toph But you disappeared at the Earth King's party.
Joo Dee Oh, I simply took a short vacation to Lake Laogai, out in the country. It was quite relaxing.
Katara But then they replaced you with some other woman who also said her name was Joo Dee.
Joo Dee [Surprised.] I'm Joo Dee.
Aang Why are you here?
Joo Dee Dropping fliers and putting up posters isn't permitted within the city. Not without proper clearance.
Sokka We can't wait around to get permission for everything.
Joo Dee You are absolutely forbidden by the rules of the city to continue putting up posters.
Aang [Angrily yelling; during this brief argument, Aang is shown as a chibi.] We don't care about the rules and we're not asking permission! We're finding Appa on our own and you should just stay out of our way! [Slams the door as she exits.]
Sokka That might come back to bite us in the blubber.
Aang [Calming down.] I don't care! From now on, we do whatever it takes to find Appa!
Toph Yeah, let's break some rules! [Takes out a side of the house with earthbending.]
Momo flies out the broken side of the house and they all exit. Two Dai Li agents watch overhead from a house roof across the street.

The scene changes to the Royal Palace, where Long Feng meets with that particular Joo Dee. Two Dai Li agents stand guard.

Long Feng I'm very disappointed in your work with the Avatar and his friends, Joo Dee. I had hoped that you would be able to control this situation.
Joo Dee I am so sorry, but they don't trust me anymore. [Starts getting upset.] I don't think I can keep working like this! [Begins to sob.]
Long Feng Joo Dee, the Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai.
Joo Dee [Camera zooms toward her eye as its iris dilates.] I am honored to accept his invitation.
Long Feng [Nods.] Good. Now go await further orders. [Joo Dee nods and begins to exit. Long Feng gets up and moves to the fireplace.] If the Avatar keeps searching for his bison, it could upset the delicate balance we've worked so hard to achieve in this city. It could even cost us control of the Earth King.
Dai Li agent Should we take care of him?
Long Feng No. It's much too dangerous for us to confront him directly. Let's see if we can still handle this quietly.
At Iroh and Zuko's place of stay, which is about to change. Zuko enters Iroh's room. Iroh is packing his clothes.
Iroh So, I was thinking about names for my new tea shop. How about the Jasmine Dragon? It's dramatic, poetic, has a nice ring to it.
Zuko [Shows Iroh the flyer.] The Avatar is here in Ba Sing Se and he's lost his bison.
Iroh [Grabs the flyer.] We have a chance for a new life here. [Cut to Zuko looking out a window.] If you start stirring up trouble, we could lose all the good things that are happening for us.
Zuko [Turns to Iroh.] Good things that are happening for you! Have you ever thought that I want more from life than a nice apartment and a job serving tea?
Iroh There is nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity. I suggest you think about what it is that you want from your life and why.
Zuko I want my destiny.
Iroh What that means is up to you. Now lets finish packing, we need to get ahead so that you can prepare for your little date tonight. [Zuko walks away.] The Tea Weevil! No, that's stupid.
Cut back to Team Avatar, who are working to put up more posters.
Sokka We'll split up to cover more area. Toph, I guess you should just come with me.
Toph Why? Because you think I can't put up posters on my own?! [Angrily takes the paintbrush of glue from Sokka and throws glue on the wall. She puts up a poster, but it is backward.] It's upside-down, isn't it? I'll just go with Sokka.
They all go their separate ways and Toph follows Sokka. Cut to Katara putting up a poster. Cut straight to Aang still flying over the city as he continues to let flyers out across the streets.

Scene shifts to the night at the team's house. All of them are laying back and worn out.

Sokka Why is it so hard to find a giant fluffy monster in this city?
Aang [Unentusiastic. Hears the door knock, gets up and walks to it.] If that's Joo Dee again telling us what to and what not to do again, then I'm gonna- [Opens the door and "Jet" is standing there.] Um, hello.
"Jet" I'm here to help you find Appa! [Reveals he is holding a missing Appa poster.]
Toph [Feels the ground.] He's not lying.
Sokka How can you tell?
Toph I can feel his breathing and heartbeat. When people lie, there's a physical reaction. He's telling the truth.
Aang Let's go check it out.
Cut to an exterior shot of the tea shop at evening, as Zuko comes out, his hair combed. He walks out into the middle of the street and looks around as Jin emerges from an alley beside the shop and walks up to him.
Jin Hey. Well, look at you. [She ruffles his hair.] You look so cute.
Zuko [He stops Jin from ruffling his hair.] It took my uncle ten minutes to do my hair.
Jin grabs Zuko by the arm and drags him as he glances once back at the teashop. Cut to a town square where several people stand around doing various activities. Cut to the Zuko and Jin who are eating at a restaurant, Jin sipping tea while Zuko pokes at his last meatball with his chop sticks, not looking at Jin.
Jin So, how do you like the city so far?
Zuko It's okay.
Jin [Sipping tea; intrigued.] What do you like to do for fun?
Zuko Nothing.
Waiter [Addressing Zuko.] Excuse me, sir. Would you and your girlfriend care for dessert‌?
Zuko [He yells in an assertive tone, pounding the table.] She is not my girlfriend!
The restaurant becomes silent as everyone's attention focuses on Zuko. The waiter walks away and Zuko laces his fingers and looks at Jin, who is eating noodles from a bowl at fast speed. Zuko stares at the sight in surprise for a moment.
Zuko You have... quite an appetite for a girl. [He fiddles his thumbs awkwardly.]
Jin [Uncomfortably.] Umm... thanks? So, Lee, where were you and your uncle living before you came here?
Zuko Umm... well, we've been traveling around for a long time.
Jin Oh. Why were you traveling so much?
Zuko We were... uh, part of this traveling circus.
Jin Really? What did you do? Wait, lemme guess. [She thinks for a moment and quickly points at him.] You juggled!
Zuko [Zuko folds his arms.] Yes, I juggled.
Jin I've always wanted to learn how to juggle. [She holds out some objects.] Can you show me something?
Zuko takes the objects in his hand, and throws them one by one in the air, but is unable to catch them, and one of the objects falls on his head, breaking into many pieces.
Zuko I haven't practiced for a while. [Wipes the pieces of the objects from his hair.]
Jin It's all right. Hey, I want to show you one of my favorite places in the city.
Scene changes to a street in the city, with Jin leading Zuko.
Jin I'm so excited for you to see the Firelight Fountain. The lamps make the water sparkle and reflect in the pool in the most beautiful way.
She leads Zuko into an open area with a large fountain and several posts with candles on top surrounding it in a circle. However, the candles are not lit.
Jin I can't believe it! They aren't lit.
Cut to a brief overhead shot of the fountain, before cutting to Zuko and Jin. He looks at her before looking at the fountain.
Zuko Close your eyes, and don't peek.
Jin closes and covers her eyes as Zuko walks out, holds his hands together, and closes his eyes as he prepares. A close-up of Zuko's face shows his eyes opening, as he begins firebending. Using his pointer and middle fingers on each hand, he shoots small bursts of flame in all directions at the candles to light them. Once finished, he stands straight and looks at Jin, still with her palms covering her eyes.
Zuko Okay, now you can look.
Jin [Removes her palms from her eyes.] Oh, wow, [Cut to a shot showing the candles lit. Jin looks at Zuko, amazed. She walks up to him, looking at the candles.] What happened? How did they light? What did you? [She looks at a smiling Zuko.]
They both turn to look at the fountain. As Zuko looks at them, Jin brushes her hand through her hair, smiles at him, and holds his hand. Zuko turns to look at the girl smiling at him. They both turn to be face to face and as Jin begins to lean in for a kiss, Zuko quickly draws a piece of paper which he holds between their lips.
Zuko I've brought you something. [Jin becomes surprised.] It's a coupon for a free cup of tea.
Jin Lee, this is so sweet.
Zuko [He takes a few steps back.] Don't thank me - it was my uncle's idea. He thinks you're our most valuable customer. Especially seeing as we are moving to the Upper Ring.
Jin That's great. Your uncle is a good teacher. [She walks close to him and turns his head toward her.] I have something for you too. Now it's your turn to close your eyes.
As Zuko closes his eyes, Jin goes closer to him and kisses him before pulling back slightly. Zuko returns the kiss, but immediately jumps back away from her. He stands for a second, looking at her before turning his back and beginning to walk away.
Jin What's wrong?
Zuko [Stops for a moment.] It's complicated. I have to go. [He walks off, leaving a disappointed Jin.]
Cut to "Jet" leading the Gaang into an abandoned warehouse.
Jet This is the place I heard about.
Aang There's nothing here.
Katara [Preparing to waterbend in defense.] If this is a trap–
Jet I told you, I work nearby! Two guys were talking about some giant furry creature they had, I figured it must be Appa!
Toph He was here! [She shows them a clump of Appa's fur.]
Aang [Sadly.] We missed him.
Old Sweepy They took that big thing yesterday. Shipped him out to some island. About time, I've been cleaning up fur, and various, uhhh...leavings all day.
Aang [Aang swiftly moves closer to the man.] What island? Where's Appa?
Old Sweepy Foreman said some rich royal type on Whale Tail Island bought him up. Guess for a zoo or such. Though, could be the meat that'd be good.
Aang We've got to get to Whaletail Island! [Pauses.] Where's Whaletail Island? [Dejectedly.]
Sokka [Looking at map.] Far, very far. [Puts the map on the ground as they all gather round.] Here it is. It's near the South Pole, almost all the way back home.
Katara Aang, it will take us weeks just to get to the tip of the Earth Kingdom. And then we'll need to find a boat to get to the island.
Aang I don't care. We have a chance to find Appa! We have to try!
Old Sweepy Must be nice to visit an island. I haven't had a vacation for years. Not since Lake Laogai.
Katara Don't you have some more hair to clean up?
Old Sweepy Shuffle on, I get you. No more need for Old Sweepy...
Katara You're right Aang, right now our first concern has to be finding Appa. We can come back when we have him.
Sokka All right, let's get moving.
Scene changes to the apartment, as Iroh is looking out from the windows at the street, waiting for Zuko. The door opens, as Zuko walks inside, being silent.
Iroh How was your night, Prince Zuko?
Zuko walks into a room and slams the doors shut behind him without replying to Iroh. Iroh looks after him for a second with a confused look before turning back to the window to continue his work. He turns back when he hears Zuko opening the doors. Shot cuts to show Zuko's face in the crack between the two doors.
Zuko It was nice.
He closes the doors again. Shot cuts to a smiling Iroh, who resumes his work.

