This is a rough script for the fifth film: "The Legend of Aang: The Day of Black Sun".

This is entirely made from transcripts from:

  • The Awakening
  • The Headband
  • Sokka's Master
  • The Runaway
  • The Beach
  • Daydreams and Nightmares
  • The Avatar and the Firelord
  • The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion
  • The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse

This also contains scenes depicted from:

  • The Avatar State
  • Going Home Again (Comic)

Note: The whole transcripts have been taken from the various episode transcripts as published on this wiki. Scenes have been altered to shorten time and new ones have been added to merge the episodes together, but the following is largely taken from the works of the editors of the transcript pages. Without their contribution to the wiki, this would not have been possible with this amount of detailing. So to all who edited the transcripts of this wiki. Thank you. AdamantiumBladez.

Eastern Fire Nation

The film opens on board a Fire Nation ship where Aang is lying in bed. He is still unconscious and is moaning in his sleep.

The episode opens to show a gray sky as the camera moves back and down toward the Southern Air Temple where Aang is caught in a dream. In it, he is running about the Southern Air Temple. He comes across the room where he had found Monk Gyatso's skeleton in real life and instead sees his own self in the Avatar State. The personage of himself turns to glare at him angrily. Camera cuts to a terrified Aang, wind blowing past him. Cuts to a view of Sokka and Katara huddled behind a rock, watching the Avatar State Aang as he sends a forceful gust of wind that blows the real Aang back. He falls into the room in the Fire Temple he had visited to speak to Roku. The doors to the room open and reveal the personage of Aang in the Avatar State, who breathes fire and splits the floor in half. The real Aang falls through and lands on a Fire Navy ship in the Northern seas. The monstrous koi fish, called Koizilla, created when he and La had fused together during the Siege of the North appears before him, the personage of him inside. The Kozilla makes a downward cutting motion, and the personage does the same before a blinding white appears and the dream ends.

Aang finally regains consciousness. The camera zooms out on his face as he opens his eyes and rises from his bed, visibly shaken and in pain.

Aang What happened? [Sees the Fire Nation designs and flag and immediately assumes he has been captured.] Oh no!
Meanwhile in the throne room of Ba Sing Se. Zuko enters from the room, looking down at what he has done. Azula is sitting on the throne with thw Dai Li agents at her side and six standing in front of her. She notices Zuko approaching and continues lounging on the throne.
Azula Zuzu, what a pleasant surprise. [Gets up.] I've finished the arrangements for our trip back to the Fire Nation. We'll be gone by tonight.
Zuko [Confused.] But you're the leader of Ba Sing Se now. You would really give up control of this whole city?
Azula Don't worry brother, I've found the perfect person to leave in charge. Someone who will execute the Fire Lord's will mercilessly without question. [[Holds her hand out to her right to a Joo Dee.] Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator Joo Dee!
Joo Dee The Earth Nation humbly accepts this opportunity to serve the great and powerful Fire Nation. Care for a mint?
Azula Ba Sing Se will be safe in her care, and we can personally take our Uncle, the traitor back to the Fire Nation.
Zuko [Coldly and ashamed.] You don't need me for that. I'll stay here.
Azula [Frustrated.] Zuko, now that we have defeated the Avatar, Father will welcome you as a hero. You're the Fire Prince again and you'll have your old life back.
Zuko [Angrily.] I said I'm not going with you! [Storms off.]
Moments later Azula walks into

Back on the boat, Aang leaves his room, carefully creaking open the door and peering outside for any sign of Fire Nation soldiers. Using his glider as a crutch, Aang stumbles across the hall, occasionally leaning on the wall for support due to being weak. He stops at a turn in the hallway upon hearing two guards, talking to each other.

"Pipsqueak" You hear something? [Aang retreats behind the wall, where he dons a determined look and quickly steps out to send a weak air blast at them, which only ruffles their clothes, and moves past the hallway.] He's awake! [The two begin chasing Aang, who struggles to escape.] Stop! Wait!
Aang manages to reach the deck of the ship, however, he stumbles on the stairway and drops his staff. It slides over to where Hakoda and Bato, disguised as Fire Nation soldiers, are petting Momo.
Aang [Confused.] Momo?
Momo runs toward Aang, jumps on his shoulder and licks his face. Toph and Katara, standing near the edge of the ship, hear the events.
Toph Twinkle Toes! That's got to be you!
Katara Aang, you're awake! [The two race over to him.]
Aang Are you sure? [Rubs eyes.] I feel like I'm dreaming.
Katara [Hugs Aang.] You're not dreaming. You're finally awake.
Sokka [Hugs Aang; is disguised as a Fire Nation guard.] Aang, good to see you back with the living, buddy!
Aang Sokka? [Breathes heavily, appears to be passing out.]
Toph Uh-oh, somebody catch him, he's going to —
The screen becomes black as Aang collapses to the floor, Katara running short of catching him. The shot cuts to the entire group, including Appa, surrounding Aang who is now in Katara's arms.

Back in Ba Sing Se, Azula bursts into Ty Lee's room as she is doing up her hair.

Azula Ty Lee! Stop what you are doing and listen to me! [Sits down on her bed.] My brother is being difficult as usual. So we need some extra persuasion to get him to come back home. [Thinks for a moment before she smiles.] We both remember that Zuko and Mai had childhood crushes on each other . . . so let's get them reacquainted.
Ty Lee [Clapping her hands together] Totally! How do we do that?
Azula [Still smiling.] As always, just follow my lead.
We return to the ship where Team Avatar is on. Aang is caught in another dream. The dream takes place in the Southern seas on Zuko's ship, where the Avatar State Aang rises from the water, riding a water vortex, similar to the way Aang did in the beginning of the series. The personage lands on deck and sweeps away the real Aang with waterbending. The personage turns to Zuko and performs the same downward, cutting motion as seen in previous dreams before the dream abruptly ends and Aang awakens. He sits in front of Katara, also sitting, surrounded by Toph and Sokka. Appa rests behind them. Aang receives a robe to cover him.
Aang Why are we on a Fire Nation ship? Why is everyone dressed this way? And why am I the only one who's completely out of it? [Katara and Aang are left alone.]
Katara You need to take it easy, okay? You got hurt pretty bad. [Smiling at him.] I like your hair.
Aang I have hair? [Feels it.] How long was I out?
Katara A few weeks.
Hakoda Everything okay?
Katara [Looking away, annoyed. Annoyed tone.] We're fine, Dad.
Hakoda [To Aang.] I'm Hakoda, Katara and Sokka's father. [Aang moves to shake his outstretched hand.]
Katara [Placing her hands on Aang's shoulders stopping him.] He knows who you are. I just called you "Dad", didn't I?
Hakoda I guess you're right.
Aang [Removing Katara's hand he shakes Hakoda's hand.] Nice to officially meet you, Chief Hakoda.
Hakoda It's an honor to meet you.
Katara Great, great, so now you guys have finally met. So would you mind giving us a little privacy?
Hakoda Of course. [Walks away.]
Aang Are you mad at your dad or something? [Katara looks at Hakoda leave with an expression of annoyance on her face.]
Katara [Confused look.] What, not at all. Why would you say that?
Aang shrugs and murmurs as if to say "I don't know." but gasps in pain.
Katara Maybe we should go upstairs. [Helping Aang up.] You need a healing session.
Back in Aang's room on the ship. Katara bends some water onto the scar left by Azula's lightning attack.
Katara Tell me where the pain feels most intense.
Aang Mmm, a little higher. Uhhh!
Aang briefly flashes to the battle where he rises into the Avatar State.
Aang Wow, you're definitely in the right area there.
Katara I can feel a lot of energy twisted up around there. [Begins to remove the water.] Let me just see if I can-
Aang again flashes back to the battle, to the moment where he was attacked, before moving on to the scene where Katara is looking over him, crying. After that, he snaps back to reality.
Aang I went down! I didn't just get hurt, did I? It was worse than that. I was gone! But you brought me back.
Katara I just used the spirit water from the North Pole. I don't know what I did exactly.
Aang [Turning to look at her.] You saved me.
Katara [Placing a hand on the side of his face.] You need to rest.
Meanwhile in the streets of the upper ring. Zuko is walking towards the fountain and looks around. Mai then enters, and they both look at each other.
Mai [Confused.] Where is everyone? Azula said we were meeting here with Admiral Lang.
Zuko [Also confused.] She told me the same thing. [Starts suspecting something.] She's up to something . . . fishy.
Mai [Looking over at the stall of fish and waving her hand over her nose.] You can say that again. Ugh, do people actually eat any of this?
Zuko It's not so bad, once you get used to it. [Both look at each other awkwardly.] Do you still do that knife throwing?
Mai [Smiling mischievously.] Here, I'll show you. [Pushes Zuko over to the fountain.]Stand over there. Hmm still not quite right. [Grabs a fish and places it on Zuko's head.]


Mai walks back to the fish stall and breaks off an icicle. She aims at Zuko and throws it. The icicle hits the fish, but Zuko slips backwards into the fountain.
Mai Now we're even.
Zuko [Climbs out of the fountain, drenched.] Are you crazy! You could have gotten me killed! [Catches hold of her while she's laughing and walking away.] Just stop . . . for a sec. [She turns around and Zuko notices that she was happy.] You finally seemed to be enjoying yourself. {Mai blushes and looks awkwardly away as Zuko looks outwards.] I've missed seeing this side of you.
Mai Well a lot has changed since the days I used to throw mud in your face. [Places her hand on Zuko's cheek and pulls his head towards her.] But not everything's changed.
The two lean in and they kiss. We now go back to Team Avatar's ship. Sokka sits on a crate with a map with the others surrounding him as he narrates past events.
Sokka After what happened at Ba Sing Se, we had to get you to safety. We flew back to Chameleon Bay where we found my father and the other Water Tribe men. [Flashback preparing to leave by taking off his Earth King robes revealing traveling robes beneath.] The Earth King decided he wanted to travel the world in disguise, so he set off alone. [Bosco is shown taking off his own attire and hat before Kuei jumps on Bosco and they set off.] Well, not completely alone. [Cut back to Sokka continuing the story.] Soon, the bay was overrun by Fire Nation ships. Rather than fight them all, we captured a single ship and made it our disguise. Since then we've been traveling west. We crossed through the Serpent's Pass a few days ago. We've seen a few Fire Nation ships, but none have bothered us.
Aang So what now?
Hakoda We've been working on a modified version of the invasion plan.
Katara It's Sokka's invasion plan.
Hakoda Yes, Sokka's plan. We won't be able to mount a massive invasion without the Earth King's armies, but the solar eclipse will still leave the Fire Nation vulnerable.
Sokka So we're planning a smaller invasion. Just a ragtag team of our friends and allies from around the Earth Kingdom. And the best part is, the eclipse isn't even our biggest advantage! [Whispers.] We have a secret... you!
Aang Me?
Sokka Yep, the whole world thinks you're dead! Isn't that great?
Aang is shocked. Cut to Aang looking out to the water from a side of the boat.
Aang The world thinks I'm dead? How is that good news? That's terrible!
Sokka [Approaching Aang.] No, it's great! It means the Fire Nation won't be hunting us anymore! And even better, they won't be expecting you on the Day of Black Sun!
Aang No, no, no, no, no. You have no idea. This is so messed up!
Another Fire Nation ship approaches.
Aang I'll handle this. The Avatar is back. [Opens glider and grunts in pain.]
Katara [Approaching Aang.] Aang, wait! They don't know we're not Fire Nation!
Sweating, Aang puts his glider away.
Hakoda Everyone just stay calm. [He and Bato put their helmets on.] Bato and I will take care of this.
Disguised soldiers cover Appa and Momo, while Aang, Toph, Sokka and Katara hide in a square hole.
Aang I hate not being able to do anything.
Toph Hopefully, you won't need to.
Crew from the other ship boards Team Avatar's ship.
Other ship captain Commander, why are you off course? All Western Fleet ships are supposed to be moving toward Ba Sing Se to support the occupation!
Hakoda Actually, we're from the Eastern Fleet. We have orders to deliver some cargo.
Other ship captain Ahhh... Eastern Fleet. Well, nice of Admiral Chan to let us know he was sending one of his ships our way.
Bato I'm sure Admiral Chan meant no disrespect, sir.
Other ship captain I mean, how hard is it to write a quick note and send a hawk our way?
Hakoda Next time, we'll send [Bato and Hakoda glance at each other.] two hawks to make sure you get the message.
The two bow to each other, and Hakoda and Bato exit.
Guard Sir... Admiral Chan has been on leave for two months at Ember Island.
Other ship captain What? Why doesn't anyone ever tell me anything? Something's not right; they should have known that. I think this is a captured ship. [Whispering.] Just stay quiet until we're safely across the ramp. Then we'll sink this ship.
Toph, hearing this, emerges.
Toph They know!
She metalbends the bridge between the ships off. The captain and his guards fall into the water. Katara creates a large wave which separates the other ship from theirs. Team Avatar's ship departs quickly. The captain and his guards from the other ship climbs back on board theirs by rope ladder.

Back in Ba Sing Se, Azula, Ty Lee and the rest of the crew have started moving onto the ship. Zuko arrives with Mai holding to his arm.

Azula Aww, look, the two love birds have gotten back together.
Ty Lee They are like totally adorable.
Mai [Looking up at Zuko] So . . . are you coming back with us? With me?
Zuko [Unsure.] I'd like to Mai, I'm just not sure that . . .
Zuko stops himself when he notices Iroh being dragged to the ship with four Fire Nation soldiers holding him in chains.
Azula Poor, poor Uncle. I wonder if hell even survive the trip home? [Starts boarding.] Well, we must be going. I suggest you bid farewell to your girlfriend, big brother.
Zuko No. I-I'm coming with you. I'm going back to the Fire Nation.
Azula [Smiling triumphantly.] Do what you want Zuzu. It's your decision.
Back at the ocean. The second ship begins firing at Team Avatar's. Toph takes an earthbending stance while "The Duke" stands behind her to guide her.
Toph Load the Toph!
"Pipsqueak" drops a boulder in front of Toph who begins earthbending it at the attacking ship. It hits a catapult as another fires. others try to fight back with a series of rocks that Toph earthbends at the other ship. Toph earthbends another piece of rock and sends it to intercept the oncoming fireball. Aang, inside the ship with Sokka, makes a move to help but is stopped by Sokka. In frustration he bangs his head against his staff. The other ship fires a harpoon, piercing a hole in Team Avatar's ship's bottom. As water flows in, Katara, noticing this, freezes the water below to plug the hole.
Katara I'm gonna give us some cover!
She brings up vapor from the water to create a fog screen. However, a fireball makes its way through and destroys the rocks that Toph had being used.
Cut back to Aang and Sokka in the ship.
Aang I just can't stand by and do nothing! [Runs out.]
Sokka [Following.] Aang, no! [Grabs the staff.] You're still hurt, and you have to stay secret! Just let us handle this.
Aang Fine. [Grabs his staff and walks away.]
Two fireballs hit the ship causing a fire. Katara quickly extinguishes it with waterbending.
Toph How are we doing?
Sokka Things couldn't get much worse. [A serpent rises from the water near their ship.] The universe just loves proving me wrong, doesn't it?
Toph You make it too easy!
The serpent is hit by a fireball from the other ship. In anger, it wraps itself around the other ship, allowing Team Avatar's ship to escape.
Sokka Thank you, the universe!
Team Avatar's ship arrives a port in a town. Aang is alone in his room, until the rest of the gang enter.
Toph Hey, Aang! We're going into town to find some dinner.
Aang [Clutching his stomach.] Well, I am pretty hungry. Maybe dinner's a good idea.
Sokka Here, [Offering a Fire Nation bandana.] tie this around your head. It will cover your arrow.
Aang I'm not going out if I can't wear my arrow proudly! [He lies back down.]
Sokka Aang, come on. Be practical.
Katara [Placing a hand on Sokka's shoulder.] You guys go ahead without us. We'll catch up to you. [Toph and Sokka exit. Katara sits on Aang's bed, placing a hand on his shoulder.] I think I understand why being a secret bothers you so much. You don't want people to think you failed.
Aang You're right, I don't. But the problem is, I did fail!
Katara Aang, that's not true.
Aang [Getting up.] It is true. I was in Ba Sing Se. I was there! But I lost. And now the Earth Kingdom is fallen for good.
Katara It's not for good. [Getting up too.] Remember, there's still a plan. The invasion!
Aang And I hate the invasion plan, too! [Rips down the Fire Nation flag covering his staff.] I don't want you or anyone else risking your lives to fix my mistakes! I've always known that I would have to face the Fire Lord. But now I know I need to do it alone.
Katara [Moving to comfort him.] Aang...
Aang Katara, please! Just go... please.
Katara [Exiting.] Is there anything you need?
Aang I need to redeem myself. I need my honor back.
Cut back to Team Avatar's ship. Katara returns to Aang's room.
Katara I brought you some food! [Notices Aang has gone missing.] Oh no... [Drops the food tray and runs.]
Meanwhile, back on the Fire Nation ship, Zuko Is leaning over the side and staring at the water. Azula joins him.
Azula You seem so downcast. Has Mai gotten to you already? Though actually, Mai has been in a strangely good mood lately.
Zuko I haven't seen Dad. I haven't seen him in three years, since I was banished.
Azula So what?
Zuko So, I didn't capture the Avatar.
Azula Who cares? The Avatar is dead.... [Zuko looks away.] unless you think he somehow miraculously survived.
Zuko flashes back to when Katara explained about her vial of spirit water.
Katara [During flashback.] This is water from the spirit oasis at the north pole. It has special properties so I've been saving it for something important.
Back to the present.
Zuko No. There's no way he could have survived. [They glare at each other.]
Azula Well, then I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
Cut to Aang, flying on his glider. Aang struggles to remain in flight against his injuries. Back on the ship, Katara runs toward Bato and Hakoda. She is in tears.
Bato I'll leave you two alone. [Exits.]
Hakoda What's wrong, Katara?
Katara He left.
Hakoda What?
Katara Aang. He just took his glider and disappeared. He has this ridiculous notion that he has to save the world alone, that it's all his responsibility.
Hakoda Maybe that's his way of being brave.
Katara It's not brave, it's selfish and stupid! We could be helping him and I know the world needs him, but doesn't he know how much we need him, too? How can he just leave us behind?
Hakoda You're talking about me too, aren't you?
Katara How could you leave us, Dad? [She attempts to wipe away the tears.] I mean, I know we had Gran-Gran, and she loved us, but we were just so lost without you.
Hakoda moves to comfort her as she turns away.
Hakoda I'm so sorry, Katara.
Katara [Embraces Hakoda.] I understand why you left. I really do, and I know that you had to go, so why do I still feel this way? I'm so sad and angry and hurt!
Hakoda I love you more than anything. You and your brother are my entire world. I thought about you every day when I was gone and every night when I went to sleep, I would lie awake missing you so much it would ache.
Aang continues his flight, struggling. He comes upon a Fire Nation blockade.
Aang The Blockade.
He takes a deep breath and swims under it. Upon emerging, he finds a tree bark and rides it like a surfboard through the water. A storm turns the seas very choppy. He falls off and into the water and his staff flies away. meanwhile back on the Fire Nation ship, Zuko is staring out at the sky. Mai approaches him.
Mai Aren't you cold?
Zuko I've got a lot on my mind. It's been so long, over three years since I was home. I wonder what's changed. I wonder how I've changed.
Mai [Yawns.] I just asked if you were cold, I didn't ask for your whole life story. [Giggles and holds his face in her hands.] Stop worrying.
The two kiss. Mai exits, and Zuko stays there with an expression of relief on his face.

Back in the sea, Aang struggles to stay above water or reach his glider. After letting out a scream, a wave overcomes him and he falls into the water. He re-emerges after a brief time.

Aang I'm not gonna make it. I failed. [Within the lightning strikes, the spirit of Roku appears before Aang.] Roku?
Roku You haven't failed, Aang.
Aang But everyone thinks I'm dead again. They think I've abandoned them and I'm losing this war. I'm letting the whole world down.
Roku If anyone is to blame for the state of the world, it is me. I should have seen this war coming and prevented it. You inherited my problems, and my mistakes. But I believe you are destined to redeem me and save the world.
Aang I don't know.
Moonlight shines on on Aang as Yue's spirit appears above.
Yue You already saved the world. And you'll save the world again, but you can't give up.
The storm ends. The spirit of Roku disappears, while Yue's spirit descends toward Aang.
Aang You're right. I won't give up.
He creates a wave and surfs it with the tree bark. Yue's spirit watches him leave and ascends back to moon. Aang is washed up at the base of a volcano, on the same crescent island where Roku's temple once was. Later, Momo finds him and licks his face, waking him up. Katara, Sokka, and Toph find him, reaching him via Appa. Katara runs to hug him, her worried look changing to happiness.
Katara You're okay!
They all, including Momo and Appa, come together for a group hug.
Aang I have so much to do.
Katara I know, but you'll have our help.
Toph You didn't think you could get out of training just by coming to the Fire Nation, did you?
Aang What about the invasion?
Sokka We'll join up with my dad and the invasion force the day of the eclipse.
Toph [Notices Aang's damaged staff has washed ashore.] Hey! What's... oh, it's your glider.
Aang It's okay. If someone saw it, it would give away my identity. It's better for now that no one knows I'm alive.
Flies up and sticks it in the volcano's lava trails, causing it to catch fire as they depart.
The scene switches to the Fire Nation Capital, Li and Lo addressing a crowd below.
Li Your Princess Azula, clever and beautiful, disguised herself as the enemy and entered the Earth Kingdom's Capital. In Ba Sing Se, she found her brother Zuko, and together they faced the Avatar...
Li and Lo And the Avatar fell! And the Earth Kingdom fell!
Li Azula's agents quickly overtook the entire city. They went to Ba Sing Se's great walls...
Li and Lo And brought them down!
Li The armies of the Fire Nation surged through the walls and swarmed over Ba Sing Se, securing our victory.
A flashback shows the Dai Li taking down Ba Sing Se's walls and the Fire Nation troops entering the city as Earth Kingdom citizens look on with fear. Tanks are seen approaching the Ba Sing Se's royal palace before flashing back to Li and Lo with Azula approaching between them.
Li and Lo Now the heroes have returned home!
Lo Your princess, Azula...[Crowd cheers.]
Li And after three long years, your prince has returned...
Li and Lo Zuko!
Zuko approaches with a worried expression. Crowd cheers.

Scene changes to some islands at day time, as a mysterious cloud goes toward one of the islands at an abnormal speed. Cut to the cloud "descending" on one of the islands.

