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  • The Desert
  • Appa's Lost Days

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In The Desert

The camera shows a wide-view of the desert. Team Avatar looks in every direction over the vast ocean of sand for Appa. The camera halts as Aang and Toph come into view. Aang turns around to face Toph angrily.
Aang [Enraged.] How could you let them take Appa?! ‌ Why didn't you stop them‌?!
Cut to close-up of Aang's angry face.
Toph [Defensively.] I couldn't! You guys were still inside and-
Aang interrupts Toph as he walks over to her.
Aang [Still enraged.] You could've come to get us. I could've saved him!
Toph [Turns to face him slightly.] I can hardly feel any vibrations out here. The sandbenders snuck up on me and there wasn't time for –
Aang [Snaps at Toph in a harsh way.] You just didn't care! You never liked Appa! You wanted him gone!
Aang looks extremely furious at Toph as Katara walks over to him. She puts her hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down.
Katara Aang, stop it. You know Toph did all she could.
Camera moves to Sokka, who is still looking out into the desert.
Sokka Who's going to save our lives now? We'll never make it out of here.
Aang irately walks away from the rest of the group.
Aang That's all any of you guys care about, yourselves! You don't care whether Appa is okay or not!
Katara We're all concerned, but we can't afford to be fighting now.
Aang [In a cold, hard tone.] I'm going after Appa.
Aang flies off. Katara calls after him, running to the place he took off.
Katara Aang, wait!
Cut to a view from the sky, showing Aang flying away from the rest of the group who stand by the large crater created by the disappeared library. Cut back to Katara, who is still looking in the direction Aang took off.
Katara We'd better start walking. We're the only people who know about the solar eclipse. We have to get that information to Ba Sing Se.
The group starts walking in the same direction as Aang took off to, with Katara leading the way, followed by Sokka. Toph closes the ranks.
Sokka You think if we dig out something that can fly, he'll give us a ride?
Cut to Zuko and Iroh riding on their ostrich horse. The ostrich horse suddenly drops and they fall off.
Zuko Get up! Cummon!
Iroh Maybe we should make camp?
Zuko No, we are not stopping! Get up you worthless beast!
The Ostrich Horse lets out several more groans of pain. Zuko pull at the reins, annoyed by the performance, the ostrich horse is alarmed by something. The beast get's up and rides off into the desert. Zuko attempts to run after it. He collapses in the sand.
Iroh [Annoyed.] What now?
Fade to the sun and pan down to the sailers crossing the desert. On one of the sailers, Ghashiun lowers his mask and signals them to stop.
Ghashiun Ransack his saddle. Who knows what treasures are stashed in there!
Two sandbenders run up to Appa, who growls when they approach.
Ghashiun He's tied up good. He can't hurt you.
The two sandbenders jump onto Appa's saddle, stirring some sand. Appa sneezes, sending the center sailer into a sand dune. Cut to Ghashiun and a sandbender, who talk while, in the background, two sandbenders throw the contents of Appa's saddle in the background onto the ground.
Sandbender #1 [To Ghashiun.] What's your father gonna do when he finds out we lost a sand-sailer?
Ghashiun Nothing. It's the one we stole from the Hami Tribe. [To the two sandbenders on Appa's saddle.] Did you empty the saddle? [Walks up to Sokka's club among a sleeping pad and parasol.] That's it? Nothing but garbage!
Sandbender #2 [Jumps off Appa with the other sandbender and kicks a box.] Doesn't matter. We'll still make a profit from selling him to those beetle-headed merchants.
The other sandbender picks up the parasol and opens it. Cut to Katara, Sokka and Toph, all exhausted and dehydrated, still wandering through the desert. Sokka stops to take Momo off his back and use his wings to create some shade, causing Toph to crash into him.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Can't you watch where you're ... [His eyes widen in comprehension as he sees who bumped into him.]
Toph No.
Sokka Right. Sorry.
Katara turns around to encourage the others.
Katara Come on guys, we've got to stick together.
Sokka's clothes stick to Toph. He tries to free himself by pushing her away.
Sokka If I sweat anymore, I don't think sticking together will be a problem.
An irritated Toph places her hand on Sokka's face and pushes him to the ground, freeing them both.
Toph Katara, can I have some more water?
Katara Okay, but we've got to try to conserve it.
Katara bends three small blobs of water out of her pouch and into the mouths of Sokka, Toph and Momo. Sokka circulates the water in his mouth before swallowing it.
Sokka [As he points to his mouth.] We're drinking your bending water. [He tries to define the taste of the water, smacking his lips. Disgustedly he exclaims.] You filled this up in the swamp! Urch!
Toph It does taste swampy.
Momo lets out a sad cry in protest of the water's flavor, after also smacking his lips. Katara sadly puts the cork back on her water sack.
Katara [Sad tone.] I'm sorry, it's all we have.
Sokka Not anymore! Look!
Katara looks in the direction Sokka's pointing. He walks over to the cactus and cuts off a piece with his machete. He happily drinks the fluid that's inside while Momo crawls over to him.
Katara [Worried.] Sokka, wait! You shouldn't be eating strange plants!
She drags Toph along on her arm as she runs toward Sokka. He and Momo are quenching their thirst with plenty of cactus juice. He cuts open another part of the cactus, excitedly offering its content to a skeptic looking Katara.
Sokka There's water trapped inside these!
Katara [Backing away from Sokka and the cactus.] I don't know ...
Sokka [While cactus juice drips off his chin.] Suit yourself. It's very thirst quenching though.
He gives Katara a big smile like a true salesman. Cut to close-up of his left eye as his pupil dilates rapidly. He tries to shake off the feeling by rapidly shaking his head. He starts to trip.
Sokka [In a strange echoing voice.] Drink cactus juice. It'll quench ya! Nothing's quenchier. [He crawls over the ground as a caterpillar before jumping back to the front, pushing his face toward the camera with a big smile.] It's the quenchiest!
Katara gives Sokka a very weird look. She grabs his cactus juice and pours it away.
Katara Okay, I think you've had enough.
Sokka Who lit Toph on fire?
Katara wants to react on Sokka's comment, but is distracted by a sound in the sky. She looks up to see Momo flying around in circles, increasing his speed, before plummeting into the ground, head first. Katara picks up and cradles the unconscious animal.
Toph Can I get some of that cactus?
Katara [Wrapping her arm around Toph's shoulders.] I don't think that's a good idea. Come on, we need to find Aang.
Katara leads Toph away. Sokka stays behind, staring blankly at the sky. Katara retraces her steps and pulls Sokka along by his arms. Cut to an overview shot of the endless desert.
Sokka [In awe.] How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?
Katara sighs as the scene cuts to