Cut back to the Gaang as they walk through the streets.

Sokka We can take the train out to the wall but then we'll have to walk.
Aang Don't worry, on the way back we'll be flying!
Toph We're finally leaving Ba Sing Se. Worst... city... ever! [Spreads her arms outward in celebration.]
They turn a corner and see "Jet" being confronted by two people.
"Smellerbee" [Surprised.] We were so worried. How did you get away from the Dai Li?
Katara [The Gaang hide behind the corner and listen in.] [Whispering.] The Dai Li?
Jet I don't know what you're talking about!
"Smellerbee" You got arrested by the Dai Li. We saw them drag you away!
Jet Why would I be arrested? I've been living peacefully in the city! I haven't left here since I went on a short trip to Lake Laogai.
Toph [Feeling the ground between "Jet" and "Smellerbee".] This doesn't make any sense. They're both telling the truth.
Katara That's impossible.
Sokka No it's not! Toph can't tell who's lying because they both think they're telling the truth. He's been brainwashed!
Cut to a Dai Li agent walking the streets. Zuko, disguised as the Blue Spirit, runs by.
Zuko Out of my way, skinny!
The agent prepares to use his rock glove, but pauses when the disguised man turns into an alley. The agent runs to the alley and sees a figure that appears to be him. He fires his rock gloves at the figure's chest and head, knocking off the stuffed figure's head and knocking it down.
Dai Li agent Huh?
Zuko, still disguised, captures him and places one of his swords to the agent's neck.
Zuko If you don't want to end up like him, you'll do what I say.
Back in the Gaang's house. They are all crowded around a map.
Katara The Dai Li must have sent him to mislead us, and that janitor was part of their plot, too!
Aang I bet they have Appa here in the city. Maybe he's in the same place they took him!
Sokka Wait! Remember what Joo Dee said? She said she went on vacation to Lake Laogai! [pints on the map to a small blue area in the outer ring.] Here!
Fade to an aerial shot of Lake Laogai. The camera pans down to show Team Avatar standing at the edge of the lake.
Sokka So where's this secret headquarters?
Toph There's a tunnel right there by the shore.
Toph points to the side and whistles as she walks to the edge of the shore. She uses her earthbending to bring up a slab of rock with an entrance. She moves the rock out the way with the same technique. They all look down at the tunnel and Momo flies away. Cut to them inside the secret headquarters. Sokka checks to make sure the coast is clear and they walk down a long hallway.
Aang walks past a room where a member of the Dai Li brainwashes a group of women.
Brainwasher I'm Joo Dee. Welcome to Ba Sing Se.
Joo Dees I'm Joo Dee. Welcome to Ba Sing Se.
Brainwasher We're so lucky to have our walls to create order.
Joo Dees We're so lucky to have our walls to create order.
Aang Appa's got to be here somewhere.
Sokka [Pointing to a large door.] You think there might be a cell big enough to hold Appa over there? [Opens a door.]
Cut to Appa chained up as a door opens in his cell and Appa wakes up. Cut to Zuko standing at the door, disguised as the Blue Spirit.
Zuko Expecting someone else?
Sokka opens the other door. An overhead shot reveals several Dai Li agents waiting on the ceiling. The door closes suddenly behind them. Lights turn on, revealing the agents.
Sokka Now that's something different.
Long Feng You have made yourselves enemies of the state. Take them into custody.
The Dai Li agents jump off the ceiling and surround them. Two agents fire rock gloves, but Toph breaks them up and sends the two agents flying through the air with rock pillars. Toph stomps and breaks two other gloves fired by agents with rocks. A full battle ensues. Aang deals with a pair of Dai Li agents. Sokka and Katara destroy two Dai Li gloves, but a second pair grabs them.

Toph saves them by creating a rock wall and she raises ground up. Toph knocks away the four Dai Li agents that attack her, but a glove captures her and Aang flies by to free her.. Long Feng escapes.