Aang [From inside the cloud.] I think I see a cave below.
Sokka [Commanding.] Sh! Keep quiet!
Aang airbends the cloud surrounding Appa as the flying bison lands. Sokka jumps to the ground from Appa and reconnoiters, before crossing his arms and looking toward Team Avatar.
Sokka Great job with the cloud camo, but next time, let's disguise ourselves as the kind of cloud that knows how to keep its mouth shut. [He reconnoiters again.]
Toph [Cut to the Toph, Katara, and Aang standing in front of Sokka, who is reconnoitering. Sarcastically.] Yeah, we wouldn't want a bird to hear us chatting up there and turn us in.
Sokka [Turning back toward the other three.] Hey, we're in enemy territory. [He points above as camera zooms back to show four toucan puffins standing on a rock behind him.] Those are enemy birds.
One toucan puffin jumps onto Sokka's head and screeches. Cut to the other three as they laugh, and walk toward the cave, with Sokka following behind. Suddenly, he jumps above them and comes "diving" down. He looks suspicious, as shot cuts to an aerial shot of him running into the cave, followed by the rest of the group.
Sokka Well, this is it. [Cut to Sokka standing in front of the other three.] This is how we'll be living until the invasion begins. [His head drops each time he says the word, "cave".] Hiding in cave after cave after cave after cave...
Katara [Cut to Katara, standing near Aang, from behind Sokka.] Sokka, we don't need to become cave people. What we need is some new clothes.
Aang Yeah, blending in is better than hiding out. [Cut to Aang and Katara.] If we get Fire Nation disguises, [Smiling.] we would be just as safe as we would be hiding in a cave.
Toph [Cut to Toph, who is sitting down with her legs slightly folded.] Plus, they have real food out there. Does anyone want to sit in the dirt and eat cave hoppers?
Toph punches the cave wall, causing cave hoppers to jump out, Momo grabs one and eats it. He turns around and spits out a cave hopper limb.
Sokka Looks like we got outvoted, sport. Let's get some new clothes.
Cut to outside a Fire Nation home near a waterfall. Next to the home, clothes hang out to dry on clotheslines over natural steam vents. Katara, Aang, Sokka, and Toph hide behind a rock wall.
Aang [Whispering.] I don't know about this. [Cut to a view of Team Avatar from the clothes.] These clothes belong to somebody.
Katara [Yelling.] I call the silk robe! [Jumps out from behind the rock wall and grabs two outfits.]
Aang But if it's essential to our survival... then I call the suit! [Jumps over the wall.]
Cut to a view of the hanging clothes from inside a house through doorway where a man sleeps. Aang and Toph run across, grabbing clothes. Sokka stands still, examining shirts on the clothesline and grabs the third one.
Aang [Puts on a headband.] Ta-dah! Normal kid.
Toph Hm... I should probably wear shoes. But then I won't be able to see as well. [Sits down.] Sorry, shoes. [Pulls on the shoe, launching the sole at Sokka's face, leaving a red mark.] Finally, a stylish shoe for the blind earthbender.
Katara [Walks partially on camera.] How do I look? [The camera pans from Katara's dress to her whole outfit.]
Aang [Blushing, scratching his head.] Uh... your mom's necklace.
Katara Oh, [Touches necklace.] oh, yeah. I guess it's pretty obviously Water Tribe, isn't it? [Takes off the necklace and holds it in her hand.]
In the city, Katara puts some money on a head-wear display. She puts on a Fire Nation necklace, Toph puts on a crown, and Sokka wears a top-knot. Aang pats down Momo's ears and hides him in his shirt.
Aang I used to visit my friend Kuzon here a hundred years ago. So, everyone just follow my lead and stay cool. Or, as they say in the Fire Nation, stay flamin'. [Walks around the building corner. To a man eating meat on a stick.] Greetings, my good hotman.
Fire Nation man [Confused.] Uh, hi. [Sokka shrugs at him as he passes.] I guess...
Aang [Looking at a meat display.] Oh, we're going to a meat place?
Sokka Come on, Aang, everyone here eats meat. Even the meat. [Points at a hippo cow eating a piece of meat swarming with flies.]
Aang You guys go ahead. I'll just get some lettuce out of the garbage. [Aang and Katara wave each at each other as the rest enter. Turns around to greet random people on the street.] Hotman. Hotman. Hotman. Hotman. Hotman. Hotman.
Three soldiers approach Aang.
Male soldier It's over. We caught you.
Aang [Guiltily.] Who, me?
Male soldier It couldn't be more obvious that you don't belong here. [Cut to Aang looking very nervous.] Next time you play hooky, you might wanna take off your school uniform.
Aang laughs nervously and the soldier grabs Aang. Cut to the two guards push Aang into a classroom. The camera pans across the room, stopping at the teacher, Ms. Kwan.
Kwan Oh. Is this a new mind ready for molding?
Aang That's right. [Knocking on his head.] Let the molding begin. [The two guards turn away to leave.]
Kwan Wait a minute. [The two guards turn back.] You're not from the Fire Nation. [Walks around Aang.] Clearly you're from the colonies.
Aang Yeah, the colonies, of course. The Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom. [The two guards walk away.]
Kwan Your etiquette is terrible. In the homeland, we bow to our elders. [Walks in front of her desk.] Like so. [Bows.]
Aang Sorry, ma'am.
Bows to her. She taps his hands to correct him. A girl sitting in the front row shows the correct way to bow. Aang bows the proper way this time.
Kwan And we don't wear head coverings indoors.
Aang Um... I have a scar. It's really embarrassing.
Kwan Very well. What is your name? Or should we just call you "Mannerless Colony Slob"?
Aang [Chuckles.] Just "slob" is fine. Or, uh, Kuzon.
The school bell rings and the students walk out of school. Momo peeks out of Aang's school uniform.
Aang We made it through the day Momo, and it was pretty fun.
On Ji [From behind Aang.] Don't let the headmaster catch you with that monkey. [The camera shifts to show her.]
Aang [Turns around, trying to act innocent.] What monkey?
On Ji Don't worry, I'm not a tattletale. My name's On Ji. I like your headband, by the way.
Hide [Walks past Aang, slightly bumping him away and puts a hand around On Ji's shoulders.] On Ji, you don't have to baby-sit the new kid.
Aang Wow. [Bows.] You must be one of those popular kids I've been hearing about.
Hide That's right. Now listen, friend. I know you're from the colonies, so I'll say this slowly. [Leans close to Aang, talking slowly.] On Ji is my girlfriend. [Pokes Aang's chest.] Don't forget it.
Momo tries to get out of Aang's shirt and Aang pushes him back in. Aang pushes Momo back as Hide signifies to Aang that he is watching him and begins to leave.
Aang [Waving goodbye to On Ji and Hide.] It was nice meeting you.
Shoji [Approaches Aang.] I don't believe it, he didn't beat you up. Not even a little.
Aang I guess I'm just lucky.
Shoji We were on our way to play hide and explode. You wanna come?
Aang I'd love to.
Shoji, his friends, and Aang all run off to play the game.

Cut to Team Avatar's cave. Aang slides down the hill and enters the cave.

Katara [Concernedly.] Where have you been? We've been worried sick.
Aang [Undoing his headband.] I got invited to play with some kids after school.
Sokka [Springs up to his feet in shock.] After what?!
Aang I enrolled in a Fire Nation school, and I'm going back tomorrow.
Sokka [With an exasperated facial expression.] Enrolled in what?! [Falls backward in disbelief.]
Cut to an outside-view of the Capital City Prison. Cut to inside, where Zuko walks through the halls and the guard is alerted to his presence.
Guard [Readies his spear, with it pointed directly at Zuko.] You again? Stop where you are. [Zuko raises his head, looking at the guard.] Prince Zuko...
Zuko grabs the guard by his collar and slams him against the wall.
Zuko I'm going in for a visit. You're going to stand guard here, and no one is going to know about this. [Zuko releases the guard, enters Iroh's cell, and approaches him.] Uncle, it's me. [Iroh, sitting on the floor, turns away from Zuko with a scowl on his face.]

You brought this on yourself you know. We could have returned together. You could have been a hero! [Iroh shifts but does not look at him.] You have no right to judge me, Uncle. I did what I had to do in Ba Sing Se, and you're a fool for not joining me. [Iroh continues ignoring him.] You're not going to say anything? [Kicks up a small stool and destroys it with firebending. Now shouting.] You're a crazy old man! You're crazy! And if you weren't in jail, you'd be sleeping in a gutter. [Zuko leaves, slamming the door behind him as Iroh's head drops slightly and he closes his eyes.]

The scene cuts back to show the team inside the cave sitting around a fire.
Sokka Aang, I'm trying to be mature and not immediately shoot down your idea, but it sounds... really terrible.
Toph Yeah, we got our outfits. What do you need to go to school for?
Aang Every minute I'm in that classroom, I'm learning new things about the Fire Nation. I already have a picture of Fire Lord Ozai. [Holds up the picture. But the camera angle doesn't show it.] And here's one that I made out of noodles! [Holds up his picture of Ozai. Again isn't shown.]
Sokka Impressive, I admit, but I still think it's too dangerous.
Aang I guess we'll never find out about the secret river then. It goes right to the Fire Lord's palace. We were supposed to learn about it in class tomorrow.
Sokka Hmm, I am a fan of secret rivers... Fine, let's stay a few more days.
Aang Flamey-o, hotman! [Runs off.]
Sokka [To Katara.] Flamey-o?
Katara shrugs and murmurs as if to say "I don't know." Cut back to the cells, Zuko re-eneters Iroh's cell.
Zuko [Sliding food into Iroh's cell as Iroh keeps his back to him.] I brought you some komodo chicken. I know you don't care for it, but I figure it beats prison food. I admit it, I have everything I always wanted, but it's not as all how I thought it would be. The truth is, I need your advice. [Grips the bars.] I think the Avatar is still alive, I know he's out there, I'm losing my mind. [Desperately.] Please, Uncle, I'm so confused I need your help. [Angrily.] Forget it, I'll solve it myself! Waste away in here for all I care! [He glances back before leaving, and a tear slides down Iroh's face.]
The scene cuts to show the classroom with the class assembled inside. Kwan walks in, and the class collectively rises to bow.
Kwan Good morning class. Recite the Fire Nation oath. [Sits down at her desk.]
The class turns to face a large painting of Ozai.
Class [Turns to a large painting of Ozai at the back of the class.] My life I give to my country, with my hands I fight for Fire Lord Ozai and our forefathers before him.
Aang [Glances around the room as the class recites the oath.] Fire Lord... forefathers...
Class With my mind I seek ways to better my country, and with my feet may our March of Civilization continue.
Aang Firebenders... Fire Lord... wah, bah, blah, blah. [The class snickers at him as they sit down as the teacher looks on with a stern expression.]
Kwan Since it's obviously hilarious to mock our national oath, we'll begin with a pop quiz on our great March of Civilization. [The class groans and picks up their pens.] Question one: What year did Fire Lord Sozin battle the Air Nation army? [Aang raises his hand.] Kuzon?
Aang Is that a trick question? The Air Nomads didn't have a formal military. Sozin defeated them by ambush. [The entire class stares at him, dumbfounded.]
Kwan Well, I don't know how you could possibly know more than our national history book. Unless you were there a hundred years ago.
Aang I'll just write down my best guess.
The camera fades to show the music teacher standing at a podium with the rest of the class before him, playing instruments. Aang plays loudly in very discordant notes while moving dancing while sitting.
Music teacher Kuzon?
Aang [Stopping.] I know, I'm a terrible tsungi hornist.
Music teacher No, child. That hullabaloo going on with your feet. Is that a nervous disorder?
Aang I was just dancing. You do dances here in the homeland, right?
Male student #1 Not really, no.
Music teacher Dancing is not conducive to a proper learning environment. Young people must have rigid discipline and order.
Aang But what about expressing yourself?
Music teacher I know sometimes we're so ruled by our love for our nation that we can't control our own bodies. [He puts his hand to his face at what he is saying before continuing on.] If you must, you may march in place quietly next time the urge hits you.
He settles back down to the podium and the class resumes playing. Aang plays a few notes. marching in place, and stops, looking very dismayed at this. Cut to the school yard. Aang is walking through it, and all the other students stop and stare at him, murmuring among themselves.
On Ji [Waves at Aang.] Uh, hi, Kuzon. I really liked that crazy dance you were doing.
Aang Thanks On Ji, I could show it to you again if you like. Ah! [He jumps as a blast of fire hits the ground at his feet.]
Hide What'd you say, colony trash? You're gonna show her something?
Aang [Nervously.] Just some dance movements.
Hide Nobody shows my On Ji anything, especially movements!
Hide attempts to strike Aang, but Aang easily steps out of the way. The other students gather around to watch. Hide continues trying to punch at Aang, but he continuously evades with ease, much to Hide's frustration. Aang gets behind Hide's back and moves to the side to match Hide's movements. Aang knocks back Hide by butting him. Hide tries to strike Aang two more times, but Aang slides behind Hide through his legs. Hide tries punching Aang two more times and falls down as Aang side steps and trips him. The Headmaster arrives, and Hide sniffles as he gets up to his knees. He is seen with tears in his eyes as the Headmaster talks.
Headmaster [Angrily.] Picking fights on your second day? We need to have a conference to discuss your punishment. Bring your parents to my office after school.
Aang [Worriedly.] Parents? But-
Headmaster Don't be late!
The Headmaster walks off and Hide smirks behind his back. The scene cuts to show Zuko and Mai sitting on a cliff side together, watching the sunset.
Mai Orange is such an awful color.
Zuko [Snickers.] You're so beautiful when you hate the world.
Mai I don't hate you.
Zuko I don't hate you too. [They kiss, but are interrupted by Azula.]
Azula Ahem. [They turn to look at her, clearly annoyed.] Zuko, could I have a word with you?
Zuko Can't you see we're busy? [They kiss again.]
Azula Oh Mai, Ty Lee need your help untangling her braid.
Mai [Stands up.] Sounds pretty serious. [Leaves, but throws an angry glance at Azula behind her back.]
Azula So, I've heard you've been to visit your uncle fatso in the prison tower.
Zuko [Standing angrily.] That guard told you.
Azula No. You did. Just now.
Zuko [Sits back down.] Okay, you caught me. What is it that you want Azula?
Azula Actually, nothing. Believe it or not, I'm looking out for you. If people find out you've been to see Uncle, they'll think you're plotting with him. Just be careful, Dum-Dum. [Turns to leave.] Oh, and father is ready to see you. When you're ready.
Cut to show the Headmaster sitting at his office.
Headmaster Thank you for coming, Mr. and Mrs ... [Shot changes to show Sokka and Katara in disguise with Aang sitting between them.]
Sokka Fire. Wang Fire. [Pointing to Katara.] This is my wife, Sapphire.
Katara Sapphire Fire, nice to meet you.
Headmaster Mr. and Mrs.... Fire, your son has been enrolled here for two days and he's already causing problems. He's argued with his history teacher, disrupted music class, and roughed up my star pupil.
Katara My goodness! That doesn't sound like our Kuzon.
Headmaster That's what any mother would say, Ma'am, Nonetheless, you're forewarned; if he acts up one more time, I'll have him sent to reform school- [Stands up.] by which I mean the coal mines. Are we clear?
Sokka Don't you worry, Mr. Headmaster. I'll straighten this boy out somethin' fierce! [Turns to Aang.] Young man, as soon as we get home you're gonna get the punishment of a lifetime! [Aang and Katara are visibly alarmed.]
Headmaster That's what I like to hear.
They turn to leave. Back at the Fire Nation Capital, Zuko returns to the royal palace and prepares to face his father, Ozai. He breathes deeply and enters. Zuko bows before Ozai.
Ozai You've been away for a long time. I see the weight of your travels has changed you. You have redeemed yourself, my son. [Approaches Zuko; the camera pans up to view Ozai's face.] Welcome home. I am proud of you, Prince Zuko. I am proud because you and your sister conquered Ba Sing Se. I am proud because when your loyalty was tested by your treacherous uncle, you did the right thing and captured the traitor. And I am proudest of all of your most legendary accomplishment: you slayed the Avatar.
Zuko [Shocked.] What did you hear?
Ozai Azula told me everything. She said she was amazed and impressed at your power and ferocity at the moment of truth.
Cuts to the cave where the Team is gathered. Momo attempts to pounce on birds, but he misses and they scatter.
Sokka [Frontal shot.] That settles it! No more school for you, young man! [Strokes his beard.]
Aang I'm not ready to leave yet. I'm having fun for once, just being a normal kid. You don't know what it's like, Sokka. You get to be normal all the time.
Toph Ha ha. [Sokka glares at her.]
Aang Listen guys, those kids at school are the future of the Fire Nation. If we want to change this place for the better, we need to show them a little taste of freedom.
Sokka What could you possibly do for a country of depraved little fire monsters?
Aang I'm gonna throw them,[Starts dancing.] a secret dance party! [Everybody stares at Aang.]
Sokka [In Wang Fire voice.] Go to your room!
Cut to the cave with candles on the sides. Toph earthbends a stage. Aang puts on his headband.
Sokka [Placing a candle.] I can't believe we're having a dance party. It seems so silly.
Aang Don't think of it as a dance party, but as a cultural event celebrating the art of fancy footwork! [Dances.]
Cut to a shot outside we see many pairs of feet as the guests arrive. Cut back to Toph.
Toph [Feeling their approach.] They're coming! Everyone stop bending.
Aang [To Appa.] Sorry buddy, you should probably wait out back. [Appa grumbles as Aang herds him into the back.] I know, you got fancier feet than anybody. And six of 'em!
Cut to several kids playing instruments on the earth platforms as the guests filter into the room.
Aang [Jumps in front of the stage.] Ladies and gentlemen, the Flamey-O's! Yeah, this ought to get everybody moving. [He looks around at the kids standing shyly at the edge of the cave.]
Male student #1 Now what do we do now?
Aang This is when you start dancing.
Male student #2 I don't think my parents want me dancing in a cave...
Male student #3 [Runs in front of the camera.] Yeah! What if someone finds out?! [Looks around nervously before exiting left.]
Aang Oh boy. Listen guys, dancing isn't something you think about. It's a form of self-expression that no one can ever take away from you.
Male student #1 Maybe it was different in the colonies, Kuzon, but we don't do that here.
Aang Sure you do, you have for generations! It just so happens that I know several classic Fire Nation dances. A hundred years ago, this was known as the 'Phoenix Flight'. [The students ooh and aah as Aang runs low to the ground.] And, this was the 'Camelephant Strut'.
Aang jumps from side to side and does a rolls close to two nearby girls as they giggle. Aang finishes the dance with a back flip, landing on one foot. The boys stare in awe at Aang. Cut to Toph and Katara, who drink out of ice cups.
Toph [To Katara.] Who knew Twinkle Toes could dance?
Katara smiles. We return to the palace. Azula is asleep, when Zuko enters her room.
Zuko Why'd you do it?
Azula You're going to have to be a little more specific.
Zuko Why did you tell Father that I was the one who killed the Avatar?
Azula Can't this wait until the morning?
Zuko It. Can't.
Azula [Sighs and opens her eyes.] Fine. You seemed so worried about how Father would treat you because you hadn't captured the Avatar. I figured if I gave you the credit, you'd have nothing to worry about.
Zuko But why?
Azula [Getting out of bed.] Call it a generous gesture. I wanted to thank you for your help and I was happy to share the glory.
Zuko You're lying.
Azula [Walking past Zuko.] If you say so...
Zuko You have another motive for doing this, I just haven't figured out what it is.
Azula Please Zuko, what ulterior motive could I have? What could I possibly gain by letting you get all the glory for defeating the Avatar? [Approaching close to Zuko she places a hand on his shoulder.] Unless, somehow, the Avatar was actually alive. All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and foolishness. But you said it yourself, that was impossible. [Zuko begins to leave.] Sleep well, Zuzu.
Cut back to the cave, where Aang is still dancing, spinning through the air. Aang offers his hand to On Ji, who blushes and accepts. He pulls her to the middle of the room.
Aang And this is how they do it in the ballrooms of Ba Sing Se. [He starts tapping his feet from side to side and On Ji joins him.]
Sokka [Watching as Aang dances with On Ji.] Wow, they look pretty good together.
Katara [Barely hiding her envy as she looks away.] Eh, if that's what you like... [She looks back surreptitiously.]
Aang Yeah, that's it! That's the sound of happy feet. [The rest of the kids start dancing with them.] All right go with that! Everybody freestyle!
One student dances crazily. Another student, standing amid a group of non-dancers, starts moving his arms and another student sways his head with the rhythm. Aang runs over to Katara and holds his hand out to her, inviting her to dance.
Katara [Looks away nervously.] I don't know, Aang. These shoes aren't really right for dancing, and I-I'm not sure that I know how to-
Aang [Smiling.] Take my hand.
Katara [Smiles back'.] Okay.
He pulls her out into the room and whispers into her ear, and everybody stops to stare at them as the two extend their arms to each other and begin circling each other and performing dance moves.
Katara Aang, everyone's watching.
Aang Don't worry about them. It's just you and me right now.
Katara blushes as they began to move around each other in an elaborate dance. The dance incorporates different moves including kicks and flips. At one point they come close together as if they are about to kiss, both just smile and continue on. Aang finishes the dance by catching Katara as she leans over his arm. Cut to a close-up view of them smiling at each other as they pant and sweat. The camera cuts to show the Headmaster and several soldiers coming to the cave.
Headmaster It is a dancing party. [Turns to Hide standing behind him.] You did the right thing by telling me, Hide.
Hide [Bows.] Anytime, Headmaster sir.
The camera cuts back to the dancing kids.
Male student #2 [Waving a hand in the air.] This is incredible! It's like my inhibitions just disappear! [He sees the Headmaster come into the cave, and immediately stops dancing and attempts to shrink into his robes.] Okay, they're back again.
Aang continues to dance past as everyone else stops until the Headmaster talks.
Headmaster [Pointing.] He's the one we want! The boy with the headband!
Aang Uh-oh. [Aang starts running away through the crowd as the soldiers chase him. One soldier sees a boy with a headband, and grabs him.]
Male soldier #1 Gotcha! [The boy turns, but the guard is confused upon seeing a different boy there.]
Shoji Looking for me?
Cut to the Headmaster and Hide.
Headmaster That's not the one. He's here somewhere. Don't let him leave the cave!
The Headmaster points toward the back of the cave, Hide imitating him. Cut to two soldiers who continue searching. One soldier sees another kid with a headband, and turns her around. He is again confused upon seeing her face.
Female student #1 Yes?
Another soldier sees two more children standing next to each other with headbands and turns them both around.
Male student #3 [Picking his nose.] Hi there.
Male student #2 How're we doing?
The Headmaster sees who he thinks is Aang in the crowd, and goes after him himself. Shoving people out of the way, he scoops up the boy in the crowd.
Male student #4 Looking for someone?
The Headmaster looks around in horror as he sees all the children are now wearing headbands.
Student #1 Who are you looking for?
Student #2 Do you need something?
Student #3 Over here.
The students completely surround the soldiers and the Headmaster as Aang escapes through the back of the cave. Shoji winks at Aang, who bows in return. Aang leaves and earthbends the back of the cave shut, at which Shoji drops his jaw in astonishment.
Cut to the Headmaster surrounded by guards where two of them have started dancing.
Headmaster [To one of the soldiers, who starts dancing.] Stop that! [To another soldier, who is tapping her foot.] Stop that!
Cut to outside the cave where the team flies away on Appa.
Katara We're safe Sokka, you can take off the mustache now.
Sokka [He is seen with his Wang Fire mustache on and begins stroking it.] Oh, no I can't. It's glued to my skin.
Toph [Reached over and rips Sokka's beard off. Sokka screams in pain and holds his face. To Aang.] Way to go, dancy pants. I think you really did help those kids, you taught them to be free.
Aang I don't know, it was just a dance party, that's all.
Katara Well, that was some dance party Aang. [She kisses him on the cheek, and Aang blushes.]
Sokka [Clapping lightly, while still experiencing pain.] Flamey-o sir, flamey-o.
Cut to Zuko walking alone in a dark alley. He lowers his hood as a huge man with a metal leg approaches him.
Zuko You're sure you weren't followed? I've heard about you. They say you're good at what you do, and even better at keeping secrets. The Avatar is alive. I want you to find him, and end him.
The man's face is shown. The camera zooms in on a strange third eye tattooed on his forehead.

Central Fire Nation

Some koala sheep are sleeping, as Katara, Sokka, Aang, Toph, and Appa come out of the bushes. Sokka looks at a map, while everyone else looks around. Momo jumps over on Aang's shoulder, as Aang scratches his head.
Sokka [Somewhat excitedly.] This is it! The official rendezvous point for the invasion force.
The camera pans to the left, showing a vast area of the place.
Toph How did you pick this place?
Sokka Before we split up, my dad and I found this island on the map. It's uninhabited, and the harbors surrounded by the cliffs seemed like the perfect secluded place.
Katara Nice choice, Sokka. And we're here one week ahead of schedule.
Aang [Anxiously.] Wait! One week? The invasion's in one week?
Sokka [Yawns.] Whatever. That's like seven days from now. Let's just calm down and-
Sokka falls asleep and begins snoring.
Katara Sokka's got the right idea, Aang. We're here. We're ready. The best thing we can do now is get plenty of rest and plenty more training in tommorrow. [Lies down.]
Aang [Half-heartedly.] I guess.
The episode begins a shot of a meteor shower. Camera pans down with Aang, Katara, Toph and Sokka watching the meteor shower.
Katara Wow, this is amazing to watch.
Cut closer to a side-view of the group.
Sokka Kind of makes you realize how insignificant we are.
Toph [Close-up. Causally.] Eh, you've seen nothing once, you've seen it a thousand times.
Cut further away showing the meteor shower above them. They see a big meteor heading for the ground and let out gasps of amazement.
Sokka Oh man, [Close-up. Standing.] you've never not seen anything like this.
The others, minus Toph, stand up next to him. Cut to panning shot as the meteor flies past. Cut to overhead shot of meteor as it flies past the group. Cut to side-view of the group as the meteor passes over head. Cut to Sokka as he turns to see the meteor crash nearby. Cut to the other side of a hill as Toph climbs up. Cut to wide shot as the camera zooms out with the group looking toward the crash site. Frontal view of Aang, Katara and Sokka who look at each other concerned. Cut to the team arriving at the crash site on Appa.
Katara The fire is gonna destroy that town!
Aang Not if we can stop it!
Cut to Appa landing next to the crash site. Everyone but Katara jumps off.
Katara [Jumps onto Appa's head, taking the reins.] There's a creek over here. I'll bend the water onto the fire. [Signals Appa to take off.]
Aang [Frontal view of Toph, Sokka, and Aang.] Toph, let's make a trench to stop the fire from coming any closer.
Toph and Aang move off. Sokka looks down.
Sokka What should I do?
Cut to view from Sokka's perspective as Toph and Aang stop to respond. Momo flies by.
Aang [Slight pause, points at Momo.] Keep an eye on Momo.
Cut to aerial view of Sokka. Momo lands on his shoulder.
Sokka So what, I'm just a lemur sitter? [Pets Momo; sarcastically.] There, there, feel better?
Cut to Aang and Toph as they begin to earthbend. Cut to aerial shot as a trench forms. Briefly cut back to Aang and Toph continuing to earthbend. Cut to aerial shot as they finish the trench, pushing the fire back. Cut to aerial view of Sokka as flames fly near him and land on the ground. Sokka puts out one with his machete however Momo ups him by putting out five in the same time, much to his dismay. Cut to Katara on Appa flying over a river. Katara grabs some water and they return to the crash site. Cut to side-view of Katara, on Appa, with a large globule of water following behind. Frontal view of Katara as she begins to waterbend the water behind her. Side-view of the crash site as Sokka and Momo look on while Katara puts out some of the fire with her waterbending. Cut to Toph beginning to earthbend. Cut to aerial view of her and the nearby crash site as she uses earthbending to put some of the fire out. Cut to Sokka, who sits, watching, along with Momo as the earth Toph is using rolls past. Cut to Aang as Appa flies past with Katara. Katara gives Aang some water to bend.waterbending and airbending to put the rest of the fire out, but the water hits Sokka and Aang's blast also makes it snow.
Aang Sokka, stand clear!
Sokka [Side-view of the crash site with Sokka and Momo looking left.] Right. [Picks up Momo and makes to move away.] Staying clear, got it.
Cut to Aang as he begins to use both the water and airbending. Cut to frontal view of Sokka still walking away as the water overwhelms him. Cut to aerial view of the crash site as the water expands to put out the fire. The dome of water explodes into snow. Cut to frontal view of Aang as Appa, along with Katara, lands behind him as Toph walks toward him, too.
Aang Good work, everybody.
Aerial view of the town and crash site. Cut to Sokka as he emerges from a pile of snow. Momo slides across the icy surface.