Cut to a small camp of merchants which the sandbenders bring Appa to using the two remaining sand-sailers. Three merchants walk around Appa's head to bargain with Ghashiun.

Merchant #1 [Walks to the side of Appa's head.] How's his temper?
Ghashiun Uh, pretty good. [Appa roars, startling two of the merchants. Ghashiun chuckles.] Most of the time.
Merchant #2 I bet someone will pay a fortune for him in Ba Sing Se.
Merchant #1 All right, you've got a deal.
Cut to Ghashiun with two sandbenders on either side of him. He is handed a box which he opens and closes before walking to the side. A large beetle drags Appa onto the merchants' caged sled. Cut to an overhead view of Aang gliding over the desert.
Aang Appa! Appa! [Closer shot of Aang, who blows his bison whistle.]
Appa's eyes widen and the camera switches to his point of view as he hears the high-pitched whistle. Aerial view of Appa rocking the sled.
Ghashiun [Sailing away with his sandbenders.] He's your problem now! [Laughs.]
Merchant #2 What?
Appa slams his tail against the ground, and starts flying.
Merchant #1 We need the shirshu spit darts!
Merchant #2 [Pulls a dart out of his robe.] Got 'em! Okay big fella, you're gonna take a nice little snoozle. [Blows three darts at Appa's feet.]
Appa collapses to the ground cut to Aang, who lands his glider. The camera circles around Aang. While he stares across the horizon, it begins to dawn on him that he is not going to find his friend out here. The tears well up in his eyes.
Aang Appa! [The camera pans up to the empty desert. Aang's eyes start watering and he closes them.] No. [Opens his eyes with anger.] No! [Slams his glider against the ground, using airbending to send sand up into the air.]
Further shot as the sand forms a giant mushroom cloud. The camera shows the tiny mushroom sand cloud from Appa's point of view from far away. Appa's sighs as two merchants begin to talk.
Merchant #1 We've gotta get rid of this one. He's too much trouble.
Merchant #2 [Appa's vision starts blacking out.] We could sell it for parts.
Dust that was kicked up by Aang's blow washes over Katara, Sokka and Toph as they climb over another dune.
Katara What is that?
Toph What? What is what?
Sokka It's a giant mushroom! [Very excited.] Maybe it's friendly!
Katara Let's just keep moving. I hope Aang's okay ...
As Katara leads Toph away, Sokka starts to worship the mushroom by waving his arms up and down, back and forth.
Sokka Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!
Cut to the village with the Misty Palms Oasis at the border of the desert.
Man Yeah, a bison passed through here a few days ago.
Hunter #2 Did they give you any indication where it was headed‌?
Man Maybe you could give me a little incentive‌?
The man makes the money sign with his fingers.
Hunter #1 You suggesting I break your fingers‌?
The man quickly hides his hand behind his back and points with the other one toward the desert.
Man It went in the desert! Too bad there's almost no chance it survived.
Hunter #1 That's okay, 'cause it's wanted dead or alive.
The man quietly backs away from the two bounty hunters
Hunter #2 No it's not! I'm certain he wants it alive.
Hunter #1 And how would you know what the conniving buzzard wasp of Ba Sing Se wants with the bison?
Hunter #2 Shhh! Careful what you say! [Whispering.] You don't if his agents are already here.
Hunter #1 [Pushing Hunter #2 aside.] You idiot. If that bald freak had his agents all the way out here, what makes you think he would have hired us. [Notices Zuko and Iroh walking past the billboard.] Hey, look ... Fire Nation wanted posters!
Hunter #2 follows Hunter #1's lead and examines the wanted posters. A poster of Zuko and Iroh is surrounded by posters of Aang, the Blue Spirit, Jeong Jeong and Chey.
Hunter #2 So?
Hunter #1 looks at Zuko and Iroh as they walk toward the tavern.
Hunter #1 So, look who's here.
Cut to Katara, Toph and Sokka. It is nearly twilight and they are still walking in a single file through the desert. A shadow passes over their heads and Aang lands behind them, kicking up a small cloud of sand. As the sand clears, Aang is still down.
Katara I'm sorry, Aang. I know it's hard for you right now but ... we need to focus on getting out of here.
She walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. He pulls away.
Aang [Hopelessly.] What's the difference? We won't survive without Appa. We all know it.
Katara [Encouraging.] Come on, Aang. We can do this if we work together. Right Toph?
Toph As far as I can feel, we're trapped in a giant bowl of sand pudding. I got nothin'.
Katara [Hopeful.] Sokka? Any ideas how to find Ba Sing Se?