Aang [Knocks away two agents with airbending.] Long Feng is escaping!
Aang chase him. He heads into another part of the headquarters, but is sealed in by Long Feng.
Long Feng All right, Avatar, you've caused me enough problems. This is your last chance... if you want your bison back.
Aang Tell me where he is!
Long Feng Agree to exit the city now, and I'll waive all charges against you and allow you to leave with your lost pet.
Aang [Gets in a fighting position.] You're in no position to bargain.
Long Feng Am I not?
Aang You're definitely not!
Long Feng smiles as two Dai Li agents walk. They leap attacks Aang. Cut to Appa growling at the disguised Zuko. Appa tries to strike Zuko, but his chained feet hold him back.
Zuko You're mine now.
The door opens and Zuko gets into a fighting stance. Iroh enters.
Zuko Uncle?
Iroh So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask...
Zuko [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you've found the Avatar's bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko I would have figured something out!
Iroh [Starts yelling.] No! If his friends hadn't found you, you would have frozen to death!
Zuko I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?
Zuko Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh I'm begging you, Prince Zuko! It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?
Zuko screams loudly, throwing down his swords and Blue Spirit mask. Cut to the Dai Li agents continuing to swing at Aang. They continue their attempts at attacking Aang, who dodges them and uses airbending to knock him back. Aang fires a rock at Long Feng, which misses. Long Feng counters with an uplifted rock which strikes the Dai Li agents as Aang jumps to avoid it. Aang lands as Long Feng escapes through a pipe in the wall.
Long Feng [Escaping upward to a pipe.] Foolish boy. You've chosen your own demise. [Exits.]
The rest of the group arrives
Katara Aang! where's Long Feng?
Aang Never mind about Long Feng. Let's do what we came here to do and find Appa.
Team Avatar reaches Appa's hold, only to discover that it is empty.
Aang Appa's gone! Long Feng beat us here.
Sokka If we keep moving, maybe we can catch up with them!
They find an exit back to the beach. As they make their escape, several Dai Li agents jump out from behind them.
Sokka You think we can outrun them?
Aang I don't think it's gonna matter!
Another group of Dai Li agents, plus Long Feng, stand in front of them. All the agents box them in, lifting up the ground on both sides. Dai Li agents stand on all three walls. Momo flies to Aang.
Aang What is it, Momo?
Momo flies to the sky. Suddenly, Appa flies down.
Aang Appa!
Appa smashes through the rock walls, scattering the Dai Li agents. Aang and Toph use earthbending to knock other nearby agents off a cliff and into the lake. Appa confronts Long Feng.
Long Feng I can handle you by myself.
Long Feng charges at Appa, but Appa grab his leg and throws him skipping into the lake. Appa spits out Long Feng's shoe. The team cheers and they run toward Appa.
Sokka Yeah! Appa!
Aang [Happily crying.] I missed you, buddy.
Appa closes his eyes. A teary-eyed Katara somberly looks over Lake Laogai as they fly over it on Appa. Aang places his hand on her shoulder. The team all gathers in a group hug. Zuko and Iroh emerge from the Dai Li headquarters.
Iroh You did the right thing, nephew. [Zuko looks at his Blue Spirit mask.] Leave it behind.
Zuko tosses the mask into the water and it sinks to the bottom of the lake. The scene reopens as the morning begins to break just outside of Lake Laogai. Aang is embracing Appa, happy upon reuniting with him.
Aang I missed you more than you'll ever know, buddy. [Momo flies into Appa to hug him too. Appa licks Aang, which causes Aang to laugh.]
Sokka approaches Katara and Toph.
Sokka Look, we escaped from the Dai Li. We got Appa back. I'm telling you, we should go to the Earth King now and tell him our plan. We're on a roll.
Katara One good hour after weeks of trouble isn't much of a roll.
Sokka We can build on it. If we want to invade the Fire Nation when the eclipse happens, we'll need the Earth King's support.
Toph What makes you think we'll get it? I don't know if you've noticed, but things don't usually go that smoothly for our little gang.
Sokka I know, but I've got a good feeling about this. This time will be different.
Katara Sokka, Long Feng is in control of the city. His conspiracy with the Dai Li is too powerful. I think we should just keep flying and leave this horrible place behind us.
Toph I'm with Sweetness. I've seen enough of Ba Sing Se. And I can't even see!
Aang flies into the shot.
Aang But now that we have Appa back, there's nothing stopping us from telling the Earth King the truth. About the conspiracy and the War.
Sokka See? Aang's with me. [Puts his arm around Aang and smiles.] It's the whole reason we came here in the first place. We have to try.
Katara [Thinks for a moment.] Well, I guess if the Earth King knew the truth, things could change. [Sokka and Aang smile.]
Toph [Stands up.] I don't trust the new positive Sokka. [Points at Sokka in an accusing manner.] Long Feng brainwashed you, didn't he!?
Aang notices a few ships in the lake.
Sokka That's probably the Dai Li searching for us. [To Katara.] So?
Katara thinks for a moment before looking at Sokka.
Katara [Determined.] Let's fly!
They fly toward the Palace, now with no saddle, holding onto Appa's fur for dear life.
Toph Can we please buy a new saddle? Riding bareback is terrifying!
They get closer to the palace.
Sokka There it is! That whole thing is the palace! The Earth King's chamber should be in the center!
Katara We have to be careful. Long Feng's probably warned the king that we're coming.
Sokka Why would you assume that? If you ask me, I think we're just gonna sail right in and- [A giant rock almost hits them.] Aahh!
Toph What was that?
Sokka Surface-to-air rocks! [Sees more being launched.] More incoming!
They dodge a few more rocks. One gets launched right at Aang, but he destroys it with his hand. Another launches at them head on and Aang destroys it with his staff. He launches himself from Appa to the front of the palace and uses earthbending to knock back the palace guards. Appa lands and roars at the captain's ostrich-horse, which causes it to drop the captain and run off. As they continue toward the Earth King, more guards appear and launch earth cubes at the gang. Toph and Aang use earthbending to block the attacks, while Katara uses waterbending to subdue the guards.
Katara [Water-whips two guards.] Sorry! [Turns around and hits a few more guards.]
More guards come and Toph uses earthbending to flip the tiles they're walking over, which traps the guards. They run past them.
Katara Sorry! We just need to get through to see the Earth King!
More guards appear on the opposite end of a bridge and launch two giant statues at them. Toph and Aang create an earth igloo to block the statues. Katara creates an ice ramp to jump to the other side of the bridge and water-whips the guards into the water. Aang freezes them in the water as the rest all jump across. More surface-to-air rocks appear as guards are coming down a giant staircase. Toph uses earthbending to change the stairs into a ramp, causing them all to fall. She and Aang use earthbending to escalate themselves up the stairs.
Sokka Seriously, we're actually on your guys' side! [Pauses for a moment.] Sorry.
More guards come and Aang and Toph push them away with earthbending.
Sokka In there! [They enter the palace.]
They come to an area with three doors. More guards appear and Toph easily defeats them all.
Sokka Toph, which way to the Earth King?
Toph How should I know? I'm still voting we leave Ba Sing Se.
Toph defeats more guards while Sokka searches the doors for the Earth King. He eventually stumbles upon a woman's dressing room.
Palace woman Burglar! [Faints.]
Sokka [Shuts the door.] Sorry. Wrong door.
Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh return from Lake Laogai. The former seems ill.
Iroh You did the right thing. Letting the Avatar's bison go free.
Zuko I don't feel right. [Gets dizzy and passes out.]
Iroh Zuko! [Rushes to him.]
Back at the palace, the team arrives at a pile of rubble. Sokka climbs atop it and sees a gigantic door.
Sokka Now that's an impressive door. It's gotta go somewhere. [Drops down from the rubble and attempts to kick the door open.] Yaaah! [The door does not move even slightly. Sokka starts trying to push it open, but to no avail. Toph and Aang jump in from behind and bust the door down, knocking Sokka forward in the process. He starts rubbing the back of his head.] A little warning next time?
They arrive in the Earth King's chamber with Kuei sitting in his throne. Long Feng and his Dai Li agents stand in their way. The team takes fighting stances against them.
Aang We need to talk to you.
Long Feng [Turns to face the Earth King.] They're here to overthrow you.
Sokka No, we're on your side. We're here to help.
Katara You have to trust us.
Kuei [Stands up.] You invade my palace, lay waste to all my guards, break down my fancy door, and you expect me to trust you?
Toph He has a good point.
Kuei If you are on my side, then drop your weapons and stand down!
They look at each other for a moment. Aang drops his staff, Katara puts her water whip back in her water skin, Sokka drops his machete, and Toph drops the boulder she is levitating.
Aang [Smiles.] See? We're friends, Your Earthiness. [Gives a slight nervous chuckle.]
The king says nothing. Long Feng signals the Dai Li to cuff their arms with rock gloves.
Long Feng [Smiles sinisterly.] Detain the assailants!
The Dai Li rush behind Team Avatar.
Sokka But we dropped our weapons. We're your allies.
Long Feng Make sure the Avatar and his friends never see daylight again. [The king looks at him shocked.]
Kuei The Avatar? [Points at Sokka.] You're the Avatar?
Sokka Uh, no. Him. [Nudges his head at Aang.]
Aang [Effortlessly breaks free of his earth cuffs and raises his arms.] Over here. [Re-attaches the cuffs.]
Long Feng What does it matter, Your Highness? They're enemies of the state.
Kuei Perhaps you're right. [Sees Bosco sniff and lick Aang, who laughs, and smiles at Long Feng.] Though Bosco seems to like him. [Looks back at the team.] I'll hear what he has to say. [Long Feng glares at Aang.]
Aang [Walks forward.] Well, sir, there's a war going on right now. For the past one hundred years in fact. The Dai Li's kept it secret from you. It's a conspiracy to control the city, and to control you.
Kuei A secret war? That's crazy!
Long Feng Completely!
Aang Long Feng didn't want us to tell you, so he stole our sky bison to blackmail us. And blackmail is the least of his crimes; he has brainwashed hundreds of people in this city!
Long Feng [Quickly turns to face the king.] All lies. I've never even seen a sky bison, Your Majesty. Frankly, I thought they were extinct.
Kuei [Sits down.] Your claim is difficult to believe. Even from an Avatar.
Long Feng [Whispers in his ear.] These hooligans are part of an anarchist cell that my agents have been tracking for weeks. If you listen to them, you're playing right into your own destruction.
Kuei [Thinks for a moment.] I have to trust my advisor.
The agents start taking the team away, but Sokka stops for a moment.
Sokka Wait! [Turns to face the king.] I can prove he's lying. Long Feng said he's never seen a sky bison. Ask him to lift his robe.
Long Feng What? I am not disrobing! [The king looks at Sokka suspiciously.]
Aang and Sokka smile slyly and nod at each other. Aang blows a large gust of air at Long Feng's legs, lifting his robe and revealing a bite mark left by Appa.
Aang Right there! Appa bit him!
Sokka Never met a sky bison, huh?
Long Feng [Lowers his robe.] That happens to be a large birth mark. [Sarcastically.] Thanks for showing everyone.
Kuei Well I suppose there's no way to prove where those marks came from.
Sokka Of course there is!
The group gets Appa and brings him in. He opens his mouth. Aang points at the bison's teeth and at Long Feng's mark.
Kuei Yup. That pretty much proves it. [Team Avatar cheers.] But it doesn't prove this crazy conspiracy theory. [Team Avatar becomes downcast.] Though, I suppose this matter's worth looking into. [Team Avatar look at each other approvingly, while Long Feng glares at the king before walking away with his agents.]
Back in Iroh and Zuko's apartment, Zuko is asleep. He wakes up.
Iroh You're burning up. [Dips a cloth in water.] You have an intense fever. [Places the cloth on Zuko's forehead.] This will help cool you down.
Zuko So thirsty. [Sits up, but Iroh makes him lie back down.]
Iroh [Grabs a bucket with a spoon in it; takes out the spoon.] Here's some clean water to drink. [Sits him up slightly.] Stay under the blankets and sweat this out.
Zuko grabs the spoon from Iroh and drinks the water. He tosses the spoon aside and grabs the bucket. He drinks from it, while spilling some out. He tosses the bucket aside and lies back down. Iroh pulls the covers more over him. Meanwhile, on a train, passengers are shocked to see the Earth King, who is standing in the middle of the cart surrounded by guards.