Cut to a Fire Nation prison. Cut inside. A door opens, lighting up the face of Iroh. Cut outside the cell as Warden Poon enters the room and approaches the cell. Frontal view of Poon as he drops a bowl. Side close-up view of the floor as the bowl lands on the ground which is kicked into the cell by Poon. The camera follows the bowl which tips over and the contents spill out. Iroh approaches hurriedly and eats it like an animal.

Warden Poon Look at you, [Frontal view.] you're just a fat disgusting old man. [Panning aerial view from behind.] You do nothing, you say nothing, you just eat and roll around in your own filth like a pig. [Frontal view of Poon as Iroh continues to eat.] You're a disgrace. [Spits on the floor in front of him and leaves.]
Frontal view of Iroh as the door shuts. Close-up of Iroh as he stops eating. Iroh moves his hair out of his face. Cut to a frontal view further away as he sits up and starts eating like a normal person, not eating anything from the floor as the camera pans out.

Scene changes to aerial view of the town Team Avatar saved. Cut to side-view of an outdoor restaurant. Aang joins Katara and Toph at a table.

Aang These people have no idea [Closer side-view of the three.] how close they were to getting toasted last night.
Toph Yeah, the worst thing about being in disguise is that we don't get the hero worship anymore. I miss the love.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Boo-hoo, [Shot of Sokka from behind looking back.] poor heroes. [Turns away.]
Frontal view of Sokka with the others sat further behind him.
Katara What's your problem? You haven't even touched your smoked sea slug.
Sokka It's just, all you guys can do this awesome bending stuff like putting out forest fires, and flying around and [Side-view of Toph, Aang and Katara.] making other stuff fly around. I can't fly around, okay? [View of Sokka from behind.] I can't do anything.
Side-view of the group.
Katara That's not true. No one can read a map like you.
Toph I can't read at all!
Aang Yeah, and who keeps us laughing with sarcastic comments all the time? [Frontal view of Katara and Aang.] I mean, look at Katara's hair, right? What's up with that?
Katara What? What's wrong with my hair? [Blushes.]
Aang [Realizing his mistake.] Nothing. I was just trying to...
Sokka Look, I appreciate the effort, [Cut to view from behind.] but the fact is each of you is so amazing and so special and I'm... not. [Side-view close-up.] I'm just the guy in the group who's regular.
Katara [Approaches and sits next to him.] I'm sorry you're feeling so down but I hope you know, none of us see you that way. [Frontal view of the two. Looks down for a moment before putting her hand on his shoulder.] I know something that's going to make you feel better.
Sokka [Side-view.] You do?
Cut to close-up of Sokka's face as the camera quickly pans out to reveal they are inside a shop full of weapons and armor.
Sokka Shopping! [Clapping excitedly. Runs toward the camera. Cut to side-view as he approaches to view some weapons.] Maybe a little something to reinvigorate my battling. [Spots some nun-chucks.] Hey, how about these? [Frontal view of Sokka. Sokka tests the nun-chucks, making attacking noises, but he hits himself on the head and falls into some of the other weapons.]
Cut to Katara trying on some gloves.
Aang [Off-screen.] What do you think? [Cut to Aang as the camera pans up to see him wearing strange, scary armor.] Pretty slick, huh? [Close-up of Katara with a scared and surprised expression. Side-view of Katara approaching Aang, holding a hand up to avoid the glare coming off Aang's helmet.] All I need to complete the outfit is a wind sword.
Katara What's a wind sword?
Aang It's where I get a sword handle and then I just swing this around and bend air out like a blade. [Raises a sword handle, swishing it around like a sword.] Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.
Katara Yeah... nice.
Aang begins to fall over. Katara tries to stop him from falling, but Aang and the armor fall to the floor with a loud noise, causing Katara to cover her ears.
Aang I'll just stick to what I got.
Cut to Sokka, holding a weapon with a blade in an end. He swings it to one side, swings it over his head and spins it in a circle. The weapon flies up toward the ceiling and Sokka puts his hands behind his back, innocently. Sokka is next seen dragging an enormous, metal club across the floor. He groans as he tries to lift it, but loses his grip and falls. Sokka is next seen holding two swords. He marches and chops downward with them. Sokka is next seen spinning a chain over his head, but he wraps the chain around himself and falls over. Sokka is seen running, carrying a very wobbly spear. Cut to close-up shot of Sokka standing up into the frame inspecting a 3 bladed knife, before using it as a toothpick. At that moment, something to his left gets his attention. Sokka turns to look as the camera pans round behind him. Sokka sees a sword rack on the wall, and a particular sword framed and positioned above the others. Cut close-up as the camera pans rights, showing all the details of the hilt and scabbard.
Sokka [Close-up.] Ooh! [Walks to the sword. Side-view of Sokka inspecting the sword.] That's what Sokka's talking about.
Weapons store shopkeeper You have a good eye. [Aerial view of Sokka as shopkeeper approaches.] That's an original from Piandao, [Katara, Toph and Aang approach.] the greatest swordsmaster and sword maker in Fire Nation history. [Close-up.] He lives in the big castle up the road from here. [Walks away.]
Aang [Side-view of group.] That's it! That's what you needed all along, Sokka.
Sokka A sword?
Aang Not the sword, a master. [Sokka takes the sword from the rack.] We've all had masters to help us get better. You should see if you can study with Piandao.
Katara [Frontal view of Sokka with Katara behind.] That's a great idea. I could've never gotten to where I am without Master Pakku. Everyone needs a teacher.
Toph [Side-view of group.] I learned from badgermoles. They don't talk, but they're still good teachers.
Sokka [Close-up. Pulling out the blade, inspecting it.] It would be nice to be a master swordfighter. All right, I'll talk to him.
The scene cuts to a shot of the top of the bars of Iroh's cell. A ray of sunlight shines through a small window. It goes to an overhead shot of Iroh lying on his back on straw mat in the corner, hands behind his head. Cut to close-up side-view of his face. The camera suddenly zooms in as his eyes open wider. Cut to frontal view as Iroh begins to do a series of sit ups, grunting as he does so. The scene cuts to a shot of Piandao's castle, located on top of a large bluff. It goes down to a side-view of Sokka at the front gates. Cut closer behind Sokka as he grabs a knocker and taps it against the large door a few times. He waits a moment and looks around, but there is no answer. Sokka knocks the door and waits again. Still receiving no answer, Sokka becomes frustrated and grabs both knockers, banging them loudly and frantically. The right door is opened by the butler, Fat, frightening Sokka.
Fat [A little annoyed.] Can I help you?
The scene cuts to a close-up of Sokka still looking frightened. He quickly composes himself and assumes a more mannered persona.
Sokka I've come to train with the master.
Fat [Side-view of both.] You should know The Master turns almost everyone away. [Holds hand out in front of Sokka.] What did you bring him to prove your worth?
Sokka [Frontal view.] Well, uhh... [Feels around, patting his clothes for something to offer.]
Fat [Frontal view.] Right... [Shakes head sadly.] Let's get this over with.
Fat gestures for Sokka to enter. Sokka steps through the gate and Fat closes the door. The scene cuts to an overhead shot of the castle courtyard as Sokka and Fat walk toward the main structure of the castle. The camera tilts up to the tallest tower. It cuts to a large room with a red carpet and tall windows, giving a view of the valley. Rows of lit candles are places on both sides of the windows. Piandao sits at a small table in front of the windows, his back to the camera. He has dark skin and wears a black cheongsam. Cut to a close-up of Piandao's hand holding a calligraphy brush and dipping it into a tray of ink, carefully holding his sleeve with the other hand. His hands move off screen and Sokka and Fat are seen in the background. The camera zooms in on Sokka as he steps forward.
Sokka Master, my name is Sokka, and I wish to be instructed in the way of the sword.
The scene cuts to a shot of Piandao, his back still toward Sokka. His sword is placed next to the table.
Piandao Sokka. That's an unusual name.
Sokka [Frontal view. Nervously.] Oh, uh, really, uh where I come from, the Fire Nation colonies, it's a pretty normal name....for Fire Nation colonials.
Piandao [Side-view. Writing calligraphy on a piece of parchment.] Let me guess. You've come hundreds of miles from your little village where you're the best swordsman in town. And you think you deserve to learn from the master.
Sokka [Frontal view.] Well, actually, I've been all over the world.
Piandao [Side-view of his arm and hand as he continues to write. Knowingly.] Yep, here we go.
Sokka [Frontal view.] And I know one thing for sure: [Gets down on his knees and hangs his head.] I have a lot to learn.
Piandao [Shot from behind. Glancing back.] You're not doing a very good job of selling yourself.
Sokka [Side-view of room.] I know. Your butler told me that when I met you, I would have to prove my worth. [Close-up.] But the truth is... I don't know if I am worthy.
Piandao [Close-up side-view.] Hm, I see. [Smiles and turns his head. Cut to his hand picking up his sword.] Well, then, [Close-up of Sokka.] let's find out together how worthy you are.
Sokka looks up as Piandao's shadow passes over him. Cut to a shot of the red carpet the end of Piandao's sword's scabbard strikes the floor. The camera quickly zooms out to a shot of Piandao standing before Sokka, sword firmly planted before him. Cut to a close-up of Piandao.
Piandao I will train you.
Close-up of Sokka as a huge smile spreads across his face. Scene changes to the Fire Nation Palace, where Zuko is getting dressed and ready, with help from his servants.
Servant #1 Fresh fruit, Prince Zuko?
Zuko puts out his hand and shakes his head respectfully.
Servant #2 May I wash your feet, sir?
Zuko respectfully puts his hand out and shakes his head again.
Servant #1 Head massage?
Zuko shakes his head again.
Servant #2 Hot towel?
Zuko looks at the towels for a moment and takes one. He is seen wiping his forehead before walking out of the room. The two servants bow behind him. Zuko walks out the palace gates, with Fire Nation citizens waiting for him. One woman becomes overly excited at seeing Zuko, and is taken away by the palace guards.
Servant #1 Prince Zuko, is something wrong? You didn't take the palanquin.
Zuko I'm just going to Mai's house. It's not far.
Servant #1 It's not a prince's place to walk anywhere, sir.

Zuko looks to the distance, walks over, and gets into the palanquin. The servants pick it up and walk over to Mai's house. Zuko looks out of the palanquin's curtains and sees Mai, who is standing by the doors to her house, who waves and walks away.

Toph and Katara are seen facing each other, each taking a fighting stance, the latter controlling two streams of water in her hands. Aang appears on the screen, tying his headband over his eyes like a blindfold.

Aang Okay. I'm ready for some training.
He turns to face the girls and takes two steps forward in a stance similar to Toph's. Upon impact with the second step, he picks up vibrations from the ground with seismic sense. He quickly dodges three earth pillars that appear out of the ground near him. He hears a water attack coming from Katara and redirects it at her. He quickly launches a boulder at Toph who catches it and stops it.
Toph Good job, Twinkle Toes. Visualize, then attack.
She launches the boulder back at Aang, who burrows into a hole with earthbending. The boulder instead hits Katara square in the chest, knocking her down. She stands back up and brushes dust off of her.
Katara Maybe you should take your own advice, Toph!
Toph What's the matter? Can't handle a little dirt, Madame Fussy-Britches?
Katara's eyebrow twitches and she glares at Toph with her vein shown on her head before she angrily creates a wave and sends it at Toph, who gets splashed by it and becomes annoyed.
Katara Oh, sorry. Did I splash you, Mud-Slug?
Katara creates an ice ramp, and Toph creates an earth ramp, both proceeding to head straight for each other. They crash and both of the girls go flying.
Aang Are we taking a break?
Katara and Toph are seen wrestling in a puddle of mud.
Toph Hungry for a mud pie? [Kicks mud in Katara's face.]
Katara [Wiping mud off of her face.] I'll give you a mud pie!
Katara waterbends a stream of mud at Toph, knocking her down. She quickly gets up and earthbends a pillar underneath Katara, which sends her flying toward a wall. She starts running toward Katara, but stops at the last second when they hear Aang.
Aang Uh guys, I thought we were supposed to be training me.
Katara [Takes a few steps forward, covered in mud; calmly.] Very well, pupil. I believe we've had enough training for today. [Turns and walks away.]
Toph While Katara cleans up, [Earthbends the mud off of herself and runs toward Aang.] let's go have some fun!
Aang Yeah!
The camera switches to Sokka and Piandao standing in a sword fighting ring in front of the building they were in earlier. Sokka is wearing an almost identical outfit to Piandao's.
Piandao [Frontal view.] The first thing you must learn is that your weapon is an extension of yourself. [Cut further away as he unsheathes his sword and begins performing a sword form.] You must think of it as another part of your own body.
Sokka [Close-up.] Like a second head.
Piandao [Frontal view.] Well, more like an extra-long, really sharp arm. [Side-view of both. Continuing his demonstration.] The sword is a simple tool, but in the hands of a master it becomes [Close-up.] the most versatile of weapons, [Frontal view from below. Sheathes his sword and assumes a stance.] and just as the imagination is limitless, [Close-up of Sokka smiling in amazement.] so too are the possibilities of the sword.
Sokka nods his head in understanding. Meanwhile, Aang and Toph head to Fire Fountain City.
Aang [While holding up a silver piece.] So, Toph. What are we gonna get with our last silver piece?
Toph [Stops walking.] We can get more money. [They both look back at her.] Right there. [Points to an area beneath them. Aang moves back to look where she is pointing.]
In the area is a table with two men sitting across from each other, with people around them watching the action. The table has three shells on it, all upside down. The first man places some money on the table and the second man, a scam artist, lifts the shells to reveal that the middle one has a rock underneath it. He places the shells back down as they were and starts moving them around.
Toph This is where you seeing people are at a disadvantage. Everyone guesses wrong because the dealer moves the rock at the last minute. But I can feel it with my earthbending. [As she says this, the scam artist continues to move the shells around as the gambler tries to focus on the shell with the rock, and right before stopping, the scam artist quickly and inconspicuously earthbends the rock from underneath one of the shells into his sleeve.]
The scam artist stops moving the shells and arranges them how they originally were: Horizontally right in front of him. The gambler points at the shell in the middle, which the scam artist lifts to reveal nothing underneath. The gambler stands up and walks away crying. A few more people move and the dealer notices Toph, and that she is blind.
Dealer [To Toph.] You there. Wanna play a friendly game?
Toph How can I possibly play? [Waves her hand in front of her face.] I'm blind.
Dealer You don't have to see to be lucky.
Toph sits in front of the table and feels around it, pretending to be helpless. She places their last silver piece on the table. The scam artist shows the rock under the shell in the middle and starts moving them around. This time, he tosses one rock from his sleeves into each of the two empty shells. Toph senses this and smiles slyly. When he stops, Toph points to the one on her left, which has a rock underneath, winning about two silver pieces.
Aang Flamey-O, Toph.
Dealer Wow. Fancy guessing. You are amazing at this. [Plays with a few silver pieces in his hands.] Would you like to make the game a little more interesting?
Toph [Curiously.] More interesting? How?
Dealer [Points at Momo on Aang's shoulder.] Well, let's say you toss in your friend's fine pet, [Grabs a big bag of money.] then I'll put up twenty silver pieces against it, and that's more interesting.
Toph [Grabs Momo.] I'll do it for forty silver pieces. [Aang stares at them with his mouth wide open.]
Dealer Forty silver pieces it is. [Drops some more money into the bag and starts moving the shells, faster this time.]
The scam artist moves the first two rocks into his sleeves, which Toph senses as she smiles slyly again. He attempts to do the same with the third rock, but Toph inconspicuously clutches her fist, causing the rock to move back underneath the shell, which the scam artist does not notice. When he stops, she smiles and points at the shell in the middle.
Dealer [Moves his hand over to the shell, about to lift it.] Sorry, little lady, but- [Lifts up the shell and sees the rock, which shocks and confuses him.] Huh? [Stares closely at the rock.]
Toph I won! [She grabs the bag of money, and Aang grabs Momo as they run off.]
The scene changes to the Royal Palace, where Zuko and Mai are relaxing on a couch.
Zuko Tell me, if you could have anything you want right now, what would it be?
Mai Hm... A big fancy fruit tart, with rose petals on top.
Zuko You know, being a prince and all, I might just be able to make that happen.
Mai [Chuckles.] That would be impressive.
Zuko [To the servants.] Do you think you could find a fresh fruit tart for the lady, with rose petals on top?
Servant Excellent choice, sir.
Mai I guess there's some nice perks that come with being royalty. [Pushing him Zuko to lay down with her.] Though there's annoying stuff, too. Like that all-day war meeting coming up.
Zuko [Sitting up, followed by Mai.] War meeting? What are you talking about?
Mai Azula mentioned something. I-I assumed you were going, too.
Zuko I guess I wasn't invited.
The two look away from each other.Cut to Toph, and Aang heading back to camp, laughing and carrying baskets full of goods. Katara is seen cooking something in a pot as they all drop their baskets onto the ground and Katara looks at the baskets with curiosity.
Katara Where did you guys get the money to buy all this stuff?
Aang Toph got us money. [Grabs an apple and takes a bite out of it as he sits down.] She scammed one of those guys in town who moves the shells around all sneaky-like. [He mimics the scam artist moving the shells with his hand. Katara's expression shows disapproval.] She used earthbending to win the game!
Katara Ah, so she cheated.
Toph [Starts to bite her apple, but stops to defend herself.] Hey! I only cheated because he was cheating! [Smiles.] I cheated a cheater. [Closes her eyes in confidence.] What's wrong with that?
Katara I'm just saying this isn't something we should make a habit of doing.
Toph Why? Because it's fun? And you hate fun?
Katara I don't hate fun! [Places Momo on her head like a hat.] See? Fun! [Momo slips off her head, screeches at her, and runs away.]
Aang [Stands up.] Katara, [Slightly lifts his headband to reveal his airbender tattoo and bows.] I'll personally make you an Avatar Promise that we won't make a habit of doing these scams.

The camera switches to the city, where Aang goes from bowing to doing tricks with the money in his hands and runs off. A few citizens are seen playing a dice like game. The two winners see Toph holding a bag of money and call her over. She tosses the two die. One lands on three, which is the highest number, and the other is about to go from three to zero, but Toph, without any of the others seeing her, twitches her head to the left slightly, which causes the die to move back to the three, meaning she wins.

Cut to an area where a carnival is being hosted, where a big man tries a test-your-strength game, in which you need to use a hammer to launch a ball up to ring the bell, but can only make it about halfway. Toph jiggles a bag of money and walks over. Aang watches from behind as she hands the man in charge of the game the money and places her hands on the hammer. She struggles to move it over her head and behind her, which makes all in the crowd snicker and laugh. Toph smiles again as she uses earthbending to launch the hammer's head from behind her to the lever with great force. The ball is launched so hard that it launches out of the game, destroying the top of it, which leaves everyone shocked. She casually grabs her winnings and leaves as the ball crashes into a tent behind, causing everyone to cringe at the sound, and looks back to see the damage.

The scene cuts to a shot of Iroh hanging upside down and doing crunches, panting with effort. It switches to a shot of his feet as he hangs from the overhead bars. Cut to and zoom out from a wide shot of Iroh doing the upside down crunches in his cell. The scene shifts to Piandao and Sokka standing in front of a table inside the building. On the table is calligraphy stationary.

Piandao The warrior practices a variety of arts to keep his mind sharp and fluid. [Flattens out a piece of paper on the table.] The first you will learn is calligraphy. [Cut to his hands as Piandao delicately hands a brush to Sokka, who takes it, messing the bristles up with his thumb.] Write your name.
Sokka [Close-up. Skeptical.] Writing my name will make me a better swordsman‌?
Piandao [Takes the brush and positions it correctly in Sokka's hand. Cut to a wide shot of both.] When you write your name, you stamp the paper with your identity. You must learn to use your sword to stamp your identity on a battlefield. [Sokka holds his sleeve back. Cut to close-up of the ink as Sokka dips the brush in to it. Cut to frontal view of Sokka readying himself to paint as Piandao looks on.] Remember, you cannot take back a stroke of the brush, or a stroke of the sword.
Sokka's hand quivers and he sweats nervously, the brush barely an inch above the paper. He scratches his head and places the tip of the brush on his chin, thinking hard about what to do.
Piandao [Close-up as he moves forward.] You are getting ink on your face.
Sokka [Frontal view of both.] I am? [Looks at the brush.] I am! So this is about putting my identity on the page, right?
Piandao nods. It cuts to a close-up of Sokka. He smiles and the camera zooms out as he proceeds to brush the ink over his face. The camera tilts down as Sokka presses his face onto the paper and rolls his head around. Cut behind Sokka as he picks up the paper and shows it to Piandao, smiling cheerfully. On the paper is a large inkblot which vaguely resembles a face. Piandao simply closes his eyes in response.

The scene cuts to a shot of the main building. The camera tilts down to show Sokka and Fat facing off in the sword fighting ring, both wearing training equipment and holding wooden swords. Piandao sits at the top of the steps leading to the building, watching. Close-up of Fat as he wipes his nose as he waits for Sokka to make a move. Cut to Sokka as he lunges at Fat and thrusts his sword. Cut to side-view as Fat effortlessly parries the attack and knocks the sword from Sokka's hands. Sokka runs away in fright and Fat chases after, whacking him in the rear with the wooden sword.

The scene cuts to a shot of the sky. The camera tilts down to a blindfolded Sokka being guided through the countryside by Piandao.

Piandao Landscape painting teaches a warrior to hold the lay of the land in his mind.
Side-view. Piandao stops Sokka, turns him to face left, and pulls off the blindfold.
Piandao In battle, you only have an instant to take everything in.
Cut to a close-up of Sokka rubbing his eyes. The camera rotates around to his front as his eyes grow wide and he smiles with excitement and amazement. It cuts to a shot of Sokka and Piandao, their backs to the camera, standing before a majestic view of a mighty river flowing into a series of waterfalls that drop into a canyon. Cut back to Sokka. Piandao grabs his head and turns him away, making him sit in front of a table with a piece of paper, paint, and paint brushes.
Piandao Now, paint it.
Frontal view of Sokka, who gapes in disbelief. Side-view as he turns to look at the waterfall, but Piandao turns his head back.
Piandao And no peeking.
Piandao walks away as Sokka takes a brush and begins to paint the intricate view. Cut to a wide shot of the landscape. The camera pans right, toward Piandao and Sokka. Fade to a shot of Piandao's back with his sword in his hands behind his back. The camera tilts up to his front, his eyes closed in silent meditation.
Sokka I'm finished!
Piandao opens his eyes and looks at Sokka. Cut to a shot of Sokka presenting a very childish and colorful drawing of the landscape, which bears little resemblance, including a rainbow and a sun with a smiling face.
Piandao [Frontal view.] You added a rainbow.
Sokka [Frontal view. Worried.] Is that ok‌ay?
Close-up view as Piandao sighs and shakes his head. Scene changes to Azula at the royal spa, getting her hair done. Zuko comes in and walks up to her.
Azula Hello, Zuzu. If you've come for a royal hair-combing, I'm afraid you'll have to wait.
Zuko So I guess there's a big war meeting coming up, huh? And apparently I'm not welcome there.
Azula What do you mean? Of course you're welcome there!
Zuko Oh, yeah?! I guess that's why no one bothered to tell me about it!
Azula Oh, Zuko. Don't be so dramatic. I'm certain Dad wants you there. You probably just weren't invited because it's so obvious you're supposed to be there.
Zuko Well, were you invited?
Azula Of course! I'm the princess.
Zuko And I'm the prince!
Azula Exactly, so stop acting like a paranoid child! Just go to the meeting.
Zuko Forget it! I'm not going!
Zuko turns around and walks away.The scene cuts to the main building. The camera tilts down to Sokka and Fat in the sword fighting ring with the training gear. Sokka thrusts forward and he and Fat begin their practice fight. Sokka fares much better than before. Frontal view as he grunts as he parries a strike and attempts to swing his wooden sword down, but is distracted.
Piandao [Off-screen.] Sokka.
Cut to and zooms out to show the fighting ring with Piandao still sitting above. Sokka looks over to Piandao, giving Fat the opportunity to circle behind him and kick him in the back, causing a slightly painful fall to the ground. Cut to Sokka looking up at Piandao.
Piandao [Close-up.] Concentrate on what you're doing.
Cut back to Sokka, who frowns and drops his head, giving Piandao a half-hearted thumbs up. Cut to a wide shot of Piandao's castle. The camera tilts down to Sokka and Piandao walking to the top of a stairway leading down to an empty, tiled area. A small statue of a lion turtle comes into the foreground.
Piandao Rock gardening teaches the warrior to manipulate his surroundings and use them to his advantage.
The scene cuts to a close-up of Sokka. He places a hand on his chin and thinks carefully.
Sokka Hm, manipulate them to my advantage... Oh!
Cut to a wide-view of the tiled area below. Piandao watches as Sokka runs down the steps. Cut to a shot of Piandao. A look of worry comes over him and the camera quickly zooms out to show Sokka rolling a huge stone across the ground. Sokka groans at the strain of it. Cut to a shot of a sheet of moss lying on a rock. Sokka appears from behind and examines its texture before taking it and running back to the other side of the area. Sokka throws the moss on the huge stone and lays down on it, sighing in relaxation. The camera quickly zooms out to a shot of Sokka lying on the easy chair he made from rocks and moss, expressing his content. Cut to a shot of Fat walking up from behind Piandao. Fat suddenly gasps in shock. It cuts to a shot of stones scattered all over the tiled floor, creating a mess. Sokka waves at Fat.
Sokka Hey, would you mind grabbing a cold drink for me‌?
Cut back to Fat and Piandao. Fat gasps and turns to Piandao.
Piandao I'll take a slice of lemon in mine, please.