Sokka and Momo lie side by side on their backs, arms and legs stretched out. Sokka smiles blissfully.
Sokka [Pointing up at the sky.] Why don't we ask the circle birds?
Katara directs her gaze to the sky and sees four buzzard wasps circling above their heads. She looks at every other member in the team. Aang still sits down sulking and Toph staggers a bit. Sokka sniggers a bit while Momo lazily claws at the buzzard wasps.
Katara [Grabs her head in annoyance.] Ugh ... We're getting out of this desert, and we're going to do it together! Aang, get up. Everybody, hold hands. We can do this. We have to.
She takes one more look at the buzzard wasps in the sky before pulling Aang along by his staff. Aang holds on to Toph's hand and she holds on to Sokka's in turn. A big grinning Sokka pulls Momo along by his tail, who lazily tries to fly in the other direction. Time passes for a while before everyone collapses.
Toph Is there any more water?
Katara This is the last of it. Everyone can have a little drink.
Sokka crawls toward Katara with Momo riding on his back when she begins to bend the water out of her pouch. Momo leaps forward at the water, causing it to fall in the sand.
Sokka [Theatrically panics, grabbing his head in despair.] Momo, no! You've killed us all!
Katara calmly holds her hand over the moist spot of sand and begins to bend the water back into her pouch, before giving it to Toph to drink.
Katara No, he hasn't.
Sokka [Relieved.] Oh, right. Bending.
Katara Sokka, let me see the things you got from the library.
He immediately backs away and defensively grabs his back full of scrolls.
Sokka [Offended.] What?! I didn't steal anything! Who told you that? [Pointing an accusing finger at Momo.] It was you! You ratted me out!
Katara Sokka, I was there.
Katara takes the bag from Sokka and start to examine the scrolls.
Aang [Sadly.] It doesn't matter. None of those will tell us where Appa is.
Katara No, but we can find out which way Ba Sing Se is.
She turns around and sighs at the sight of the rest of the group. They are all lying there, exhausted from the long walk and their grief for the loss of Appa.
Fade to Zuko and Iroh sitting at a table in the tavern at the Misty Palms Oasis.
Zuko No one here is going to help us. These people just look like filthy wanderers.
Iroh So do we. [Pointing at something behind Zuko.] Ah, this is interesting. I think I found a friend.
As Zuko turns around to see where Iroh is pointing at, the camera pans over his shoulder to reveal an old man sitting at a Pai Sho table.
Zuko You brought us here to gamble on Pai Sho?
Iroh I don't think this is a gamble.
Zuko and Iroh walk toward the Pai Sho table. The camera zooms toward the bounty hunters, who are sitting on a bench at the other side of the tavern. Hunter #1 jumps up with the intention to grab them, but Hunter #2 places a hand on his shoulder to restrain him.
Hunter #1 Let's take them now!
Hunter #2 This place is full of desperate characters. If they find out we're collecting a bounty, we might have to fight them all just to keep our prize. Patience.
Cut to Iroh and Zuko approaching the Pai Sho table.
Iroh May I have this game?
Fung [Gesturing Iroh to sit down.] The guest has the first move. [Iroh places the lotus tile in the center of the board.] I see you favor the white lotus gambit. Not many still cling to the ancient ways. [He cups his hands toward Iroh.]
Iroh Those who do can always find a friend.
He copies the gesture of the old man, also cupping his hands toward him.
Fung Then let us play.
Cut to a shot of the two bounty hunters. Hunter #1 ran out of patience and jumps up.
Hunter #1 I'm not waiting all night for these geezers to finish yapping! [He walks over to the Pai Sho table, followed by Hunter #2.] It's over! You two fugitives are coming with me!
Fung [Quickly places himself before Iroh and Zuko, preventing the two bounty hunters from reaching them.] I knew it! You two are wanted criminals with a giant bounty on your heads!
Zuko I thought you said he would help!
Iroh [Places a hand on Zuko's shoulder to reassure him.] He is. Just watch.
Fung [To the bounty hunters.] You think you're going to capture them and collect all that gold?
Man in the bar Gold?
Every person in the bar looks up when they hear the word 'gold'. Some of them stand up, pulling a knife, ready to attack.
Hunter #2 Uh ... Maybe we shouldn't.
Camera shows a close-up of a grinning Hunter #1. As he moves toward Zuko and Iroh, two men jump in front of him to block his path. With a reverse roundhouse kick, the earthbender bends a rock from the ground and easily pushes them out of his way.