Kuei [Feeling strange from exposition.] So this is what a train is like? I didn't realize it would be this... public.
Katara So you've never been outside the Upper Ring before?
Kuei I've never been outside the palace. [Katara and Sokka look at each other; the Earth King looks outside and sees Aang flying on Appa.] Now that's the way to travel. [Looks at Katara and Sokka.] So, may I ask where we're going?
Sokka Underneath Lake Laogai, Your Kingliness. To the Dai Li's secret headquarters. You're about to see where all the brainwashing and conspiring took place.
At Lake Laogai, Toph attempts to open the secret path, but it is destroyed, and the entrance is nowhere.
Toph It's gone!
Sokka Oh don't tell me- ! [Gives a thumbs up and a fake smile.] That's okay. Still got my positive attitude.
Katara The Dai Li must've known we were coming and destroyed the evidence!
Kuei [Looks suspicious.] Hm... [Sarcastically.] That seems awfully convenient.
Sokka Hey, if anything, this proves the conspiracy exists even more.
Kuei Long Feng was right. This was a waste of time. [Turns to leave.] If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the palace.
Katara [Smiles with realization.] The wall. They'll never be able to cover that up in time.
Aang Oh, yeah. [Hops to in front of the king.] If you come with us to the Outer Wall, we can prove to you that the secret war is real.
Kuei No Earth King has ever been to the Outer Wall. [Walks past Aang.] I don't have any more time for this nonsense. [Aang looks depressed.]
Sokka [Runs up to them.] If you come with us, this time you can ride on Appa. [The Earth King stops and smiles.]
En route to the Outer Wall. The Earth King is riding on Appa, holding on for dear life and screaming at the top of his lungs in fear.
Toph First time flying?
Kuei It's both thrilling and terrifying!
Toph Yeah. I hate it too.
Kuei I have to be honest with you: part of me really hopes that what you're telling me about this war isn't true.
Aang I wish it wasn't.
Meanwhile at the apartment, Iroh again places the moist cloth over his feverish nephew's forehead. Zuko is having a dream that he is the Fire Lord, with no scar on his eye. One red and one blue dragon appear and start circling around the pillars on each side of him. The blue dragon starts circling around Zuko.
Blue dragon [In Azula's voice.] It's getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko I'm not tired.
Blue dragon [Into Zuko's ear.] Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon [In Iroh's voice.] No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it's too late!
Blue dragon Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they're in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him.
Blue dragon Sleep. [Voice grows louder and more hostile as it continues talking.] Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon's mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa.
Ursa Zuko! Help me! [Zuko is seen in her eyes.]
Zuko disappears through the floor. The sleeping Zuko starts sweating. Meanwhile, Team Avatar arrives at the Outer Wall and sees the drill.
Aang [Points at the drill.] It's still there!
Kuei [Shocked.] What is that?
Sokka It's a drill. A giant drill made by the Fire Nation to break through your walls. [The king looks horrified.]
On top of the wall, they're looking down at the drill.
Kuei I can't believe I never knew.
Long Feng [Appears on an earth elevator with two Dai Li agents.] I can explain this, Your Majesty. This is nothing more than... a construction project.
Katara Really? Then perhaps you could explain why there's a Fire Nation insignia on your "construction project". [Cuts to the insignia on the drill.]
Long Feng [The king looks at him suspiciously.] Well it's imported of course. You know you can't trust domestic machinery. [Looks at them worried.] Surely you don't believe these children instead of your most loyal attendant?
Kuei [Looks at Team Avatar and Long Feng.] Dai Li! Arrest Long Feng! I want him to stand trial for crimes against the Earth Kingdom.
Long Feng and Team Avatar look shocked. The two agents behind Long Feng share glances, launch shackles onto his arms and pull him in.
Long Feng You can't arrest me! You all need me more than you know! [He is taken away.]
Sokka [Happily.] Looks like Long Feng is long gone! Ha! Ah, yeah, I've been waiting to use that one. [Katara gives him an unimpressed look.]
That night at the Palace, the Earth King is talking with Team Avatar.
Kuei I want to thank you, young heroes, for opening my eyes. All this time, what I thought was a great metropolis was merely a city of fools. And that makes me the king fool. We're at war. With the Fire Nation.
Sokka That's why we came to Ba Sing Se, Your Highness: Because we think you can help us end the war.
Aang [Momo climbs up Kuei's arm.] We don't have much time. There's a comet coming this summer. Its energy will give the firebenders unbelievable strength. They'll be unstoppable.
Sokka But there is hope. Before the comet comes, we have a window of opportunity: A solar eclipse is coming. The sun will be completely blocked out by the moon, and the firebenders will be helpless.
Kuei What are you suggesting, Sokka?
Sokka That's the day we need to invade the Fire Nation. The Day of Black Sun.
Kuei I don't know. That would require moving troops out of Ba Sing Se. We'd be completely vulnerable.
Sokka You're already vulnerable. The Fire Nation won't stop until Ba Sing Se falls. You can either sit back and wait for that to happen, or take the offensive and give yourself a fighting chance.
Kuei [Thinks for a moment.] Very well. You have my support.
Team Avatar celebrates. Someone else arrives.
General How Your Majesty. [Walks up to Team Avatar and bows to the king.] I apologize for the interruption.
Kuei [To Team Avatar.] This is General How. He's the leader of the Council of Five, my highest ranking generals.
General How We searched Long Feng's office. I think we found something that will interest everybody. [Team Avatar look at each other.]
In Long Feng's office, a soldier is carrying a box of papers to the desk.
General How There are secret files on everyone in Ba Sing Se. Including you kids.
Aang Secret files?
Kuei [Takes out a scroll and reads the side.] "Toph Beifong." [Hands the scroll to General How, who hands it to Toph, who hands it to Katara.]
Katara [Opens the scroll and reads it.] It's a letter from your mom. Your mom's here in the city. And she wants to see you. [Toph's eyes widen with shock.]
Toph Long Feng intercepted our letters from home? [Shakes her head.] That's just sad.
Kuei [Takes out another scroll and hands it to Aang.] Aang?
General How This scroll delivered here about a few days ago.
Aang [Opens the scroll and reads it.] It's from the Eastern Air Temple.
Katara Is there a letter for me and Sokka by any chance?
Kuei [Looks in the box.] I'm afraid not.
Sokka [He and Katara become downcast.] Oh.
General How But there is an intelligence report that might interest you. [Hands a scroll to Katara.]
Katara [Opens the scroll and reads it.] "A small fleet of Water Tribe ships."
Sokka [Shocked.] What? That could be Dad!
Katara [Reads the report with excitement.] "Protecting the mouth of Chameleon Bay. Led by Hakoda." It is Dad!
Meanwhile at the apartment, Iroh is pouring tea.
Iroh You should know that this is not a natural sickness, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying tea. [Feeds Zuko the tea.]
Zuko What's happening?
Iroh Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body. [Feeds Zuko more tea.]
Zuko What's that mean? [Coughs continuously and lies down.]
Iroh You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, [Takes a cloth and wipes Zuko's head.] you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.
Back in Long Feng's office.
Aang I can't believe it. There's a man living at the Eastern Air Temple. He says he's a guru.
Sokka What's a guru? Some kind of poisonous blow fish?
Aang No, a spiritual expert. He wants to help me take the next step in the Avatar journey. He says he can teach me to control the Avatar State.
Katara And I can't believe we know where our dad is now.
Toph I know what you mean. My mom's in the city. And from her letter it sounds like she finally understands me.
Sokka This is all such big news! Where do we even start?
Katara I hate to say it, but we have to split up.
Aang [Worriedly.] Split up? We just found Appa and got the family back together! Now you want us to separate?
Katara You have to meet this guru, Aang. If we're going to invade the Fire Nation, you need to be ready.
Aang Well, if I'm going to the Eastern Air Temple, Appa and I can drop you off at Chameleon Bay to see your dad.
Sokka Someone has to stay here with the Earth King and help him plan for the invasion. [Stands up.] I guess that's me.
Katara No, Sokka. I know how badly you wanna help Dad. You go to Chameleon Bay. I'll stay here with the king.
Sokka [Overjoyed.] You are the nicest...sister...ever! [Kisses Katara on the cheek.]
Katara Easy there, big brother... [Gives a slight chuckle.] Though you're right. I am.
Sokka But no. Dad can wait, we're still needed here. We have a lot of planning to do before we begin the invasion.
Outside the Palace, Team Avatar is preparing to leave. The king walks down to them. Katara is petting Appa. Aang turns to face her.
Aang Katara? I need to tell you something. [Starts blushing.] I've been wanting to say it for a long time.
Katara What is it, Aang?
Aang [Rubs the back of his head.] Katara, I- [He is cut off by Sokka.]
Sokka [Noogies Aang.] All right. Who's ready to get going on Avatar state training? [Katara looks at him, annoyed.]
Kuei Avatar Aang, [They look at him.] I wish you a good journey. Ba Sing Se owes you its thanks. We look forward to your safe return. [Aang, Katara, and Sokka bow.]
A soldier walks up to the king.
Soldier Your Majesty. There are three female warriors to see you. They're from the island of Kyoshi.
Sokka [Shocked.] That's Suki! [Trips and falls over.]
Kuei You know these warriors?
Sokka [Gets up.] Oh yeah. The Kyoshi Warriors are a skilled group of fighters. Trustworthy too. They're good friends of ours.
Kuei Then we shall welcome them as honored guests.
Katara [Aang turns to Appa.] Wait. Aang. [Hugs him and kisses him on the cheek, which causes him to blush.]
Toph I'm really gonna miss you Twinkle Toes.
Katara [Hugs Toph with Aang. Sokka looks away, crossing his arms.] Me too.
Aang Yeah.
Sokka [Everyone goes to hug him.] Aahh! Great. That's enough. [Smiles.] Okay, we love each other. [Pats Aang and Katara on the head.] Seriously. Now I'm-
Katara [Grabs Sokka before he is about to run off.] Hold it lover boy. [Sokka stops and turns to his sister.] We need supplies and a message sent out to dad.
Sokka [Moaning. Ties to argue, but ultimately gives in.] Fine. Hey Aang, can I get a lift?
Appa flies off. Back at the apartment, Iroh and Zuko are asleep. Zuko wakes up and walks into the bathroom. He washes his face with water. When he looks in the mirror, he sees himself with no scar, no hair and an arrow tattoo on his head, resembling Aang. He looks horrified. He screams himself awake and breathes heavily. He touches the scar on his face and closes his eyes. Meanwhile, Appa is flying Sokka and Aang. Sokka is resting across Appa's back.
Sokka You see, Aang? A little positive thinking works wonders. We got the king on our side, we got Long Feng arrested, and when we get back, Suki's waiting for me.
Aang Yeah. Girls are waiting for us. Thanks, positive attitude.
Sokka [Appa lands on the Outer Wall, and Sokka gets off.] Everything is gonna work out perfectly. From now on and forever. [Aang turns around and smiles at him. Appa flies off again as Sokka waves them off.]
In a prison, Long Feng is sitting in his cell. A Dai Li agent appears outside of the cell.
Agent [Slides a tray of food underneath the door.] Dinner. [Long Feng grabs some food.] The Council of Five and the military are loyal to the Earth King, [Long Feng looks at him.] but the Dai Li remains loyal to you, Long Feng, sir. [Walks away as Long Feng eats his food while smiling sinisterly.]
Meanwhile, at a random house, Toph is outside. She exhales deeply and knocks on the door. It opens on its own.
Toph [Enters.] Hello? Mom? Anyone home? [Walks to the center of the room. She senses something, but is quickly captured in a metal box.] Hey! Who do you think you're dealing with!?
Three Dai Li agents appear from the ceiling.
Head Dai Li agent One loud-mouthed little brat who strayed too far from home.
Back at the palace, three Kyoshi Warriors are walking up to the king and bow.
Kuei In our hour of need, it is with the highest honor that I welcome our esteemed allies, the Kyoshi Warriors!
The warriors look up.
Azula We are the Earth King's humble servants.
The middle warrior is shown to have gold eyes, showing that it is really Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee disguised as Kyoshi Warriors.