Fat groans in resignation, hangs his head, and walks off to fetch the drinks. Cut to Sokka and Fat dueling in the sword fighting ring again, Piandao sitting in the foreground. Sokka and Fat thrust and parry a few strikes. Sokka swings his sword in a circle and tries to hit Fat's leg, but Fat pulls his leg up and he avoids the attack. Cut to a close-up of the two from behind Sokka. The scene goes into slow motion as Fat swings his sword and Sokka parries it. Sokka returns the strike and is also parried. The camera cuts to behind Fat as Sokka continues his offense with four quick thrusts. Fat blocks all the attacks and tries to attack Sokka. He misses, and Sokka uses this opportunity to slip the blade of his wooden sword under Fat's hand and fling the wooden sword from it. Fat is shocked and raises his hands in defeat as Sokka thrusts his sword forward and places the blade on the side of Fat's neck, ending the duel. Sokka steps away from Fat, puts his hands together and bows to Piandao, while Fat frowns angrily at him. It cuts to a shot of Piandao sipping a drink from a cup with a slice of lemon stuck on it.

The scene cuts to a shot of the outside of the Fire Nation prison and zooms in. Cut to the inside of Iroh's cell and zoom in on Iroh doing push-ups on his knuckles, clapping his hands together at the apex of each push. Cut to a shot of Warden Poon sitting and eating a piece of bread. He hears the clapping and goes to investigate. Cut to Iroh continuing to do push-ups. Cut to Warden Poon walking toward the door to Iroh's cell. Cut to a shot from inside the cell of him looking in through the barred window in the door.

Warden Poon What's going on in there‌?
Cut to a shot of Iroh sitting against the wall and lazily clapping his hands side to side with a delirious expression. Cut back to Warden Poon.
Warden Poon Crazy old man.
Warden Poon leaves. Cut back to Iroh. He claps a few more times and smiles when he is sure the warden is gone, ceasing his clapping and pushing back the stray hair hanging over his face.

Scene changes back to the Fire Nation Palace, where Zuko is looking out a window. Mai comes up to him.

Mai Zuko, it's just a dumb meeting. Who cares?
Zuko I don't.
Mai Well, good. You shouldn't. I mean, why would you even want to go? Just think about how things went he last meeting you went to.
Zuko [Sighs.] I know.
Mai You know what will make you feel better? [Zuko turns his head slightly.] Ordering some servants around. I might be hungry for a whole tray of fruit tarts. And maybe a little palanquin ride around town. Double time.
She turns Zuko's face to look at her, but he quickly looks away, making Mai let go of him. Meanwhile back at the camp, Toph and Aang return back with bags of money, much to Katara's disapproval.
Katara Guys, I think these scams have gone far enough. If you keep doing them, something bad is gonna happen.
Toph Could you for once stop being such a sourpuss and just lighten up? [Tosses some money to Katara.]
Katara [Angrily.] Oh, I'm sorry! You think I should be more like you? Like some wild child? [Tosses the money back at Toph.]
Toph Yeah! Maybe! Maybe then you'd see how great we have it! I mean, look at us! [Leans back on the rock behind her and crosses her arms behind her head.] We're traveling around the world! Making easy money! Having fun! With no parents to tell us what to do!
Katara Ah. I see. You're acting like this because of your parents.
Toph Whatever.
Katara They were controlling over you, so you ran away, and now you act like your parents don't exist. You act like you hate them, but you don't. You just feel guilty.
Toph I do hate them.
Katara I don't think so. I think you miss them, but you just don't wanna deal with that, so instead you act like this crazy person.
Toph [Stands up; angrily.] Look, I ran away to help Aang!
Katara You know what? It doesn't matter. These scams put us all at risk, and we don't need that.

[Angrily.] We have enough money! You need to stop this!

Toph [Angrily.] I'll stop when I wanna stop and not when you tell me! [Uses earthbending to launch the bag of money behind her into her hand and walks away angrily. Katara shakes her head angrily as Toph sits and creates an earth tent.]
Aang [Grabs his bag of money and stands up.] Speaking of money, I'm off to spend some. See you later. [Walks away.]
In town, Aang just bought a bowl of fruit. Momo grabs a peach from it and starts eating it on Aang's shoulder.
Aang [Laughing.] Momo. If you keep eating like this you'll ruin dinner for yourself. [While walking away, he notices a wanted poster he had just past with Toph's picture on it. He gasps in horror and rips it off the wall. Hawky screeches.] You're right, Momo. This is bad.
The scene changes to back at camp. Katara is practicing waterbending, while Toph is counting her money. Aang walks up to her.
Aang Toph, while I was in town, I found something that you're not gonna like. [Pulls out the wanted poster and shows it to her.]
Toph Well it sounds like a sheet of paper, but I guess you're referring to what's on the sheet of paper.
Sokka It's a wanted poster. Of you. They've nicknamed you the Runaway.
Toph [Happily.] A wanted poster! That's so great! "The Runaway." I love my new nickname. Is there a picture of me? Does it look good?
Aang [Looks a few times at both the wanted poster and Toph.] Well uh, sort of. [Gets back on topic.] But, Toph, you're missing the point. Maybe Katara was right. These scams are drawing too much attention to us.
Toph Don't be such a worrywart like her. [Stands up and walks up to Aang.] Think of it this way: Now you've got plenty of money to help with the invasion. [Holds up a bag of money and jiggles it in front of him.]
Aang [Tries to shake it off, but does.] That's not the point Toph. But I guess we could get some armor for Appa. [Looks at Appa, who is napping, but opens one eye upon hearing this.]
Toph [Takes some money out of the bag and hands the money to him.] Here's a little extra, so you can get yourself a nice map of the Fire Nation. You know what? [Gives the entire bag to him.] Make it an atlas. [Grabs the wanted poster and tucks it into her outfit.] And that's why this wanted poster is going to stay our little secret. [Walks away.]
Cut to a shot of the sword fighting ring in front of the main building at Piandao's castle. The camera tilts down to Sokka and Piandao sitting on the ground.
Piandao You've had a good first day of training.
Sokka [Frontal view.] I have‌? But I thought I messed up every single thing we worked on!
Piandao [Frontal view of feet. Camera pans up to his face.] You messed things up in a very special way. You are ready for a real sword.
Sokka [Frontal view. Excited.] Are you giving me one of yours‌?
Piandao [Frontal view.] No.
Frontal view of Sokka, who groans disappointedly and slumps down.
Piandao [Frontal view. Camera zooms in on his face.] Your sword must be an extension of yourself. So tomorrow, you will make your own sword.
Cut to and zoom in on Sokka. He immediately perks up and grins. Cut to a shot of a rack of swords. Weapons are hung all about the room. The camera pans left to Sokka and Piandao standing at a table. On the table are several bricks of steel.
Piandao Choosing the correct material is the most important step in crafting a sword. [Close-up and zooms out showing the steel in front of him.] You must trust your steel with your life. Choose carefully.
Sokka takes two bricks and weighs them in each hand. Sokka sets them down and takes another brick. He sniffs it and bites the brick to test its quality. Cut to side-view as Sokka puts the brick down and puts a hand to his chin thoughtfully. An idea comes to his mind and he turns to Piandao.
Sokka Master, [Side-view of Sokka looking at Piandao.] would it be possible for me to leave and bring back a special material for my sword‌?
Piandao [Side-view of Piandao looking at Sokka.] I wouldn't have it any other way.
Piandao smiles at Sokka.
Later on at camp, Katara is mixing something in a cooking pot via waterbending. She waterbends some of it out of the pot and into Appa's mouth, which causes him to lick his lips, while Aang sits on a ledge in front of Appa and drinks something out of a cup. Toph show up carrying big bags of money.
Katara [Sarcastically.] Well. Look who decided to join us. [Stands up.] Where have you been? Off scamming again?
Toph Yes, I was. [Puts her bag down.]
Katara [Walks up to behind Toph.] And I suppose you don't think what you're doing is dangerous at all?
Toph No, I don't.
Katara Really?
Toph Yes. Really.
Katara [Starts to pull something out.] Well then. What's this? [Shows Toph her wanted poster.]
Toph [Annoyed.] I don't know! I mean, seriously! What is with you people? I'm blind! [Points at her eyes and pulls down her bottom eyelids to emphasize her words.]
Katara It's a wanted poster of you!
Toph suddenly straightens up.
Toph [Excitedly.] Sokka's coming!
Cut to a shot of Sokka walking up to the top of the hill.
Sokka Hey, guys. What are you doing‌?
Aang, Katara, and Toph all jump at Sokka and give him a group hug.
Aang Sokka!
Toph You're back!
Katara [Close-up of Sokka and Katara with Aang in the foreground.] We missed you so much!
Aang [Close-up as he steps back slightly.] Say something funny!
Sokka [Close-up. Confused.] Funny how‌?
Cut to overhead view as Aang and Katara both laugh heartily. Toph smiles and crosses her arms.
Sokka [Side-view of Sokka with Toph in the foreground. To Toph.] What's their deal‌?
Toph [Turns away, blushing and smiling.] I don't know. They missed you or something. I didn't care.
Katara [Distracted a bit, but then remembers where she was at.] Anyways: "The Runaway!" Is that what you're called now Toph? Are you proud of this?
Toph [Angrily.] Where did you get that!?
Katara It doesn't matter where I got it. The fact is-
Toph You went through my stuff! You had no right!
Katara Your stuff was messy and I was just straightening up, and I happened to stumble across it!
Toph That's a lie! [Points at her.] You're lying, Katara!
Katara [Pushes Toph's pointing hand out of her face.] Fine! It's a lie! But you've been so out of control lately, I knew something was up! I knew you were hiding something and you were! [Shows her the poster again, but Toph grabs it, tosses it and starts to walk past Katara.] Don't you walk away from me while I'm talking to you!
Toph [Sarcastically.] Oh really, Mom? Or what are you gonna do? Send me to my room?
Katara I wish I could!
Toph Well you can't! Because you're not my mom, and you're not their mom! [Extends her arm at Aang and Sokka, who are sitting on a ledge.]
Katara I never said I was!
Toph No, but you certainly act like it! You think it's your job to boss everyone around, but it's not! You're just a regular kid like the rest of us! So stop acting like you can tell me what to do! I can do whatever I want!
Katara I don't act that way! [Looks at Sokka, who jumps as she says his name.] Sokka, do I act motherly?
Sokka [Puts his hands up defensively.] Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
Katara [Looks at Aang.] What do you think, Aang? Do I act like a mom?
Aang [Rubs his eye.] Well. I, uh-
Katara [Slightly annoyed.] Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!
Aang [He and Sokka sit straight.] Yes, ma'am.
Toph I can't be around you right now!
Katara Well, I can't be around you!
Both girls turn and walk away.
Sokka [Looking at Aang.] What happened here?
Aang A lot Sokka. A lot happened.
Sokka I think I know what to do. [Walks to Toph.] Come on. We need to talk.
Toph exhales, annoyed. Cut to a side-view of a beach as Zuko walks along it. Cut to side-view of Zuko. Cut to aerial view as he walks around a rock. He stops and turns. Cut to a wide-view of his family's abandoned vacation house. Cut to a close-up of Zuko, who heads off. Cut to a side-view as he turns to the ocean. The camera zooms in and flashes back to when he was a child. A still frame of children playing in grass accompanied by Ozai is shown. Flash back to present day as Zuko moves on. Cut to a close-up of Zuko walking up a path to the house. Flash back to a close-up still frame of Zuko as a child. Flash back to present day with a view from behind Zuko as he approaches the house. Flash back to Iroh holding up a baby Zuko as a young Lu Ten makes a sandcastle.

Flash back to present day showing an aerial view of the entrance to the house as Zuko approaches. The camera pans up, following Zuko, as he reaches the door. Cut to a close-up side-view of Zuko's hand grabbing the door handle and attempts to open the door, but it is locked. His hand retracts and his foot kicks the door open. Cut to frontal view of Zuko as the door is busted open. Cut to a wide shot of a room as Zuko walks up the stairs. Cut to a close-up view of a family portrait. Cut to close-up of Zuko who stares at the portrait. Cut to a close-up view of Ozai in the portrait as the camera pans down to a young Zuko. Flash back to Zuko as a child, from behind, looking out to the ocean. Ozai's hand is on his back. Flash back to a close-up of present day Zuko as he turns his head slightly. Cut to a close-up of Zuko in the portrait as the camera pans up to Ursa. Flash back to side-view of Zuko, as a child, with Ursa.

Flash back to a frontal view of present day Zuko moving forward and reaching out for something. Cut to his perspective showing him holding a stone imprinted with his own baby hand print. He lifts it up and places his hand on it.

Cut to a wide-view of the ocean, from the vacation house entrance as Azula approaches. The camera pans down as she reaches Zuko, who is sitting at the entrance.

Azula I thought I'd find you here.
Zuko [Side-view.] Those summers we spent here seem so long ago. So much has changed.
Azula Come down to the beach with me, Lo and Li's idea. Come on. This place is depressing.
Zuko gets up, the camera pans down to reveal the stone hand print left behind. Cut to a panning shot of the beach showing Azula and Zuko approaching Mai and Ty Lee. Cut to a frontal view of Zuko as he walks past Mai and glances at her.
Mai [Side-view. Hesitating at first.] Hey.
Zuko Are you cold?
Ty Lee I'm freezing.
Zuko [Side-view; smiling.] I'll make a fire. [View from behind Zuko as the camera pans up to show the vacation house.] There's plenty of stuff to burn in there.

The camera cuts to another area of the camp. Katara is bathing in a lake directly below a cliff. Sokka and Toph walk up to the edge of the cliff and sit down, not noticing Katara.
Toph So lemme guess: You brought me out here to tell me that your sister's not as annoying as I make her out to be.
Sokka Nah, she's pretty much a pain. [Katara, looking up at their feet from below and behind, glares and looks away.] She's always got to be right about everything and she gets all bossy and involved and in your business...
Toph Yeah. I don't know how you could deal with it.
Sokka Actually, in a way, I rely on it. [Katara looks back up at them.]
Toph I don't understand.
Sokka When our mom died, that was the hardest time in my life. Our family was a mess, but Katara? She had so much strength. She stepped up and took on so much responsibility. She helped fill the void that was left by our mom.
Toph I guess I never thought about that.
Sokka I'm gonna tell you something crazy. I never told anyone this before, but honestly? I'm not sure I can remember what my mother looked like. It really seems like my whole life, Katara's been the one looking out for me. She's always been the one that's there. And now, when I try to remember my mom, Katara's is the only face I can picture. [Katara, touched by what Sokka says, is reduced to tears.]
Toph The truth is sometimes Katara does act motherly, but that's not always a bad thing. She's compassionate and kind, and she actually cares about me. [Wipes away tears from her left eye.] You know, the real me. That's more than my own mom. [Katara, deeply touched by Toph's words, sinks slightly into the water. Toph punches Sokka in the arm.] Don't ever tell her I said any of this!
Sokka Hey, my lips are sealed.
At around nightfall, Katara is sitting next to Momo, who is napping with Katara rubbing the top of his head. Katara is looking down in front of her, saddened. She sees Sokka and Toph walking toward her and walks up to Toph. When they reach each other, Sokka keeps walking.
Katara Hi, Toph. Um, I wanna-
Toph [Holds up her hand in a "stop" fashion.] Katara, stop. You don't need to apologize. I was the one being stupid. These scams are out of control, and I'm done with them.
Katara [Smiles.] Actually I wasn't going to apologize. I was gonna say... I wanna pull a scam with you. [Aang and Sokka stare at her from behind, extremely shocked.]
Toph [Also shocked.] What? You wanna pull a scam?
Katara Not just any scam. The ultimate scam. [Sokka and Aang, still staring at her with shock, look at each other and faint, foaming from the mouth slightly. Katara puts her arm around Toph's shoulder, who gives a sly smile.] Whaddaya say, Toph? Just me and you. One last go. You in?
Toph [Excited.] You know I'm in! Now what's this idea of yours? [They walk away and leave Aang and Sokka behind, who are now unconscious and foaming at the mouth.]
Sokka [Overhead side-view of group.] This warms my heart and all. Anyway, I need some help and I need all of you.
Cut to a shot of the gang running over to the edge of the crater created the night before. Cut to a shot of the group, their backs to the camera, as they stare at the meteorite at the bottom of the crater.

The camera zooms in on the meteorite before cutting to an overhead shot of Iroh sitting in his cell, looking through the bars in the ceiling. Cut to a close-up of Iroh's eyes. They are closed for a brief moment before opening. Iroh leans forward and puts his head on the floor. The camera cuts to a shot of Iroh's legs rising into the air and tilts down as Iroh stands on his hands. Close-up of Iroh sweating heavily, as he begins to perform hand-stand push-ups.

The camera cuts to outside the cell as it zooms out. The scene cuts to a shot of Sokka, Aang, and Katara pushing the meteorite up the slope to Piandao's castle. Toph is behind the meteorite, pushing it forward with her earthbending. Fade to an overhead shot of the group and the meteorite at the large doors. Sokka runs to the doors. Cut to behind Sokka as he bangs both knockers frantically. Piandao opens one of the doors almost immediately and steps out.

Piandao Who's this‌?
Sokka [Overhead view from behind Piandao.] Oh, these are my friends. Just other good Fire Nation folks. [They bow to Piandao. Cut to Piandao, who bows back. The camera zooms out to show the meteorite and Sokka.] Do you think we can make a sword out of a meteorite‌?
Piandao lays a hand on the meteorite and examines it.
Piandao [Close-up.] We'll make a sword unlike any other in the world.
Cut to a close-up of a campfire.The picture of the Royal Family is thrown into the fire. Cut to a close-up of Zuko in the picture as it begins to burn.
Ty Lee What are you doing?
Zuko [Frontal view.] What does it look like I'm doing?
Ty Lee [Close-up aerial view of Zuko standing next to the fire.] But, it's a painting of your family.
Zuko [The camera pans up to Zuko's face; angrily.] You think I care?
Ty Lee [Off-camera.] I think you do.
Zuko You don't know me, so why don't you just mind your own business? [Walks away.]
Ty Lee [Close-up. Scoffs.] I know you.
Zuko [Frontal view.] No, you don't. [Close-up.] You're stuck in your little "Ty Lee world" where everything's great all the time.
Mai Zuko, [Frontal view.] leave her alone.
Zuko [Walks away. Frontal view of campsite. Imitating Ty Lee.] "I'm so pretty. Look at me. I can walk on my hands. Whoo!" [Does a handstand. Frontal view of Ty Lee, upset. Close-up of Zuko, as he falls to the ground. Frontal view of Ty Lee, Zuko's face in the foreground.] Circus freak.
Ty Lee [Side-view. Azula giggles. Ty Lee cries.] Yes, I'm a circus freak. Go ahead and laugh all you want. You want to know why I joined the circus?
Azula Here we go.
Ty Lee [Aerial view of camp site.] Do you have any idea what my home life was like? [Frontal view.] Growing up with six sisters who look exactly like me? [She stands.] It was like I didn't even have my own name. [Side-view. Kneels down, crying.] I joined the circus [Close-up side-view.] because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I'm different now. [Frontal view, she lifts her head; angrily.] "Circus freak" is a compliment.
Mai [Frontal view.] Guess that explains why you need ten boyfriends, too.
Ty Lee [Frontal view over Mai's shoulder; balls her hands into fists and points them on her hips.] I'm sorry, what?
Mai [Frontal view.] Attention issues. You couldn't get enough attention when you were a kid, so you're trying to make up for it now.
Ty Lee [Close-up.] Well, what's your excuse, Mai? You were an only child for fifteen years, but even with all that attention, your aura is this dingy, pasty, gray...
Mai [Frontal view.] I don't believe in auras.
Zuko [Camera pans right. Getting up.] Yeah, you do not believe in anything.
Mai [Close-up; sarcastically.] Oh, well, I'm sorry I can't be as high-strung and crazy as the rest of you.
Zuko [Aerial view of campsite. Walking up to the campfire.] I'm sorry, too. I wish you would be high-strung and crazy for once instead of keeping all your feeling bottled up inside. [Frontal view.] She just called your aura dingy. Are you gonna take that?
Mai [Aerial view of campsite. Leaning back.] What do you want from me? You want a teary confession about how hard my childhood was? Well, it wasn't. [Close-up.] I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted... as long as I behaved [Cut to shot of the sky.] and sat still, and didn't speak unless spoken to. [Close-up of Zuko.] My mother said I had to keep out of trouble. We had my dad's political career to think about.
Azula [Side-view of campsite.] Well, that's it, then. [Close-up.] You have a controlling mother who had certain expectations, and if you strayed from them, you were shut down. That's why you're afraid to care about anything, and why you can't express yourself.
Mai [Frontal view.] You want me to express myself? [Stands up and yells.] Leave me alone!
Zuko [Side-view of Mai.] My life hasn't been that easy either, Mai.
Mai Whatever. That doesn't excuse the way you've been acting.
Ty Lee Calm down, you guys. [Frontal view of her and Azula.] This much negative energy is bad for your skin. You'll totally break out.
Zuko Bad skin? [Frontal view.] Normal teenagers worry about bad skin. I don't have that luxury. [Leaning forward.] My father decided to teach me a permanent lesson on my face! [Points to his scar.]
Ty Lee [Frontal view of Azula and Ty Lee from behind Zuko. Apologetically.] Sorry, Zuko, I...
Zuko [Turning around.] For so long I thought that if my dad accepted me, I'd be happy. I'm back home now, my dad talks to me. Ha! He even thinks I'm a hero. [Close-up of Azula, who smiles.] Everything should be perfect, right? [Aerial view of campsite.] I should be happy now, but I'm not. [Turning back to the others.] I'm angrier than ever and I don't know why!
Azula [Frontal view.] There's a simple question you need to answer, then. Who are you angry at?
Zuko [Close-up.] No one. I'm just angry.
Mai [Side-view of the three girls.] Yeah, who are you angry at, Zuko?
Zuko [Close-up.] Everyone. I don't know. [Becoming frustrated.]
Azula [Frontal view.] Is it Dad?
Zuko [Close-up.] No, no.
Ty Lee [Frontal view.] Your uncle?
Azula Me?
Zuko [Close-up.] No, no, n-no, no!
Mai [Close-up.] Then who? Who are you angry at?
Azula [Camera pans left, past Ty Lee, to Azula.] Answer the question, Zuko.
Ty Lee [Close-up.] Talk to us.
Mai [Extreme close-up.] Come on, answer the question.
Azula Come on, answer it.
Zuko [Frontal view from behind the girls. Losing it now; furiously.] I'm angry at myself!
Slamming down with his clenched fists he causes the camp fire to turn into a pillar of fire, the girls recoil from the flames. Cut to close-up view from above of Zuko. Cut to a wide-view of the entire campsite as the flame dies down. Zuko turns away.
Azula Why?
Zuko [Close-up.] Because I'm confused. Because I'm not sure I know the difference between right and wrong anymore.
Azula You're pathetic.
Mai [View from behind Zuko.] I know one thing I care about. [Walks up to Zuko. Frontal view.] I care about you. [They kiss.]
Azula [Claps. Camera zooms out to show her as Mai and Zuko turn.] Well, those were wonderful performances, everyone.
Zuko [Frontal view.] I guess you wouldn't understand, would you, Azula? [He puts an arm around Mai.] Because you're just so perfect.
Azula [Frontal view.] Well, yes, I guess you're right. I don't have sob stories like all of you. I could sit here and complain how our mom liked Zuko more than me, but I don't really care. [Gazes into the fire. Close-up view of the fire pit.] My own mother [Close-up.] thought I was a monster. [Close-up of Zuko and Mai. Close-up of Ty Lee. Side-view of campsite. After a momentary pause.] She was right, of course, but it still hurt.
Ty Lee What Lo and Li said came true. The beach did help us learn about ourselves. [She picks up a rock and rubs it, smiling. Close-up.] I feel all smoothed. I'll always remember this.
Cut to a shot of a fiery forge. The camera zooms out and turns left to Sokka bare-chested and shoveling coal into it, before switching to Piandao and Fat, who is carrying a large sledge hammer. The camera cuts and tilts up to a shot of Sokka holding a chisel against the meteorite while Fat hammers it, Piandao watching in the back. Cut to a shot of Sokka tapping the chisel with a smaller hammer. A piece of the meteorite breaks off and falls to the floor. Sokka takes a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow. Cut to a shot of a wooden bucket filled with the meteorite fragments. Fat takes the bucket and the camera follows him as he brings it over to the forge. Sokka is seen working the bellows diligently. The camera zooms in as Katara and Aang peer in at Sokka from around the corner. Fade to a shot of the bucket sitting in the fires of the forge. Cut to a shot of Sokka holding his legs to his chest, asleep. He wakes up and looks behind him at the forge. He stands up and resumes shoveling in coal. The camera zooms out to show Piandao observing Sokka from outside. Fade to a shot of the bucket being pulled from the forge by Sokka with iron tongs. He carefully positions the liquid space metal over a mold of a blade and pours it in. Cut to a shot of the red hot metal being hammered against a stone. Cut to Piandao as he raises the hot blade and looks carefully at it. An excited Sokka can be seen behind him. Cut to a shot from inside a trough of water as Piandao dips the blade in. The blade makes the water bubble and boil as it hisses and cools, turning black. The scene changes to Katara and Toph going over the plan. Katara is looking at Toph's wanted poster.
Katara The plan is simple: This wanted poster says you're worth a lot of money; Ten times more than you've made in all of your scams. So I'm gonna turn you in and collect the reward. Then you metalbend yourself out of jail, and we're on our way. [As she speaks, the screen fades to the beginning of the episode, where Toph is seen running from the authorities and is caught in a net.]
Toph [Angrily.] How could you do this to me? You betrayed me!
Katara [Crosses her arms.] You brought this on yourself. I had no choice. [Turns away from Toph.]
Toph is dragged away in the net, all the while glaring back at Katara. Katara glances back slightly and gives a sly smile. She is joined by the chief of authorities.
Town authority You did the right thing by turning in the Runaway.
Katara The right thing is its own reward.
Town authority Well, I'm happy to hear you say that.
Katara [Pauses for a moment.] But, I still want the actual reward.
Town authority Of course. Right this way.
Fade to a shot of the outside of Piandou's main building, the camera tilting down to the open doors. Cut to a shot of the inside. Sokka is seated in front of Piandao. Aang is sitting behind Sokka while Fat stands behind Piandao, holding Sokka's sword.
Piandao Sokka, when you first arrived, you were so unsure. You even seemed down on yourself. [Frontal view of Piandao as the camera pans across to the right revealing Fat.] But I saw something in you right away. [Side-view of Sokka.] I saw a heart as strong as a lion turtle, and twice as big. [Side-view of the room.] And as we trained, it wasn't your skills that impressed me. [Fat kneels to Piandao and gives him the sword. Frontal view of Piandao as he turns back to face the camera.] No, it certainly wasn't your skills. [Brief close-up of Sokka, who looks down in shame, before cutting back to a close-up of Piandao.] You showed something beyond that. [Unsheathes the sword, showing its black blade. Cut to side-view of Piandao as the camera zooms out and follows the blade as he strikes out to the side.] Creativity, versatility, [Frontal view of Sokka with the sword in the foreground.] intelligence... [Sokka looks down.] these are the traits that define a great swordsman. [Side-view of Piandao as he sheathes the sword.] And these are the traits that define you. [Kneels and presents the sword to Sokka. Cut to frontal view of Sokka, from Piandao's perspective, who takes it.] You told me you didn't know if you were worthy, [Close-up shot as he stands up.] but I believe that you are more worthy than any man I have ever trained.
Cut to a shot of the sword in Sokka's hands. The camera tilts up to Sokka as he lowers his head in shame.
Sokka I'm sorry, Master. You're wrong. [Close-up of Piandao.] I am not worthy. [Side-view of Sokka.] I'm not who you think I am. I'm not from the Fire Nation. I'm from the Southern Water Tribe. [Cut to side-view of Aang who gawked at Sokka with shock and disbelief. Close-up side-view of Piandao and Sokka.] I lied so that I could learn swordsmanship from you. I'm sorry. [Offering his sword back.]
Piandao [Close-up.] I'm sorry, too.
Piandao quickly turns back around and swings his sword at Sokka. Cut to Sokka who stands and avoids the attack. Side-view of Sokka who, after unsheathing his sword, blocks a thrust from Piandao. Side-view of Aang who gets up and go to help Sokka. Cut to frontal view of him that quickly zooms out to show Sokka who raises his hand to stop him.
Sokka No, this is my fight, alone.
Cut to a close-up of Piandao before cutting to Iroh's cell. Warden Poon enters, carrying a tray of food. The camera pans right to a close-up of Iroh.
Warden Poon You used to be the pride of the Fire Nation. Our top general, the Dragon of the West. Now, look at you. [Drops the food to the floor. Cut to aerial shot of the floor as the trays contents go everywhere. Iroh grabs a green fruit from behind the bars. Cut to close-up of Iroh on the ground as he moves the fruit to his mouth.] Look what you've become.
Iroh watches the warden leave and stands up. Cut to frontal view as he puts the fruit to his mouth and holds it in his teeth as he begins to untie his belt. Close-up side-view as his shirt comes off and a thick, folded sheet that had been covering his belly falls to the floor. Cut to shot of the sheet hitting the ground and the camera tilts up to reveal Iroh's new, incredibly buff physique. Iroh takes the fruit from his mouth, bites into it, and jumps up. Cut to close-up shot above the cell bars as Iroh grabs a bar above with one hand. Side-view of Iroh who takes another bite of the fruit and begins doing one handed pull-ups. Cut to and zoom out on a side-view of Iroh and his cell.