Hunter #2 readies himself for battle. He sinks the first person to charge him into the ground. Meanwhile Hunter #1 kicks two sandbenders away while he is lifting another one up in the air and holding a fourth one back with his other hand. After he kicks another sandbender away, he twists his waist, sending the two men he is holding flying. One of them crashes into the wall behind the bar.

Cut to a scorpion walking over a rock. The camera shows how Momo is patting the sand he used to cover up Sokka while he is sleeping. He jumps away as Katara approaches Sokka to wake him up.

Katara Come on, get up. We need to go.
Sokka drowsily sits up and smiles like a drunken idiot. Toph also erects herself, smacking her lips.
Toph Yesterday my mouth tasted like mud. Now it just tastes like sand. I never thought I'd miss the taste of mud so much.
Katara goes to Aang to wake him up, but he interrupts her before she can touch him.
Aang I'm awake. I couldn't sleep.
Katara Well, we need to get moving if we want to get out of this sand pit.
Aang and Katara spot something large in the sky. He quickly sits up, covering the sun from his eyes. Cut to a shot of a large, bison shaped object floating by the emerging full moon. Aang's expression brightens up in an instant.
Aang [Joyfully.] Appa!
Sokka Appa‌? But why would Princess Yue need him‌? She's the moon! [Grabs Momo's tail, using it to rub his cheek.] She flies by herself!
A closer shot of the floating object reveals that it is just a small desert cloud.
Katara [Sadly.] It's just a cloud. Wait! A cloud! [Offers he pouch to Aang.] Here, fly up and bend the water from that cloud into my pouch.
Aang gives Katara an angry look before snatching the offered water pouch out of her hands. The group gazes at him as he quickly passes two times over the cloud. The few remains of the cloud evaporate. He throws the pouch at Katara when he lands and she peeks in.
Katara [Disappointed.] Wow ... there's hardly any in here.
Aang [Lashes out.] I'm sorry, okay! It's a desert cloud; I did all I could! What's anyone else doing?! [Pointing his staff at Katara.] What are you doing‌?!
She returns his attack with a shocked look on her face.
Katara Trying to keep everyone together. Let's just get moving. We need to head this direction.
Katara looks at her charts once more and leads the group in the chosen direction. They are walking silently through the desert, until Toph trips and falls flat on her face. Aang and Katara are looking at Toph, while Sokka and Momo just stand there, staring blankly to the sky. Toph sits up and rubs her right foot.
Toph Ow! Crud! I am so sick of not feeling where I'm going! [Pointing toward the little rocklike shaped object she tripped over.] And what idiot buried a boat in the middle of the desert‌?
Katara A boat‌?
Katara runs over to inspect the object.
Toph Believe me, I kicked it hard enough to feel plenty of vibrations.
Sokka turns around, swinging like a string puppet, to see what Katara is so excited about. Katara begins to rub of the sand of the object that appears to be made of wood. Aang steps forward, suggestively holding up his staff. As soon as Katara backs away, Aang swings his staff around, creating a mighty gust of wind, revealing a boat of some sort. Katara crawls aboard and examines it.
Katara It's one of the gliders the sandbenders use! And look! It's got some kind of compass on it! [Tapping the compass.] I bet it can point us out of here! Aang, you can bend a breeze so we can sail it. We're going to make it!
Shot of Sokka laughing childishly while burying Momo in the sand. Cut back to the bar where the fighting is getting out of hand. Iroh, Zuko and Fung watch as all violence rages on, as Fung and Iroh drink some tea in an ice cup.
Iroh [To Zuko.] Tea, Nephew?
Zuko What makes you think I want hot tea in a freezing cup, when I don't want any when you offer it in a regular cup?
Iroh [Pulling the pot away, disgusted.] No tea for you. [Smiles as he continues to drink his own.]
Cut to Appa slowly opening his eyes again. The traders have caught back up with the sandbenders.
Merchant#1 Take him back! He's more trouble then he's worth.
Ghashuin No refunds. We agreed on-
Merchant '1 We agreed to nothing! Do what you will with the beast, but we shall have no further part in this.
Without hestistation, the merchant's leave before Ghasuin can answer. Ghashuin stomps over to Appa and pulls on his ropes.
Ghashuin Useless.
Sandbender #1 What will we do with him now? Your father will-
Ghasuin My father doesn't have to know anything. Let's just dump him off and be on our way as quickly as possible.
Cut back to the desert where the Gaang are using the sailer to cross the desert.