The Fall of the Earth King

The opens with a view of the exterior of Zuko and Iroh's apartment. Cut to the interior. Iroh is preparing food when Zuko awakens.
Zuko What's that smell?
Iroh It's jook. I'm sure you wouldn't like it.
Zuko [Sniffs.] Actually, it smells delicious. I'd love a bowl, Uncle. [Holds a bowl up.]
Iroh Now that your fever is gone, you seem different somehow.
Zuko [Optimistically.] It's a new day. We've got a new apartment, new furniture, and today's the grand opening of your new tea shop. [Moves to a table and sits.] Things are looking up, Uncle. [Iroh's shocked expression changes to a smile.]
Scene changes to Sokka walking down a street. Bored, he pulls his boomerang from its sheath, throws it into the sky, and catches it as it comes back. Shot cuts to him walking past a building and into the alley beside it. Sokka passes through some men struggling with their ostrich horses, and by the windows of the building, as he hears voices from inside. Intrigued, he turns and sticks his head inside the window.
Sokka What's this?
The shot cuts to show that the room is the 5-7-5 Society's classroom. There is a lady on the stage reciting her haiku to the rest of the ladies.
Lady on stage Through all the long night, winter moon glows with bright love, sleet her silver tears.
Sokka [Looking pleased.] Ahh, poetry.
Back at the Earth King's Royal Palace, the "Kyoshi Warriors", Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee in disguise, sit before King Kuei.
Kuei Look Bosco! The Kyoshi Warriors are here to protect us! Aren't you excited? [Bosco yawns.] It's been a difficult week for me. My most trusted advisor, Long Feng, and his Dai Li agents tried to take control of Ba Sing Se from me.
Azula It's terrible when you can't trust the people who are closest to you.
Kuei [Pets Bosco.] But there is good news. As we speak, the Council of Five is meeting to plan an invasion of the Fire Nation this summer, on the day of a solar eclipse.
For a second, Azula's eyes widen with shock and worry upon hearing this, but she quickly hides it.
Azula Really? Now that sounds like a fascinating and brilliant plan. [Glances off as Mai and Ty Lee look at each other.]
Cut to the Council of Five meeting, where Katara and Momo are present.
General How General Fong's base will serve as the launching point for the attack. In exactly two months, the army and navy will invade the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun.
Momo jumps on the map and begins knocking over the pieces.
Katara Or we could send in Momo to do some damage! [Chuckles.] 'Cause, the... Sorry.
General How [Uses earthbending to stand the pieces back up, scaring Momo.] All we need is the Earth King's seal in order to execute the plan. [Sends the scroll across the table to Katara.]
Katara I'll get these scrolls to him right away. Thank you, General How.
Aang continues his journey to the Eastern Air Temple. He spots Guru Pathik, who is meditating, and lands Appa.
Aang Uhhh... hello? You're Guru Pathik, right? [Aang approaches Pathik.] The person who sent me?
Pathik Indeed. I was a spiritual brother of your people, and a personal friend of Monk Gyatso. Hello Avatar Aang. It is indeed an honour. I have waited almost a hundred years for your return.
Aang In your note, [Aang sits.] you said you could teach me how to gain control of the Avatar State. How?
Pathik You must gain balance within yourself, before you can bring balance to the world. And the first step to gaining balance begins with this. [Hands Aang a beverage.] Drink up!
Aang [Drinks it and spits it out.] Uggh! It tastes like onion and banana juice!
Pathik That's because it is! Yum yum!
Aang blinks in disbelief. Meanwhile, Toph is shown thrown into a jail cell under the palace. The Dai Li agents shut the door behind her.
Toph [Banging at the cell.] Hey! Let me out of here? I got to go to the bathroom!
Dai Li agent 1 Nice try, but you can't trick me! [Sits down.]
Toph Let me out of here so I can kick both your butts!
Dai Li agent 2 Quit your banging! [Bangs the bars.] You might think you're the greatest earthbender in the world, but even you can't bend metal!
Toph looks sad as she places her hand on a side of the cell. The scene cuts to that night, and where Azula, Mai and Ty Lee are staying. Mai and Ty Lee are removing their make-up.
Azula We have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity, girls.
Ty Lee Mai finally gets to wear make-up that's not totally depressing? [Azula walks past toward a window.]
Mai [With black makeup dripping down her eyes; Sarcastically.] Ha, ha.
Azula I'm talking about conquering the whole Earth Kingdom. For one hundred years, the Fire Nation has hammered away at Ba Sing Se from the outside. But now we're on the inside, and we can take it by ourselves.
Ty Lee Gosh, you're so confident. I really admire that about you.
Azula From the inside, we're in perfect position to organize a coup and overthrow the Earth King. The key is the Dai Li. Whoever controls the Dai Li [Turns back into the room.] controls Ba Sing Se.
Back to the Eastern Air Temple at a creek.
Pathik In order to master the Avatar State, you must open all the chakras. Aang, tell me everything you know about chakras.
Aang [Rubs eyes.] What are chakras?
Pathik Oh, I see. I guess we'll start with the basics. [As he explains he points to the water and the moss within.] The water flows through this creek, much like the energy flows through your body. As you see, there are several pools where the water swirls around before flowing on. These pools are like our chakras.
Aang So chakras are pools of spiraling energy in our bodies?
Pathik Exactly. If nothing else were around, this creek would flow pure and clear. However, life is messy, and things tend to fall in the creek. And then what happens?
Aang The creek can't flow?
Pathik Yes. But, if we open the ponds between the pools... [He removes moss blocking the exit for the water.]
Aang The energy flows!
In another part of the temple, a cavern.
Pathik There are seven chakras that go up the body. Each pool of energy has a purpose, and can be blocked by a specific kind of emotional muck. Be warned, opening the chakras is an intense experience, and once you begin the process, you cannot stop until all seven are open. Are you ready?
Aang [Momentarily looks down.] I'll do whatever it takes.
Pathik First we will open the Earth Chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival, and is blocked by fear. What are you most afraid of? Let your fears become clear to you.
Aang sees images of things that cause him great fear, including Fire Lord Ozai, even making him scream.
Pathik Aang, your vision is not real. You are concerned for your survival, but you must surrender those fears. Let your fears flow down the creek. [Aang clears the image away.] You have opened your Earth Chakra! [Aang wipes sweat off his forehead.]
Later, behind a waterfall.
Pathik Next is the...
Aang Water Chakra?
Pathik Brilliant! Maybe one day you will be a guru too! This chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt. Now, look at all the guilt with burdens you so. What do you blame yourself for?
Aang [Sees the image of him leaving home.] I ran away. [Sees images of him in the Avatar State at General Fong's base.] I hurt all of those people.
Pathik Accept the reality that these things happened, but do not let them cloud and poison your energy. If you are to be a positive influence on the world, you need to forgive yourself.
Scene cuts to Sokka still outside the poetry building as an ostrich horse, who is still struggling with his handler, kicks backward and hits Sokka in his back, sending him through the window, and inside the room. The ladies look at him and shriek, startled.
Sokka [Collecting himself and removing the window frame.] I am so sorry. Something struck me in the rear. I just... wound up... here.
The ladies laugh, and clap at Sokka's unintended haiku. Sokka first looks surprised, but grins widely. Their teacher, Macmu-Ling, gets up.
Macmu-Ling Five, seven, then five, syllables mark a haiku. [She bows her head.] Remarkable oaf.
Sokka [Thinking for a moment.] They call me Sokka, that is in the Water Tribe. [Counting five syllables on his fingers.] I am not an oaf. [The ladies laugh at his haiku.]
Macmu-Ling Tittering monkey, in the spring he climbs treetops, and thinks himself tall. [She narrows her eyes.]
Ladies Oooooh!
Sokka You think you're so smart, with your fancy little words, this is not so hard.
Ladies Oooooh!
Macmu-Ling [She walks up to the stage.] Whole seasons are spent, mastering the form, the style, none calls it easy.
Ladies Oooooh!
Sokka I calls it easy. Like I paddle my canoe, I'll paddle yours too! [Turns around and paddles his behind, as the ladies laugh.]
Macmu-Ling There's nuts and there's fruits. [She takes a plum from her sleeve, drops it to the ground, and squashes it.] In fall the clinging plum drops, always to be squashed.
Sokka [Making arm movements.] Squish, squash, sling that slang. I'm always right back at ya, like my... [He drawing his boomerang.] boomerang! [The class laughs.]
An annoyed Macmu-Ling walks off the stage and back to her seat as Sokka turns to the class again and raises his arms up to silence the laughter, as he unsheathes his boomerang.
Sokka That's right, I'm Sokka, it's pronounced with an "okka", young ladies, I rocked ya!
This time, however, his "haiku" is not cheered at, and is met with silence. Sokka stares as the class, as the annoyed and angry class does the vice versa. Cut to the ladies' angry face. Cut back to Sokka, as he counts the number of syllables in his haiku, and realizes that his last line contained six syllables instead of five, by counting on his fingers. A large security guard catches him by the collar, and throws him out through the door.
Guard Uh, that's one too many syllables there, bub.
Outside the room, Sokka falls to the ground with a loud noise. He sits up.
Sokka Poetry...
Back in Ba Sing Se, at the Jasmine Dragon. Zuko and Iroh observe the happenings standing at the back.
Iroh Who thought when we came to this city as refugees, that I'd end up owning my own tea shop? Follow your passion, Zuko, and life will reward you.
Zuko Congratulations, Uncle.
Iroh I am very thankful.
Zuko You deserve it. The Jasmine Dragon will be the best tea shop in the city.
Iroh No. I'm thankful because you decided to share this special day with me. It means more than you know. [The two embrace.]
Zuko Now let's make these people some tea! [Walks away to the back.]
Iroh Yes, let's make some tea!
Back to the Eastern Air Temple, Aang and Pathik sit on a ledge.
Pathik Third is the Fire Chakra, located in the stomach.
Aang [Holding his stomach.] My Fire Chakra would like to eat something other than onion-banana juice.
Pathik [Chuckles.] Good one! Moving on. This chakra deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame. What are you ashamed of? [Cuts to Aang's vision of his first attempt at firebending.] What are your biggest disappointments in yourself?
Aang I'm never going to firebend again. I can't.
Pathik You will never find balance if you deny this part of your life. You are the Avatar and therefore, you are a firebender. [Aang breathes deeply.] Hmmm...that chakra opened less like a flowing creek, and more like a...burping bison.
Aang [Loud belch.] Tastes like onions and bananas, but strangely something else. Pickles? [Pathik shrugs.]
Back at the palace, two Dai Li agents hide on two pillars and secretly spy on a conversation between Mai and Ty Lee. The former is sitting on the stairs and the latter is practicing chi blocking and acrobatics.
Mai [Sighs.] I'm tired of wearing this girly disguise. I don't know how anyone could fight in this.
Ty Lee Maybe that's why it was so easy to beat the Kyoshi Warriors and take their clothes.
Mai How much longer do we have to serve the Earth King? If I have to clean up one more pile of bear poop, I'm going to throw up.
Ty Lee Princess Azula promised we would go back to the Fire Nation as soon as we captured the Avatar. We just have to be patient.
Mai [Stands up.] Shush up! Do you want the whole palace to know we're Fire Nation?
Ty Lee Sorry!
The agents smile and climb away. Azula, who was hiding behind another pillar, walks up to them.
Azula Good work, girls. I'm sure the Dai Li will deliver the message.
Back at the Air Temple.
Pathik The fourth chakra is located in the heart. It deals with love and is blocked by grief. [Aang smiles and looks at a Air Nomad statue nearby before looking sad.] Lay all your grief out in front of you.
Aang sees images of many airbenders, including Gyatso and Yangchen. He smiles upon seeing them, but becomes saddened as they start to vanish into smoke.
Pathik You have indeed felt a great loss. [The airbenders appear floating in the clouds.] But love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us. [Aang is lifted into the air and sees the Air Nomads floating in the smoke.] The Air Nomads' love for you has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.
The smoke in front of Aang forms a face and shows the first thing he saw upon waking up from his iceberg: Katara. Back in the real world, Aang is starting to cry tears of joy.
Pathik Let the pain flow away. [Aang wipes away his tears.] Very good.
Aang Can I have some onion-banana juice, please?
Inside another part of the temple.
Pathik The fifth in the chain is the Sound Chakra, located in the throat. It deals with truth and is blocked by lies. The ones we tell ourselves.
Aang flashes back to when he, Katara, and Sokka first began their journey to the North Pole.
Katara Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?
Back to the real world.
Aang Because I never wanted to be.
Pathik You cannot lie about your own nature. You must accept that you are the Avatar. [Aang inhales and, seeing an image of himself on a cliff looking down at the ground, exhales, and accepts his nature.] Very good, Aang. You have opened the chakra of truth.
Outside the temple interior.
Pathik The sixth pool of energy is the light chakra, located in the center of the forehead. It deals with insight and is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one in the same.
Aang [An image is shown of the world, with the four nations' territories marked.] Like the four nations.
Pathik [The image changes so the territories become the same color.] Yes. We are all one people, [The territories become separate again.] but we live as if divided.
Aang We're all connected. Everything is connected.
Pathik That's right! Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole. Even metal is just a part of earth that has been purified and refined.
As Pathik speaks, the camera fades as we cut back to Ba Sing Se. Katara walks by the Jasmine Dragon.
Katara What do you say, Momo? A cup of tea before we get back to the king? [Arrives at the shop.] Table for two, please.
Zuko Uncle! I need two jasmine, one green, and one lychee!
Iroh I'm brewing as fast as I can!
Katara notices Zuko and Iroh. Stunned, she runs away from the shop.
The scene returns to Aang and Pathik, who sit at the top of the temple at night.
Aang This is the last chakra, isn't it?
Pathik Yes. Once you open this chakra, you will be able to go in and out of the Avatar State at will and when you are in the Avatar State, you will have complete control and awareness of all your actions.
Aang Let's do this.
Pathik The Thought Chakra is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy, and is blocked by earthly attachment. Meditate on what attaches you to this world. [Images of Katara appear before Aang.] Now, let all of those attachments go. Let them flow down the river, forgotten.
Aang [Coming out of his meditation.] What? Why would I let go of Katara? I...I love her!
Pathik Learn to let her go, or you cannot let the pure cosmic energy flow in from the universe.
Aang Why would I choose cosmic energy over Katara? [Aang throws his hands up.] How could it be a bad thing that I feel an attachment to her? Three chakras ago that was a good thing!
Pathik You must learn to let go.
Back at the palace, Katara runs to inform the Earth King, only to encounter the "Kyoshi Warriors".
Katara Thank goodness you're here, Suki. Something terrible is going on. The Fire Nation has infiltrated the city, I just saw Prince Zuko and his uncle! [Azula widens her eyes and smiles slyly.] We have to tell the Earth King right away!
Azula Oh, don't worry, I'll be sure to let him know.
Katara notices "Suki" has gold eyes and is shocked upon realization that the "Kyoshi Warriors" are actually Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. She prepares to attack, but Ty Lee quickly jumps forward and blocks her chi.
Azula [While the three girls gather around the fallen Katara; pans to camera looking up to the three girls.] So, Zuzu's in the city, too? I think it's time for a family reunion. [Momo flies off.]
Back at the temple.
Aang I'm sorry, but I can't let go of Katara.
Pathik Aang, to master the Avatar State, you must open all the chakras. Surrender yourself.
Aang Okay, I'll try.
Pathik Now think of your attachments and let them go. Let the pure cosmic energy flow.
Aang sees an image of him letting Katara go, and a bridge that will lead him to Avatar State mastery. As he is being surrounded by energy, however, he hears a shriek from Katara and sees a vision of her in chains. He runs away from the end of the road. This cuts his connection to the Avatar State, which drops him back to reality.
Aang Katara's in danger! I have to go! [Prepares to exit.]
Pathik No, Aang! By choosing attachment, you have locked the chakra! If you leave now, you won't be able to go into the Avatar State at all!
Aang hesitates but leaves anyway, leaving Pathik concerned. Meanwhile, back in the prison cell, Toph is continuing to hit against the metal.
Toph [Strained.] C'mon metal. Budge! [Continues to try and hit it.
Scene shifts to Sokka just as he leaves a shop, Aang and Appa appear. Aang shows a clear look of concern.
Sokka This can't be good news.
Back in the palace, Azula is led into a prison by two Dai Li agents. She is taken to Long Feng's cell.
Azula What is this about? Your agents show up in the middle of the night and drag me down here? You will not treat a Kyoshi Warrior this way!
Long Feng But you're not a Kyoshi Warrior, are you, [Standing.] Princess Azula of the Fire Nation?
Azula What do you want?
Long Feng I want to make a deal. It's time that I regain control of Ba Sing Se and you have something I need.
Azula Oh?
Long Feng The Earth King's trust.
Azula Why should I help you?
Long Feng Because I can get you the Avatar.
Azula [Smirks.] I'm listening...
Long Feng smiles. Back at the Jasmine Dragon, a royal messenger enters.
Royal messenger A message from the Royal Palace.
Iroh [Reads through, becomes shocked, and smiles.] I... I can't believe it!
Zuko What is it, Uncle?
Iroh [Excited.] Great news! We've been invited to serve tea to the Earth King! [Runs off.]
Zuko smiles as he continues sweeping. Back in the prison hold, the door to Long Feng's cell is closed. Azula leaves Long Feng's presence and gives a smirk.