The scene cuts to a shot of Sokka and Piandao squared off in the sword fighting ring. Aang, Katara, Toph, and Fat watch from the upper part of the main building. Cut to and zoom in on Sokka, ready with his black sword. Cut to a shot of the tip of Piandao's sword pointed at the ground. The camera tilts up to him, his other hand raised and pointed. Panning side-view of the others who watch nervously.

Cut to a panning right close-up of Sokka, before switching to a panning left close-up of Piandao. Piandao lunges forward and begins his attack. Frontal view of Piandao as Sokka backs away. Cut to a side-view of the scene as Piandao strikes four times, each one parried by Sokka. Cut behind Piandao as Sokka attempts a strike of his own. Piandao moves his head out of the way and stabs at Sokka, who sways back and avoids the attack; Piandao sweeps his sword at Sokka's legs, but Sokka jumps over it and lunges at Piandao, thrusting his sword forward. Side-view of Piandao who deflects Sokka's blade and pushes him back. Cut to behind Sokka as he is knocked back several feet and slides over the ground. Frontal view of Sokka as he flips himself backward and grabs a post of a small bridge to regain his balance. He quickly climbs onto the post and leaps to the other one just as Piandao thrusts his sword at him, the camera pans to the left to follow Sokka. Piandao spins around and tries to slice Sokka's foot. Cut to Sokka's feet as he jumps away. Wide shot of entrance to the bridge as Sokka jumps to the other rail of the bridge. Piandao stabs at Sokka again, but Sokka jumps off the rail and rolls to the side. Piandao strikes again, but Sokka rolls under the blade. Frontal view of Sokka as he blocks Piandao's next strike. The camera pans to the left as Sokka runs to the left and jumps on to the railing again. Cut to a view shot of bridge as Sokka leaps away to the end of the bridge, dodging as Piandao swings his sword at him.

Piandao Excellent! [Close-up.] Using your superior agility against an older opponent... smart.
Piandao charges at Sokka again. Close-up of Sokka as he readies his sword. Shot from behind Sokka as Piandao strikes at him and pushes him up a large stone stairway with the camera panning down to follow their movements. Cut to behind Piandao, titled up toward the stairs, as Sokka blocks all of the attacks, but the force pushes him against the wall of the stairway. Cut to Sokka as his back hits the wall and he deflects a thrust from Piandao upward, and ducks as the blade slices through the part of the wall above his shoulder. Cut to Piandao as he swings his sword around his head and body in two large circles. Frontal view of Sokka as he barely dodges Piandao's blade, cart wheeling to the right as the camera pans with him. Camera pans back left as Sokka spins back around, hops a foot off the ground and pushes off the wall with his legs, propelling himself forward, sword extended. Side-view as Piandao deflects the attack. Wide-view of the stairs as Sokka rolls across the stair to the other wall, climbing to the top. Frontal view of the wall as Sokka reaches the top.
Piandao Good use of terrain... fighting from the high ground.
Sokka swings at Piandao below him, who parries and swings at Sokka. Piandao thrusts his sword at Sokka, who pins the blade under his own blade, weighted down under his feet. Cut to Sokka standing on the swords before switching back to Piandao, who tries to wrench his sword free. Cut to Piandao's feet as he steps forward and the camera pans up as he pushes his sword upward, throwing Sokka off. View from behind Sokka as he grunts, stumbling back into a tall stalk of bamboo. Cut to a shot of Aang wincing at the sight. Cut back to Sokka as he looks up fearfully, strands of hair falling over his face. Frontal view of Piandao as he raises his sword and charges at Sokka. Cut back to Sokka as he ducks Piandao's attack that slices through the bamboo just above his head. He turns to run off into the bamboo thicket. Frontal view of Sokka as he runs away. Cut to frontal shot of Sokka running through the bamboo thicket, slicing through as many surrounding stalks of bamboo that he can. As Piandao chases after, the stalks all begin to fall. Close-up of Piandao skillfully cutting through the bamboo. Side-view of Sokka as he runs through the bamboo and turns, grabbing a stalk and pulling it. He lets it go just as Piandao catches up. Cut to the stalk whipping around. Cut to side-view of Piandao cutting through it with ease as Sokka tries to attack from behind.
Piandao Yes, use your surroundings. [Piandao deflects the attacks as Sokka runs away. Sokka grabs two stalks and pulls them back before releasing them. They whip around at Piandao, who slices through them.] Make them fight for you!
Cut to a shot of Sokka running out of the bamboo and back toward the sword fighting ring, screaming in terror and Piandao not far behind. The camera shifts to Sokka's front. He is very frightened and takes a look behind, but Piandao has run off to the side and out of sight. Side-view of Sokka who turns to look ahead only for Piandao to strike out in front of him, trying to make him run into it. However, Sokka leans back. The scene goes into slow motion and the camera cuts to an overhead close-up of Sokka sliding under the blade. The scene comes back to normal speed and cuts to a frontal view as Sokka stands back up and stumbles forward, stabbing his sword into the ground to stop his fall. Cut behind Sokka as he uses his momentum to swing his sword back around, flinging dirt and dust at Piandao. The scene goes into slow motion again and the camera cuts to a close-up of Piandao as the dirt hits him in the face, blinding him. The scene comes back to normal speed and cuts to a frontal shot of Piandao as he spins around and positions his sword behind his back to defend any sneak attacks. Cut to a close-up of Piandao, his eyes closed.
Piandao Very resourceful.
Piandao turns his head and listens for any sounds. Cut close-up to Sokka and zooms out as he nervously raises his sword defensively. He slowly tries to sneak away, careful not to make any noises that would give away his location. Cut to a twig on the ground as Sokka steps on it, snapping it. Close-up of Piandao who turns his head toward Sokka when he hears it. Camera zooms out as he twirls his sword around into an offensive position and charges forward. Close-up of Sokka who takes a step back as Piandao closes in. Side-view of the fight as Piandao strikes. Sokka parries the attack. Cut behind Sokka as Piandao catches Sokka's blade with his own. He pushes Sokka's sword around in two circles and flings Sokka's sword out of his hands. Side-view of the fight as Sokka watches his sword fly into the air and stab into the ground several feet away.

Cut to side-view of Sokka looking worried as Piandao moves to attack. The scene goes into slow motion and cuts to a side-view of the two as Piandao swings his sword in large, horizontal arc at Sokka. Sokka is not cut by the blade, but is instead hit in the chest by Piandao's arms, knocking him on his back. Cut to Sokka landing on the ground and he looks up fearfully. Cut to frontal view of Piandao from the ground as Piandao turns and points his sword at Sokka's head. Cut to Sokka who leans back in fear. Frontal view of Aang as he jumps from the building to the ground and run toward Sokka and Piandao. Cut to a close-up of Piandao. The camera zooms out as he swings his sword away from Sokka, halting Aang.

Piandao Excellent work, Sokka.
Cut to a shot of Sokka squinting at Piandao curiously. Cut to a shot of Piandao with Aang in the background. He raises his hand and the camera tilts up slightly as he signals to Fat. Cut to a frontal view of Fat as he flings the scabbard of Piandao's sword toward him. Frontal view of the still blinded Piandao as he turns and points his sword upward. Side-view as the scabbard flies right onto the blade.
Piandao I think I'm a little old to be fighting the Avatar.
Cut to a shot of Aang in his bending stances. He comes out of their stances and Aang looks in surprise.
Aang How did you know‌?
The scene cuts to a shot of Piandao and Sokka. Sokka stands back up as Fat walks on screen carrying a drink and a white cloth.
Piandao Oh, I've been around a while. You pick things up. [Wipes the dirt off his face with the cloth.] Of course, I knew from the beginning that Sokka was Water Tribe. [Close-up of Sokka.] You might want to think of a better Fire Nation cover name. [Camera zooms out to show Piandao.] Try "Lee." There's a million "Lees". [Sips his drink.].
Cut to a frontal shot of Aang with Fat and Piandao facing toward them, their backs to the camera.
Aang But why would you agree to train someone from the Water Tribe‌?
Piandao [Close-up.] The way of the sword doesn't belong to any one nation. [Frontal shot of Piandao, Sokka and Fat as the other three look on, their backs to the camera.] Knowledge of the arts belongs to us all. [Gives his sword to Fat. Cut to Sokka's sword as he pulls it out of the ground. Cut to side-view of Piandao and Sokka as Piandao gives the sword back to Sokka.] Sokka, you must continue your training on your own. [Close-up.] If you stay on this path, I know that one day [Close-up.] you will become an even greater master than I am.
Cut to a shot of Aang and Sokka both smiling warmly. Cut back to Sokka and Piandao as they bow to each other. The scene cuts to a wide shot of them leaving Piandao's castle through the front gates. It cuts to a closer shot of the group from the front. Fat is running up to them from behind.
Fat Wait! [Everyone turns to him. Side-view.] The Master wanted you to have this, as something to remember him by.
Cut to a close-up of Fat giving a small, brown bag to Sokka. Overhead view as they both bow as a farewell and Fat walks back to the castle. The camera zooms in as Sokka opens the bag and pulls out a white lotus Pai Sho tile.
Sokka It's a Pai Sho tile.
Cuts to a close-up of the tile in Sokka's hands.
Aang The White Lotus. Huh. What does it mean‌?
Sokka [Cut to close-up of Aang and Sokka as Fat is seen in the background closing the doors. Sokka and Aang look back and the camera zooms in on the doors, clearly showing a lotus design on the doors surrounding the Fire Nation symbol.] I have no idea. [Overhead view. Sokka reaches into his pocket.] Cummon, let's catch up with the girls.
Meanwhile, a female guard drags Toph into a jail. She throws Toph from the net into a wooden cell and closes it. Toph feels the floor of her cell, but is shocked when she can't sense any earth in it. She gets up and looks outside the cell at the guard.
Toph Hey! What kind of cell is this?
Female guard A wooden one. [She walks away as Toph becomes visibly worried.]
In an office, the town authority grabs a box underneath a desk and looks around in it. A door opens behind Katara, who is standing across the desk from the chief. The chief closes the box and points at Katara.
Town authority That's her! That's the girl you were looking for!
Katara turns and sees the assassin with the third eye tattooed on his head, aka "Sparky-Sparky-Boom Man", walk in, leaving her shocked and horrified. Meanwhile, at camp, Sokka and Aang are worried, the latter pacing back and forth.
Aang Do you think this scam of theirs should be taking this long?
Sokka I was just wondering the same thing. We'd better check it out.
The scene changes back to Mai's house. Zuko is lying down on the arm of the couch, while Mai is making tea. Just as she is about to give him a cup, someone calls for him.
Servant Prince Zuko, [He bows before the prince.] everyone's waiting for you.
Mai and Zuko walk over to the servant to see what he's talking about.
Zuko What?
Servant The high admirals, the high generals, the war ministers, and the princess have all arrived. You're the only person missing.
Zuko So, my dad wants me at the meeting?
Servant The Fire Lord said he would not start until you arrived, sir.
Zuko smiles, and looks at Mai, who is also smiling.

The camera cuts to Toph's cell, which now holds Katara too. They both are sitting on the floor, downcast, when Toph suddenly realizes something.

Toph Wait! It's a trap!
Katara [Sarcastically.] Really? No kidding! Is that why we're sitting in a wooden cage right now? Gee, how'd you figure out it was a trap?
Toph Not for us, Katara! We're the bait! He wants Aang! [Katara's eyes widen with realization.]
Katara I can't believe I'm so stupid! See? This is exactly why I'm against these scams! I knew this would happen!
Toph But, this was your idea.
Katara I know. I wanted to show that I'm not so motherly. I wanted to show you that I can have fun too.
Toph Katara, you are fun. If nothing else, you're at least fun to argue with.
Katara I know your relationship with your parents is complicated. And I shouldn't have said what I said.
Toph It's okay. I was really mad when you said that because... well because, maybe it's true. [Starts to cry.] I try not to think about it, but when I left, I probably really hurt them.
Katara embraces Toph. Meanwhile, Sokka and Aang walk around town looking for Katara and Toph. The town is seemingly abandoned.
Sokka Where do you think they might be?
Aang Where do you think anyone is? [The assassin is seen walking across a rooftop behind them. Aang hears him inhaling and becomes shocked when he turns and sees him.] Sokka, watch out! [He grabs Sokka as they dodge a blast from the assassin and take cover behind an Ozai statue.] Who is that?
Sokka It's like some sort of "Sparky-Sparky-Boom-Man"
Aang "Sparky-Sparky-Boom-Man"?
Sokka You know, that name doesn't quite fit.
The assassin jumps down from the roof and fires another blast at them. They barely dodge it, but get sent flying back by the blast, which shakes the ceiling of Toph and Katara's cell. Toph is trying to break out, while Katara is sitting down.
Katara What are we gonna do?
Toph I don't know. I wish we had some earth or water. We need bendables.
Katara exhales deeply and wipes her forehead with the back of her hand. Her eyes widen with realization as she notices her hand is covered in sweat. She smiles and quickly stands up to start running in place.
Toph [Confused.] Um, Katara? Are you okay?
Katara Just fine.
Toph [Still confused.] Well, what are you doing?
Katara I'm making my own water.
Katara stops running and wipes her forehead again. This time, she uses waterbending to use the midair sweat as blades to cut through the wooden cage. Toph stands up upon noticing this.
Toph [Amazed.] Katara! You're a genius! A sweaty, stinky genius!
Katara waterbends another blade of sweat, this time from under her arms. Cut to Aang and Sokka being chased by the assassin. The assassin fires a blast at them which they dodge but still get sent flying. Sokka crashes onto a wheelbarrow, which they hide behind.
Sokka This guy is too good! He shoots fire from his brain!
Aang We should split up. He can't chase us both.
The assassin walks out of the smoke. Aang runs off from his left and Sokka from his right. The assassin fires a blast at the wheelbarrow and blows it up. Aang runs past him on a roof to his left. The assassin quickly turns and fires another blast, which sends Aang flying into the Ozai statue. He falls from the statue to the ground. He looks up and sees the assassin standing above him inhale, about to fire another blast at Aang, but his head is suddenly encased in ice. The assassin moves and Aang sees Katara, Sokka, and Toph standing behind the assassin.
Katara Aang, get up! [She helps him up and they run away.]
Toph Let's get out of here!
The assassin breaks the ice with brute force. He launches another blast at Team Avatar, but Toph quickly launches a boulder at the blast, blowing the boulder up. A pebble from the boulder flies toward the assassin and hits him square in his third eye, which momentarily stuns and angers him. He tries to fire another blast, but with his chi is blocked, he ignites the air around him and gets sent back, head-first into a wall. When he stands up and shakes it off, Team Avatar is gone.
Sokka [Still running.] Hey, I got it! The perfect name for that guy: "Combustion Man!"
Toph Good job, Sokka. Now let's get outta here before Combustion Man catches us.
Sokka See? It fits so well!
The scene changes to the Royal Palace, where Mai is waiting for Zuko after the meeting, who is exiting.
Mai So, how did it go? [They walk on together.]
Zuko When I got to the meeting, everyone welcomed me. My father had saved me a seat. He wanted me next to him. I was literally at his right hand.
Mai Zuko, that's wonderful! You must be happy.
The two stop at a picture of Ozai. Zuko gazes at it
Zuko During the meeting, I was the perfect prince. The son my father wanted. [Looks down, eyes closed.] But I wasn't me.
Later that night, the gang are at their camp spot on Appa.
Sokka [Yawns.] Well, I'm exhausted. Ooh, that reminds me! Toph, I thought you might like this [Close-up view of Sokka offering her a chunk of the meteorite.] since you've probably never had a chance to bend space earth before.
Toph [Taking the rock. Side-view.] Sweet! [Cut to a close-up of the space earth floating between Toph's hands. She shapes it into a swirl, a star, and a splatter shaped similar to the Nickelodeon logo.] Check this out.
Cuts to a shot of the group as they walk off down the trail.
Katara You know, I don't think there's such a thing as "space earth". If it's from space, then it's not really "earth".
Sokka Must you ruin everything‌?
Katara I can't believe I missed you.
Aang and Sokka get off Appa. Katara is about to dismount Appa, but is stopped by Toph.
Toph Katara? I need your help.
Katara [Sits back down.] What is it, Toph?
Toph [Pulls out a sheet of paper.] I need you to write some things down for me. I wanna send a letter to my parents.
Katara [Smiling.] I'll be happy to help.
The scene cuts to the Gaang sleeping by the cliffs. Avatar Roku emerging from behind a small wall of fire, and is speaking to Aang in a dream.
Roku Aang, it's time you learn of my history with Fire Lord Sozin. [Cut to a close-up of Aang's face in his dream, before cutting back to Roku.] You need to understand how the war began, if you want to know how to end it. [Cut to an overhead shot of Roku's island.] Meet me on my home island on the day of the summer solstice.
Scene changes to Aang, asleep, as he rolls over onto his side.
Aang [Talking in his sleep.] Okay, Roku.
Scene changes to Zuko, who is asleep as well, as sounds of footsteps wake him up, and he rushes to the hall to investigate. He opens the door, and sees a cloaked individual walk down the hall and disappear. Zuko begins to go after the individual, but notices a scroll lying on the floor. A surprised Zuko picks up the scroll and reads it.
Zuko [Reading the scroll.] You need to know the story of your great-grandfather's demise. It will reveal your own destiny. [He closes the scroll, and stares down the hallway.]
Shot cuts to a view from the opposite end of the hallway. Zuko is still standing outside his bedroom. Scene changes to a blue, cloud filled sky. A very large cloud moves quickly forward. Cut to the inside of the cloud, as Aang, standing on Appa's, bends the elements around the bison to create a cloud, to camouflage. Katara and Sokka look over Appa's saddle for a better look.
Aang There it is. That's Roku's home.
Cut to an overhead shot of the island, as Appa lands. Cut to a shot of Team Avatar descending from Appa.
Katara [Confused.] But, there's nothing here.
Toph jumps from Appa's saddle, as her feet touch the ground.
Toph Yes, there is. An entire village, hundreds of houses... [A strong breeze moves a layer of ash along the ground, brushing past their feet.] all completely buried in ash.
The scene changes to an overhead of the Royal Caldera City. Cut to a hall, full of paintings of previous Fire Lords. Zuko stands before one of the portraits, as Azula passes by Zuko.
Azula It's never too early for a sitting with the court painter, Zuko. Make sure he gets your good side.
Zuko Wait, I need to ask you something. [Azula stops walking.] What do you remember about our great-grandfather's history?
Azula [She sighs.] Oh, Zuko, it's so strange how your mind works. [Cut to an overhead shot of the hall, as Azula tells Zuko about Sozin's history.] Fire Lord Sozin began the war, of course. [Cut to Fire Lord Sozin's portrait, as it pans from the bottom to the top.] He spent his early years secretly preparing for it. He was as patient as he was clever. He famously waited for the comet, later renamed Sozin's Comet, and used its power to launch his full-scale invasion of the world. [Cut back to Zuko and Azula.] In the end, he died a very old and successful man.
Zuko But how did he die?
Azula [Turning toward Zuko.] Didn't you pay any attention in school, Zuko? He died peacefully, in his sleep. [Cut to a shot of the full room, as Azula walks away.] He was ancient.
Zuko stares, frustrated. Scene changes back to Roku's island. Team Avatar is sitting on the tip of a hardened wave of lava. Cut to Aang from the back, who is facing the ocean, and is meditating. Cut to him from the front, as his arrows glow, and he is shown sitting on a mountain top, surrounded by clouds, in the Spirit World. Fang, who is carrying Roku, flies near him, as he stands up, and Roku smiles at Aang. The scene cuts to Zuko in his room, lying on his back on his bed. He rolls over on his side and stares at the scroll. He picks it up and reads it to himself again.
Zuko What does it mean?
Annoyed, he tosses the scroll aside, as it lands on a lantern. The light from the lantern shines through the parchment, and it reveals a secret message on the scroll. Zuko gasps and grabs the scroll from atop the lantern, and reads the secret message aloud.
Zuko [Reading.] The Fire Sages keep the secret history in the Dragonbone Catacombs.
Cut to a close-up of Zuko's eyes, as he finishes reading the secret message. Zuko quickly turns to leave. Cut to a dark temple. A Fire Sage walks through a courtyard, and stops over a large medallion fashioned in the shape of a flower in the middle of the courtyard. He crouches low, and delivers a blast of fire into the center of the medallion. It begins to open a hidden passage, under the courtyard of the temple. The Sage goes into the passage through the steps. Zuko hides and waits behind a pillar. When no one is around, Zuko goes to the secret passage, and bends a blast of fire into the medallion. The passage opens, and a spiral staircase is revealed along with a very large secret chamber. Zuko travels through the chamber and down a hall lined with bones of dragons, all lined up along the walls of the hall. He comes to an ornate door with a metal sculpture of Fire Lord Sozin on it. The chest of the sculpture has a Fire Nation emblem. Zuko places his left hand over the emblem, and bends a fire blast. The fire fills the door, and comes out from the statue's eyes, nose and mouth. Zuko enters the room, pulls his cloak from his head, and raises his lantern to look around the dark chamber, and sees that the room is filled with artifacts and various vessels. A large statue of a dragon sits in the middle of the room. Under the dragon's head, Zuko finds Fire Lord Sozin's history.
Zuko [Reading aloud.] The final testimony of Fire Lord Sozin.
As Zuko picks the scroll, the scene changes to Roku lending Aang a hand to climb on Fang.
Roku Come, Aang.
Aang [He climbs on Fang, who flies off.] Where're we going?
Roku To visit my past. [He smiles at Aang, as Aang grins widely.] Our shared past.
Scene changes to the room, where Zuko is reading from the scroll.
Sozin [Narrating his history.] As I feel my own life dimming, I can't help but think of a time when everything was so much brighter.
Scene changes to a lush Fire Nation courtyard in a flashback. Two young firebenders are dueling. The young men, Prince Sozin and Roku, exchange fire blasts.
Sozin I remember my friend.
While they duel, Sozin notices that Roku's feet are close to a tree root. Sozin smiles, and using this to his advantage, he steps up his attack to drive Roku back, causing Roku to trip over the root and fall back. As Roku falls, Sozin grabs Roku by the shirt to keep him from falling. While he holds him, he raises his hand as if to fire blast, but instead he lets Roku fall to the ground.
Sozin Looks like I win again, Roku. [Extends a hand to help Roku to his feet.]
Roku Are you kidding? [Takes Sozin's hands and gets up.] The tree root did all the work. [After getting up, he pats Sozin on his shoulders.] Nice one, Sozin.
Aang [Surprised.] You were friends with Fire Lord Sozin‌?
Roku Back then, he was just Prince Sozin. [Cut to a close-up of Roku's face.] And he was my best friend.
As Roku and Sozin leave the courtyard, a young Fire Nation lady goes by. As she walks past the friends, Roku stares at her and blushes, which Sozin notices.
Sozin [Nudging Roku.] Say something to her.
Roku walks after the young lady. He raises his hand and attempts to greet the lady, who also slightly blushes, but is overcome by embarrassment. He sighs, puts his hands on his head, and falls down. Sozin sits down next to him and sprinkles blades of grass on Roku's face. Shot cuts to the older Roku and Aang, watching Roku's history.
Roku Love is hard when you are young.
Aang You don't have to tell me.
Roku [Putting his hand over Aang's shoulder.] Don't worry, it gets better. [He turns back and walks, along with Aang.] Now, come with me. [Cut to a celebration on a courtyard.] We have a party to attend.
Aang Wait, whose party is it?
Roku [Cut to the young Roku and Prince Sozin.] Sozin and I shared many things, including a birthday.
Roku and Prince Sozin walk down from the stairs. As they walk down the stairs, the camera focuses on two young women in the crowd, one of whom is the lady whom Roku has a crush on, Ta Min. She looks at Roku, before looking down and blushes. Her friend leans over her shoulder and giggles. Roku notices the lady and blushes, while he continues down the stairs. Distracted, Roku falls down the stairs, but Sozin quickly grabs Roku by the hand. Roku composes himself and blushes again from embarrassment, as Sozin laughs at his friend. The crowd suddenly grows quiet, as a group of Fire Sages enter the courtyard. They walk toward Prince Sozin and Roku, as Sozin hurries down the stairs to meet them.
Sozin Did something happen to my father?
Fire Sage No, Prince Sozin. We are not here for you. [Shot cuts to the Fire Sage talking.] We're here to announce the identity of the next Avatar. [The crowd whispers, as the shot cut to Roku and Sozin, both in shock. Cut again to a close-up of the Sages. The Sages bow to the new Avatar.] It is our honor to serve you, Avatar Roku.
Cut to a close-up of Roku, standing with his jaw dropped, bewildered. The camera shows the crowd on the ground, all bowing. Sozin, who is still in shock himself, looks around at the crowd, and quickly turns to kneel before Roku. Scene changes to Zuko sitting in the chamber, reading Sozin's history.
Sozin Soon the day came when my friend Roku had to leave the Fire Nation and face his destiny as the Avatar. [Cut to a close-up of Zuko's face, as he reads.] He needed to travel the world so he could master the other elements.
Scene changes to a close-up of a young Roku from the side, sitting in his room, with a dejected look on his face, as Prince Sozin stands near the doorway.
Sozin Hey, why aren't you packed yet, all-powerful Avatar?
Roku does not respond to his friend's question, and continues to stare down. Sozin looks down sympathetically. Suddenly, he smiles.
Sozin [Sozin leaps in the room, attempting to demonstrate examples of all the bending disciplines.] Come on, show me how it's done using all four kinds of bending.
Roku I started packing, but then the Fire Sages told me I won't need any worldly possessions anymore.
Sozin Oh. [He sits down near Roku.]
Roku It happened so fast. Everything's gonna be different now.
Cut to a shot of the two friends from the side, as Sozin removes his Crown Prince headpiece and gives it to Roku.
Sozin Here, hope you're at least allowed to have this. [Shot cuts to a close-up of the headpiece.]
Roku But this is a royal artifact. [Cut to a shot of the friends from behind.] It's supposed to be worn by the Crown Prince.
Sozin I want you to have it.