Katara The needle on this compass doesn't seem to be pointing north according to my charts.
Katara places her charts over the compass. Sokka sits beside her, dangling his legs over the edge and holding Momo by the tail, who glides in the opposite direction.
Sokka [Dreamily.] Take it easy little lady. I'm sure the sand folks who built this baby know how to get around here.
Katara looks annoyed at Sokka. When she focuses her attention back toward the horizon in front of her, she gasps is comprehension when she sees a giant rock in the distance.
Katara That's what the compass is pointing to! That giant rock! It must be the magnetic center of the desert.
Toph [Ecstatic.] A rock‌?! Yes! Let's go!
Katara [Hopeful.] Maybe we can find some water there!
Aang [Darkly.] Maybe we can find some sandbenders.
Aang continues to send gusts of wind into the sails of the glider, directing it toward the rock. Switch to a shot of the glider at the base of the rock. The sun's already rising when team Avatar reaches the top.
Toph Ahhh ... Finally! Solid ground!
Toph happily lets herself drop flat on her back, moving her arms and legs back and forth, creating a rock angel. After she is done, the group starts to explore the caves that decorate the top of the rock. They enter a round tunnel. The cave's surface is covered with a yellow, gooey substance.
Sokka [Breathes deeply.] I think my head is starting to clear out the cactus juice. And look!
Sokka dips his hand in the yellow goo and tastes it, sharing his find with Momo. They both spit it out and Sokka makes a disgusted gagging noise.
Sokka Tastes like rotten penguin meat! Awww I feel woozy.
Katara [Irritated.] You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day and then you just lick something you find stuck to the wall of a cave‌?!
Sokka I have a natural curiosity.
Toph I don't think this is a normal cave. This was carved by something.
Aang Yeah ... look at the shape.
Toph [Close-up of her feet.] There's something buzzing in here. [Camera pans up to her.] Something that's coming for us!
The camera pans out, suddenly gigantic pillars of sand rise from the ground. Katara, Sokka and Toph lower their arms they had lifted to shield their heads from the sand. As the wind blows the dust away, the camera pans to the left, revealing several sandbenders.
Sha-Mo What are you doing in our land with a sandbender sailer? ‌ From the looks of it, you stole it from the Hami tribe.
Katara We found the sailer abandoned in the desert. We're traveling with the Avatar. [She gestures at Aang. The leader's eyes widen a bit at this information.] Our bison was stolen and we have to get to Ba Sing Se.
A young man to the right of the leader takes a step forward and aggressively addresses Katara.
Ghashiun You dare accuse our people of theft while you ride in on a stolen sand sailer‌?!
Close-up of Toph's misty, green eye, narrowing as she hears the young man's voice.
Sha-Mo Quiet, Ghashiun. No one accused our people of anything. If what they say is true, we must give them hospitality.
Ghashiun Sorry, father.
Toph's eye widens.
Toph I recognize the son's voice. He's the one that stole Appa.
Katara Are you sure?‌
Toph I never forget a voice.
Aang's tunic flutters around him as he charges forward, threateningly brandishing his staff toward Ghashiun.
Aang [Angry.] You stole Appa! Where is he? ‌What did you do to him?
Ghashiun cowers back.
Ghashiun They're lying! They're the thieves!
With an angry frown and a growl of frustration, Aang smacks his staff on the ground, obliterating one of the sandbender's sailers with a powerful blade of air.
Aang [Enraged.] Where is my bison‌?
The scene changes back to the bar. When there is no one left to fight, The bounty hunters realize that their prey has escaped during the chaos. Hunter #1 growls in frustration and slams his two fists on the ground, erecting a giant pillar of earth under a downed sandbender, shooting him out of the window and against a palm tree. He looks around and Fung is still seated. Hunter #1 shoves Zuko's and Iroh's wanted poster under his nose.
Hunter #1 Hey you, where are these men‌?
Fung [Calmly.] As you can see, no one is here but us.
Hunter #2 [Looks at the ground and picks up a White Lotus piece.] Some unlucky soul has an incomplete Pai Sho set.
Hunter #2 picks up a lotus tile that lies in the center of the room and shows it to Hunter #1, who angrily knocks it out of his hands.
Hunter #1 Let's go back to finding the bison.
The scene switches to two large pots over some dunes. Zuko's and Iroh's head emerges from underneath the flowers. They briefly peek around before sinking back into their pots.