Scene changes as Appa, Aang, and Sokka fly over the city.

Sokka So, what kind of trouble is Katara in?
Aang I don't know. In my vision, I just knew she needed help.
Sokka It would be nice if your Avatar powers could be just a little more specific from time to time. [He looks down and notices a mound of earth passing nearby, heading to the wall.] What is that?
They fly down and follow the mound. Scene changes to Azula speaking to the Dai Li.
Azula [While pacing back and forth.] The Earth King and the Council of Five do not trust the Dai Li. They imprisoned your leader, Long Feng. Soon they will turn on all of you and eliminate you. Seizing power today is a matter of life and death. [As she talks an agent starts looking nervous.] This coup must be swift and decisive. The Earth King and each of the five generals must be taken out simultaneously. Long Feng has placed you in my command while we overthrow the government. [Stares at the nervous agent and walks up to him while still talking to all the agents.] If I sense any disloyalty, any hesitation, any weakness at all, [She stops right in front of the nervous agent.] I will snuff it out. [She continues walking.] That is all.
The Dai Li leave, and Azula walks up to Ty Lee, who is pouring tea.
Ty Lee Nice speech, Azula. It was pretty and poetic, but also scary in a good way. [She hands the cup to Azula. Camera pans over to a close-up of Mai.]
Mai [Amused.] Yeah. I thought you were going to make that one guy pee his pants.
Azula There are still a few loose ends. The Avatar, and my brother and uncle.
Scene fades to outside the Royal Palace, where Zuko and Iroh begin walking toward it.
Iroh Many times I imagined myself here, at the threshold of the palace. [Camera pans to show the Earth Kingdom Emblem above the palace doors.] But I always thought I would be here as a conqueror. Instead, we are the Earth King's personal guests, here to serve him tea. Destiny is a funny thing.
Zuko It sure is, Uncle.
Scene changes back to Appa, Aang, and Sokka still flying back to the Palace.
Sokka So how did it go with the guru? Did you master the Avatar State?
Aang Uh...
Aang looks down and thinks back to what Guru Pathik said before he left.
Pathik If you leave now, you won't be able to go into the Avatar State at all!
Fades back to the present.
Sokka Aang, are you okay?
Aang I'm great! It went great with the guru. I completely mastered the Avatar State. [He laughs nervously and looks down.] Yeah.
Scene changes back to the Royal Palace, where Zuko and Iroh are sitting at a table in a room, waiting for the Earth King. Iroh pours some tea into a cup.
Zuko What's taking so long?
Iroh Maybe the Earth King overslept.
Dai Li agents begin to circle around the two.
Zuko Something's not right.
Azula walks past the Dai Li and comes in front of her brother outside the circle of Dai Li agents.
Azula It's tea time!
Zuko [He quickly stands up.] Azula!
Azula Have you met the Dai Li? They're earthbenders, but they have a killer instinct that's so firebender. I just love it.
Camera pans over to show Iroh picking up his cup of tea.
Iroh Did I ever tell you how I got the nickname "the Dragon of the West"?
Azula I'm not interested in a lengthy anecdote, Uncle.
Iroh It's more of a demonstration, really.
Iroh begins drinking his tea. Zuko looks over at him and smiles before going behind him. Iroh begins breathing fire. Cut to a corridor outside the room as a fire blast makes a hole in the wall, allowing Iroh and Zuko to escape. The Dai Li agents begin shooting some rock gloves at them, but miss as Zuko and Iroh turn around the corner. Iroh generates lightning and destroys the wall in front before jumping down into a bush below. Zuko stops at the edge.
Iroh Come on! You'll be fine!
Zuko No! I'm tired of running! It's time I faced Azula!
Zuko turns around and walks back. Iroh smacks his head upon hearing this and runs away.
Azula You're so dramatic. What? Are you going to challenge me to an Agni Kai?
Zuko Yes! I challenge you!
Azula No thanks.
Zuko shoots a fire blast toward her, but two Dai Li agents intervene and pull up a section of the floor, making a wall. They shoot some rock gloves at Zuko's feet, making him lose his balance. He puts his right hand down, but another rock glove traps that one. Azula turns around smiling and walks away as the agents capture him. Scene changes to inside the throne room, where Sokka, Toph, and Aang confront Kuei.
Kuei Katara's fine. You have nothing to worry about.
Aang But, in my vision, I felt so sure she was in trouble.
Kuei Well, she met with the Council of Generals to plan the invasion, and since then, she been off with your friends, the Kyoshi Warriors.
Sokka See, Aang? She's with Suki. They're probably back at our apartment right now talking about make-up or something.
Aang Okay. Maybe you're right.
Kuei Believe me, if there was any danger at all, Bosco's animal instincts would sense it.
Bosco lifts up his head from sleeping to look at the three. Scene changes to inside the Crystal Catacombs, where Katara is pacing back and forth. She stops pacing upon hearing a hole open up above.
Dai Li agent You've got company.
He throws Zuko in, who rolls down and lands in front of Katara.
Katara Zuko!
Katara's shocked face becomes an angry one as Zuko sits up and the hole closes behind him. The scene changes to Toph, Aang, and Sokka reaching their house on Appa. The three jump off and run inside to see if Katara was in there. Momo runs up to them.
Aang Momo!
Momo climbs up Aang onto his shoulders. Sokka looks around.
Sokka There's no one else here.
Aang Katara is in trouble! I knew it!
Sokka Oh, no!
Aang Wait! Someone's at the door. [Someone knocks on the door a second later. He walks over to the door and opens it, showing Iroh behind the door.]
Iroh I need your help.
Sokka and Aang become shocked and angry upon seeing him, and get into a fighting stance. Momo flies away upon seeing him.
Aang How did you find us?
Iroh May I come in? [Aang nods, and he walks in before turning to the group.] Princess Azula is here in Ba Sing Se.
Aang She must have Katara.
Iroh She has captured my nephew as well.
Aang Then we'll work together to fight Azula, and save Katara and Zuko.
Sokka [Approaching Aang and pointing at him.] Whoa there! You lost me at "Zuko".
Iroh I know how you must feel about my nephew. [Moving forward to place his hands on Sokka's shoulders.] But believe me when I tell you that there is good inside him.
Sokka [Pushing Iroh away.] "Good inside him" isn't enough! Why don't you come back when it's outside him too, okay?
Aang Katara's in trouble. All of Ba Sing Se is in trouble. Working together is our best chance.
Sokka understands, and nods. Iroh begins walking back to the door.
Iroh I brought someone along who might help us.
They all walk outside. There is a tied up Dai Li agent on their porch. Iroh walks over to him and takes the gag off his mouth.
Captured agent Azula and Long Feng are plotting a coup! They're going to overthrow the Earth King!
Sokka My sister! Where are they keeping Katara?
Captured agent In the Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se, deep beneath the palace.
Iroh, Aang, and Sokka run away to help Katara and the Earth King. Scene fades to the jail where Long Feng is. He meditates in his cell while a Dai Li agent informs him of what is going on.
Head of the Dai Li The movements of the Earth King and all the generals have been plotted out step-by-step.
Long Feng Good. And the Fire Nation princess is cooperating?
Head of the Dai Li Oh, yes. More than cooperating. She's really taken charge. She's terrifying and inspirational at the same time. It's hard to explain.
The Dai Li agent walks away. Scene changes to inside the Crystal Catacombs, where Katara is yelling at Zuko, who sits with his back turned.
Katara Why did they throw you in here? [Zuko says nothing.] Oh, wait, let me guess. It's a trap. So that when Aang shows up to help me, you can finally have him in your little Fire Nation clutches!
Zuko turns his head to look at her, turns back, and looks at the ground again.
Katara [Continuing to lament.] You're a terrible person! You know that? Always following us! Hunting the Avatar! Trying to capture the world's last hope for peace! But what do you care? You're the Fire Lord's son. Spreading war and violence and hatred is in your blood!
Zuko You don't know what you're talking about!
Katara [Angrily.] I don't? How dare you! You have no idea what this war has put me through! [Sits down.] Me personally! [She sits down and touches her necklace, begins to cry.] The Fire Nation took my mother away from me.
Zuko [He turns around to face Katara.] I'm sorry. [Pauses.] That's something we have in common.
Katara looks back surprised and wipes away the tears from her eyes. The scene changes to Toph feeling the ground below, finding the Crystal Catacombs.
Aang [Feels and listens.] Well, what'd you know? There is an ancient city down there. But it's deep. Very deep.
He makes a tunnel through the ground, beginning to lead to the catacombs. Sokka is seen thinking of a plan.
Sokka We should split up. Aang, you go with Iroh to look for Katara and the angry jerk, [Remembers Iroh is there.] no offense.
Iroh [Shrugging.] None taken.
Sokka And I'll go to warn the Earth King of Azula's coup.
Aang and Iroh are seen walking through the tunnel down to the Catacombs. Iroh is bending a small fire for light, and Aang is earthbending the way down.
Aang So, Toph seemed to think you give pretty good advice, and great tea!
Iroh The key to both is proper aging. What's on your mind?
Aang earthbends again before replying.
Aang Well, I met with this guru who was supposed to help me master the Avatar State and control this great power, but to do it, I had to let go of someone I love. [He and Iroh stop.] And I just couldn't.
Iroh Perfection and power are overrated. I think you were very wise to choose happiness and love.