As Roku takes the headpiece, cut to a close-up of his top knot, as he slides the pin. Camera pans below to show Roku smiling, as he and Sozin get up, and bow to each other. Scene changes to Zuko reading from the scroll.

Cut to a close-up of Sokka, and Katara, both looking disturbed. Shot cuts to Aang standing up on the rock he has been meditating on, his eyes still closed. Aang moves to a squat and begins to groan, before smiling with relief. Cut back to the siblings, with Katara looking more disturbed than before.

Katara Do they have bathrooms in the Spirit World?
Sokka [Raises his forefinger.] As a matter of fact, they do not.
Shot cuts to Aang smiling, still peculiarly perched, before cutting again to Aang riding on Fang in the Spirit World. Shot cuts to an overhead shot of the two flying on the dragon, as Aang notices they are going to a familiar place.
Aang [Excited.] Hey, we're almost at the Southern Air Temple!
Roku This was the first stop on my Avatar journey.
Shot cuts to show the Patola Mountains with the Southern Air Temple in the distance. Fang flies through the mountain range.
Roku It was the place where I was trained to master airbending.
Cut to a line of young Air Nomad monks. The camera pans right to show Avatar Roku at the end of the line. Roku is airbending his long black hair at another young monk's face, who, irritated, bends it back at Roku. Roku responds by nudging the monk with his shoulder.
Roku And also where I met an old friend of yours: Monk Gyatso.
Aang No way!
Cut to an aerial shot of the airbenders on a grassy ledge. An older Air Nomad leads the students, and launches off the side of the ledge. The students line up by twos to follow their teacher. Cut to Gyatso and Roku soaring through the air on their gliders.
Roku Hey, Gyatso, you wanna see a new glider trick? [He flies up and loops twice.]
Gyatso [Laughing.] Check this out! [He flips himself over and stands on top of his glider. Cut to Aang and Roku.]
Aang He's air surfing! I can't believe I never thought of that.
Cut back to Gyatso, as he loses his balance on the glider, but as he falls, Roku catches him on the back of his glider. Roku is unable to control the glider, and the both go down toward the other young monks, who are now back on the grassy ledge. Cut to the other students looking up at the falling airbenders, as they panic and try to run. Cut to Roku and Gyatso, flying low, about to crash. They crash, leaving a large cloud of dust. Cut to the young monks knocked over, and scattered about. Roku's hair is in his face. Gyatso airbends it back while Roku lifts his head. They both grin widely, and Roku pats Gyatso on his shoulder. Cut to a close-up of Aang.
Aang [Smiling and surprised.] That's amazing! I can't believe you were friends with Monk Gyatso just like I was!
Roku [Camera pans back to show Roku.] Some friendships are so strong, [He closes his eyes.] they can even transcend lifetimes.
As Fang flies off, the scene changes to the Northern Water Tribe, where, in the distance, two individuals are standing on a plateau of ice. Cut to a close-up of an older Roku.
Roku After my years mastering airbending, I traveled to the Northern Water Tribe.
Cut to Roku's waterbending master, who bends a large water drill from the ocean waters behind him. It thrusts forward, knocking Roku, and a part of the plateau, into the water.
Roku Waterbending was especially challenging for me. But in time, I mastered it as well.
Cut to a shot of the water, as Roku emerges from it, and bends an enormous wave of water directly at his master standing on the glacier. The blast completely destroys the glacier, and carries his master all the way back to a Northern Water Tribe building. His master sits up, and shakes his head. Cut to Roku, standing on an ice float, as he smiles. Scene changes to Roku, standing shirtless, and wearing Earth Kingdom clothing from the waist. He moves his arms in quick motions across his body to bend a large piece of earth, riding up the side of a mountain.
Roku I moved on to the Earth Kingdom.
Cut to Roku racing up the slope, as another earthbender catches up to him. Cut to a brief shot of the earthbender, before cutting back to Roku, as they compete for speed.
Roku My earthbending master, Sud, was uncompromising, stubborn, and blunt...
The two benders race into thick brush and trees, as they disappear from view. Cut to the top of the mountain overlooking a valley.
Roku ...and a lifelong friend.
As Sud comes to the finishing point, quickly brings his landmass to a halt. He thrusts his fists into the air, cheering for himself. The look on his face changes quickly when he realizes that Roku not only beat him to the top, but he also had enough time to seat himself and pour them both tea. Sud smiles at his pupil. Cut to a shot of Roku and Sud from the side. They both drink from their teacups. Scene changes to a close-up of Roku's head dress and slowly pans down to show his face in an extreme close-up.
Roku It was bitter work... [The camera pans back to Roku, as he moves his arms to bend the different elements.] but the results were worth it. [He starts by waterbending, before moving on to earthbending, firebending, and finally, airbending. The camera zooms out to an aerial view of Roku at the center of the four elements.]
Scene changes to Zuko, still reading Sozin's history in the chamber. An extreme close-up shows his eyes quivering with each word he reads.
Sozin Twelve long years passed before I saw my friend again. When Roku returned, he was a fully realized Avatar, and I had changed as well.
A wall of flames appears, as the scene changes to Sozin sitting in his throne room. Roku walks down a long red carpet toward Sozin.
Roku Sozin! Or should I say, Fire Lord!
Sozin [Scene changes to Sozin from below him. Serious.] Customarily, my subjects bow before greeting me. [He walks down from his throne.] But you're the exception. [He smiles and hugs Roku.]
Cut to the older Roku and Aang watching from behind.
Roku After all these years, he was still my best friend. [Scene changes to a wedding ceremony and celebration in a Fire Nation courtyard, with many guests attending. Cut to Roku, on whose right is Sozin, holding a scroll.] And a few months later, he was my best man.
Aang [As Roku lifts the veil.] Roku, it's that girl who didn't even know you're alive!
Roku Ta Min. I was persistent. [She stands up near Roku.] When love is real, it finds a way. [The attendees clap, as the newly-wed couple bow their heads. Cut to a shot of the couple from the side, as Aang and Roku watch.] And being the Avatar doesn't hurt your chances with the ladies, either.
Scene changes to Zuko.
Sozin On wedding days, we look to the future with optimism and joy. [Fade to Sozin in deep thought.] I had my own vision for a brighter future.
Cut to Roku and Ta Min receiving and thanking guests. Sozin walks up behind the couple.
Sozin [Leaning toward Ta Min.] Excuse me. May I borrow him for a moment‌?
Ta Min It's not very traditional, but, okay.
Cut to Roku and Sozin on a balcony.
Roku What's on your mind?
Sozin I've been thinking hard about the state of the world lately.
Roku [Putting his arm over Sozin's shoulder.] Sozin, it is my wedding! Have a cookie, dance with someone, lighten up!
Sozin [Smiling slightly.] I know, I know, but just hear me out. [Roku bows in agreement. They walk.] Right from the start, I was destined to be Fire Lord. And although we didn't always know it, you were destined to be the Avatar. [Roku stops as Sozin continues on.] It's an amazing stroke of fate we know each other so well, isn't it? Together, we could do... anything.
Roku [Now serious.] Yeah, we could.
Sozin Our nation is enjoying an unprecedented time of peace and wealth. Our people are happy, and we're so fortunate in so many ways.
Roku [Concerned.] Where are you going with this?
Sozin I've been thinking, we should share this prosperity with the rest of the world. [Cut to a shocked Roku with the camera closing in on him.] In our hands is the most successful empire in history. [Back to Sozin.] It's time we expanded it.
Roku No! The four nations are meant to be just that: four.
Sozin Roku, you haven't even stopped to consider the possibilities.
Roku There are no possibilities. This is the last I want to hear about this. [He walks away from the balcony, with an angry expression on his face.]
Roku [His spirit speaks to Aang.] That was my first real test as the Avatar. Unfortunately, it was many years before I learned that Sozin had gone ahead with his plan, despite my warning.
Scene changes to Roku flying over a body of water on Fang, as he approaches land. As Roku flies over, he sees an Earth Nation dock, but as the camera pans up, he sees an Earth Nation fortress with plumes of smoke rising from inside, with the Fire Nation insignia strewn over the original Earth Kingdom symbol, covering it. The camera zooms in to an extreme close-up of the Fire Nation banner. Cut to Roku, shocked by his discovery. Scene changes to Roku, bursting through the doors of Fire Lord Sozin's throne room. Cut to an overhead shot of Roku's shadow in the doorway cast on the long red carpet.
Roku [Angry.] I've seen the colonies, Sozin. How dare you occupy Earth Kingdom territory!
Sozin [Cut to Sozin, as Roku walks up to him.] How dare you, a citizen of the Fire Nation, address your Fire Lord this way. [Cut to a close-up of Sozin's face from the side.] Your loyalty is to our nation first. Anything less makes you a traitor.
Roku Don't do this, Sozin. Don't challenge me. It will only end badly. It's over.
As Roku turns back and starts to leave, Sozin, full of rage, jumps from his throne and delivers an immensely powerful fire stream. As the flames go out, Roku is nowhere to be seen, and a surprised Sozin looks around. Suddenly, Roku bursts from the ground behind Sozin, revealing that he has burrowed into the ground with earthbending to defend from Sozin's attack. Before Sozin can turn back, Roku delivers a powerful air blast at the Fire Lord, which causes him to slam on the gates of the room. As Sozin falls down, Roku immediately earthbends a pillar of earth that lifts Sozin into the air and pins him by the back of his robes to the ceiling. Cut to a close-up of Avatar Roku, as he brings his hands together in front of his face, and enters the Avatar State. Cut to a shot of the entire throne room, as Roku breaks the pillars of the throne room. Cut to an aerial shot of the palace, as it is destroyed. Cut to Sozin, uncovering his face. Roku airbends an air spout, and raises himself to Sozin.
Roku I'm sparing you, Sozin. I'm letting you go in the name of our past friendship. But I warn you. Even a single step out of line will result in your permanent end.
Sozin stares at Roku, his face still full of anger. Suddenly, his expression drops, and he hangs his head in defeat. Roku turns, and rides the cyclone quickly away from Sozin. Scene changes to Roku's island at night.
Roku Sozin and I didn't speak or see each other for twenty-five years after our battle. [Cut to Roku's house.] I spent most of my spare time here, at my home.
Cut to an overhead shot of an elderly Roku and Ta Min sleeping, as a loud noise awakes Roku and he leaps out from the bed, and looks through the window. Cut to a shot of the window, as large fireballs falling from the sky, and crashing into the island. Roku and his wife flee the room, but as they do so, Roku's headpiece falls to the floor, and is left behind. Roku emerges from the house to find the air filled with smoke and ash. Coughing, Roku and his wife shield their faces. A worried Roku looks at the erupting volcano in the island.
Roku Let's go! [He catches his wife's hand, and airbends smoke and ash in their way, creating a path, as both run through the path he created.]
Scene changes to the town, as the townspeople run through the streets to escape the waves of smoke and ash that now pour through the streets. Cut to Roku's home, as Fang flies up from behind the house. He narrowly escapes as an ash flow completely buries the house. Cut to a wide shot of Roku, with his face covered, leading his wife and many townspeople to safety. Ash continues to fall as we see a swell of lava ooze from the mouth of the volcano. Cut to a close-up of Roku still running. He looks to his wife, as shot cuts to her running. He lets go of her hand, and motions her to go on without him. With her arm still outstretched, she looks at him, and runs to safety. She continues to look back, desperately hoping Roku will grab her hand. Ta Min runs off with many of the townspeople. Roku turns to face the advancing smoke, and airbends a huge dome of protection around himself. Cut to the townspeople in boats, as they see the air dome. Cut to the worried faces of the people, including Ta Min. Scene changes to the volcano erupting in the island from the Fire Nation palace, as camera zooms back to show Fire Lord Sozin watching from his balcony.
Sozin Roku's island was a hundred miles away. But I could still feel it rumbling and see the black plume of smoke. I had never seen anything like this catastrophe.
Cut to Sozin's face, before cutting to an aerial shot of the volcano. Large columns of black smoke billow from the summit, as lightning strikes above the volcano and the earth rumbles from the disaster. Cut to a close-up of a landslide quickly approaching the town, destroying it completely. Roku earthbends a gigantic wall, and rides the wall to meet the falling earth, and stop it. As he succeeds in stopping it, the volcano ejects a massive wave of lava. The flow breeches the wall of earth, causing Roku to flee to the bottom of the summit. He cuts into the earth using his earthbending, creating a channel to divert the lava into the surrounding ocean, away from the town. Cut to an aerial shot of the island, as the channel fills with lava, and empties into the ocean. Cut to Roku and Aang watching the destruction from a distance.
Aang This is amazing, Roku! You're battling a volcano, and you're winning.
Roku Unfortunately, my success didn't last long, Aang. There was no way I could do it all.
Shot cuts to Roku looking up the top of the volcano. As the camera pans up and focuses on the mouth of the volcano, it violently expels another giant wave of lava. Roku runs toward the volcano, and leaps. Roku blows a powerful blast of air from his mouth at the lava, which cools and hardens, as Roku lands on it. Suddenly, a blast of poisonous gas spouts to his right, he turns and covers his face. He turns to the jet, airbending it away. Suddenly lava appears on his right, which he airbends, and quickly another jet of gases blasts to his left, and he quickly airbends it as well.
Roku [To Aang.] Battling the elements was hard enough. I had to do it while I could barely breathe. The poisonous, volcanic gases were overwhelming.
Cut to an overhead shot of the sky directly over the eruption. Lightning crashes around the crater as Fang comes, flying. The summit emits another lava fountain. Fang pulls back, narrowly escaping the blast, and roars.
Roku [Airbends a jet of gases.] It's all right Fang! [Coughs.] Get out of here! I'm fine!
Roku turns his body from side to side, and enters the Avatar State. With a powerful blow from his fist, Roku earthbends a tremor through the volcano, breaking out the back side of the crater, which lessens the lava flow. As the lava flows down, the second volcano erupts, as Roku, no longer in the Avatar State, hopelessly drops his head. Cut to a view of Roku from behind, as Sozin, on a blue dragon, appears.
Sozin Need a hand, old friend?
Roku [A surprised Roku turns back.] Sozin?
Sozin There's not a moment to waste.
Cut to an aerial view of the two volcanoes. Sozin and Roku ride on the Fire Lord's dragon's back to the second volcano. Cut to Roku bending the fire fountain down into the crater. Cut to Sozin balanced on the mouth of the vent, as he cools the lava by absorbing the heat, passing it through himself, and redirects out through his other hand. The scene pans out to show the silhouettes of the two friends, controlling the disaster. Cut to the townspeople in the boats, as they see the volcanoes erupting. Cut to a shot of Ta Min, with an anxious expression on her face. The scene cuts back to Roku and Sozin on the edge of the crater. Lightning blasts above Sozin, as the earth beneath him becomes unstable. He begins to fall back off the side of the volcano, but Roku quickly earthbends an earth shelf to catch Sozin. Stable again, Sozin looks to Roku for a moment. Suddenly, the earth violently shakes and another surge of ash and rock shoot from the crater, and the two turn to run.
Roku Don't breathe the toxic gas.
As the two run, a jet of toxic gas shoots up directly next to Sozin. Roku quickly airbends it away to protect Sozin. Suddenly gas erupts directly into Roku faces, causing him to be disoriented.
Roku [Shaking, Cut to Roku's point of view. He lifts his hands to look at them, as they blur out of focus.] It's too much.
Overwhelmed by the poisons, Roku falls to his knees. He looks up toward Sozin, and holds out his hand for help.
Roku Please.
Cut to Roku's point of view again.
Sozin Without you, all my plans are suddenly possible. [Cut to Roku.] I have a vision for the future, Roku.
Sozin's dragon appears. As Roku kneels, Sozin mounts the dragon and flies away. Cut to Roku, on the side of the volcano. He is surrounded by toxic gas, and behind him a surge of rock and ash flows swiftly toward him. Cut to a shot of the black clouds billowing from the island, as Sozin's dragon emerges from the plumes. The camera zooms to an extreme close-up of Sozin's eye. Shot cuts to Roku, from the back, still on his knees. He is coughing, and is unable to get to his feet. Fang appears from the right, and flies above him. Cut to a close-up of Roku from the side, as he looks up toward his dragon. Cut to an aerial view of the debris, rapidly approaching Avatar Roku. With the rock avalanche just moments away from swallowing Roku, Fang flies down, and wraps himself around Roku. The wave of ash and rubble cover the two completely, killing both of them. Fade to a bright light, as the camera pans to show an arched window frame. A baby's cries can be heard. The camera pans down to show a smiling born infant.
Aang Who's... wait, that's me, isn't it? [Cut to a long shot of three Air Nomads. A nun holds up the baby to the light while two people, presumably the infant's parents, stand in the shadows.]
Roku Make sense of our past, Aang. [Cut to Roku and Aang.] And you will bring peace, and restore balance in the world. [He slowly disappears.]
Aang Roku? Roku!
Aang walks out of the flashback into whiteness as the scene changes to Zuko reading in the Dragonbone Catacombs.
Sozin With Roku gone, and the great comet returning, the timing was perfect to change the world. [Cut to Sozin, standing on a balcony, from the behind, looking at his soldiers and the Fire Navy ships.] I knew the next Avatar would be born an Air Nomad. So I wiped out the Air Temples. [Scene changes to a burning temple. The camera slowly fades into an extreme close-up of Sozin's face.] But somehow, the new Avatar eluded me. [Scene changes to Fire Navy ships searching in the polar regions.] I wasted the remainder of my life searching in vain. [Cut to underside of the ship.] I know he's hiding out there somewhere. [Camera pans below to show the iceberg Aang was trapped in.] The Fire Nation's greatest threat... the last airbender.
Fade to a close-up of the scroll Zuko is reading.
Zuko That can't be it! Where's the rest of it? [He searches the scroll to find more information.]
Zuko puts the scroll down and stands up, as the camera pans out. Scene changes to the Fire Nation prison, where Iroh is imprisoned. Cut to Zuko from the behind, slamming the door to the cell behind him as he enters. Cut to Iroh sitting with his head down.
Zuko [Angrily.] You sent this, didn't you? I found the secret history, which by the way should be renamed history most people already know! The note said that I needed to know about my great-grandfather's death, but he was still alive in the end.
Iroh [Looking up at Zuko.] No, he wasn't.
Zuko [Confused.] What are you talking about?
Iroh You have more than one great-grandfather, Prince Zuko. Sozin was your father's grandfather. [Cut to a bewildered Zuko.] Your mother's grandfather was Avatar Roku.
Zuko [Shocked.] Why are you telling me this?
Iroh Because understanding the struggle between your two great-grandfathers can help you better understand the battle within yourself. [Zuko sits down, with his head facing down.] Evil and good are always at war inside you, Zuko. It is your nature, your legacy. But, there is a bright side. [Zuko looks up.] What happened generations ago can be resolved now, by you. Because of your legacy, you alone can cleanse the sins of our family and the Fire Nation. Born in you, along with all the strife, is the power to restore balance to the world.
Cut to a bundle inside of a brick wall. Iroh removes a brick and reaches for the bundle. Cut to Iroh slowly unwrapping the bundle, revealing the once-lost headdress, while he walks toward Zuko.
Iroh This is a royal artifact. It's supposed to be worn [Zuko stands.] by the Crown Prince.
Zuko takes the headdress from Iroh's hand, and holds the artifact, as the shot cuts to Zuko from the behind, standing outside of Iroh's cell. Iroh stands quietly, looking at his nephew. Cut to a shot of the hardened lava wave the gang had been sitting on. Cut to a shot of Sokka, Katara, and Toph all facing Aang as the camera pans down.
Katara You mean, after all Roku and Sozin went through together, even after Roku showed him mercy, Sozin betrayed him like that‌?
Toph [Cut to Toph.] It's like these people are born bad.
Aang [Cut to Aang from the side, with Sokka standing near him.] No, that's wrong. I don't think that was the point of what Roku showed me at all.
Sokka [Shrugging.] Then what was the point?
Aang [Cut to Katara, Toph and Sokka from the behind, as Aang speaks.] Roku was just as much Fire Nation as Sozin was, right? If anything, their story proves anyone's capable of great good and great evil. [Cut to an aerial shot of the hardened lava wave.] Everyone, even the Fire Lord and the Fire Nation have to be treated like they're worth giving a chance. [Shot cuts to a close-up of Aang's face.] And I also think it was about friendships.
Toph [Camera pans to Toph, and cuts to a close-up of her face.] Do you really think friendships can last more than one lifetime?
Aang [Catching Toph's hand.] I don't see why not.
Katara catches Toph's other hand.
Sokka Well, scientifically speaking, there's no way to prove that...
Katara [Annoyed.] Oh, Sokka, just hold hands.
Sokka stops talking, and without moving, he thrusts out his hand to hold Katara's. Shot cuts to an aerial shot of Team Avatar, holding hands, and looking out toward the ocean.