Cut back to the desert where Aang is confronting the sandbenders.

Aang You tell me where he is now!
To emphasize his order, Aang sends a strong blast of air toward another sailer. The sandbenders watch in shock as it blows up. In terror, Ghashin panics and points to a cave, where he sends in four sandbenders to drag Appa out.
Sha-Mo: [To Ghashiun.] What did you do‌?
Ghashiun I-It wasn't me!
Toph You said to put a muzzle on him!
Aang [Enraged.] You muzzled Appa‌?
Aang's eyes and tattoos start to glow as he enters the Avatar State. With a swing of his staff, he destroys the last of the sandbender's sailers.
Ghashiun I'm sorry! I didn't know that it belonged to the Avatar!
The wind around Avatar Aang starts the swirl, as his anger is reaching its peak. Sokka pull Toph along with him as he starts to make a break for it, running away from his enraged friend.
Sokka Just get out of here! Run!
Aang drops his staff. The wind around him forms a fast moving sphere, knocking up sand high into the sky. As everyone runs away, Katara stays put, staring sadly at the ground. The sandstorm engulfs her and Aang completely, obscuring them from the sight of the others. They brace themselves as the whirlwind swoops over them.

Aang's air sphere slowly lifts him up in the air, his teeth clenched and his hands cramped with rage. The sandbenders run away. The air sphere slowly dissolves away as Aang leaves the Avatar state. His rage subsides and he walks over to Appa. The rest of the Gaang watch him in utter confusion.

Sokka Do any of you understand the point of all that?
Katara Nill.
Toph Ditto.
Fade to credits.

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