Aang [Earthbends again.] What happens if we can't save anyone and beat Azula? Without the Avatar State, what if I'm not powerful enough?
Iroh I don't know the answer. Sometimes, life is like this dark tunnel. You can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, [Aang earthbends the rocks away one last time. Iroh's fire blows out. He smiles.] you will come to a better place.
Camera pans over a large area of the Catacombs. Scene changes to Sokka climbing the stairs, with Momo flying behind them.
Sokka There's General How!
Sokka pulls himself behind a pillar. General How continues walking toward the stairs. The Dai Li agents can be seen hiding beside the pillars before putting cuffs on his wrists and pulling him down to his knees. Another agent drops in front of How.
How What's going on here?
Dai Li agent You're under house arrest.
Sokka The coup is happening right now! We've gotta warn the Earth King!
Sokka and Momo run to head to the Earth King. One of the generals is seen walking when some chains fly up and trap him. General Sung is taken by some chains into a dark area. Two other generals are seen in their headquarters when the Dai Li toss some chains to circle around their legs and pull them up. Scene changes to the throne room, where Sokka, and Momo have just reached the Earth King.
Sokka Thank goodness we're in time!
Kuei In time for what?
Ty Lee Yeah. What are you in time for, [Cartwheels to Sokka.] cutie?
Sokka Uh, I'm kinda involved with Suki.
Ty Lee Who?
Sokka knocks her away with his boomerang, in which she flips up above them.
Sokka They're not the real Kyoshi Warriors!
Kuei gasps, surprised.
Mai Sorry to disappoint you.
Ty Lee comes up in front of Sokka, laughing. She starts trying to jab him, but he evades all of them.
Ty Lee Oooh, it's like we're dancing together!
Azula is seen holding Kuei at flame-point.
Azula This fight is over.
Sokka surrenders, and Ty Lee chi blocks him. Momo tries flying away, but a Dai Li agent traps him with a rock glove. Azula shoves Kuei down.
Sokka You! What did you with the real Kyoshi Warriors?
Azula Oh them. Well let's see . . .
Fade to a berry bush where a hand picks a berry. The shot changes to the next day, showing the Kyoshi Warriors picking the berries, and pans to the right. On one of the bushes, a Kyoshi Warrior picks up a clump of Appa's fur.
Kyoshi Warrior #1 Must have been some fight.
Suki Wait, let me see that. [The Kyoshi Warrior hands the clump of fur to her.] No, it couldn't be.
Lightning strikes a nearby tree, causing it to fall down and blocking the pathway. Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee arrive on mongoose lizards.
Azula [Holding a clump of Appa's fur.] My, my, you're easy to find. It's really astounding my brother hasn't captured you yet.
The camera pans down to show the Kyoshi Warriors drawing their shield fans.
Suki What do you want with us?
Azula Who are you? The Avatar's fan girls?
Ty Lee [Beat.] Oh, I get it. Good one, Azula.
Suki If you're looking for the Avatar, you're out of luck.
Mai [Aerial view; Mai sighs.] I knew this was a waste of time.
Azula No Avatar, huh. Well, that's okay. Any friend of the Avatar [Jumps off the mongoose lizard.] is an enemy of mine! [Firebends at Appa, who the Kyoshi Warriors protect by moving their shields together.]
Azula firebends at te Kyoshi Warriors who protect themselves by moving their shield fans together. Ty Lee and Mai jump off their mongoose lizards. Mai faces two Kyoshi Warriors and throws three shurikens, pinning a Kyoshi Warrior to a tree.
Kyoshi Warrior #2 Huh? [Looks at the weapons on her right arm in confusion.]
Mai You're so colorful, it's making me nauseous. [Throws a bunch of darts at the second Kyoshi Warrior.]
The Kyoshi Warrior unsheathes her sword and uses it to deflect the darts. She swings at Ty Lee, who manages to get behind the Kyoshi Warrior and perform chi blocking.
Ty Lee You're not prettier than we are.
Cut to a side-view from the woods. Suki defends herself from Azula's firebending blasts with her fan shield. Closer shot of Azula summoning blue fire. Shot changes to Appa and Suki. Suki takes the blast and deflects it to the side where it sets the fallen tree behind them on fire.
Azula Afraid of fire, I see. That's good. You should be.
Suki unsheathes her sword and charges Azula. Slow motion shot of Azula jumping up and knocks the sword out of her hand and into a tree. Azula fires another blast at Suki, who blocks it with her shield. Suki tries kicking Azula, but Azula uses the opportunity to knock down Suki. Azula, prepares to strike another firebending blast. A Kyoshi Warrior in the background throws her fans at Azula, who ducks and kicks a firebending blast at the other Kyoshi Warrior and pursues her. Suki gets back up as blue firebending blast hits her shield. Suki steps back and wields her fan.
Azula [Calmly.] Don't you know fans just make flames stronger?
They charge at each other, Azula firing another blast and Suki deflecting it. Fade back to present day
Azula And you can pretty much guess the rest. Get them all out of my sight.
Sokka, Kuei, and Bosco are all taken to prison. Long Feng walks into the room with some Dai Li agents behind him.
Long Feng Now comes the part where I double cross you. Dai Li, arrest the Fire Nation princess! [None of the Dai Li agents move, to Long Feng's disappointment.] I said arrest her! What is wrong with you?!
Azula It's because they haven't made up their minds. They're waiting to see how this is going to end.
Long Feng What are you talking about?
Azula I can see your whole history in your eyes. You were born with nothing, so you've had to struggle, and connive, and claw your way to power. But true power, the divine right to rule, is something you're born with. The fact is, they don't know which one of us is going to be sitting on that throne, and which one is going to be bowing down. [Long Feng looks worried.] But I know, and you know. [She sits down on the throne and crosses her legs.] Well?
Long Feng [Walks up and bows to her.] You've beaten me at my own game.
Azula Don't flatter yourself! You were never even a player.
The scene changes to Zuko and Katara in the Crystal Catacombs.
Katara [Apologetic.] I'm sorry I yelled at you before.
Zuko It doesn't matter.
Katara It's just that for so long now, whenever I would imagine the face of the enemy, it was your face.
Zuko My face? I see. [He touches his scar.]
Katara No, no, that's-that's not what I mean. [Approaches Zuko.]
Zuko It's okay. I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I've realized I'm free to determine my own destiny, even if I'll never be free of my mark.
Katara Maybe you could be free of it.
Zuko What?
Katara I have healing abilities.
Zuko It's a scar, it can't be healed.
Katara [Holds up a vial.] This is water from the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole. It has special properties, so I've been saving it for something important. [Moves in front of Zuko.] I don't know if it would work, but...
Katara puts one hand on Zuko's scar, only to be interrupted by Aang and Iroh.
Katara Aang!
Aang looks surprised as Katara hugs him, but Aang looks over Katara's shoulder to glare at Zuko. Cut to Zuko, who gets a hug from Iroh, and glares back.
Katara Aang, I knew you would come. [She hugs Aang again.]
Zuko Uncle, I don't understand. What are you doing with the Avatar? [Points to Aang.]
Aang Saving you, that's what.
Zuko takes one step in Aang's direction, but Iroh stops him.
Iroh Zuko, it's time we talked. [To Aang and Katara.] Go help you other friends. We'll catch up with you. [They walk away, Katara looks back at Zuko before moving on.]
Zuko Why, Uncle?
Iroh You're not the man you used to be, Zuko. You are stronger and wiser and freer than you have ever been. And now you have come to the crossroads of your destiny. It's time for you to choose. It's time for you to choose good.
Zuko yells as crystals grow to encase Iroh. He assumes a fighting position to prepare for the intruders. A different shot shows Azula along with two Dai Li agents sliding down from the sides of the chamber.
Azula I expected this kind of treachery from Uncle. [Cut to Iroh, still trapped in crystals. Cut to a side shot, where Zuko protects his uncle.] But Zuko, Prince Zuko, you're a lot of things, but you're not a traitor, are you?
Zuko Release him immediately.
Azula It's not too late for you, Zuko. You can still redeem yourself.
Iroh [To Zuko.] The kind of redemption she offers is not for you.
Azula Why don't you let him decide, Uncle? [To Zuko.] I need you, Zuko. I've plotted every move of this day, [Makes a fist.] this glorious day in Fire Nation history, and the only way we win is together. At the end of this day, you will have your honor back. You will have Father's love. You will have everything you want.
Iroh Zuko, I am begging you. Look into your heart and see what it is that you truly want.
Azula You are free to choose.
She gestures at the two Dai Li agents to leave, who earthbend themselves out. The camera cuts to Zuko multiple times as he contemplates his choice as Azula leaves to follow Aang and Katara. Cut to Aang and Katara running through the Crystal Catacombs.
Katara We've got to find Sokka and Toph.
A bolt of blue lightning attacks them from behind. Aang stops it using earthbending. The camera zooms back toward Azula, the source of the lightning. Katara uses waterbending to stop another lightning attack. The mist from the vaporized water allows Azula to jump onto a crystal and firebend two blasts of blue fire. Together, Aang and Katara use waterbending to stop the blasts. Azula finishes her jump by landing on a rock pillar. Aang uses earthbending on the pillar, and Azula gasps once she notices the pillar crumbling. She jumps off and lands between Katara and Aang. She points at both of them, preparing to attack.