Western Fire Nation

The scene opens in the Black Cliffs as dawn breaks, with it cutting to a shot of three maps lying splayed out on the ground. Cut to Sokka who ponders over the maps intensely. He closes his eyes and rubs his forehead, seemingly confused. Two gloved hands suddenly appear, one holding a cup and the other moving Sokka's hand aside from his forehead to hand him the cup. The hand then comes to rest on his shoulders comfortingly. Cut to zoomed out shot of Sokka sitting by a cliff-edge, the maps laid out before him. Katara is kneeling right beside him, having been the one to hand him the cup. Toph can be seen in the background, sitting idly on a rock. Aang suddenly appears on-screen, leaping into the air and landing beside Toph.
Aang [Momo jumps onto his shoulder; cheerfully.] Top of the morning, Momo!
Katara [Rises and places hands on hips.] Sounds like you slept well.
Aang [Moves his hand aside in a sweeping motion.] Like a baby moose lion. [Assumes a fighting stance and raises fists; exuberantly.] I'm ready to face the Fire Lord.
Toph So, what's your strategy for taking him down? [Smiling and raises her hands to her eyes, her fingers wiggling outward in a mimicry of the Avatar State.] Gonna get your glow on and [Punches the air with a determined expression on her face.] hit him with a little Avatar State action?
Aang [Looks down sorrowfully.] I can't. [Cut to side-view of him, the camera panning slightly to the left.] When Azula shot me with lightning, [Close his eyes briefly.] my seventh chakra was locked, cutting off my connection to all the cosmic energy in the universe. [Cut back to shot of him and Toph.]
Toph You know what I just heard? [Holds up one hand and opens and closes it in a "gibber-gabber" expression.] Blah, blah, spiritual mumbo jumbo blah, blah, something about space. [Bored.]
Katara [Cut to a wide shot of the ocean; thick fog is visible on the horizon.] Oh, no. [Cut to a shot of Katara, appearing concerned.] Sokka, do you think the fog will delay the invasion?
Sokka [Stands up.] No. [Cut to close-up of the fog, five Water Tribe ships suddenly appearing from amid the mist.] That is the invasion!
Cut to shot of Hakoda standing on the deck of one ship, peering through a telescope; Bato stands in the background. Hakoda lowers the telescope and smiles confidently. Scene fades to shot of the shoreline where Aang and Toph stand in the background by the water. They utilize earthbending to raise rock from beneath the water and form a dock. Cut to overhead shot of the Black Cliffs to show four Water Tribe ships already docked. The last Water Tribe ship is seen coming into port. Cut to closer shot of one ship by the dock, Hakoda standing nearby. Katara and Sokka run over to him.
Katara You made it, Dad! [Cut to shot of Katara embracing her father happily.]
Sokka [Spirited.] Where you able to locate everyone I told you to find?
Hakoda I did. [Two members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe disembark. Doubtfully.] But I'm a little worried, Sokka. Some of these men aren't exactly the "warrior type". [Turns head slightly toward the two swamp dwellers.]
Cut to frontal shot of Tho and Due as they descend the wooden ramp from the ship.
Due [Enthusiastically, swinging his arm.] Oooh-whee! [Cut to shot of the two men standing on the dock.] This place ain't nothing like a swamp. [Points accusingly to a rock in the water.] What you reckon that is, Tho? Some sort of Fire Nation exploding trap what eat ya?
Tho [Impartial.] It's just a rock, Due.
Due [Grins.] Well, I'll be. [Scratching his head.]
Hakoda Is it just me, or are those fellas a little loose in the leaf-hat?
Bato [Walks past, behind the chief and his family, stopping beside Sokka.] I just wish they would wear pants.
Huu [Cut to shot of Huu standing alone on the dock. Scratches his stomach.] Pants are an illusion, and so is death.
Cut to shot of the Hakoda, Katara, and Bato appearing less than reassured; Sokka, on the other hand, grins widely. Scene fades to far shot of Katara, Aang, Toph, and several Foggy Swamp members clustered by the shore, talking among themselves. A pair of legs appears on screen, boasting Earth Kingdom clothing. A voice speaks.
Haru [Off-screen.] Hi, Katara. [Cut to close-up of the figure who reveals himself to be Haru; he smiles, now sporting a small mustache and goatee.]
Katara [Cut to zoomed out shot of Haru.] Haru! [Runs over and embraces him.] It's so good to see you!
Aang [Appears on screen with Toph.] Toph, this is Haru. When we met him, his town was controlled by the Fire Nation. So he had to hide his earthbending.
Haru [With Katara resting a hand on his shoulder.] Katara inspired me and my father to take back our village. [Turns to Katara who blushes and looks away.]
Tyro [Tyro appears and lays his hands on Haru's and Katara's shoulders.] You helped us find our courage, Katara. [Katara turns to him.] Now we're here to help you.
Toph suddenly senses someone on her left. She angrily turns and takes a fighting stance.
Toph No way! Is that-
She is lifted off the ground by two big arms. The camera shows that the arms actually belong to the Big Bad Hippo, a former competitor at Earth Rumble VI. He is joined by the Boulder, another former competitor. The Hippo hugs Toph.
Big Bad Hippo Hippo happy to see Blind Bandit!
Toph [Angrily.] You guys here for a rematch?
The Boulder Negatory. The Boulder and The Hippo no longer fight for others' entertainment. Now, we fight for our kingdom!
Toph [Smiling.] Sweet.
The camera cuts to Sokka, while The Hippo puts Toph down. He turns to his dad. Suddenly, a bomb explodes on a boat, making Sokka, Hakoda, and Aang run toward it. The mechanist appears from below deck, coughing. Teo leaves the boat, followed immediately by his father, and Pipsqueak carrying The Duke on his shoulder.
Sokka Was that a new invention?
Mechanist [Teo licking his fingers clean.] Yes, but unfortunately the incendiary capabilities of peanut sauce prove to be a failure.
Sokka [The others seems disgusted.] You're making peanut sauce bombs?
Pipsqueak They're destructive.
The Duke And delicious. [They both lick the sauce that splashed all over their faces. Momo flies over to Pipsqueak and starts licking his face, much to his and The Duke's amusement.]
Sokka Where you able to complete work on the plans I send you?
Mechanist Yes, I was, and I think the Fire Nation will be quite surprised.
Teo Aang, my dad and I made this for you.
Hands a staff to Aang. Aang taps it on the ground and it opens, revealing a brand new glider.
Aang A new glider! This is amazing!
Mechanist And as a special feature, I added the snack compartment. [Rotates the handle, making the snacks come out.]
Aang Oh... well, I'm sure that will come in handy.
The scene cuts to the Fire Nation prison where Iroh was sent to.
General Poon I bet you're tired of being in this cell old man. Well too bad. [Camera shows Iroh's face.] You're never stepping outside these walls again.
Ming [Enters.] Breakfast.
General Poon [Stands.] Careful, Ming, don't get too close. His stench will knock you right out. [Leaves, laughing.]
Ming [Looks at Poon contemptuously, then approaches Iroh.] I snuck in some white jade tea. I know you like rare teas.
Iroh [Ming places the tray of tea inside Iroh's cell.] Thank you, Ming. Ever since I was put in here, you have been very kind to me.
The scene cuts to show a very nervous Sokka standing on a podium with his father and Team Avatar
Hakoda Don't worry, you'll do great.
Sokka Good morning everyone. Ahh! [Trips on stage.] Umm... so, as you know, today, we're invading the Fire Nation! I mean I know you know that because otherwise why else would you be here? [Laughs nervously.] Uh anyway, [Dropping scrolls. Unraveling one on a board.] the Fire Lord's palace is here [Points at map, realizing it isn't the map, flips the chart several times until it is the map.]. Uh nope, uh wait, uh wait, uh wait, it's here, [Brief shot of Due scratching his head.] and uh, there's an eclipse today and Aang's gonna fight the Fire Lord and the firebenders won't have any fire to use so that's good for us! [Brief shot of Teo and mechanist looking on.] And... um... I'm sorry let me start at the beginning [Stands up straight, and begins talking very fast.]. Katara and I discovered Aang frozen in an iceberg, now I didn't like Aang at first but grew to love him over time, then we went to the Southern Air Temple where Aang used to live and then we met Suki, [Water Tribe warrior yawns.] who's a Kyoshi warrior. She dressed me like a woman and then she kissed me, and then Aang's friend was a crazy old king and...
Katara [Cut to Katara speaking over Sokka as he continues talking.] Wow, when he says the beginning he means the beginning beginning. [Hakoda gets up and approaches Sokka.]
Sokka ...and then Katara got Haru arrested and then now he's grown a mustache which if you look at him in the front row you can see it...
Hakoda [Interrupting.] Thank you, Sokka. It's okay why don't you take a break? [Sokka leaves the stage to sit down, disappointed in himself. Hakoda addresses the crowd.] Let me just clarify a few points for everyone. [Shot of Haru stroking his chin. Everyone pays attention to Hakoda.] Today, is the day of black sun, and I want to thank you all for your self-sacrifice, and your courage. There are two steps to the invasion, a naval stage, and then a land stage. [Shot of Sokka looking down, sad, Katara, Momo and Aang looking at Hakoda and Toph.] To gain sea access to the Fire Nation capital, we need to get past our first major obstacle here, [Points at map.] The Great Gates of Azulon. Next, we hit the land, and we hit hard. We must fight past their battlements and secure the plaza tower. Once we do that, it's up to the Royal Palace. At that point, the eclipse will begin.
The Boulder Excuse me. The Boulder is confused. Isn't the point to invade during the eclipse, when the firebenders are powerless?
Hakoda The eclipse only lasts eight minutes, not enough time for the whole invasion. And the Royal Palace is heavily guarded by firebenders. So that's where we'll need the eclipse's advantage the most. When this is finished, the Avatar will have defeated the Fire Lord. We will have control of the Fire Nation capital, and this war will be over!
The entire crowd cheers, and Sokka looks dismayed.
The scene cuts to show the team preparing for the upcoming battle. Katara is bending four streams of water into water skins, Toph is putting on her Blind Bandit battle armor, Hakoda is putting on a black Water Tribe helmet, Appa is shown fully dressed in his armor which Sokka made, and Aang is shaving his head to show his Air Nomad tattoos. He is joined by a koala sheep. The scene cuts again to the Fire Nation Palace. Zuko takes off his head piece and armor, revealing the clothes underneath it and letting his hair hang down. He sits and starts to write a letter. The camera cuts once again to show Sokka, still dismayed, standing on the cliff side and Aang flying up to him.
Aang We've been looking everywhere for you. The boats are ready to leave.
Sokka I messed up Aang.
Aang What?
Sokka The invasion plan was my moment of truth and I completely flubbed it. I just fell apart.
Aang [Approaches, putting a hand on his shoulder.] Sokka, that speech wasn't your moment of truth. That was just public speaking, and nobody's really good at that.
Sokka My dad is! He explained the plan perfectly and inspired everyone, like a real leader should.
Aang Look, your moment of truth isn't gonna be in front of some map; it's gonna be out there on the battlefield.
Sokka You seem so confident about everything, how do you know we're gonna win?
Aang Because I already failed the world once at Ba Sing Se. I won't let myself fail again.
Camera cuts to show the fleet of ships traveling across the sea. Cut to a view through a Bato's telescope.
Hakoda There they are, the Great Gates of Azulon.
Katara I don't see any gates.
Cut to Katara and Hakoda's boat.
Hakoda Katara, you and the swamp benders whip up a fog cover.
Tho We'll sneak by them statues just like we sneak by that Fire Navy blockade!
Cut to show Katara, Due, and other swamp benders waterbending a thick fog cover.
Hakoda Keep it up, we're almost through!
Suddenly a bell rings as a huge net rises out of the water and is set on fire. Sokka and the others are shocked to see patrol boats racing toward them
Hakoda Everyone below deck! [Everyone goes into the boats; to Sokka.] Let's hope your invention works.
Camera shows several Fire Nation soldiers climbing onto the boats. They are shown to search the boats thoroughly, but find no one.
Male Fire Nation soldier No one's on board, sir.
Female Fire Nation soldier Where'd they go?
Several submarines are shown traveling beneath the gates. Inside, waterbenders are moving the subs. Cut inside a sub as the mechanist is sitting at the front. Hakoda, Sokka, Pipsqueak, and Bato are standing behind him.
Hakoda [Placing a hand on Sokka's shoulder.] You've really outdone yourself this time, son.
Cut to Toph, who is sitting on the floor behind them with the Duke. She is getting seasick.
Toph [Sarcastically.] Yeah, congratulations, Sokka. You managed to invent a worse way of travel than flying. [She holds her mouth, about to throw up.]
The Duke [Takes off his helmet and offers it to Toph.] Helmet?
Toph accepts his offer and vomits into the helmet. The Duke just places his hand on Toph's back, trying to comfort her.
Sokka Well, I just came up with the idea. The mechanist did all the work.
Mechanist Now don't sell yourself short, my boy. [Cut briefly to Katara and Huu waterbending.] It was your idea to use waterbending to make the subs sink and float, brilliant! [Cuts back to mechanist opening a scroll, revealing a very crude drawing of a submarine.] Though your original designs were a bit difficult to decipher. Unfortunately there is one problem I couldn't fix. [Cut to outside of submarine as the submarines swim past, along with Aang on Appa.] The subs have a limited air supply. Before we land on the beaches, we'll need to resurface.
The scene cuts to show Ming coming back into Iroh's cell.
Ming Lunchtime, General Iroh. [Whispers and looks back.] And this time, I brought you an extra bowl of rice.
Iroh Thank you, Ming. Your little gestures of kindness have made my days in prison bearable. [Thinks for a moment and smiles.] I think you should take the rest of the day off.
Ming [Confused.] What?
Iroh You don't look well. Maybe you should go home and rest.
Ming No, I feel fine.
Iroh [Brief close-up of his face.] Trust me. It is better that you are not here this afternoon.
Ming nods, indicating that she understands. She gets up and walks out. The scene cuts to show the fleet of submarines surfaced on the water. The Duke is dipping his helmet into the water, trying to wash out Toph's vomit. Everyone is stretching as Aang lands on the submarine from Appa.
Aang [To Toph, Sokka, and Katara, who approach him.] So, this is it huh?
Sokka Are you ready for the Fire Nation to know the Avatar is alive?
Aang I'm ready. [Sokka and Aang shake hands, the group then hugs.]
Toph I hope you kick some serious Fire Lord butt, Twinkle Toes.
Hakoda Everyone listen up. [Team Avatar comes out of the hug.] The next time we resurface, it'll be on the beaches. So stay alert, and fight smart. Now break times over, back in the subs. [Sokka, Toph, and Momo leave Katara and Aang standing alone together.]
Aang [Turning to see Katara.] Katara, I...
Katara [Speaking at the same time.] Aang, I...
Aang You go first.
Katara We've been through so many things together, and I've seen you grow up so much. You're not that little goofy kid I found in the iceberg anymore. [Aang blushes.] I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm really proud of you.
Aang Everything's gonna be different after today, isn't it.
Katara Yes, it is.
Aang What if... what if I don't come back?
Katara Aang, don't say that, of course you'll- [Katara is cut off as Aang kisses her. After the kiss, Katara blushes and stares sadly after Aang as he confidently snaps his glider and flies away.]
Sokka Katara, what are you doing? It's time to submerge.
Katara What? Right, I'm on it. [Jumps onto Appa and waterbends a sphere of water around his head before submerging.]
The scene cuts to show Zuko walking into Mai's room. He looks at a painting of them and becomes downcast.
Zuko I'm sorry Mai.
He leaves a note on her bed and leaves. The scene cuts to show Aang flying over land. His stomach growls, and he rotates the handle of his glider to release food.
Aang What do you know? It did come in handy.
The scene cuts to show the submarine fleet approaching land. The other end of a periscope emerges above water, looking around. Cut to inside the sub, Hakoda manning the periscope. Realizing where they are he turns around to address the earthbenders.
Hakoda Everyone in position. Earthbenders, into your tanks. This is gonna be a rough ride.
Toph and other earthbenders climb down a ladder in the sub and get ready. Cut to an overview of the Fire Nation port. An alarm goes off as the subs approach the gate. Several harpoons are launched at the subs, but most miss. One hits, causing a leak which is quickly sealed by a foggy swamp waterbender turning the water to ice, and pulls the attached sub out of the water. Katara quickly responds by piloting Appa out of the water and using waterbending to slice through the chain, dropping the sub back down.
Hakoda Ready the torpedo. [An ice-covered torpedo is loaded.] Launch!
Huu launches the torpedo with waterbending. Cut outside as six torpedoes make holes in the underwater barrier, making it possible for the subs to pass through.
The scene cuts to show Toph, the Boulder, and other earthbenders standing in a metal tank. Cut to Water Tribe warriors and foggy swamp waterbenders with Sokka among them, he lets out a sigh. Cut to the subs rising from the water, being instantly attacked by missiles. The subs open and several tanks exit while the other soldiers yell and charge out. The battle commences as they make their way inland, destroying battlements as they go. Earthbenders use rocks provided by a truck containing many rocks. Appa arrives and Katara jumps off as Fire Nation tanks appear. Teo is seen inside an earthbender tank before it destroys a battlement by crushing it. Another tank lifts its front up to slam down and crush a Fire Nation tank. More Fire Nation tanks arrive as the army pushes on. The swamp benders use water provided to destroy enemy tanks.
Tho We're a man down. Where in tarnation is Huu? [He and Due continue waterbending, launching a tank into the water.]
Suddenly a large seaweed monster is shown coming out of the water and destroys several enemy tanks, throwing one into a battlement on the ledge above.
Due [Waves.] Hey Huu! Where you been? [The seaweed opens to reveal Huu standing inside.]
Huu Communin' with nature. Takes a while to collect this much seaweed. [Closes the seaweed again as he sees a large fireball coming straight toward him.]
Several Fire Nation soldiers on rhinos appear shooting fireballs at a group of Water Tribe warriors. They charge, and Sokka quickly disarms one of the riders and steals his rhino.
Sokka Dad, look out!
Hakoda grunts as he turns and deflects a fireball with his shield. He turns back to disarm a soldier and quickly defeats others, then jumps on the rhino to join Sokka. The vehicle full of rocks for earthbenders is destroyed. Huu, inside the seaweed, is shown destroying more tanks. An earthbender tank is destroyed by a battlement above. Cut to Hakoda and Sokka who saw this happen.
Hakoda Sokka, we've gotta take out those battlements! It's our only chance.
Sokka I've got an idea.
Sokka, Hakoda, and Katara are shown riding a fully armored Appa. Sokka draws his sword and slices the end of a missile launcher off. As they fly past another, Hakoda throws two bombs inside the battlement. Cut to two soldiers running out as it explodes. Cut back to Appa as Katara breaks two barrels of water attached to either side of Appa as it forms around her arms. They fly past another battlement she freezes the soldier and launcher inside. Appa lands between two still operational battlements. The three jump off Appa.
Hakoda You two take out that battlement. [Pointing to a battlement in the distance before leaving to another.] I got this one. Watch each other's backs. [Cut to Sokka and Katara, shown breaking into their battlement, Katara freezing the soldiers inside. Sokka uses his sword to cut through the launcher, causing part of it to fall out and explode outside as Katara and Sokka exit the battlement. They see Hakoda on the roof of his as he climbs inside. They hear noises from the ensuing fight until the launcher shoots and explodes, hearing Hakoda yelling out in pain. Cut to Sokka and Katara's worried faces as Hakoda exits, wounded, and falls to the ground.]
Katara Dad?
Sokka Dad! [The two run to his side.]
The camera cuts again to show Zuko kneeling at a painting of his mother.
Zuko I know I've made some bad choices, but today, I'm gonna set things right. [He rises, picks up his sword, covers his head with the hood of his robe, turns his back to the camera and leaves.]
The scene cuts to show Appa landing on the edge of the battlefield. Sokka and Katara help Hakoda onto the ground, and Katara starts trying to heal him.
Katara How does that feel, dad?
Hakoda Ah, a little, better. I need, to get back to the troops. [Attempts to stand but is too weak to.] Ahh!
Katara You're hurt, badly. You can't fight anymore.
Hakoda Everyone's counting on me to lead this mission Katara, I won't let them down. [Attempts to stand again but can't.] Ahh!
Sokka Can't you heal him any faster?
Katara I'm doing everything I can.
Sokka [Looks around before looking confidant.] I'll do it.
Katara No offense Sokka, but you're not exactly Mr. Healing Hands.
Sokka No. [Stands confidently.] I'll lead the invasion force.
Katara Don't be crazy Sokka.
Sokka Maybe I am a little crazy, but the eclipse is about to start and we need to be up that volcano by the time it does.
Hakoda You can do this. [Cuts to a close-up of him.] I'm proud of you son.
Katara I still think you're crazy, but I'm proud of you too.
Sokka [Nods, puts his helmet on and boards Appa.] Yip yip.
Appa flies away as the scene cuts to show the battlefield, a mess of Fire Nation tanks destroyed everywhere. Several raised battlements fire on the army below. Appa lands and takes out an enemy tank as Sokka makes his way to the back of the saddle to rally the soldiers.
Sokka Listen up, everyone. I want the tanks in wedge formation. Warriors and benders in the middle. We're taking that tower, and heading for the royal palace. [All the tanks come together in wedge formation behind Appa, soldiers protected in the middle. Cut to Sokka, on Appa, who draws his sword and thrusts it forward.] Charge!
The scene cuts to show Aang standing on the edge of the volcano. He glides down to a building attempting to hide. He rises, confused, as there is nobody there.
Aang [Looking around.] That's strange. [He continues onto the Royal Palace, breaks open the door, and takes a fighting stance.] The Avatar is back! [Realizing no one is around he relaxes, looking confused.] Hello? Anyone home?
The scene cuts to the tanks, which are making their way up the volcano, unaffected by fire blasts from firebenders in front. Cut to Sokka steering a vehicle full of explosives into a wall before jumping off. Cut to an aerial view showing two explosions at the inner walls. Cut to Sokka, soldiers behind him, as they charge forward. Firebenders attempt to stop them but are pushed back. Cut to Tyro running in with the other troops as Bato appears behind him.
Tyro The Fire Nation is falling back!
Bato Sokka, we're on our way to victory!
Sokka looks ahead as the camera cuts to show Aang airbending his way into an empty, darkened throne room.
Aang No. [Kneels down on the ground; frustrated.] No, no, no! Fire Lord Ozai, where are you!?
Cuts to overhead shot of the plaza where the invasion carries on. The Fire Nation armies try to shoot the Earth Kingdom tanks, but they are too powerful. Earth Kingdom soldiers run about and fire boulders to counterattack the Fire Nation. A few earthbenders emerge briefly from within the Earth Kingdom tanks and hurl boulders toward the enemy. Cuts to shot of one soldier commanding catapults to launch smoldering boulders. Several fireballs are launched into the air. One lands forcefully near Sokka and a few troops who are huddled together behind a stationery Earth Kingdom tank, studying a map lying on the ground. Cuts to Sokka cringing at the sound of the explosion. Cuts to shot of Katara coming back with Hakoda, Sokka smiles at this sight.
Sokka [Brightening.] Dad! [Rising and approaching the two.] You're on your feet again.
Hakoda [Sitting down; somewhat weakly.] Thanks to your sister. I'm in no shape to fight, but maybe there's some way I can help.
Sokka Everything's going smoothly and the eclipse hasn't even kicked in yet.
Hakoda [Katara moves away, sensing something in the distance.] Let's hope our luck holds out. [Noticing her move away.] Katara, you seem distracted. Is something wrong?
Katara [Quizzically.] Yeah. Is that... is that Aang?
Sokka [Shocked.] What? [Cuts to shot of Aang riding in on his glider, dodging several fireballs. He lands in front of the group.] Please tell me you're here because the Fire Lord turned out to be a big wimp and you didn't even need the eclipse to take him down.
Aang [Katara and Aang kneel with Sokka.] He wasn't home. No one was. The entire palace city is abandoned.
Sokka [With epiphany; the camera shifts from a side-view of his face to a frontal view.] They knew.
Cuts to overhead shot of the group sitting together in a circle. Aang rubs his fingers along the ground idly.
Aang [Dismayed.] It's over. The Fire Lord is probably long-gone; far away on some remote island where he'll be safe during the eclipse.
Sokka [Thoughtfully.] No. My instincts tell me he wouldn't go too far. He would have a secret bunker; somewhere he could go and be safe during the siege but still be close enough to lead his nation.
Toph If it's an underground secret bunker we're looking for, [Points to herself.] I'm just the girl to find it.
Sokka [Pulling out mechanism.] The mechanist gave me this timing device. It looks like we've got about ten minutes until the full eclipse. Ten minutes to find the Fire Lord.
Aang We can still do this. We can still win the day.
Katara [Worried.] Wait! If they knew we were coming it could all be a trap. [Looks at the others; the camera pans to the right.] Maybe we should use the time we have left to make sure we all get out of here safely.
Hakoda Everyone who's here today came prepared to risk everything for this mission. They know what's at stake. If there's still a chance and there's still hope, I think they would want Aang to go for it.
Sokka [To Aang.] What do you think? You're the one that has to face the Fire Lord. Whatever you decide, I'm with you.
Aang [Rising, turning his back to the group, determined.] I've gotta try.
The scene changes to where Aang, Toph, and Sokka are flying on Appa to the Caldera Volcano in the Fire Nation. Appa lands on the side as the others jump off.
Aang Do you feel anything down there?
Toph [Placing her hand on the ground to feel vibrations.] Yep. There are natural tunnels criss-crossing through the inside of the volcano.
Sokka Anything else? Is there a structure somewhere?
Toph [Taking her hands and digging her fingers into the surface.] There is something big, dense and made of metal deep in the heart of the volcano.
Sokka [Raises arms up in the background.] Sounds like a secret bunker to me.
Toph earthbends a hole in the volcano, blowing up a cloud of dust. Sokka follows her into the tunnel.
Aang [To Appa and Momo.] Stay safe. We'll be back soon.
He enters the tunnel into a dark cavern, with Toph leaning over and surveying the area using seismic sense.
Toph [Pointing.] This way! That one's a dead end!
Sokka [Following her.] What would we do without you?
Toph [Camera view changes to show the group walking past magma channels.] Perish in burning hot magma.
Sokka [Observing the magma channels; blushing.] Yeah, pretty much.
They arrive at a chamber where magma erupts from several spouts in the ground.
Toph The tunnel continues on the other side and It leads right to the bunker.
Sokka We'll have to be fast, but careful.
He begins walking past only for a geyser of magma to erupt, nearly striking him. Aang uses airbending to cool and solidify the gush.
Aang How is that careful?
Sokka I was wrong. We need to be fast, careful and lucky.
The three leap and run their way through the chamber, narrowly avoiding magma spouts. They arrive to a rock ledge, completely surrounded by molten lava.
Sokka There's no floor. It's just a river of lava.
Aang [Spinning his staff open.] Climb aboard and hold on tight.
Scene changes to where Sokka and Toph, screaming in fear, are clinging to Aang's glider for their life as they ride swiftly over the river of lava. They reach the other side safely and approach a large metal, dome-like structure with a huge door.
Sokka [Impressed.] That's some door!
Toph [Walks over to the door and bangs the metal with her fist.] Not a problem.
She uses metalbending, jamming into the door with her elbows, creating cracks in the metal. She steps back several feet, kisses her fingertips and splits the door wide open. Stepping inside the interior, she points in a direction.
Sokka [Entering the bunker while making some hand movements.] I am so glad we added you to the group!
Back at the invasion, the Fire Nation is beginning to fall back, unsuccessfully trying to deflect the attacks of the invasion force. The Boulder and The Hippo use earthbending to create landslides that collapse several battlements.
Fire Nation Captain [Witnessing the sun as the moon begins to overshadow it.] Retreat! Everyone move to the secondary defensive position! Retreat!
The Fire Nation soldiers halt their attacks and begin escaping the scene.
Bato [Standing from the side of an Earth Kingdom tank.] The eclipse is only minutes away. We should be able to make it up to hill by the time it starts and secure the entire palace by the time it's finished.
The troops cheer gruffly and continue on their way to the capital.
Katara [Stopping with her father.] We can wait here if you want.
Hakoda [Determined.] No. I wanna press forward with the others.
The two resume walking. The scene changes to Aang, Toph and Sokka running down the tunnels. Qin is coming down the same hallway, whistling. The team, upon seeing him, immediately corners him, prepared to attack.
Qin [Out of fear.] The Fire Lord's chamber is that way, down the hall, to the left, [Makes climbing motions with his fingers.] and up the stairs, you can't miss it!
Aang [Suspicious look suddenly becomes friendly.] Thanks!
The trio continues on their way to find the Fire Lord. Qin relaxes himself, does a few double takes and continues whistling as if nothing happened, then he walks away. The group continues running; Sokka pulls out his timing device.
Sokka Only thirty seconds until the total eclipse.
The approach a set of large doors. The camera focuses on a determined Aang.
Aang I'm ready. I'm ready to face the Fire Lord.
He blasts the doors down with airbending. They step inside where Azula is heard speaking.
Azula So, you are alive after all. [Aang stares at her in shock.] I had a hunch that you survived. But it doesn't matter. [Proudly.] I've known about the invasion for months.
The entire group looks at the princess in surprise and horror. Meanwhile, Zuko stands before a small metal door, a burning torch surrounding either side of it.
Zuko [To himself.] I'm ready to face you.
He opens the door, revealing Fire Lord Ozai sitting on the far side of the room, drinking tea. The Fire Lord is surrounded by several Royal Procession guards. He sets his teacup down upon seeing the prince.
Ozai Prince Zuko? What are you doing here?
The scene switches to outside, showing the moon nearly blocking out the entire sun. Cut to aerial view of the inside of the volcano. Cut to the army marching onward as the eclipse is beginning. The mechanist appears near the troops and addresses the troops.
Mechanist The eclipse is starting! [Pulls out specialized eyewear and puts it on.] Put on your eclipse glasses!
The warriors stop, prop their weapons into the ground and put on their eclipse glasses. Katara and Hakoda, wearing eclipse glasses, turn to watch the eclipse. The camera zooms out, the eclipse having officially begun. The scene changes to where Zuko is confronting Ozai.
Ozai Why are you here?
Zuko I'm here to tell the truth.
Ozai [Off-camera.] Telling the truth during the middle of an eclipse. [Cuts to shot of him.] This should be interesting.
He sends the guards out of the room. One by one the guards file out, closing the doors behind them.
Zuko First of all, in Ba Sing Se, it was Azula who took down the Avatar, not me.
Ozai Why would she lie to me about that?
Zuko Because the Avatar's not dead. He survived.
Ozai [Shocked and horrified.] What?
Zuko In fact, he's probably leading this invasion. He could be on his way here right now.
Ozai [Rises from his seat and points toward the door.] Get out! Get out of my sight right now if you know what's good for you!
Zuko That's another thing. I'm not taking orders from you anymore.
Ozai [Angrily.] You will obey me, or this defiant breath will be your last!
Zuko [Pulls out his swords.] Think again. I am going to speak my mind, and you are going to listen.
Ozai sits down, dismayed at the turn of events. The scene switches to Aang, Sokka and Toph confronting Azula.
Aang Where is he? Where's the Fire Lord?
Azula [Rises from throne.] You mean I'm not good enough for you? [Acts hurt.] You're hurting my feelings.
Sokka Stop wasting our time and give us the information. [Points sword at her.] You're powerless right now, so you're in no position to refuse.
Toph [Appears on scene and clenches fist.] And stick to the truth. I'll be able to tell if you're lying.
Azula [Walking a few steps forward.] Are you sure? I'm a pretty good liar. [Pauses slightly.] I am a four-hundred foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings.
Toph [Cuts to Toph; short pause.] Okay, you're good, I admit it. [Traps Azula using earthbending.] But you ought to consider telling the truth anyway!
Without warning, the earth trap crumbles and breaks, leaving the trio surprised.
Azula [Brushing off dust.] When I left Ba Sing Se I brought home some souvenirs: Dai Li agents!
Two Dai Li agents descend into the room. Aang sends an air swipe at them with his glider; however, the agents quickly conjure up an earth wall that blocks the attack. Cut to a view of the inside of the volcano. Cuts to Bato reaching the rim of the volcano, followed by the rest of the army.
Bato Surround the periphery! [Raises spear.] We have to secure the palace by the time the eclipse is over! Otherwise, we'll be in for the fight of our lives.
Troops from the invasion force incur several Fire Nation soldiers.
Tyro Stop! Surrender peacefully and we won't harm you.
Fire Nation soldier We'll never surrender! [Makes frenzied motions and tries to firebend, but cannot.] Okay, we surrender. [Fire Nation soldiers back down.]
Hakoda approaches the rim of the volcano, leaning on his daughter's shoulders.
Hakoda [Happily.] There it is: the Fire Nation Royal Palace. We've come so far.
Katara [Doubtful.] It's not over yet.
The scene changes to where Zuko is confronting Ozai.
Zuko For so long, all I wanted was for you to love me, to accept me. I thought it was my honor I wanted, but really, I was just trying to please you. You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn. [Points a broadsword at his father.] My father, who challenged me, a thirteen-year-old boy, to an Agni Kai. [Cuts to shot of Ozai, looking angered.] How could you possibly justify a duel with a child?
Ozai [Scornful.] It was to teach you respect!
Zuko It was cruel! And it was wrong.
Ozai [Angrily.] Then you have learned nothing!
Zuko No, I've learned everything! And I've had to learn it on my own! Growing up, we were taught that the Fire Nation was the greatest civilization in history. And somehow, the War was our way of sharing our greatness with the rest of the world. What an amazing lie that was. The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation. They don't see our greatness. They hate us! And we deserve it! [Camera view shows top profile of Zuko and Ozai through an overhead grate.] We've created an era of fear in the world. And if we don't want the world to destroy itself [Cuts to shot of Zuko.], we need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness.
Ozai [Laughs.] Your uncle has gotten to you, hasn't he?
Zuko Yes. [Smiles proudly.] He has.
Ozai only grows more furious. The scene changes to where Team Avatar is fighting Azula and her Dai Li agents. Aang bursts through the stone wall the agents had created and the team runs toward the Fire Nation princess. A stone column erupts from the surface, which Aang manages to dodge. Toph bends two stone slabs sending the agents toward the two sidewalls of the room. The agents each land on one sidewall and send two earth pillars straight at Toph, who conjures two earth walls to block their attacks. She then proceeds to send a stream of earth at Azula, who nimbly back-flips onto the throne after being pushed back by the stream. She smirks as she lands.