A fire blast stops her from attacking, and they look to see the source of the fire blast to be Zuko. Zuko looks from Azula to Katara and Aang, choosing who to attack. Aang gasps once he realizes Zuko will attack him and Aang uses airbending to jump away from the blast. Azula starts dueling with Katara, and Zuko throws multiple fire blasts at Aang. The scene changes to Kuei, Sokka, and Toph in a prison cell. Sokka looks out the door's barred window. Toph continues feels around the metal cage, hitting it, seeing with seismic sense and feels tiny particles of metal. She smiles, exhales deeply and begins to push against the metal.

Toph [Struggling.] Come on, metal. Budge! [She punches a dent in the metal and shakes her hand in pain.] Wooo! Toph, you rule.
She takes another punch
Sokka Toph! What are you doing?
Toph See any Dai Li agents nearby?
Sokka Nope, all clear.
Toph cracks her knuckles and places her hands against the cell door, preparing to metalbend it. Cut to outside the prison cell in the where the door crumples and gets thrown away from the doorway.
Sokka Ok that's cool. C'mon let's go.
Kuei I'm not leaving without Bosco!
Sokka grabs the Earth King's hand and follows the rest of the group. Cut back to Zuko and Aang fighting. Aang airbends the air currents around him to make a human-shaped gust of air at Zuko, knocking him down. Aang attacks Zuko with more airbending, but Zuko maneuvers around the attacks and gets back up on his feet. He fires more blasts at Aang who is clinging on to a rock pillar. Aang jumps onto a clump of crystals to avoid the attack. Furious, Zuko summons a greater blast of fire. Aang earthbends some crystals to protect him, but the crystals shatter, sending Aang flying to another clump of crystals. Zuko uses fire whips to attack Aang once again, but Aang jumps to another patch of crystals and Zuko keeps attacking.

Cut to Azula running away from Katara, who sends a wave of water that cuts her hair. Cut back to Zuko, who is still using his fire whips to attack Aang, who is now jumping along the cave's ceiling. Aang kicks down a stalactite and follows it, using earthbending to increase its impact and sending Zuko flying. The scene focuses on Azula and Katara. Katara encases herself in water and uses it to stop Azula's firebending attacks. One water tentacle captures Azula's hand and another one captures her foot. Zuko frees his sister using firebending to break the tentacles. Azula looks toward the crater Aang had created with the stalactite. Aang crawls out, exhausted. Azula runs toward Aang. Cut to Zuko and Katara fighting. Katara still has water whips on her hands and Zuko starts using his fire whips.

Katara I thought you had changed. [She grunts.]
Zuko I have changed.
Zuko fires another blast. Cut to Azula and Aang standing opposite each other. A closer shot of Azula and Aang as they prepare to fight. Azula uses firebending to charge at Aang. Aang earthbends crystals around him into a crystal encased armor and charges at Azula. Azula stops, and uses her firebending to break Aang's crystal armor and send him flying back into an old building. Cut to Mai, Ty Lee, and Bosco in the Earth King's throne room.
Ty Lee [To Bosco.] Come on, it's easy. You just walk on your front paws instead of your rear ones. [She demonstrates.] Like this.
Suddenly, the floor traps Ty Lee's hands and her feet when they touch the ground. Bosco starts clapping. The view changes to reveal Kuei, Toph, and Sokka.
Toph That is a nice trick.
Sokka takes out his boomerang and Toph earthbends a large block of the ground in preparation to fight against Mai. The camera zooms toward Mai.
Mai Just take the bear.
Cut to Bosco.
Kuei [Runs to Bosco.] Bosco!
The scene changes back to Zuko and Azula both fighting Katara. Hopelessly outnumbered, Katara gets knocked down. Aang jumps from the old building and earth surfs toward Zuko and Azula to stop them from attacking Katara. A Dai Li agent breaks Aang's surf, knocking him down. More Dai Li agents gather behind Zuko and Azula. Katara starts regaining her focus and Dai Li agents surround her. Katara uses the octopus form to defend herself. Aang stands up and surveys the scene.
Aang There's too many. [He looks a Katara.]
Pathik [From Aang's memory.] The only way is to let her go.
Aang I'm sorry, Katara.
Closing his eyes, he turns away from Azula and Zuko and earthbends a crystal shelter tent. Aang starts meditating. Inside Aang's mind, a giant version of himself in the Avatar State, the Avatar Spirit, holds an airbending sphere with a normal-sized version of himself in the Avatar State. Back in the crystal shelter, Aang enters the Avatar State and the crystal shelter starts glowing, alerting those outside. Inside the shelter, Aang opens his glowing eyes and breaks the crystal above him. The camera shows Katara looking up to Aang, now rising in to the air, with hope. But before Aang can let Katara go and control the Avatar State, a bolt of lightning strikes him in the back. Cut to Azula's eyeball watching Aang getting struck, before it zooms out to show her in a lightning summoning position with her fingers smoking. The Avatar Spirit lets go of Aang and falls out of the plane of existence. As Aang falls down, Katara, tears now falling down her face, creates a wave to catch Aang. The wave knocks down the Dai Li agents. She looks down at Aang and back up with tears in her eyes. Zuko and Azula prepare to attack Aang and Katara, but a blast of fire stops them. Iroh jumps down from the wall of the cave and shields Aang and Katara from Zuko and Azula.
Iroh You've got to get out of here! I'll hold them off as long as I can! [Fires some blasts at Zuko and Azula.]
Katara walks away slowly with Aang's body to a waterfall, and she uses waterbending to lift her and Aang up its path. Iroh holds off the Dai Li agents until after Aang and Katara leave. He submits to the Dai Li, who use earthbending to encase him in crystals. Zuko looks at Iroh and Iroh closes his eyes and turns away. Cut to Bosco, Kuei, Toph, Sokka, Aang, and Katara riding on Appa. Appa moans sadly. Cut to a closer shot of Katara placing Aang's body on Appa. Katara opens the vial around her neck and uses water healing on Aang's wounded back. The glowing from the spirit water stops, and Katara starts crying. Aang's tattoos glow for a second and Aang gasps. Katara looks at Aang, who smiles a little, and she holds him closer. Cut to the Earth King's throne room with Azula sitting down at the throne with Zuko at her left.
Azula We've done it, Zuko. It's taken a hundred years, but the Fire Nation has conquered Ba Sing Se.
Zuko I betrayed Uncle.
Azula No, he betrayed you. [She stands up from the throne.] Zuko, when you return home, Father will welcome you as a war hero.
Zuko But I don't have the Avatar. What if Father doesn't restore my honor?
Azula He doesn't need to, Zuko. [She puts a hand on Zuko's shoulder.] Today, you restored your own honor.
Zuko looks turns away, uncertain of himself. Cut to an aerial view of Ba Sing Se. Cut to Appa's passengers.
Kuei The Earth Kingdom... has fallen.
The camera pans down to show Katara, who sits next to an unconscious Aang, and looks up. Appa flies over the walls of Ba Sing Se. Fade to credits.

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