Aang races toward her, an agent following close behind. He looks up to catch sight of the agent rocketing along a wall. The agent lands before him and builds up an earth wall which Aang breaks through. He sends an air blast at Azula, who manages to slip away as the blast destroys the throne. Aang attempts the knock her down by sending an air swipe, however, Azula avoids his attack, acutely leaping and flipping between two metal beams. She lands on the ground deftly and continues running away.

The camera focuses on the princess as she leaps from one metal beam to the other. Aang sends another air swipe at her only to miss her yet again. Azula slides down a stone pillar created earlier by a Dai Li agent. She flips onto one of the stone walls Toph conjured up to protect herself before and jumps onto the other one before landing on the ground again. She begins running toward a stone wall. A Dai Li agent slides down a stone column to the floor where he then launches Azula into the air by bending an earth pillar below her feet. The camera cuts to Sokka, as he climbs his way through the hole in the stone wall. Played out in slow-motion, Azula is seen leaping through the wall, hovering mere inches over Sokka's face, smiling evilly at him as she passes. She lands onto the ground and begins running again.

Cuts to Sokka, who dodges again to avoid a Dai Li agent, Aang and Toph who each leap through the hole, one after the other. Sokka lands to the ground and follows the group. Cuts to where Aang and Toph are running side by side.

Aang [While running.] I can't pin her down! She's too quick!
Azula races through a door, entering a tunnel. A Dai Li agent follows close behind, earthbending a stone wall to block the entranceway. He proceeds to run after the princess. Aang bursts the wall and chases them. The Dai Li agent is suddenly pushed over by a stone column that jutted out from the side of tunnel's wall. A hole appears and Toph emerges from it. The agent lands into a crevice of a nearby metal beam and prepares to attack Toph only for the blind earthbender to destroy his rock gloves and metalbend the grooves of the beam together, trapping him. She and Aang continue chasing Azula. Sokka quickly runs up to them.
Sokka [Stops running.] Wait! Aang! Toph! Stop attacking! Don't you see what she's doing? She's just playing with us. She's not even trying to win this fight!
Azula [Calmly.] Not true. I'm giving it my all.
Toph [Angrily.] You're trying to keep us here and waste all our time!
Azula [Sarcastically.] Um, right, I think your friend just said that, genius. And since you can't see, I should tell you I'm rolling my eyes. [Rolls her eyes in disgust.]
Toph [Angrily.] I'll roll your whole head!
Sokka She's just baiting you again.
Aang Okay, so what do we do, just ignore her?
Sokka We don't have a choice. We just have to get out of here and find the Fire Lord on our own somehow.
The trio turns to leave, walking toward the opposite end of the tunnel.
Azula [Coolly.] It's a trap. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Aang and Toph stop walking and turn to look at the princess, both appearing hesitant. Sokka continues to walk forward.
Sokka [Waves hand up in gesture.] Ignore!
Azula [Craftily.] So, Sokka's your name, right? My favorite prisoner used to mention you all the time. [Sokka stops walking and casts Azula a suspicious glance.] She was convinced you were going to come rescue her. Of course you never came, and she gave up on you.
Sokka sheds a few tears before charging at Azula in blind rage. The princess stands perfectly still.
Azula [Evilly to herself.] Come and get it.
With a quick motion of her left hand, she reveals a hidden dagger, prepared to strike Sokka when he comes within range. Toph senses the weapon and pins Azula's hand to the tunnel wall by sending a rock aimed at her wrist. Sokka grabs her by the shoulder, coming face-to-face with her.
Sokka [Pausing between each word.] Where is Suki?
The scene changes to Zuko and Ozai.
Zuko After I leave here today, I'm gonna free Uncle Iroh from his prison and I'm gonna beg for his forgiveness. [Cuts to shot of Ozai.] He's the one who's been a real father to me.
Ozai [Laughs.] Oh, that's just beautiful. And maybe he can pass down to you the ways of tea and failure.
Zuko But I've come to an even more important decision. [Closes eyes and momentarily pauses.] I'm going to join the Avatar and I'm going to help him defeat you.
Ozai [Smugly.] Really? Since you're a full-blown traitor now and you want me gone, why wait? I'm powerless. You've got your swords. Why don't you just do it now?
Zuko Because I know my own destiny. Taking you down is the Avatar's destiny. [Puts his swords away.] Goodbye.
Ozai [Camera focuses on Zuko walking away, the Fire Lord in the background, now on his feet.] Coward! You think you're brave enough to face me, but you'll only do it during the eclipse. If you have any real courage, you'll stick around until the sun comes out. Don't you want to know what happened to your mother?
Zuko abruptly stops and turns to face his father. Ozai smiles. The camera cuts to a shot of outside where the solar eclipse continues. Cut back to Zuko confronting Ozai.
Zuko What happened that night?
Ozai My father, Fire Lord Azulon, had commanded me to do the unthinkable to you, my own son, and I was going to do it. [Cuts to side-view of Zuko.] Your mother found out and swore she would protect you at any cost. [Camera focuses on Ozai.] She knew I wanted the throne and she proposed a plan, a plan in which I would become Fire Lord and your life would be spared.
Cuts to a close-up shot of Zuko, who narrows his eyes, angrily interrogating Azula.
Sokka Where's Suki? Answer me!
Aang [Grabs Sokka's shoulder as camera pans slightly to the right.] Sokka, she won't talk.
Sokka [Ignores him.] Where are you keeping her?
The camera focuses on Azula, who grins smugly, keeping her lips sealed. The shot fades to Ozai who continues his account of the night Ursa disappeared.
Ozai Your mother did vicious, treasonous things that night. She knew the consequences and accepted them. For her treason, she was banished.
Zuko [Grows teary-eyed.] So she's alive?
Ozai [Calmly.] Perhaps. Now I realize that banishment is far too merciful a penalty for treason. [Ozai closes his eyes. Shot fades to outside where the solar eclipse begins to end.] Your penalty will be far steeper.
Fade briefly to show the eclipse ending. Fade to Ozai as he opens his eyes and, in split seconds, generates lightning, firing the bolt at Zuko. Zuko slides back several feet from the impact of the bolt, yet manages to redirect it. He fires the lightning blast near his father, sending the Fire Lord slamming into the back wall. Ozai falls over and raises his head, his face distorted in rage as flames from the lightning attack surround him. The flag behind him falls and the camera cuts to a shot of the room, revealing that Zuko had made his escape. The scene changes to Team Avatar.
Azula Oh, sounds like the firebending's back on.
She kicks her leg in a wide arc, sending a fire blast that nearly strikes Sokka. Sokka takes several steps back as he narrowly avoids Azula's attacks. She then back-flips onto the tunnel wall and uses firebending to break free from Toph's earth cuffs. She flips forward, extending her leg forward, nearly striking Aang, who manages to dodge the incoming danger.
Azula [Rises and smirks.] Dad's all the way at the end of the hall then down a secret stairway on the left. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to see you now.
She runs away, leaving the trio dismayed.
Sokka [Ashamed.] I fell for it! I used up all our time.
Toph It's not your fault, Sokka. Azula was ready for us. She had every move planned out.
Sokka [Sorrowfully.] And now it's too late.
Aang Maybe it's not too late. The eclipse is over. But I can face the Fire Lord anyway.
Sokka [Matter-of-factly.] No. I don't think that's a good idea.
Aang But I'm ready! I came here with a job to do and everyone's counting on me.
Toph The Fire Lord knew we were coming this time. We thought we had surprise on our side but we didn't. It just wasn't our day. What we need to do now is go and help our friends.
Aang [Disappointed.] I guess you guys are right.
Sokka [Placing a hand on Aang's shoulder.] You'll have another chance. I know you will.
The scene changes to outside where the Invasion force has ceased their attacks. Katara leans Hakoda against an Earth Kingdom tank.
Bato What should we do, Hakoda? Shouldn't something have happened by now?
Hakoda I don't know. [Katara crosses her arms in scorn.] But now that the eclipse is over, I expect we're going to see some firebenders any minute.
Bato looks up and suddenly becomes alarmed. The camera zooms out to Katara, who looks behind her in the same direction. Cuts to the top of the Royal Palace, where several war balloons rise into the air. Cuts to view of the entire palace, the battlefield where dozens of soldiers stand and where the war balloons continue to rise. Cuts to close-up of the balloons, Fire Nation soldiers fueling them with firebending.
Mechanist [Off-camera.] My own invention. [Cuts to shot of him.] Oh, this is terrible!
Teo lays a hand on his father's shoulder to comfort him. Cuts to front shot of a war balloon, a much larger contraption rising behind it. Cuts to shot of the entire battlefield, showing the balloons and five airships rising into the air. Katara turns and points to the sky.
Katara They're back!
Cut to Appa groaning as he flies in, Toph, Aang, Sokka, and Momo with him. Cuts to Aang looking at the airships. Shows shot of him and Sokka looking very dismayed at the turn of events. Cuts to an airship; camera pans to the right to reveal it entirely. Cuts to Katara running up to Appa who lands. Aang looks at her with a saddened look on his face as the camera pans to Sokka and Toph in the saddle.
Sokka [Getting off Appa.] It was all a trap! Azula knew we were coming and she's plotted out every move! [Toph gets off, too.] We've just got to get to the beach as fast as we can. [Hakoda approaches.] If we can make it to the submarines, maybe we can get away safely.
Aang They've got air power, but so do I! [Cut to Aang as he opens his glider.] I'm gonna do what I can to slow them down. [He tosses his glider into the air and takes off, Momo following close behind.]
Katara Appa, you and I can help too. [Mounts Appa and follows Aang.]
Shows front view of the airship fleet, Aang flying straight toward it, Katara coming up close behind. Cuts back to Sokka and the invasion force.
Sokka Everyone, let's get back to the subs! [Begins running.]
Cuts back to Aang flying on his glider and Katara flying on Appa. Aang approaches a war balloon. One of the soldiers operating it sees him and fires at him. Aang twists around, dodging several fireballs. Cuts to side-view of him; he closes his glider and soars straight through the balloon, cutting through it. The balloon begins falling as it loses air. Katara approaches another balloon, swiveling around once and slicing it clean through with waterbending. The top portion of the balloon drifts upward while the rest falls downward. Cuts to where the team keeps heading toward the fleet, avoiding fireballs at every turn. Appa's armor is struck with fireballs several times; he grunts. Katara uses water shields to deflect the blasts.
Katara We can't keep then all back! There's too many of them!
Aang Let's join the others! [Dodges another fireball.]
Cuts to shot of the capital as they fly away. The scene changes to the capital city prison; camera pans downward to the ground where Zuko is seen running toward the building. Inside, he runs down a hallway past a guard, who crouches in fear as he passes. He arrives at the entrance to his uncle's prison cell.
Zuko Uncle! [Zuko sees a big hole in Iroh's cell and sees Warden Poon on the ground; grabs a dazed Poon by the collar.] Where is my uncle?
Poon [Bewildered and terrified.] He's gone. He busted himself out. I've never seen anything like it, he was like a one-man army!
Zuko lets go of Poon and leaves. At the invasion, the team is navigating their way down the sides of the volcano. Cuts to view of the underside of an airship; a hatch at the bottom opens.
Sokka Try and find cover! I think we're about to see some bombs!
Aang, Katara, and Appa are seen approaching in the distance. Toph bends a ceiling of earth overhead. Cuts to undersides of the airships as they release bombs. Cuts to overhead view of the invasion force as the bombs rain down and detonate. One bomb lands very near the earth ceiling, causing it to start crumbling. Toph props it up by bending two earth columns to support it. Cuts to view of the earthbending tanks, the soldiers being shaken about by the activity. The airships pass over. The team runs out from under the ceiling. Cuts to view of the Royal Plaza, the airships flying past.
Katara Why aren't they turning around to attack us again?
Aang [Thoughtfully.] They're heading for the beach... [Alarmed.] They're gonna destroy the submarines!
Sokka [Hopelessly.] How are we all going to escape?
Hakoda [Approaching, helped by Bato.] We're not.
Sokka [Looks determined.] Then our only choice is to stand and fight. We have the Avatar, we could still win.
Hakoda Yes, with the Avatar we could still win. On another day. You kids have to leave. You have to escape on Appa together.
Katara [Surprised.] What? [Grabs Hakoda.] We can't leave you behind! [Looks at the rest of the invasion force.] We won't leave anyone behind!
Hakoda You're our only chance in the long run. You and Sokka have to go with Aang somewhere safe. [Katara looks back at Aang and Sokka sorrowfully.] It's the only way to keep hope alive.
Bato The youngest of our group should go with you. The adults will stay behind and surrender. We'll be prisoners, but we'll all survive this battle.
Tyro [Approaching the two.] I've got some experience with the Fire Nation prisons. It's not going to be easy, but we'll get by.
Sokka [Turning, alarmed.] They're at the beach already!
Cuts to the Royal Plaza, the shadows of the airships seen moving along the ground. Camera pans upward to the shore. Cuts to view of the swamp monster, airships flying directly overhead. Tho and Due attempt to deflect the bombs with waterbending; they manage to destroy some. The swamp monster grabs several more and tosses them away. One bomb, however, lands inside the seaweed figure and detonates. Steaming piles of seaweed land onto the ground. Huu, along with Tho and Due, emerge from the mess, defeated. Five bombs are released onto each of the submarines, destroying all five of them. The team looks on in disappointment. Sokka closes his eyes resentfully.
Mechanist [Rising on an earth column along with Toph and helps son mount Appa.] Bye, son. [Hugs Teo.]
Teo Bye, Dad. I'm really proud of you.
The mechanist looks up at Teo as the earth column is lowered by Toph.
The Duke [Struggling to mount Appa.] I'll miss you, Pipsqueak.
Pipsqueak [Propping The Duke onto the saddle.] Take care, The Duke.
Haru [Hugs his father.] We'll be back for you, Dad.
Tyro If we don't escape on our own first.
Haru bows respectfully to Tyro.
Hakoda [Hands on both Sokka and Katara's shoulders.] We lost today, but we've never been this close. [Kneels down to face his two children.] We tasted victory, and that counts for something.
Katara We'll miss you, Dad. [The two hug him.]
Sokka Bye, Dad. We won't be apart for too long this time. I promise.
Cuts to shot of Hakoda embracing his children; he closes his eyes. Cuts to shot of Aang, sitting on Appa's head, tears streaming down his face. Katara approaches him, puts a hand around his shoulders and smiles at him proudly. Aang wipes away his tears and rises to face the invasion force.
Aang Thank you all for being so brave and so strong. I'm gonna make this up to you.
The team turns to leave on Appa. Appa moans and takes off as the team looks back sadly at those remaining. Cut to a view of those remaining watching them leave. Meanwhile, on a Fire Nation airship.
Fire Nation soldier Should we follow them, princess?
Azula No, they're too fast. It doesn't matter. They'll be back. [Smiles evilly.]
Aang [Looking at the airship in the distance then looks ahead.] I know just the place for us to go where we'll be safe for a while. The Western Air Temple!
Appa flies away in the distance. A war balloon approaches from behind. Cuts to Zuko, a determined look on his face as he follows them. Fades to credits.

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